Friday, June 29, 2007

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Car bomb diffused in London. They've opened a can of worms in Britain they may never get closed. Now there's a second suspect vehicle. Foxnews is reporting that the vehicles are linked. Also, many people exited the first car, and were caught on camera.

Reid and Pelosi prepare new strategy to force end of war in Iraq. Just have a vote to cut off funds and stop these political shenanigans.

Democrat candidates favor institutionalizing race biases, attack Supreme Court verdict.

Liberals are upset with Chief Justice Roberts because he's following the Constitution - something we haven't seen from the Supreme Court in decades.

IAEA satisfied with North Korea agreement to shut down nuclear plant. Let's see if it really happens. What about North Korea's other nuclear plants?

FDA holds Chinese seafood for safety reasons.

Iranian unrest over gas rationing grows.

Chavez considers going nuclear. Like Iran, he has plenty of oil. He only wants to cause problems.

Teen sex case shows that sometimes (often?) the law is stupid. It's unfortunate that courts have so cowed juries over the decades, because it used to be that common sense juries overrode dumb laws. Not anymore.

Ban alert: New York City considers requiring permit for pictures and film. I can see police confiscating tourist cameras all over the city. Nice.

Pakistani cyclone victims riot over slow aid. Why do people think they're entitled to aid? Aid is a an of charity, not an entitlement. This is the wave of the future.

Mike Gravel promises to end the war on drugs. At least some candidate, even if not mainstream, is saying it.

Poll confirms what I've been saying all along - over half of Americans won't vote for Hillary. She's unelectable. The biggest fear from her candidacy is that Republicans will win a mandate and continue Bush's destruction of the country.

The House passed an amendment to block any FCC funds for the Fairness Doctrine.

Is Bush coddling terrorists, out of touch, or pandering? All are bad.

Charles Krauthammer exposes the hidden costs of government mandates.

Mexico wishes Bush's immigration boondoggle would have passed. Fortunately the American people had American interests' at heart. Bush had Mexico's, and he lost.
More than a tenth of Mexico's 103 million people now live in the United States, many of them illegally. As the United States has beefed up border security, people from Mexico and Central America have opted for new — and often perilous — ways of making it across.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

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It looks like we'll defeat the immigration bill once again, but it's not over until the fat Senator (Kennedy) cries. He sang! The creep claimed that illegal immigrants would flood the border because we failed to pass this new law. They'll keep flooding until Bush enforces existing law, and the new law would have just invited more. The vote was 14 votes short of cloture. The losers who tried to force this down are throats are bitter.

What we learned is that the American people can make government work for them if we take the time and effort to get involved. We can overcome the special interests and the professional politicians when we want. We need to want to all the time. In 2008, we need to kick the professional politicians out of Washington so we can get term limits to keep them out. That's a good start.

Russia lays claim to the north pole and all it's natural resources include twice as much oil as Saudi Arabia. This an another Putin power grab. The international community won't stand for this.

Examining a potential space war between China and the US. I think every satellite is a sitting duck for small projectiles.

Iranians burn more gas stations in protest of gas rationing.

Poll shows world distrusts the US. There isn't any government in the world that can be trusted right now.

Egyptian billionaire who had been accused of spying for Mossad murdered in Britain.

Oil passes $70 per barrel.

Supreme Court says race cannot be used to decide where children attend school. This is a huge step toward the end of institutionalized racism.

Juries make wrong decision 1 in 6 times, and they almost always make it in favor of the prosecution.

House report criticizes US training of Iraqi troops.

Embattled Bush refuses to turn over documents related to wiretapping. Since we're in a war, I think he'll win this battle. If Congress wants Bush to stop the wiretapping, then need to first end the war. The Constitution is real clear on this. Congress declares war. The President fights war.

Bush also refuses subpoenas on attorneys. This is a political issue, and he's so unpopular right now he may not win. But then again, Congress is even more unpopular. It's funny to read that Bush is out of touch, when clearly all of Congress is even more out of touch. If Republicans turn on Bush over the immigration debacle, he's toast.

Because they're doing such a good job, Congressmen are seeking a pay raise. Have I mentioned we need to kick all the incumbents out?

Reason says that the far left and far right accidentally spurred libertarianism after the 60s.

Americans are all bad moody. Reason asks why.

Bishops demand human rights for interspecies embryos, animals with human genes.

Feds fund study on how farm odors contribute to global warming.

Desertification has been forcing people to move for tens of thousands of years. Today is no different.

Supreme Court justice compares pot smokers to prohibition era drinkers. Sounds like we have 1 justice in favor of legalizing marijuana anyway.

Half of the world's population will live in cities soon.

Romney's connections to tough love camps. Once again, the word torture is egregiously misused.

Al Gore wins New Hampshire poll. I think Gore's ego is so big, that he won't recognize that entering the Presidential campaign will bring down his house of global warming cards all on top of his head. He'll think he can continue his scam even while running for President. He's made a ton of money off this scam.

Engineers overcome bureaucracy to save Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Cato suggests we cave to Iranian demands to stop them from getting the bomb. This is negotiating with terrorists. The end result will be more nations holding the US hostage with their nuclear programs.

Cato discussed the corruption of Chavez' dictatorship.

Cato is afraid of authoritarian Rudy Guiliani.

Cato reveals that the NSA has been collecting cell phone data on millions of Americans. If they're only mining the already available data for terrorists, that's OK, but Bush doesn't have the power to listen in on Americans at will even during wartime. Unfortunately, nobody will report what is actually being done. I respect libertarians on this issue, but Democrats fully supported Bill Clinton's obviously illegal wire-tapping of Americans in housing complexes supposedly in an effort to help the war on drugs, which was never a legal war.

Clinton official on Bush's domestic wiretaps - says their legal because of Clinton's Justice Dept. Rebuttal. Apparently there is now some backpeddling on the claim that Clinton used warrantless wiretaps. Finally, a nice summary of warrantless wiretaps and FISA law during our lifetime. An excellent look at the history of intercepting communications in the US going back to Washington.

Article describing the legal basis for the President's authority to wiretap conversations including foreigners.

Another study shows solar activity drives climate change.

Rasmussen poll showing only 22% of Americans support the immigration bill.

Boortz discusses a case of self-deportation, as I have been advocating all along.

Robert Rector from the Heritage Foundation explains his figures on how outrageously expensive illegal immigrants are to American taxpayers.

While Americans push for socialized medicine, the countries with socialized medicine are pushing market reforms to fix their failed systems.

With Blair gone, will Britain continue to stand with the US?

Prisoner released from Guantanamo killed in Russia. Why was this man released? Why would liberals demand his release, and why would Bush give in?

Wasteful government spending at an all-time high. Thanks conservatives.

Ohio Senator Voinovich doesn't know what the Fairness Doctrine is, he hasn't read the immigration bill, and he doesn't know what amendments are up for it.

ATF shutting down gun stores for clerical errors.

James Pinkerton provides a rough indictment of the Kennedy/Bush/McCain immigration fraud and the people who support it.
So why would Bush, and the 64 senators who voted this week to move his immigration bill forward, be so eager to legalize the 12 million foreigners who came into this country illegally? And thereby encourage tens of millions more to come here in the future, by hook or crook, in full expectation of getting amnesty in a decade or two? What message does that send - beyond contempt for the rule of law and disdain for good citizenship?

The answer is clear: The ruling class in Washington wants to see the American people fractionalized and multiculturalized - that is, the small "r" republican experiment in popular sovereignty brought to an end. That might seem like a harsh interpretation, but what else explains the determination to bring in 100 million foreigners, according to the Heritage Foundation, to an America that fails to teach newcomers English, let alone civics?
General Petraeus' strategy in Iraq.

Victor Davis Hanson explains why food prices are rising.

It sure looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Free kibbles

Immigration bill losing support of Democrats. Kaus on the immigration bill. Boortz lists the votes.

This is typical of government. It has no respect for people or their judgment. Tennessee requires that every citizen be carded - as if this will cut down on underage drinking. The politicians in Nashville thin they know more about who needs carded than the clerks and bartenders.

Young Americans less likely to realize that government makes everything it touches worse. That's because they haven't had as much experience.

Venezuela nationalizes US companies oil investment. It doesn't take a psychological profile to tell Chavez intends to be a life-long dictator.

China shuts down 180 factories for using illegal chemicals in food. Wow.

Israel kills militants in Gaza.

Iran rations gasoline. Violent response.

John Bolton says that sanctions and diplomacy have failed to stop Iran, and military force is the only option left. I disagree. We haven't even tried tough sanctions yet, and Iran has been forced to ration gas. We should quit playing games with Iran and really turn up the economic heat. Dick Morris suggests divestment as an option. We don't need politicians for this.

North Korea allows nuclear inspectors as it tests another missile.

Review of why Blair is stepping down as Prime Minister.

CIA dump shows that today's eavesdropping is much less pervasive than in the past. Bush may have had this information released just to make that point.

Record cold in Australia. Snow in South Africa.

Policeman chokes skateboarders.

Reason doesn't like Bloomberg.

Hillary's Achilles heel: nobody likes her. I wouldn't let her near my silverware.

Tantrum by 4 year old forces emergency landing. You have to be kidding me. I hope the parents are required to pay damages to everybody on the flight as well as the airline.

Find of the century in Egypt - Egypt's female pharaoh.

John Stossel takes on big-government conservatives.

Montgomery county, Mass. declares in schoolbooks that some children are born gay. It's one thing to have a genetic predisposition, but this has never been proven.

Dick Morris suggests pulling the troops out of Iraq to save the GOP. That's what's wrong with Washington - it's always about the party and never the country. I think Bush will draw down troops for this reason, and because he's breaking the army. Our army deserves a better Commander in Chief than we've had the last 14 years.

Lawrence Kudlow says Washington is a waging war against success.

Thomas Sowell on our society that rewards attention getters and punishes those who accomplish great things.

Nice Walter Williams essay discussing the 'needs' and the difference between thinking and feeling.

Fred Thompson highlights research that shows the death penalty deters crime.

Michelle Malkin points out we can't even handle the current, legal immigration load. No way we can deal with 12-20 million new people.

A history of climate change recorded by civilization starting with Plato.

Fred Thompson exposes socialized medicine in Canada and Britain.

Tom Delay says that the liberals' answer to every environmental issue is more government. Note to Tom: that's liberals' answer to every issue.

The redistricting game.

British Muslims and multi-culturalism.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Free kibbles

Boortz discusses the procedure for the comprehensive surrender to Mexico immigration bill.

Al Qaeda calls on Muslims to support Hamas. A match made in hell.

Police officer convicted of violating the civil rights of illegal immigrants because he shot at them after they tried to run him over. The Texas Rangers concluded he did nothing wrong. I trust the Rangers over this prosecutor.

Germans restrict sites for Tom Cruise filming because of Scientology. Europe still has a long way to go to be free.

Which candidates are favored by CEOs.

Pat Buchanan says Bloomberg will take votes from Hillary.

Newt outlines a policy to win the war on terror, what he calls World War IV (WWIV).

In a decision supporting freedom of speech, the Supreme Court striked down part of McCain/Feingold.

How global warming zealots silence skeptics.

Pretty good analysis of the causes of the Great Depression except for it's condemnation of the gold standard. The Great Depression didn't come around because we were tied to the gold standard, it came about because countries suspended the gold standard during WWI, causing massive inflation, and then they tried to put the genie back in the bottle - artificially changing the prices. The run on banks that collapsed them came because people knew their money had no backing. Had we been consistently on the gold standard, free market would have set optimal prices, there would have been no deflation as governments manipulated the price of gold in an attempt to return to the gold standard, and people would never have lost confidence in the banks.

Apparently there is a book on the Great Depression written from the Austrian economic point of view.

Study on diversity reflects common sense - it has negative short and medium-term effects. Author doesn't want to publish.

Great quote from Cato Vice-President:
What should concern us here is how the government lured Google into the political sector of the economy. For most of a decade the company went about its business, developing software, creating a search engine better than any of us could have dreamed, and innocently making money. Then, as its size and wealth drew the attention of competitors, anti-business activists, and politicians, it was forced to start spending some of its money and brainpower fending off political attacks. It's the same process Microsoft went through a few years earlier, when it faced the same sorts of attacks. Now Microsoft is part of the Washington establishment, with more than $9 million in lobbying expenditures last year. "And that's what the parasite economy is costing America. The founders of Microsoft and Google and other innovative companies are going to waste their brains on protecting their companies rather than thinking up new products and new ways to deliver them.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Free kibbles

It's back! Senate brings back Kennedy/McCain/Bush immigration boondoggle. Time to call and write again.

So far more than 50 tunnels for smuggling drugs and illegal aliens from Mexico into the US have been discovered. A fence won't stop tunneling.

Because President Bush won't enforce our existing laws, states are cracking down on illegal immigrants. No doubt this article was timed to convince people we need the new immigration law, but we don't. We need the government to enforce our existing immigration laws.

Congressman warns that pushing this fraudulent immigration bill could cost Bush support of Republicans on Iraq. The timing of the immigration bill and the next article may not be coincidence.

Bush seeks compromise with Congress on Iraq. How do you compromise with Democrats who's primary goal is to make us lose? Petraeus is on the offensive. Let our troops kick some al Qaeda ass, publicize it, then use the bully pulpit to win support. Bush should have addressed the nation as soon as the offensive started to force the press to acknowledge the (absurdly late) change in strategy.

Sen. Feinstein considers bringing back Fairness Doctrine to shut down talk radio. Boortz' comments.

Gore is obsessed with consensus because he's a politician, not a scientist. His frustration is showing because he's being proven to be a fraud.

Websites provide transparency into special interest groups funding of politics.

Bomb kills Sunni leaders responsible for turnaround in Anbar province. Sounds like al Qaeda got it's revenge.

Iraqis revive Chinese oil deal. They must be greatful to China for all the blood and treasure China spent liberating them from Saddam and fighting al Qaeda in Iraq.

Hamas releases audio of Israeli solder captured last summer.

Chavez threatens war against the US. All dictators need an enemy in order to steal power from the people, and Chavez has his.

Putin says Soviet history is not as dark as US history. In this current anti-American environment, he'll probably get away with that. The curse of being the lone superpower. I prefer that to living in Russia.

This is a crappy story. A woman who was brought here when she was 1 year old, thought she was an American citizen, and now at 40 she's afraid of being deported. This woman should be legalized immediately. She's obviously an American. The same is true of millions of people who came here legally, learned the language, worked, and worked within the system to become citizens, but were screwed over by our bureaucracy.

Woman registered her dog to expose how lax our voting system is.

Hillary caught on tape talking to illegal campaign donor about donation.

Is Schwarzenegger a Republican? More like a RINO.

Thompson's former girlfriends may draw women's vote? This seems like a stretch.

Doctors vote that video-games are not an addiction. Duh.

All is not lost: plaintiff, a D.C. judge, loses $54 million lawsuit against dry cleaner.

Taxpayers pay $34.6 billion for health care for the uninsured, including illegal immigrants.

Christopher Hitchens on Muslim 'rage boy' and his rarity and empowerment by western media.

The current Supreme Court is ruling favorably for conservatives. That doesn't mean it's being constitutional. Conservative judges can be activist as well.

Ben Stein's appreciation for William F. Buckley.

The New Yorker is concerned about revisionist history of the depression. Liberals, via the mainstream media, have been misrepresenting FDR and the depression for nearly 80 years. There has been no critical analysis. I think the revisionism is institutionalized, and I welcome a more detached, accurate view. The WSJ agrees with me, and invites critical analysis of the New Deal. FDR is the architect of American socialism implemented by LBJ and GWB. Current Democrats, with Hillary in the lead, want to take us to the next level - Soviet style communism, starting with the communistic takeover of health care.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Free kibbles

Violence spreads in Lebanon. 5 UN peace-keepers killed. This probably the first salvo in an effort to evict peace-keepers from Lebanon. The Europeans will probably fold like a newspaper.

Nato acknowledges they're killing too many civilians. What? Nobody wants to kill civilians, but the job is to kill the bad guys and stay alive while doing it. Civilians who allow terrorists to set up camp in their neighborhood are likely to get killed. We should not take more Nato casualties to decrease Afghan civilian casualties.

Brown replaces Blair and starts his run with empty rhetoric.

NSA suffers brownouts. Why do we trust the federal government to do anything but topple nations? (It's the one thing Washington does well.)

Black military recruits drop by 1/3. This article is incomplete because it doesn't address whites and other ethnicities. That omission makes it seem politically motivated.

San Francisco mayor bans bottled water for city employees. Does anybody still live in San Francisco?

2 year old has an IQ of 152. That is very hard to believe.

Mark Steyn has an excellent essay putting Salman's Rushie's experience in context.

The press isn't covering our biggest offensive in Iraq since we toppled Saddam.

George Will on Oakland's silencing of speech by it's employees about marriage.

Obese people may be malnourished because of poor diets. I've been saying that for years.

Another perspective on the 2 Americas. Hint: John Edwards would make the difference worse.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

US may reduce forces in Iraq by spring. It's hard to see how that can work politically. Democrats will make another big push for a pullout in Sept., and they'll have even more support than they had in May. But again, nobody will want to cut off funds, especially since Democrats think they gain ground every day we have troops in Iraq. Democrats will maneuver to try to take credit for bringing the troops home without taking responsibility for a failed mission. That's a fine line to walk.

Afghan President Karzai wants war to be perfect, with no civilian casualties. He's living in a dream world.

Pakistani students release hostages. That place is a powder keg.

US envoy claims North Korea will shut down reactor in 3 weeks. Like I said before, I'll believe it when I see it. I think it's far more likely North Korea will come up with some more demands for the US instead.

EU draws up new treaty similar to the Constitution previously rejected by voters. This treaty will have to be ratified by voters of member states.

Administration considers shutting Guantanamo and moving prisoners to military prisons. Why? What could possibly be gained? The loony left will just start attack the new military prisons.

Smugglers giving illegal immigrants stimulant cocktail before dashing across the border.

Nifong could face jail time. Good.

Reason blasts Michael Moore's Sicko.

Reason questions the trade-off between feeding SUVs with biofuels and starving people.

Complicated fish markets. Article fails to consider that Asian fish buyers may be more savvy costumers than white fish buyers. Price is based on an agreement of value by buyer and seller, and sellers can sell the same items at different prices to different buyers.

Newt attacks the Kennedy/McCain/Bush immigration bill.

A shot to stop Alzheimer's could be available in a few years.

Michael Barone discusses the effect a Bloomberg candidacy might have on the 2008 race. He doesn't mention what I think would be the biggest effect - people who will go to the race just to vote against Hillary will split their votes. If Hillary runs, her negatives ensure a Republican victory regardless of candidate, unless a third party candidate can suck up a bunch of hate Hillary votes.

Fred Thompson points to a study that shows that increasing individual wealth, the result of tax cuts, leads to significant benefits for children. This is self-evident, but Democrats want to raise taxes anyway.

Dick Morris discusses suspicious free travel for members of the do nothing conference.

WSJ editorial compares Mike Nifong and Patrick Fitzgerald. Both prosecutors were politically motivated and corrupted the judicial process, that's for sure.

Steve Forbes on government's plans to tax Big Oil.

Charles Krauthammer says with Hamas in control in Gaza, Israel can finally get tough. They better.

The only solution to radical Islam lies with Muslims.

Excellent essay listing the recent military successes and political failures in Iraq. Reader supported reporter on Operation Arrowhead Ripper.

Iran is waging war on us. Why don't we fight back? This essay doesn't really answer that question. It questions our entire War on Terror.

New website addressing the perils of socialized medicine.

Demand for school vouchers explodes in Cincinnati. Dayton schools spend only 64% of money in the classroom. Ohio teachers unions file suit against charter schools, calling them unconstitutional. 66% of Dayton school funding comes from state and federal government. More on Dayton school funding. School vouchers for the disabled. Strickland wants to ban for-profit schools. Blackwell's opinion. Essay calls vouchers government-backed religion. Inner city superintendents oppose vouchers. Charter schools. Strickland won't eliminate Cleveland's school vouchers. Cato's take.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Free kibbles

US troops kill al Qaeda gunmen. Article claims al Qaeda is ready to fight to the death, and I hope we don't stop the offensive until we oblige them all. Al Qaeda usually runs away and sets up shop elsewhere, but Gen. Petraeus has put together a comprehensive strategy of defense and offense that seriously limits al Qaeda's options.

Kremlin forces BP out of Siberian oil firm.

US envoy says North Korea is ready to shut down reactor. Why haven't they done it, then? This is a whole of talk, and I won't believe it until I see some results.

Senate passes much weakened energy bill. New taxes on oil companies failed. Stricter emissions passed.

Trent Lott compares illegal immigrants to goats. The racists are the side supporting the legislation. They can get more people to pat on the head, patronize, and keep them from excelling.

CIA to unclassify documents exposing its 'skeleton' file.

The secret service considers that Bush will be a high value target for terrorists well after he leaves office.

Government refused to allow Walmart into banking, so it found a back-door way in.

Gaza shows that Muslim fighters are pragmatic.

British culture wars over niqab. Death order against Rushdie still stands.

More global warming alarmism.

British plainclothes police hunting for people who put their trash out too early.

Firstborn children are smarter. I knew that.

Cato responds to Sicko.

Cato reports that the public won't support global warming legislation. Smart.

Mexicans build road over border fence to carry drugs and illegal immigrants.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Free kibbles

Parents arrested because kids played too loudly in backyard pool. Our neighbors, our laws, our police and our government are the greatest threat to freedom we have ever faced.

Videotaping the police should always be allowed.

Another liberal attack on free speech: liberal think tank wants to use government force to put and end to talk radio. Liberals can't succeed at talk radio in a free market, so they want to destroy that free market. Typical. I predicted this when Imus was fired.

Prepare for global cooling - we're heading into a solar minimum, which means more cloud formation, which means cooler climate. List of global warming skeptic links. Czech President responds to questions about his statement that environmentalism is the new communism.

effectively serve as CO2 sinks, effectively pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere. This provides a dampening affect on CO2 during warming.

Immigrants 9 times as likely to be exposed to tuberculosis than Americans. I thought legal immigrants were screened for this. I bet these are illegal immigrants.

Senate energy bill could push gas prices to $6 per gallon. Republican block. The government makes more off gasoline than anybody. They're doing the gas gouging.

Pentagon reports that its email system was hacked and Sec. of Defense Gates' staff email was compromised. I hope it wasn't the Chinese.

Ohio appeals court upholds privacy of email.

9 journalists contribute to Democrats for every journalist who contributes to Republicans. This is institutionalized liberal bias. It's interesting that the 2 conservatives they mention are not newsmen at all, but commentators who have no responsibility to be unbiased. The list of contributors.

President Bush's unpopularity is only surpassed by Congress' unpopularity. We elected every one of these losers, and we'll probably reelect 94% of them unless America finally gets it right and votes third party for every office.

US and Israeli Air Forces agree to greater cooperation.

Israeli bomber apprehended. Let's hope this is an isolated incident and not a return of Jewish terrorists.

EU leaders at summit to try and adopt a treaty that would implement the rejected EU constitution without voter approval.

Iranians had tried to kidnap an Australian navy patrol before they successful kidnapped 15 British sailors and marines.

China responds to claims it is the world's largest producer of CO2 - we moved our industry to China. This is exactly right.

China selling us fake veterinary drugs.

Reason suggests we shouldn't be so afraid of mergers leading to monopolies and cartels. In fact, what they're arguing is that government doesn't even do that job well.

Reason says nobody will attack wasteful military spending.

Reason suggests another immigration plan, but it fails to address illegal immigration at all.

Financial aid instructions for illegal aliens.

American Medical Association to vote whether or not to declare internet/video-game addiction a disease. That's what passes for science now days.

Earth swallows up lake in Chile.

Cato expresses skepticism at NK nuclear deal.

Strange map renaming states with countries close in GDP.

Ralph Peters applauds Gen. Petraeus for gaining back territory then going on the offensive. After 4 years, we finally have a leader who is fighting to win.

Fred Thompson highlights a federalist response to medical malpractice.

Victor Davis Hanson says westerners should quit blaming themselves for the Middle East's problems. It's important that we remember this side of our Middle Eastern exploits, but we have to look at the whole picture including propping up the Shah and Saddam Hussein.

Americans are getting shorter! We've known we eat badly for decades. Now we can see another price.

How unions tax even non-members.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Free kibbles

NYC Mayor Bloomberg changes party affiliation to independent. Looks like he's going to make a 3rd party run at President after all.

Israel responds to rocket attacks from Gaza.

Isn't it great that Palestinians can go into Israel and get medical treatment, then go back home and strap on suicide bombs to blow up their benefactors. How sick is the Palestinian society?

Bush considers Blair for Middle East Envoy.

China surpasses US as world's leading producer of CO2, otherwise known as plant food.

is on the road to serfdom.

Judge gives go-ahead for lawsuit on bank transaction spying. This is another case where our courts are fighting on the side of the terrorists. If this had been abused, it would be another story, but it hasn't.

Ban Alert: New Hampshire bans smoking.

Mexican soldiers going awol to join drug cartels. That's because of the money our War on Drugs provides the cartels. The more we try to militarize our border, the more that money will corrupt US forces as well.

Senators report that the federal government encourages illegal immigration. Of course it does.

Georgia senators focus of immigration tug-of-war.

High gas prices is the free market's way of telling people to use fuel more efficiently.

Congress' approval rating lowest in a decade. No matter how bad Republicans are, Democrats are worse. Why in the hell do people keep voting for the 2 parties? It's insane.

Reefer madness
in Canada. Seems more likely to have happened here.

Reason on the failure of Palestinian democracy.

Reason on Obama's Punjab mistake.

Christopher Hitchens calls for Bush to pardon Scooter Libby. No kidding.

Swing state voters don't like the fraudulent immigration bill.

Newt's online ad denouncing the immigration bill.

Microsoft alters Vista to avoid Google lawsuit. That is indicative of the sea-change in power in the software business.

Six volunteers for Martian test will spend 17 months in spacecraft mock-up. I understand why this kind of test is important, but it's not a realistic test. The psychological difference of being mere feet away from other humans versus interplanetary space is huge. The rational temptation to leave the spacecraft doesn't exist in space.

Boortz shows that Newt has an excellent plan to secure our borders. I have a couple quibbles: I don't like the border fence. It's a big government program, it's unnecessary, and it gives the federal government more power. I think illegal aliens here already should go home and go to the end of the line before they can come here legally. If we allow them to jump line, we are rewarding the breaking of our laws.

The emasculation of America: Man fired for helping woman who had been shot.

The decline of America: army apologizes for tattoo strip searches. Getting a tattoo is about behavior, not race. If it helps the army weed out gang members, I'm all for it.

Cato says we should downsize the Department of Agriculture. More than just stating the obvious, this is a web resource.

State Department resisted Reagan's call for Gorbachev to "tear down this wall." Wimps.

Japan renames Iwo Jima. Who the hell is Japan to rename one of the islands that Americans lost so many lives taking in WWII? How did Japan get control of Iwo Jima? You have to be kidding me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Free kibbles

Illegal immigrants using arson, setting forest fires, to assault border agents. These are the people Bush, Kennedy, and McCain want to legalize.

Kennedy and others lie about letters supporting the immigration bill. They used empty boxes as a stunt.

Senators use contrived process to thwart the will of the American people and pass immigration legislation. It's time to write and call again. Might have to work on the weekend to sneak this bill past the people.

New alarmist report on consequences of global warming claims it threatens civilization. We'll never hear these same scientists admit they're hysteria is overblown and mistaken. The Czech President has it right: the greatest threat from global warming is totalitarianism.

While Syria is on a campaign to kill every minister in Lebanon and is sending terrorists to fight the US in Iraq, Russia sells them fighter planes. This is part of Russia and China's proxy war against the west, the new Cold War of Terror.

Taliban capture Afghan district. Nato was created to counter the mighty Soviet military, but apparently it's incapable of defeating the Taliban. What's wrong with this picture?

Muslim world riots over Rushdie knighthood. Iran summons ambassador.

US troops rescue orphans in Iraq.

Suicide bombers being sent to the west.

Senate energy bill will drive up gas prices.

Republicans threaten Valerie Plame with subpoena because she lied under oath. Libby's in jail for imperfect memory, Plame should be in jail for lying under oath.

Reason on the insanity defense. Don't start this article while eating.

Book suggests boys should be boys and receives criticism for not being politically correct.

Democrats are moving left, risking election. They're already invoking Karl Marx. How much further left can they get?

Fred Thompson top Republican in Rasmussen poll.

Cato calls for more openness for citizens to monitor federal spending.

Cato says Bush's record is at sharp odds with the Constitution.

Website showing ridiculously placed federal temperature monitors.

Excellent Victor Davis Hanson essay on the hypocrisy of attacking civilization while demanding its perfection from others.

US circumcision rate drops. That should lead to an increase in HIV.

Ralph Peters points to Gaza to illustrate the effectiveness of fanaticism.

Tom Delay has an interesting take on Newt Gingrich.

Excellent essay discussing how successful immigrants immerse their children in English and join the melting pot - and how that is now discouraged by the left.

Pat Buchanan exposes Bush's myth that democracies are magically peaceful.

Won't the fraudulent immigration reform plan require a big new government bureaucracy?

Fred Thompson on Harry Reid.

Google jump-starting hybrid car development.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Place a Bet on Freedom

Place a Bet on Freedom

by Mark Luedtke

The Tax Foundation ranks Ohio 49th out of the 50 states in tax climate for businesses. The Pacific Research Institute ranks Ohio 43rd in economic freedom. The Wall Street Journal reports that jobs are flocking to low tax, economically free states, naturally. That explains our economic woes. Since Ohio's policies are driving jobs out of state, how will Ohio generate much needed revenue?

As Ohio voters rejected a proposal to legalize gambling last November, Pennsylvania residents voted to legalize casino gambling. One week later, in its first week, the Wilkes-Barre Casino in Pennsylvania brought in more than $39 million. Ohio needs revenue from income like that. But despite the success of gambling in neighboring states, Ohio voters have rejected legalized gambling 3 times since 1990.

Opponents of gambling in Ohio claim they care about jobs and addiction, but the success of gambling in neighboring states has exposed them as moralists who use government to force their personal values on everybody else. Opponents of gambling in Ohio claim that casino gambling and slot machines will cost Ohioans jobs, not create jobs. If that was true, Pennsylvania wouldn't have allowed gambling last November, and Indiana would shut down its casinos.

Ohioans already spend hundreds of millions of dollars gambling in other states. That wealth leaves Ohio instead of working in our economy and generating revenue for the state. According to a study by Deloitte Touch, if Ohio were to legalize casino gambling, $560 million that Ohioans currently spend gambling out of state would remain in Ohio. You only have to talk to a few neighbors who gamble out of state to realize the accuracy of this statement. The study further estimates that visitors from out of state will bring an additional $180 million into Ohio to gamble. That's a $740 million jolt to the Ohio economy that would spur growth, create jobs and generate new revenue for the state.

Opponents also project that 109,000 Ohioans will become addicted to gambling. No doubt some people will become addicted, but we know that our neighboring states have suffered no serious consequences from legalizing gambling. Whatever gambling addiction may have occurred in Indiana is successfully managed, as it would be in Ohio. And Ohioans are already gambling elsewhere, so we're already dealing with this issue while we're barred from experiencing any benefits.

Allowing gambling in Ohio would be a tremendous economic benefit with a manageable downside, but the plans set forth by the pro-gambling lobby so far aren't in Ohio's best interest. The 2006 plan would have created a constitutionally protected monopoly for race-tracks and 3 casinos. Creating a monopoly in the Ohio constitution would have been the worst form of government protected corporatism. We should allow gambling in Ohio, and we should insure the casinos face competition in a free market for the benefit of all Ohio citizens, not just a few race tracks.

But all this talk of allowing casino gambling is backwards to begin with. Free people can gamble where they want. Free people can open casinos where they want. The Ohio constitution doesn't enumerate a power for government to control gambling. Our government has no more business controlling casinos than it does controlling movie theaters or restaurants. But thanks to a tyranny of the majority, Ohio citizens are not free, and everybody pays the price.

Unconstitutional government control of gambling in Ohio led inevitably to the surreal spectacle surrounding the tic tac fruit machines, ostensibly a game of skill, not chance. Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann is conducting a study to insure the tic tac fruit machines are games of at least 51% skill. Opponents claim he is giving into the gambling lobby. Now the legislature is considering the issue.

The whole situation is absurd, and it stems from government overstepping its bounds. If Ohio government obeyed our constitution, there would be no pro-gambling lobby to lobby the Attorney General or legislature. There would be no study of the tic tac fruit machines. There would be no votes to legalize gambling. Free people would incorporate gambling into businesses as they chose. The legislature has better things to do than find ways to restrict our freedom and prosperity, like lowering taxes and cutting spending, but obviously they disagree.

231 years ago, our Founding Fathers bet their lives on freedom. Americans have prospered ever since because of that sacrifice. Today, moralistic citizens use government to force their personal values on everybody else, be it banning smoking in privately owned businesses, banning contact and regulating hours of business at strip clubs, or banning casino gambling and slot machines. They always claim to have the good of others at heart, but they have no respect for the freedom that has cost so many American lives over the centuries.

Because of Ohio's assault on freedom, we're stuck in a downward spiral leading to higher taxes and even less economic freedom. Ohio's productive youth naturally leave the state for greater economic freedom and opportunity. We no longer value freedom, and therefore we have nobody to blame for this downward spiral but ourselves. Casino gambling could provide a much needed boost to our economy, but the only real solution to our economic woes is to become more economically free, not less, and to cut taxes, not raise them. Until we choose freedom, don't bet on Ohio's future.

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'Father' of climatology says global warming is a bunch of hooey. Reports that IPCC data shows that climate has not warmed since 1998. UN chief Ban claims that Darfur slaughter is because of climate change. Can this get any more fraudulent? Official report finds BBC bias on climate change. Ya think?

Pakistani minister calls for suicide attacks because of Rushdie's knighthood.

US and Australia launch massive, joint, war games exercise in Pacific. We'd be better served if we stop enriching China so it could more effectively threaten us.

Author claims Rumsfeld knew about torture at Abu Ghraib.

School bans all touching. With schools this dumb, it's no wonder our kids are dumb.

Reason says the government should hand out sterile syringes to reduce the spread of AIDS. If the government ever made that determination, it would have to further admit that the entire war on drugs is a disaster, and legalize drugs. I'm not holding my breath.

Aliens don't do drugs.

FBI name checks holding up naturalization for legal immigrants. 329,160 of them. Imagine if we dumped 12 - 20 million amnesty recipients on them. We'd be legalizing every terrorist already in the US.

Cato recommends merit pay for teachers and school choice for parents to improve the quality of education.

Cato says the troops have accomplished their mission in Iraq, and can come home now with honor. That's what al Qaeda wants because it will lead to a bloodbath, humanitarian crisis, and Taliban style rule in Iraq.

Cato comments on oil alarmism.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

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Blair, Merkel, and EU leaders try to force EU constitution on subjects without vote. Something tells me Sarkozy won't stand for this.

Sarkozy's party wins comfortable parliamentary majority and has mandate to reform France.

Gen. Petraeus says he wants to extend surge. The surge is really just starting since the last troops just entered the theater. Obviously it's far too soon to judge it, as Gates points out. US launches new offensive against al Qaeda in Iraq. Why aren't we always on the offensive against al Qaeda?

Abbas names yet another new cabinet. With Hamas in control of Gaza, maybe Abbas can create a real government in the West Bank. I bet Hamas terrorists attack the West Bank even more zealously than Israel. Paper claims Israel plans attack on Gaza. Hamas loots Arafat's house and steals his Nobel Peace Prize. It wasn't worth the paper it was written on anyway. US to lift sanctions to support Abbas.

Palestinian terrorists in Lebanon fire missiles into Israel. I guess everybody keeps a missile in their garage in southern Lebanon. The international peacekeepers won't stop them.

Sudan leader claims to support UN peacekeeping force in Darfur. What's the catch?

Duke prosecutor Nifong disbarred. About time.

US contractors in Iraq denied insurance claims.

Snow flurries expected in Wyoming.

UK spy camera to enforce trash bin rules. That's the new answer to every problem - put a spy camera on the public.

Investigating the investigator of abuse at Abu Ghraib.

Author claims that mankind can't colonize other star systems. Can't is such an absolute term.

Cato says that Congress can't reform earmarks because all the congressmen love them.

Cato explains how federal aid to state creates big government with no responsibility.

Cato says it's not just about Nifong. The criminal justice system railroads innocents all the time. We have a systemic problem, not just a single rogue prosecutor.

Cato on distributing foreign aid.

Cato on using the FISA court to authorize surveillance.

Cato says more troops is not the answer in Iraq, but then redefines the mission in order to make that true. Our troops are doing counter-insurgency operations, not just hunting terrorists, and more troops will certainly make them more effective at that mission.

Cato on Zimbabwe. In 15 years, Mugabe has taken Zimbabwe from the jewel of Africa to imminent collapse by attacking the free market that made Zimbabwe so successful previously.

Interesting article claims that agriculture was bad for individuals compared to hunting/gathering. This is because procreation is is our gene's highest priority. This shows that social pressured outweighed individual drive, and the result is a more successful social structure for passing on our genes - civilization. That's why we have big brains, to find more successful strategies than our instincts. But modern liberalism is not good for our genes, it keeps us from reproducing, and as a result, liberal societies are committing suicide.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

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Summer snowfalls in Sweden.

US to end aid embargo to Palestinians. Fatah storms Hamas strongholds in West Bank.

Second Sunni mosque destroyed in Basra. Looks like the attack on the Samarra mosque was successful in fomenting sectarian violence. These murderers won't be happy until everybody in Iraq is dead.

US General reports we have full control of only 40% of Baghdad. That's not good.

North Korea invites UN nuclear monitors. This is a positive sign.

Poll claims most of the world is cool with China catching up to US. They won't be so cool when China starts dominating the world with communism.

If you wondered just how bad the immigration bill is, both Bush and Clinton support it. It can't get any worse than that. WSJ Poll shows risk for Republicans.

Bush criticizes Democrats for budget. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. This from the guy who never saw a spending program he didn't like.

Report claims Rice and Cheney on opposite sides of Iran debate.

Reason asks if the torture debate hurts American credibility. What this shows is that if the press complains long enough and loud enough that America kicks puppies, it will hurt America's credibility. Waterboarding is not torture. Next thing you know, interrogators will be banned from raising their voices because it hurts the self-esteem of terrorists. This is ridiculous.

More proof that Republicans are just like Democrats - Trent Lott attacks talk radio.

The decline of the US: US falling behind in physics research.

The lostpolitics board is still down. Forumsdot is back up, but it doesn't look like any of the boards are. Forumsdot says the board will be back within 12 hours.

Friday, June 15, 2007

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The fraudulent immigration bill that won't die. More. Excellent picture lifted from Drudge. Is that Barbara Streisand's daughter?

China is supplying arms to terrorists through Iran in their proxy war against the US, the new Cold War of Terror. Let' s make them richer so they can kill more Americans. How stupid are we?

China focusing on cyber-arms race. America prepares for cyber-war. China's military has been systematically hacking US computers for years to steal technology, and America is just now preparing for cyber-war? How stupid are we?

China slave ring busted.

Anbar province could be a model for working with Sunni insurgents to defeat al Qaeda in Iraq. I don't think those Sunni's are insurgents any more. They may go back to being insurgents later, but right now, they're working with US and Iraqi forces.

Abbas appoints a new Prime Minister. This seems like an act of futility. This civil war likely spells doom for any 2 state solution. Israel should crush Hamas once and for all. This would mean having to crush Hezbollah at the same time, which Israel failed to do last time. Hamas grants amnesty to Fatah leaders.

Dirty bomb planners sentenced in UK.

Ebay pulls Google advertising.

Bush signs bill banning recess appointment of attorneys.

Pace declares he was forced out of position as Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs.

Author claims Bush will pardon Libby.

Ron Paul's grassroots popularity. Ron Paul on Colbert.

4th graders issue climate report that has as much scientific basis as the IPCC report, which is none. It's good to know we're teaching our 4th graders to be mindless sycophants.

Canadian judge orders man not to have girlfriend for 3 years. Talk about a judicial tyrant.

Space stations computer problems linked to electrical noise from new solar array.

Supreme Court rules in favor of free speech for individual teachers over teachers' unions. That was an obviously the right decision, but in ever more socialist American, the Court could have easily pretended the union could force teachers to donate to union causes.

America's warrior spirit is fading. Badly. It doesn't help that our leaders can't prosecute a war worth a damn. Failing to secure Iraq from day 1 is unforgivable. Rushing to install a government of warlords is equally unforgivable. To achieve total victory today we would have to do the same thing we should have done when we invaded - put 300,000 soldiers on the ground, implement security with an iron grip, start the democratic process at the grass-roots level for local governments, and slowly build a nation. The short cuts we tried to take have cost us, the Iraqis and the world and benefited al Qaeda and the Iranians.

Charles Krauthammer suggests that the Congress pass border security first, then take up other aspects of immigration legislation. Unfortunately, adding security to the border won't stop the invasion. A river hasn't stopped them, and neither will a fence. The illegal immigrants have too much financial incentive to be stopped by fences, guards, or the military. To secure the border, we have to make the jobs go away, and to do that we have to credibly threaten to arrest all employers of illegal aliens. We can do that under existing law, so let's enforce existing law first, before we pass any other immigration provision.

Dick Morris says we can break Iraq by stopping investment there. It's so obvious, but we haven't done it in years. We'd rather bomb them.

The lostpolitics board is still down. Based on their estimate to me, it should be back up by tomorrow, if not before.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Free kibbles

The President of the Czech Republic explains that freedom, not climate, is at risk. Environmentalism is the new global form of central planning so devastating to humanity. Well said.

Unusually heavy snow in Australia.

Hamas overrunning Fatah in Gaza. Abbas fires Hamas government. Declares state of emergency. He still has control in the west bank, for now. All this is because, like Hezbollah, Hamas is a proxy for Iran which is protected by China and Russia, and we allow them to literally get away with murder. Until we confront Iran, Russia and China and make them pay a price, they will continue burning down the entire Middle East.

Iraq's sectarian divide and Iran's influence on it even runs to Iraq's intelligence services.

Disputed funds being transfered to North Korea. These funds were raised by counterfeiting. They're bribing us for illegal funds, and we're capitulating.

Russia to sell Venezuela 9 submarines as part of its new Cold War of Terror with the west.

Argentina vows to peaceably regain Falklands.

FBI may have violated surveillance law 1,000 times. Terrorist watch list has 1/2 million names. That's out of control.

Nifong case highlights broader problem with prosecutorial power. There is systemic problem, not just a problem with one individual.

In a typical act of elitism, the Massachusetts legislature blocked a proposed popular vote for a Constitutional amendment addressing gay marriage.

Nancy Pelosi proposes that taxpayers pay for the travel of representatives' adult children.

Judge refused to delay Libby's prison sentence for his appeal.

FBI fighting zombie computers.

New York City paying companies to build in New York.

Bush links Syria to murder of Lebanese official.

Democrats make partisan attacks on military commanders. This is nothing unusual since Kerry called our troops terrorists. A few seconds later he claimed to support them.

Democrats upset that Gonzales made a legal recess appointment. Shame on him for obeying the law. They passed legislation banning that process, but it's not yet law.

Reason examines illegal immigration and disputes claims of "nativists." Victor Davis Hanson exposes the elitism of calling typical American "nativists." Work verification, not a fence, not militarizing the border, is how we'll secure our borders. And employers have everything they need to do that right now - valid picture ID and a birth certificate or green card. We don't need any big government program for work verification either.

Reason on Sen. minority leader Tom Coburn.

Reason says cry for Argentina.

So-called scientists have cried wolf on oil reserves so many times, but they always get press when they do.

Judge orders torrentspy to turn over server's RAM. Really.

Utah is hiring Mexican teachers so that students can remain illiterate in English. That's s great way to penalize them and make them dependent on government for life.

Muslim terrorists are turning to piracy. This is what Marines are for, not nation-building and peacekeeping.

Kids taken to Planned Parenthood in after school program. This is blatantly political act by a government funded program. Let parents raise kids like they have since the dawn of humanity.

It seems our immigration department is denying entry to the son of a US citizen because the 3 year old has the same name as a former head of an Islamic group. These are the same people Kennedy and Bush want to trust with background checks on the 12-20 million illegal aliens.

Walmart's policy of ignoring minor shoplifting has led to a significant increase in shoplifting. It's not like Walmart either. Walmart is obsessive about keeping down prices, and shoplifting raises them.

The US must rethink its entire foreign policy. No kidding. We should have done that at the end of the Cold War, but Clinton screwed it all up and allowed the world to become a mine field.

Ralph Peters says that the grotesque barbarism of Gaza is a preview of Iraq if we pull out, only Iraq will be 1000 times worse. He also says we have a glimmer of hope, and that is generals who are finally being honest when describing the situation. This is a great, sobering read.

Al Qaeda threatens France. Since Spain is committing social suicide by demographics to become a Muslim colony, it will be interesting to see if al Qaeda attacks there too. I bet they do.

China's growing power. Understanding China. I think I understand China well enough. It wants to dominate the world. They're already waging a tremendously effective stealth war with their Russian ally and proxies, a new Cold War of Terror, against us in the tradition of Sun Tzu,. We're providing all the wealth China needs to defeat us. I think that's a great executive summary.

Dwarf Planet Eris is 27% larger than Pluto. This is why Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet.

Fred Thompson discusses the Castro-Chavez connection. He doesn't mention America's incompetent foreign policy starting with Clinton in allowing Castro to influence South America and Latin America.

More data that Hillary could be unelectable.

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