Friday, November 30, 2007

Free kibbles

Iran shows no signs of willingness to suspend uranium enrichment after talks. This report shows how duplicitous Iran is on these talks. Iran has no intention of compromising. They're just using the talks to make them appear to be reasonable when in fact they are not. This is an example of how negotiations can hurt.

Reports claim Putin plans to rig the Russian elections by forcing public sector employees to vote for his party. That sounds typical for tyrant wannabe like Putin. Claims of fraud, intimidation, and bribery. Gary Kasparov's fight for freedom.

Large protests against Chavez' bid to become a tyrant. Cato explains that Chavez is already a dictator regardless of Sunday's vote, which appears will go against Chavez, because there are no meaningful checks and balances or separation of powers to limit him.

Sudanese protesters call for execution of teddy bear teacher.

Sarkozy plans new reforms to circumvent France's 35 hour work week. He's taking the right approach by not picking a direct confrontation with unions. When the workers who are wedded to the 35 hour work week see that they are falling behind their peers who work more hours, they'll change their minds, and then the 35 hour work week can be changed.

US meddling in the horn of Africa.

Public defenders provide a much needed service for very little compensation.

Salt is the next target of the diet nazis.

Why would China arrest women for carrying condoms in the first place?

MSU puts Christmas tree back up after taking it down because of one complaint.

Even Murtha acknowledges the surge is working.

Republicans report much better mental health than liberals or independents. I know liberals have poor mental health. I bet not libertarians though.

Anti-illegal immigration activists go after Huckabee.

Reporters unhappy that Clinton denies them access. Reporters have stood shoulder to shoulder supporting Clinton so far, but this will change their coverage.

Ron Paul is on track to be the biggest Republican money earner in the 4th quarter. That's exciting.

Google plans to bid on the 700MHz wireless spectrum.

Israeli archaeologists discover 5th century BC biblical wall.

Cato is concerned that the fed only pays attention to the aggregate economy instead of individual sectors when setting policy.

Cato satirizes Hurricane Hysteria at the National Hurricane Center.

600 links to mass hysteria stories about global warming. Add Canadian beer drinkers and their beer fridges.

Using the name Islamofascists to describe the myriad Islamic factions trying to kill Americans and others doesn't preclude us from understanding the complexities of the problem. Can you imagine if we had to distinguish between the dozens of movements and hundreds of groups every time we discussed the problem?

"Ten Little Indians" will play despite complaints from NAACP about the name. Give me a break.

Families of kids fined for playing in the park.

Evel Knievel died.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Free kibbles

Half of immigrants in Texas are here illegally. That seems about right to me. 1 in 8 people in America are immigrants, the highest percentage in history. More than half in the last 7 years are illegal.

TSA wants background checks for fliers. This is nuts. Since they're too lazy, like all government agencies, to catch smuggled weapons, they want background checks to make their lives easier.

Cyber Cold War in our future. That's because our computer security sucks.

Slovak raid captures 500g of powered, enriched uranium for a dirty bomb.

Russia and US butt heads on election monitors. Putin makes campaign ad for his ruling party.

Musharraf to lift emergency rule on Dec. 16th. I wonder how he came up with that arbitrary date.

UK teddy bear teacher goes to court in Sudan. Sentenced to 15 days in jail. Britain expresses concern. That'll show them. I bet the Sudanese are quaking in their boots.

Photographer suspected of terrorist ties to get trial in Iraq after 19 months.

National Hurricane center naming storms earlier than usual, inflating the number of named storms and making it appear that hurricane seasons are getting worse.

60% of Americans don't trust the media coverage of the election. The other 40% will join us soon.

One complaint brings down Christmas tree. That's bull.

Trent Lott's nephew and brother-in-law indicted for bribery. I wonder if Lott is involved.

The Heritage Foundation advocates health care tax credits. That's a big government solution instead of a free market solution.

Pictures of Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement.

Apparently the CNN/YouTube debate had lots of declared Democrats, including a Hillary adviser, asking the Republicans questions. I don't think this is that big a deal. The questions still matter. Obviously it would provide the best service to have undecided Republicans asking the questions, but a president is president for everybody. It's pretty clear Anderson Cooper wasn't aware of the Hillary adviser plant, but it is hard to believe that nobody at CNN knew.

Cato reports that none of the Republican leaders named government programs they would cut, but named plenty of programs they would expand. Only Paul and Tancredo supported cutting the size and scope of government.

Scotland spends $250,000 to develop new slogan: Welcome to Scotland.

A new water park on the Tennessee/Georgia border? Haven't these people noticed the drought?

This flying suit might be the coolest thing I've ever seen.

China plans to free its currency, the yuan, somewhat.

The WSJ distrusts the Abu Dhabi stake in Citigroup.

Victor Davis Hanson celebrates the great individuals who are shaping history as we speak.

Prosecutorial abuse is widespread.

Government is ripping the traditional family apart at the seams, but I'm not sure that child abuse is going up. With California and Massachusetts considering outlawing spanking, it's pretty obvious that the threshold for what we call child abuse today is absurdly different than in the past. Government empowerment of the child over the parent results in many more reports of abuse, whether real or not, than in the past. Children can hold their parents for hostage in today's environment. To call that unhealthy is an understatement.

NASA demands JPL scientists surrender all rights to privacy. If this is true, and I have no reason to believe it isn't, it's outrageous. NASA has already devolved into another bloated, wasteful bureaucracy, but this will end NASA's ability to hire any of the best and brightest that we need. It will already take us twice as long and 10 times the money to get to the moon than it did in the 60s. As ridiculous as that is, this is insane.

Followup on the case of local politicians using the courts to steal the land of their neighbor.

Sweet post about Ron Paul.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Free kibbles

Miami police employee high tech drones.

US House of Representatives pass a bill declaring the internet a terrorist tool, paving the way for controls on the internet. More power to the government, less freedom for us.

British teacher charged with crime in Sudan because her class named a Teddy Bear Mohammad. This is quite a test for the British government. 7 year old student named bear after himself. Heck, every other Muslim seems to be named Mohammad. N.O.W., the feminist organization who will get new powers for addressing women's rights overseas, has no comment. The worst part of this is this has nothing to do with radicals. This is the norm for a major Islamic nation.

Dutch lawmaker making movie exposing fascist passages in the Koran. I'm sure every religious book can be exposed in this fashion, but it will be interesting to see how free speech and terrorism intersect. This is a brave guy.

Pakistani President Musharraf gives up his position as head of the military. This satisfies one of the demands Bush put on him.

No resolution in talks over Kosovo. But Democrats keep telling us that negotiations are a magic bullet that never fail.

Israel and Fatah
agree to talks about Middle East peace. They're doomed to fail like all the previous talks. There won't be peace in the Middle East until the world grows a spine and relentlessly hunts down and kills or captures all the terrorists.

Americans are happier with the turn of events in Iraq. I wonder how people interpreted bring troops home "as soon as possible." Liberals interpret that to mean immediately, but I doubt the mainstream public interprets it that way. To me, as soon as possible means as soon as we've won.

Northwestern University study shows that juries convict innocent defendants 25% of the time.

Reason says banishment of sex offenders is ineffective. This is such an emotional issue, effective policy is hard to come by.

2007 6th warmest year on record. But if man-made CO2 was warming the planet, it would have to be the hottest year ever. CO2 keeps going up, but global temperatures have been constant for nearly a decade.

Eating meat produces more greenhouse gases than traveling. Eco-loons can't make up their mind how they want to hurt us most.

Scott Bloch of US Office of Special Counsel under investigation for wiping all files from his own computer.

Republicans in Portland are trying to recall school board members who voted to allow schools to provide birth control for grades 6-8. Now that's my kind of activism. We should have a robust ability to recall all our elected officials, and we should use it to protect our freedom.

Bill introduced to make Puerto Rico the 51st state.

Huckabee leads in Iowa. Conservatives don't about freedom. Republicans starting to expose Huckabee.

John Edwards is not pro-choice on health care - he's mandating socialized medicine.

Bill Clinton attempts to rewrite history about his support for the Iraq war. Lying is like breathing to the Clintons.

Sitting for hours at a time is bad for you. I can't sit that long anyway. I have to get up and move around every hour or so.

Genetically engineered supermouse can't get cancer.

Voyager 2 to pass through the terminator shock around solar system. Since there's no sound in space, why do we mark the point where the solar wind goes subsonic? We should mark where it gets surpassed by radiation from interstellar space.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Free kibbles

Ever further destroying families by usurping the role of parents, Mass. considers a spanking ban. Government won't be happy until every child but the children of representatives, CEOs and celebrities, is born in a test tube and indoctrinated from birth in government children's homes.

College requires students carry GPS cell phones. Why would anybody put up with that? Time to transfer schools.

Hezbollah prepared to attack Britain if the US bombs Iran. If true, and it probably is, it just shows that we're losing the war on terror. The UK, and US to a lesser degree, is allowing terrorists to set up shop for future attacks. The solution is to shut down extremists mosques, deport the extremists, and stop new extremists from coming here. Peaceful Muslims need to lead the way.

French rioters injure over 80 policemen. Sarkozy returning from China to address the riots.

Officers overuse tasers. They should only be used when the last alternative is to fire their gun.

Iran claims to have manufactured a new missile that can reach Israel. Invites Palestinian militants to Iran to counter the Middle East peace conference in Annapolis. A terrorist summit in Iran. Maybe bin Laden will show. This works in the hawks' favor.

Sudan violence spilling over into Chad.

Zimbabwe President Mugabe has banned pay raises and price increases. This guy is destroying is country even faster than Hugo Chavez.

A new environmental movement must take into account poverty, industry, jobs, economy, technology, etc. This should always have been the case. Case in point: limited water resources prompts Orange County to recycle waste water. The reason the environmental movement doesn't do this already is because the radicals that drive the movement hate people and civilization. They're more interested in punishing people than in solving environmental problems for the benefit of everybody. A sign of hope - Americans yawn at global warming.

Saudi gang rape victim, imprisoned and beaten 200 times, tells her story. In mean time, Saudis release 1,500 terrorists because they repented.

Reason explains that Democrats used to be classic liberals, today called libertarians.

Arab bank bails out Citigroup by buying big stake. This is indicative of the transfer of wealth from the US to oil-rich countries. Oil-rich Arab countries are bailing out US companies with our wealth that we gave them because we have failed to develop cheap energy alternatives like nuclear power, clean coal, and natural gas and failed to drill for our own oil in America. How stupid are we?

UK paper describes dirty American politics.

Kennedy gets book deal with signing bonus that dwarfs Hillary Clinton's $8 million, which she got while she was in the Senate. Remember when Democrats forced Newt Gingrich out because he took a $4 million advance on a book deal? Another great example of the Washington double standard.

Bill Richardson says that decreasing casualties in Iraq mean nothing. I guess he thinks that the lives of those people saved mean nothing. I guess he thinks that our troops efforts mean nothing. That's the way Democrats support the troops.

Dick Morris exposes that Hillary Clinton hides her private investigator expenses, which she uses to dig up dirt on her opponents, in her legal expenses. Now that she's losing steam, she'll use that info to attack Obama and possibly Edwards.

Newt Gingrich predicts big Obama win in Iowa.

6 Republican Senators and 17 Congressmen to retire. That's 23 out of 535 representatives. Hopefully some Democrats will retire too. Like Reid and Pelosi. If we can just get rid of the other 512 incumbents and replace them with third party representatives, we can take our government back for freedom for the people.

New Japanese robot can serve food and help humans out of bed. This shows the technological advances in robots, and because of Japan's rapidly falling population, the market is for robots to assist the elderly. Europe is importing Muslims, but they're unlikely to do this kind of work for aging Europeans.

Weather delay prompts NFL to skip pregame ceremonies, including national anthem. This isn't a big deal.

Google plans service to host user data. This is the wave of the future. We don't need computers per se, we need seemless access to our data from anywhere in the world. The accessing box is a commodity. It's the data that's valuable. That's the model Google is pursuing.

Cato thinks the court should review cases of Guantanamo prisoners. Did the court review the cases of all the prisoners we held in WWII? Korea? Vietnam? Of course not. This is no different. We probably mistakenly held some wrong people in those wars too. We're not perfect. Winning is the priority.

Cato's tax reform plan is not nearly as good as the FairTax. A 15% income tax on businesses would still put US made goods and services at a penalty compared foreign made goods and services. Why would we do that?

Cato explains how federal subsidies for transportation lead to wasteful projects. Federal subsidies are poison, like all federal funds, because of the constraints that come with the money.

Boorts responds to flawed FairTax critique.

Britain is committing cultural suicide. In London 40% of primary school students speak a language other than English at home. That's too many immigrants for a culture to survive. They'll never be able to assimilate them at that rate.

I'm surprised the US is at the top of the global competitiveness report.

Thomas Sowell explodes the myth of the perpetual top 1%.

Germans understand that depressed Americans are starting to resemble Germans. Nothing against Germans (my heritage), but no thank you. But depression alone doesn't explain our malaise. Our government takes more freedom year after year. Our financial doom looms closer year after year. The corruption of our government increases year after year. The 2 parties increase artificial divisions in our country year after year. And we show no signs of stopping the madness. We have no room for phony optimism.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Free kibbles

Report claims Arab terrorists with heavy weapons entering through tunnels from Mexico to attack a military base have been captured.

US and Iraq prepare bilateral security deal for long term US presence in Iraq. We've nearly wrapped up 5 years, so we've probably got 5 more years to go - with a much smaller presence.

Putin withholds visas for election monitors, then blames the US for convincing them to boycott. I'm sure the unfounded demonization of America will help his party in the upcoming elections, and his state controlled news stations will never report that he's the one blocking the election monitors.

French "youths" riding a stolen motorcycle without helmet die when they crash into a police car. This sparks another round of French "youth" riots. In the past, these rioting French youths were all Muslims, and the reports failed to mention it. This report also fails to mention it. This is another test for Sarkozy. He promised to stop these riots.

Like a spoiled child, Chavez is throwing fits because he didn't get his way with the King of Spain and the President of Columbia.

Saudi woman who was jailed and flogged after being gang-raped has confessed to an affair. I think her sentence itself would coerce any kind of confession. The Saudis will use this in an attempt to justify her punishment. Talk about misunderstanding between cultures.

Reason says Chavez is trying to bring back communism.

Hurricane predictions wrong again.

Rudy Giuliani may be hurt be the Supreme Court has made gun control an issue. Gun control should always be a primary issue in any campaign. Somebody always wants to disarm citizens and turn them into subjects. Mickey Kaus implies they're hearing the case today. I would have thought it would be months from now. The case won't be heard until spring.

Trent Lott retiring from the Senate. Good riddance. This guy is one of the primary architects of the growth in government, and therefore the loss of freedom, we've endured since Bush took office. Hastert's going with him. Frist is gone. Rove is gone. Not nearly soon enough. Lott may be retiring before the end of the year so he can more quickly take a lucrative lobbying job before the law changes. Sounds about right for a typical, slimy Washington insider.

New poll shows that Democrats continue to self-destruct. Hillary Clinton would lose to every major Republican candidate.

Even liberals recognize that Hillary is not honest.

Scientist suggests void in the universe is evidence of a parallel universe.

New freighter to use kite the size of a football field as a sail to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 50%. This is the free market in action. Government should stay the hell out of it.

Cato considers the strategic oil reserve to be a waste, and calls for the government to release that supply into the market to drive down prices. But if the reserve is useful to drive down oil prices, then it wasn't a waste after all, was it?

In another attack on private property rights, San Francisco considers banning the use of fireplaces. I bet all the forest fires in the US each year dwarf the output from all the fireplaces.

British government rolls out plan for carbon allowances. The government will decide the size of each individuals carbon footprint, will track carbon use (i.e. every activity you perform) with an electronic card, will regulate (i.e. tax) the transfer of allowances between individuals, and will bar people from certain activities if they surpass their quota. If you didn't believe me when I said the great global warming fraud is the most dangerous ideology since communism, maybe you'll figure it out now. We're following right behind.

Boortz warns of a new way Congress can waste our money - federal heritage areas.

UK women drive disabled veterans getting therapy out of pool. This is disgusting.

Judge blocks implementation of new rules punishing employers for hiring illegal aliens. We're our own worst enemies. The people have spoken about a legitimate power of government, defending our borders and controlling citizenship, but a tyrannical judge has overruled us.

The IRS failed to refund $4 billion to 165 million people.

Firefighters and EMS should not use their access to homes for spying. This sounds like an end run around the 4th amendment to me. This shouldn't be confused a with a situation in which a firefighter sees home-made bombs lying around. Of course he or she should report that. This is about turning a life-saver into an active spy.

The Taliban threatens to blow up clinic if doctor does not lower prices. Another, more violent, version of government control of free markets.

The Heritage Foundation explains that talk radio provides people with important news that the mainstream media doesn't cover.

Elitists in action. The Bali airport won't be able to handle all the private jets for attendees of the UN conference on climate change. We won't be allowed to fly or drive, but the elites who force those laws on us will be hobnobbing in Bali on their private jets. This is global warming fraud is the biggest, most dangerous con in history.

Al Qaeda in Iraq converts behead their uncle and his wife in front of their children, all because the man wore western style pants and didn't pray. This is the people Democrats would turn Iraq over to if we pulled out prematurely.

Slate comments on the silly concept of heroic conservatism.

Robert Novak calls Huckabee a false conservative and highlights his authoritarian policies.

Joe Biden pushes legislation that would empower a small group of feminists to control lots of taxpayer money to fight foreign violence against women. This money will be used to promote the feminist agenda, not fight violence against women. Why are we responsible for fighting violence against women all around the world anyway? This is another form of international welfare that will be grossly abused.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Free kibbles

The WSJ explains the challenges for new Australian PM Rudd. He plans to pull some troops out of Iraq and ratify Kyoto. He's a kool-aid drinking liberal.

Ex-PM Sharif returns to Pakistan to further complicate the situation. I think our meddling with Musharraf has aggravated Pakistan to the boiling point.

US has held Iraqi journalist without charges for 19 months. I think this is the guy who "coincidentally" happened to be at the site of several terrorist attacks as they happened. The US is smart to hold him as an enemy combatant. This idea that we can't hold suspected enemy agents without charges is ridiculous. If true, that would make it in every army's interest to take off their uniforms so that we couldn't hold them.

Syria agrees to attend Annapolis peace summit.

Drug warriors' execution of 92 year old woman, the planting of evidence, and the lies last year hasn't effected our policies or their tactics.

The NYTimes jumps at the opportunity to print the bad news of the recent Baghdad attack after failing to print any of the good news about the surge for the last couple months.

In order to hurt the US effort in Iraq, NBC asks if Iraqi women were better off under Saddam Hussein. It's a shame these irresponsible people reporting this crap didn't have to live under Saddam.

This study that natural disasters have quadrupled because of global warming is bull.

At least one question at a Clinton event wasn't staged: woman asked about Clinton's support for Rupert Murdoch. That's funny.

It didn't take a report like this to tell us that mainstream America hates Hillary Clinton. But I bet the reporters had a good time.

I don't think anybody should advertise they've been tasered 50 times.
What if Gmail had been designed by Microsoft? It would suck.

Excellent analysis of the libertarian movement behind Ron Paul's success, and why the 2 authoritarian parties of are scared.

London debate about Islam sounds more racist than an actual debate. We'd be doing ourselves a disservice to lump all Muslims together and dismiss them. On the other hand, peaceful Muslims have done a horrible job of ferreting out the extremists in their own communities, and in fact seem to tacitly support those extremists in general. We need to work with the peaceful Muslims to get them to promote their peaceful version of Islam and root out the extremist versions that are all too common in the US as well as around the world. And us-versus-them approach will just help the extremists.

Nice analysis of the entitlement crisis that is already affecting our economy, and will quickly crush us all if we don't drastically reduce the size and scope of government.

Valedictorian from Saudi school in Virginia joined al Qaeda. We should get textbooks from the school to insure the school is not inciting its students to violence, but we can't shut it down unless we get evidence.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Free kibbles

Houston police test unmanned surveillance aircraft. Big brother is watching.

Chavez' attempt to establish a dictatorship has hit a serious bump in the road. Poll shows Venezuelan voters won't support his changes to the constitution. Good for them. Chavez threatens voters with being labeled traitors if they vote against him. This guy is a dangerous thug.

Russian police arrest Gary Kasparov again for a political rally.

Australia's incumbent Prime Minister Howard defeated by Rudd.

It sounds like this Commonwealth is an organization of ex-British colonies, and they've drank Al Gore's kool-aid.

UN calls tasers a form of torture. Electric shock is certainly a form of torture when done to a captive to gain information, but it's a humane tool for subduing a dangerous person. The application matters. The goal of the UN, which is dominated by the hate America left, is to take away every advantage the US and the west have over anybody else in the world.

Housing market may take another tumble. That's what people get for buying houses they can't afford and what companies get for making loans to people who couldn't afford them. The only reason both sides make such a stupid investment is because they're convinced government will bail them out. Government involvement in free markets perverts the behavior of people, creating these kinds of problems.

Illegal immigrant rescues boy in desert. Let's give him a reward and ride back to Mexico.

Success in Iraq is a problem for Democrats, who try to change the subject in response. They painted themselves into this corner, and now they can't get out.

Slate compares Hillary Clinton's experience to 8 years of take your daughter to work day. I don't think they meant it sound as funny as it does.

Why are Americans so concerned with how much money Bill Gates, or anybody else, has? That's their business. The only thing that matters is do you make enough to be happy with yourself, and if not, why haven't you changed it?

Amazon patented an idea to favor expected return customers over those not expected to return. Doesn't every business do this? It's called taking care of your best costumers.

Mark Steyn points out that Republicans have the diversity on ideals, though none it get it right, while Democrats' positions are virtually indistinguishable, so they argue about grade school overseas versus being first lady. It is funny.

Steve Forbes explains that part of the reason the dollar is in free fall is because Greenspan and Bernanke have decoupled the dollar from the price of gold.

Why does George Bush keep helping the Clintons? He's a good, honest man to a fault.

An Egyptian debating on Al Jazeera stands up for America and the west better than most Americans and westerners. That's what the hate America crowd has done to us.

Dick Morris explains that gathering dirt on opponents then slandering them in public is standard operating procedure for the Clintons, and Obama is right to expect Hillary has turned her secret police on him.

Archaeologists think they've discovered the cave of Romulus and Remus.

Michael Moore loves Norway. Hopefully for us, he'll move there. This shows the advantages of homogeneousness. American liberals would quickly ruin it by forcing their version of diversity, and the crime, violence and distrust that comes with it, on unsuspecting Norwegians. They would push a daily dose of hatred against those with more wealth, white people, men, heterosexuals, Christians, and traditional Norwegian values until they had made everybody in Norway hate Norway and each other. Then they would try to remake this divided Norway into an authoritarian society.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Free kibbles

Judges issuing cell phone tracking orders without probable cause.

Holocaust survivor sues Vanity Fair over interview with neo-Nazi. The judge should throw the suit out.

There's a twist today: the dollar at record low, again, but oil is down.

After al Qaeda fighter attacks yesterday, a bomb went off in a Baghdad market today. All this talk of complete victory over al Qaeda in Iraq is premature. Victory may be imminent, but we haven't achieved it yet, and we need to continue aggressively hunting down al Qaeda until we finish them off.

What in the world is this Commonwealth that suspended Pakistan? Report claims US knew Musharraf planned to implement emergency rule. This makes sense. Liberals will try to twist it into something nefarious for Bush. Yet another previously exiled Prime Minister of Pakistan plans to return. Musharraf can hold an exiled leaders reunion.

Syria disrupts Lebanese election of new leader, leaving Lebanon leaderless.

French transit workers end strike as public supports Sarkozy's reform platform.

Brit realizes that American foreign policy in only effective when we're strong. Liberals spend all their time trying to make us weak, and they're very effective at it.

Woman has herself sterilized because having children is selfish and they're ruining the planet. These people hate humanity. I finally found a policy of theirs that I approve of. Now if we can just get all the eco-warriors to sterilize themselves, the world will become a better place with a bunch fewer dangerous loons. Oh my goodness. Just wait until the eco-loons read that humans may have shortened the life of the universe.

Democrats are the party of the rich, which is pretty obvious to an unbiased observer. None of the Dems are candidates for change. They're just the same old standard socialists they always run.

Reporters and audience members are frustrated that Hillary refuses to answer their questions. This is probably why she is falling in Iowa. Hillary's problems are overstated. She's going to win, and all this talk of bumps in the road are just to sell papers. Dick Morris agrees that Hillary will still win even if she loses Iowa.

Being first lady does not provide experience to be president. But Hillary wants to mislead everybody into thinking it does.

There are a lot of good comparisons between Hillary and Richard Nixon, but Hillary is a lot more corrupt, and not nearly as smart.

Reason rants about the FBI's failure to connect the dots and stop 9/11, and says that new laws infringing civil rights don't fix the problem.

Ralph Peters lists 5 reasons why the tide turned in Iraq.

The Supreme Court will address the core issue of an individual right to keep and bear arms when it hears the DC gun ban case, not some fringe issue.

Essay exposes how UN scientists purposely exaggerated the number of people with AIDs in order to fit their political agenda. They're doing the same thing with global warming, yet much of the world accepts their decries with absolute faith.

Christopher Hitchens is thankful for good news from Iraq.

Jonah Goldberg gets what I've been saying about conservatives. Mainstream conservatives are the problem with the Republican party because they're just like liberals - instead of supporting freedom, they want government to force their world-view on all of us - and Mike Huckabee exemplifies it.

Anne Applebaum has the consequences of the Iraq war all wrong. There will be no lasting damage to our relationships with other countries if we win. If we win, everybody else will realize America has what it takes to win, and will respect us for it, and they'll stand by us in the next crisis. Lasting damage will only occur if we lose because we'll have no respect from anybody, and they'll distance themselves from us in the next crisis. This isn't hard to understand. Everybody stands with a winner. Nobody stands with a loser.

Ron Paul sounds like he reads my blog.

If Al Gore gets his policies implemented, they'll kill way more people than Jim Jones. Just to drive home the point, this author advocates force as a means of stopping global warming. He neglects to explain how man-made CO2 is causing it, because it isn't. Nor does he mention how many people his idea would drive into poverty, in the US and around the world, and an early death. You have to break some eggs, right?

Author claims Obama's new ideas put him in the lead in Iowa. What new ideas? Bigger government? Higher taxes? Gosh, I guess nobody ever had those ideas before.

Oklahoma Democrats arrest activist for petition drive to limit government spending.

Former district judge uses influence and law to take portion of family's property and render the rest basically worthless. This is shocking, and it only happens because of the constant erosion of private property rights.

Devin is a romance novel editor.

Does this body language lie detector describe Hillary Clinton or what?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Free kibbles

The success of the US counterinsurgency mission in Iraq is unprecedented, but al Qaeda fighters attack 2 villages in Iraq. Al Qaeda in Iraq is not dead yet, and we have stay on the offensive. Declaring victory too soon would be yet another huge mistake.

Report claims Afghanistan is in serious danger of falling back into Taliban hands.

Pakistani President Musharraf's hand-picked Supreme Court dismisses last complaint against his election, clearing the way for him to become president and resign from the army.

China first blocks Kitty Hawk battle group from docking in Hong Kong for Thanksgiving, then changes position for "humanitarian" reasons. Congressional report declares US is vulnerable to China's high tech warfare systems. Duh. And they intend to use them if we don't wake up and address their new Cold War of Terror against us.

Putin accuses opponents of plotting with the west to divide Russia. Of course. It couldn't be that those opponents want freedom instead of tyranny. The west would be happy to see Russia united in the cause of freedom, but that isn't the case.

Early votes show that French rail workers are voting to return to work. That would be a big victory for Sarkozy.

FEC eases election ad rules. The government has no power to stifle freedom of speech regardless of what the Congress, President, and Supreme Court say. The people own the political process as well, not the candidates or the government. I would like to see massive civil disobedience - hundreds or thousands of organizations should run political ads for or against any candidate or issue before the 2008 election. The people should demand our innate right to freedom of speech.

Gen. Petraeus heads up Army's promotion board, signaling a change in promotion philosophy toward innovation and creativity.

City outlaws internet harassment.

Republican leaders write booklet to help Republicans make the argument for smaller government. It's more accurate to say they wrote this booklet to help their members fool the public into thinking that Republicans support smaller government when Republicans actually thrive on earmarks and titanic government just the same as Democrats. Republicans have no interest in small government, they've proved that, and only a fool would fall for their "small government" crap ever again.

Author explains that Scott McClelland's new book has no new information about the Plame non-affair.

Obama's education plan: more big government and more indoctrination.

SEC investigating the Clinton's patron company, infoUSA.

Hillary Clinton goes on the attack. The Democrat race is still incredibly tame so far.

Author considers an independent Ron Paul run for president. We'd get Hillary for 4 years, but it might transform the Republican party. I think that transformation is wishful thinking. Even the Reagan revolution, which didn't even manage to shrink government at all, just slow its growth for a couple decades, was but a passing fad for Republicans who quickly returned to their big-government selves.

Very few facts about Condoleezza Rice.

Mirror neurons, empathy, and morality.

Author compare's Hillary Clinton's Media Matters to hall monitors who make verbose mountains out of molehills. Funny.

I'm not sure these people were CNN plants. I think it's very likely that everybody, or at least most people, at that debate was some sort of Democrat activist. They acted like it.

Satire claims holiday feasts increase global warming. Christmas lights are already being attacked global warming activists. We don't need to give them any more ideas.

Cato welcomes the Supreme Court hearing on DC's gun ban.

Even though Ambassador Crocker reported that Iran is using talks with the US to further its own ends and has no intention of changing course on its nuclear program, Cato continues to advocate negotiations. We have to get over this flawed idea that negotiation is always in our interest as an article of faith. It's not true. The goal is to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. If talks make it less likely they'll stop, we shouldn't talk. What will make Iran stop is real action like cutting off all refined fuel supplies to the country. That will force them to stop enriching uranium. That puts us in a position of strength and them in a position of weakness. At that point, they'll negotiate in good faith. Until we have a position of strength, negotiations work in their favor, not ours, and we shouldn't pursue them.

Security is improving in Columbia.

Ann Coulter says the New York Times is trying to fool its readers into believing most Americans support a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. Why wouldn't they name the specific polls, if they actually existed? No wonder it's losing readers.

Extremely long and detailed analysis of the FairTax. I haven't read this yet, because it's so long, but this is excellent! I'm just afraid it will be off-putting to anybody who isn't already on board just because of its length. Still, this means the FairTax is becoming more mainstream. I look forward to Boortz' response.

George Will writes about the "Millionaire's Amendment" in the bipartisan McCain-Feingold abomination against freedom of speech. This amendment seems targeted at rich independents, strengthening the stranglehold on power of the 2 parties as well as incumbents imo, but the main reason I posted this article is because I love the opening paragraph:
Congress is less divided by partisanship than it is united by devotion to the practice of protecting incumbents. Doing this with, for example, the bipartisan embrace of spending "earmarks" is routinely unseemly. But occasionally, incumbent protection is also unconstitutional.
The 2 parties are united behind a common, highest priority, their own power. Since all power ultimately belongs to us, the corollary to that is they are united behind taking our power from us. To end this abuse, vote third party.

I'm unhappy to see Pat Buchanan try to leverage libertarian ideals to argue against equal rights for gays in the workplace. An employer should not be allowed to discriminate by race, sex, because they are accidents of birth. Nor should an employer be allowed to discriminate by religion or sexual orientation, because they are private. Unfortunately we can expect this law to be abused to extend to behavior on the job that the employer doesn't agree with too.

Thomas Sowell explains how liberals use statistics to misrepresent the wealth of the elderly, who are pretty well off in general.

John Stossel tells the story of how communism almost killed the Pilgrims, who, fortunately for them, adopted private property rights and free markets before they died and subsequently prospered.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Free kibbles

Creator of Ron Paul currency stands firm against FBI.

The Pentagon makes an about face and rescinds demand that wounded soldier return part of his bonus. That's not good enough. Whoever authorized this demand in the first place should be fired.

Oil over $99. Dollar sets new record low. Record Thanksgiving travel despite all this. The economy must be going good for now. It can't last.

Train sabotage in French transportation strike. This is what entitlements do to some people. They become so twisted by their entitlement, they go far as to turn dangerous when threatened with having to work for a living. Welfare appeals so strongly to our 4 billion year old genetic disposition to take the easy way out that it damages people and societies.

Corrupt Jacques Chirac is being investigated for embezzlement. I hope the investigation goes a lot further, includes the UN oil for food scandal and takes that crook down hard.

Iraqi refugees are returning home at the rate of 1,000 a day. That's fantastic. Killing the bad guys in Iraq and providing security was the best plan to take care of the refugees anybody could come up with. While the left was fighting to defeat our troops and allow Iraq to degenerate into ethnic cleansing, they were also attacking America for not taking care of the refugees. Once again, they were wrong on both counts. This war could have been practically over already if the country had united behind victory and the left proposed alternate plans for victory instead of trying to defeat us. Once again, Bush has taken another issue from the anti-war Democrats and turned it to his favor. Democrats are their own worst enemy.

Bush defends Pakistani president Musharraf. It's about time. Musharraf has done a fine job, not a perfect job, of walking a tightrope in Pakistan. Musharraf to quit army job, maybe by Saturday.

Legal history of the Second Amendment. Students continue to protest for right to bear arms for self-defense on campus.

Petraeus adviser explains how the tribal uprising in Iraq does not fit in any standard counterinsurgency strategy, and he explains Gen. Petraeus' plan.

Twisted story of a sheriff's deputy who shot family's dog. What kind of deputy goes out and kills a family dog that isn't threatening anybody? What kind of dog owners would allow a cop to shoot their dog? What kind of dog owners would let their injured dog lay for 3 days before noticing it was alive? What kind of investigation does the sheriff's office have to do? Just charge the deputy with trying to kill the dog under color of law. Everything about this story is wrong except for the happy ending that the dog survived. Hopefully he'll get end up with a better family.

Because of lax immigration policies and multi-culturalism, the Dutch are losing their identity.

The UN has no credibility when it denies intentionally inflating estimates of African AIDS cases.

How stupid is it to remove gender from ID cards? Only in San Francisco. SNL's Pat must be very happy.

Scott McClelland's excerpt claiming that Bush lied to him about his involvement in the Plame non-affair is making waves. Yesterday I read an except, and McClelland had no evidence of a lie at all, but today, that except is gone. It seemed McClelland felt he had been lied to once Libby and Rove's name were mentioned, but it sounded like a misunderstanding to me. We know for a fact it wasn't Libby or Rove who outed Plame. It was Richard Armitage. But the left won't let this go despite the facts. Slate comments. McClelland says he didn't mean to imply that Bush lied to him. It never sounded like that in the excerpt I read anyway, but liberals just twisted what he said. That's I get for failing to link the original article.

Reason wonders why a few gambling addicts should ruin online gambling for everyone. Because government got involved.

The FairTax and Christian conservatives have pushed Huckabee into second place in Iowa. Because of his support for the FairTax, he's better than anybody but Ron Paul. Other than his support for the FairTax, he's a typical, Bush-like, big-government conservative. As are all the rest. Huckabee catches Romney in Iowa.

Aricebo Observatory funding reduced by about 20%, not slashed. If only we could reduce the entire federal budget that much.

Substitute teacher undresses from the waist down in front of 4th graders. But was she hot?

Students suspended and sent to a drug program for making anti-drug PSA in which they pretended to do drugs.

Supposedly hate crimes have increased by 8%. The government has an agenda to make us think hate crimes are a problem, so they change the reporting. The motive of the crime does not matter. A man mugger filled with hate or greed is still a mugger.

California thinks that blacks and Hispanics do more poorly in schools because teachers don't understand their culture. Teachers do not need to understand other cultures to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and science. The problem is the students aren't interested in learning them, which is a problem for their families to solve.

Los Angeles blames obese children on lack of parks for the poor. If children don't have a safe place to play outside, that's a big problem. But it's not an excuse for obesity.

Good news from Iraq. Statistics on reduced violence.

Thomas Sowell shows how individuals in the lowest income bracket in the US increase their wealth and move up to another bracket. Real income is increasing. He explains how liberals twist statistics to make it appear that the poor have no upward mobility. Another great, easy to understand, column.

Al Gore has found a way to make even more money off of his global warming con, punishing new taxes, and the taxpayer subsidies he pushes by joining a new venture firm promoting green energy. Life is good when you can con half the world like Al Gore.

Study shows it was hotter 1,000 years ago than today. This won't surprise anybody with a working brain. The liberals won't believe it no matter what.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Moral Relativism and the Hate-America Left

Moral Relativism and the Hate-America Left

by Mark Luedtke

What right does the US have to tell Iran it cannot develop a nuclear weapon?

I can't imagine anybody asking that question 50 years ago because it presupposes some non-existent moral equivalence between the United States and Iran. Americans knew better then. That mainstream Americans would entertain that question today illustrates how successfully a tiny but powerful minority of Americans, the far left segment that promotes an ideology of hate against America, American exceptionalism, and traditional American values, has managed to infiltrate and undermine our entire country.

I could praise America's great accomplishments: leading the way in the abolition of slavery around the world, turning the tide against the fascists in World War II, defeating the Soviet Union, the most evil and dangerous empire in history, freeing more people than any nation in history, wiping out diseases, leading the world into a century of unprecedented health, prosperity, cleanliness and happiness, and much more. Because of traditional American values and achievements, the United States is unquestionably the greatest force for good humanity has ever known. No other nation in history comes close.

I could describe the abominations of the Iranian regime: virtually enslaving their population with Soviet-style government, supporting stoning and flogging of women, executing homosexuals, piracy, funding Hezbollah and Hamas to export Islamic fascism by committing terrorist attacks, arming Iraqi militias and the Taliban as another means of exporting Islamic fascism, and much more. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad proudly declares his desire to annihilate Israel weekly, and a nuclear weapon would empower him to execute his insane dream. The Iranian government is an illegitimate regime focused on projecting its totalitarian designs on the rest of the world.

We demand the rogue regime in Iran not build a nuclear weapon because it's the right thing to do. We earned that role. But moral relativism is an effective tool of the hate-America left, and dedicating an entire essay to contrasting the US and Iran would provide an illusion of moral equivalence where none exists. Better to examine this powerful anti-American movement.

Another effective tool of the anti-American left is their influence in the mainstream media. US troops hadn't been in Afghanistan a week before writers and editors began asking if we were in a “quagmire” in Afghanistan and comparing our “occupation” of Afghanistan to the Soviet occupation. These authors knew there was no moral or tactical equivalence between the US invasion of Afghanistan and the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, but by blurring the distinction between a US invasion in response to 9/11 and the invasion by the evil Soviet empire, they manipulated public opinion against the US.

They had successfully planted the seeds that Bush's use of America's military was somehow morally relative to Soviet expansionism. When the nation decided to invade Iraq, and Bush's rebuilding plan failed, the anti-American left cultivated those seeds into a larger, vocal minority that has worked tirelessly to defeat their own country. The general idea is that America is so depraved and Bush so evil, we deserve to lose the war.

Because of their financial resources, this fringe liberal movement owns the Democrat party. For 4 years, President Bush failed to provide a plan for victory in Iraq demanded by the majority of Americans, and voters reinforced that demand to George Bush in 2006. Whether you were for or against the war before we invaded, nobody who loves their country wants to see it defeated. But the hate-America left misrepresented voters' message as a call for defeat and mobilized their Democrats to try and defeat us. Just as they did in Vietnam, they tried to invalidate the accomplishments and sacrifice of our servicemen and leave Iraq unprotected from ethnic cleansing just to damage America.

This tiny minority doesn't restrict itself to anti-war activities. This same movement loved Uncle Joe Stalin, falsified reports to make Stalin appear benevolent, helped infiltrate the US government with a network of Soviet spies, and helped steal nuclear weapons for the Soviets. They support Soviet-style totalitarianism to punish personal success and force imaginary egalitarianism. To that end, they have used every opportunity to promote Marxist policies in the US, and their success should scare every one of us. Now they're exploiting the anthropomorphic global warming fraud in their boldest and potentially most damaging gambit yet.

From entitlements that are bankrupting the nation, to government schools that are indoctrinating our children in socialist values instead of teaching them reading, writing, arithmetic, history and critical thinking, to welfare programs that undermine our work ethic, punish individual achievement, and buy votes from the dependent, to socialized medicine programs that drive up costs and undermine our health, to class warfare, to illegal immigration and multi-culturalism, to the income tax and titanic spending that's poised us on a precipice between a recession and a plummeting dollar, the hate-America left's Marxist policies are taking us down while China's free market reforms launch it on a trajectory to surpass us as a superpower in a few, short years.

To remain the greatest nation the world has ever seen we have to free Americans by severely limiting the size and scope of government to Constitutional limits, adopt the FairTax, and dramatically reduce spending and taxes at all levels of government. Rejecting moral relativism and Marxist policies and embracing traditional American values and powerful reform will return America to a trajectory of greatness.

Free kibbles

Supreme Court agrees to hear Washington gun control case. In a sane world, we'd get a unanimous decision in favor of the natural right of the individual to keep and bear arms enumerated in the 2nd Amendment. We don't live in a sane world, so we can only hope.

The only people surprised that China hasn't explained why it shot down that satellite are people who have deluded themselves into thinking that the Communists in China are doing something other than waging a new Cold War of Terror against the west. We need to slap our leaders out of that delusion and adopt policies to win this new Cold War before it becomes a hot war.

The popular author Orson Scott Card tells the true story of IPCC scientists who intentionally lied to falsely promote their ideology of anthropomorphic global warming, others who intentionally looked the other way, and the accomplice press who also intentionally looks the other way. He makes a point to show that these liberal leaders are doing exactly what they accuse the Bush of administration of having done in the run up to the Iraq war. He makes only tiny note that human produced CO2 has an negligible impact on the greenhouse effect, but it does make trees and plants grow because it's a natural plant food.

Article claims that the military is demanding wounded soldiers return their sign up bonus. If true, this is abominable. Who in the world would have authorized such a thing?

Dollar at record low again. Oil back up to $98 again.

Britain is caught subsidizing the Iranian government to the tune of $668 million on the one hand while calling for stronger sanctions on the other. Thanks, pals.

Standing firm against strikers, French President Sarkozy urges them to go back to work and reiterates his commitment to reform.

The State Dept. is astonished that a Saudi court upheld the sentence of lashing against a woman who was gang raped. This is because the State Dept is deluded about Saudi Arabian society. Big-government has enabled these kind of delusional people to keep their jobs.

US tries to set up Middle East peace talks. I understand that since we're the world's superpower, we should try to broker peace, but we also have the responsibility ask if our efforts are hurting the peace process. As long as the international community turns a blind eye to Palestinian terrorists attacking Israel on a daily basis, but keep Israel from defending itself, there will be no peace. We have managed to split the terrorists and pull one faction towards the political process, so that's progress.

It's a sad commentary on our society that people in Boston may be intimidated into or may not understand the consequences of allowing police to search their homes. This is a result of big-government.

British tax collection agency loses 2 CDs with personal information of 25 million people. Why are they putting that kind of information on CDs?

Cato suggests how to increase kidney donation with incentives for donors.

Cato explains that hurricanes' destruction of trees has been a natural event since trees evolved. There is no need for alarmism about the changes to the natural environment from hurricanes, even those as destructive as Katrina. People who think any change in the environment is bad just aren't thinking straight. The environment changes. It always has. It always will. It's our job to adapt, and that means growing our wealth to the best of our ability so we're better able to adapt.

Reason interviews recently pardoned paraplegic who was sentenced to 25 years for treating his pain. This is another victim of the counterproductive war on drugs.

Obama talks about his past drug use.

What a surprise. Hillary Clinton is using global warming as an excuse for socialist energy policies.

Dem. Gov. Tom Vilsack admits that the Democrats new SCHIP plan is really an attempt to socialize medicine. He says they're trying to squeeze out the middle by expanding it for senior and children on the way to full socialized medicine. We all knew this already, but I'm surprised to see a Democrat admit it.

Rove suggests Republican presidential candidates distance themselves from Bush. Absolutely they should. Republicans must pick up the mantle of reform because Hillary is nothing big-government socialist. Unfortunately, Ron Paul in the only Republican advocating change.

Ron Paul devote arrested for making illegal Ron Paul currency? What is illegal Ron Paul currency? If it's got Ron Paul's likeness on it, it's obviously not an attempt to counterfeit.

Fantastic Mike Huckabee ad with Chuck Norris.

Human skin cells reprogrammed into stem cells. The left will no longer be able to use stem cell research as an excuse for abortions.

Is medicine's position on eating fat, exercise, and obesity scientific? I think doctors are vulnerable to ideology just like everybody else.

I'm skeptical of this study linking WI-FI to autism, mainly because of the politicization of autism. I don't doubt that there are many unknown consequences to wireless communication, but this warrants heavy skepticism.

Free websites and amateurs are putting porn manufacturers out of business. Free porn for everybody!

Muslims walk off the job demanding paid prayer time. Can you imagine when they unionize?

Mark Steyn must be reading my blog. He reminds us why the entire world should be thankful for America.

John Kerry takes up billionaire on challenge to prove the Swift Boat vets wrong. If Kerry had released his documents, and they backed up his story, why isn't this issue over? Something is missing in this report.

Because of socialized medicine in Ireland, inexperienced staff mistakenly gives all clear to 7 women with breast cancer.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Free kibbles

US prison population is 8 times larger than 1970 with no apparent effect on crime. This is because of the war on drugs. The war on drugs is enriching and empowering drug gangs who use the prisons as bases of operation and also imprisoning and ruining the lives of harmless drug users. The solution is to legalize and control drugs.

Nancy Pelosi tries to kill amendment that would protect employers from lawsuits for demanding their employees speak English. That woman is nuts. Not speaking English in an American business is obviously a performance problem. It'd be real hard to do business if America if you didn't speak English.

Des Moines, Iowa seeks to become a sanctuary city. Unbelievable.

The French navy escorts food aid into Somalia to deter pirates. Hurray for the French! I like Sarkozy. Sarkozy stands firm against public sector strikers.

Socialized medicine in action: New Zealand blocks immigration of British woman because she is too fat and would be a burden on the health care system. Once we have socialized medicine, the government will control every aspect of our daily lives.

Chavez did promote using oil blackmail to hurt the west at the OPEC conference, but Saudi Arabia won out. Now we know why Bush supports Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan's new Supreme Court appointed by President Musharraf after he declared a national emergency and dismissed the sitting Supreme Court dismisses petitions against Musharraf's election as president. No surprise there. With corruption rampant in all Pakistan's institutions, I think Musharraf is as good as we'll get. For years he's been playing both sides, allowing the Taliban and al Qaeda safe haven to destabilize Afghanistan because of Afghanistan's relationship with India, but I think Musharraf has seen the light and is ready to bring law and order to the lawless mountains of Pakistan, wiping out al Qaeda and the Taliban in the process. Liberals hate this because Musharraf is an ally, and they can't stand an ally consolidating power. Reason weighs in.

Brazil finds huge oil field of its eastern coast. I hope it doesn't join OPEC.

The politics of employing heat wave guns in Iraq. The loony left will certainly cry torture because it's another way to hurt America.

Tax foundation lists the state tax burden rankings. Ohio was 3rd lowest in 1980. Now we're 5th highest.

Details of 2007 US index of economic freedom. We're 4th at 82%.

John McCain missed 87% of votes last month while Obama missed 74% and Hillary missed 70%.

Man who made "Why don't you shut up" ringtone available for download has made $2 million so far.

Cato highlights the exaggerations and distortions in the latest IPCC report.

Cato explains how our monetary policy of bailing out failing investors leads to bad investments. Duh. If there's no price to pay for bad investments, people will continue making them and others will pile on. Once again, we're dealing with a crisis created by government (or quasi-government in the case of the Fed) interference in free markets.

Lloyd Carr retires before he got fired. This is good for Michigan. Carr outlasted his welcome. Look for Michigan to rebuild that program into a monster.

Politically correct publisher forces author to remove fire-breathing dragon from children's book. Self-censorship may be the most dangerous kind.

Nearly 2,000 people in Britain are considered too fat to work and get benefits for it.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Free kibbles

Journalists can't hide news from the internet. They use an example of a story where a journalist tried to protect the name of a victim, but the serious import of this story is that the internet undermines the media's political agenda. The unbiased information is out there for people who will work to get it. On the other hand, that hasn't stopped the media from pushing it's anthropomorphic global warming fraud dispite the information disproving being readily available on the internet. I've posted enough evidence to disprove the fraud 10 times over, but liberals who read the posts continue to believe anyway. Some people want so badly to believe delusions they work to be misinformed and ignore all evidence to the contrary. For those people, the internet props up the delusion instead of erasing it. The internet also inspires a mob mentality that promotes irrational thinking.

Iran considers having uranium for fuel enriched outside Iran by an Arab consortium. This is a 180 degree turnaround. I don't know if this is a promising development or another stall tactic. Ahmadinejad would have to dismantle the 3,000 centrifuges he's so proud of.

OPEC pledges stable oil supply. I guess Chavez' threat to cut supply and drive up the price was overruled. This might have a short term, minor, effect on oil futures, but I doubt it will last long.

So now CO2 is turning the ocean to acid, further increasing global warming? Bull. The amount of natural CO2 in the ocean dwarfs any man-made CO2, and our oceans have held way more CO2 in the past than they do now. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that ocean pollution affects climate. Maybe the scientists are onto something real this time, but only time, science, analysis and skepticism will tell.

Zimbabwe is prepared to repel a British invasion. What British invasion? Mugabe has destroyed that promising nation. I bet they wish they had British rule once again.

In new book, Kymer Rouge leader claims Pol Pot was a patriot and there was no killing fields. This guy is just trying to bias a jury pool before he gets tried.

Democrats all threaten each other on scandals. Hillary denies.

Does anybody doubt that the Clintons had a plan, 20 years or not, to both win the White House? That's what their entire lives and marriage of convenience have been directed towards. Kerry had the same thing, but he failed. Giuliani has it too. These people are power-hungry, which is not good for America.

Clintons enjoy $900,000 worth of free travel from InfoUSA, a company that defrauds the elderly out of all their savings.

Slate on race, intelligence and genes. This should be no big deal except to people who see people as members of a race instead of individuals - i.e. racists, and I don't care about racists. Nobody is created equal, not in genes nor in environment. But in America every individual has equal rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Every individual can go as far, or as little, as their decisions take them. For each of us, some people have it easier and others have it harder, because we are not all little clones raised in identical environments, thank goodness.

Amazon creating an ebook tablet.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Free kibbles

Boston police are asking parents of certain kids in schools to grant them permission to search their homes for guns. Those parents would be fools to allow them to search.

Opening OPEC conference, Chavez threatens that oil could go to $200 per barrel if the US attacks Iran. Ahmadinejad announced that crude oil prices are lower than their value. He's wrong. It was true when oil was below $40 a barrel, but not at $100. The value of oil is what people will pay for it, and right now natural gas, coal, and nuclear power are cheaper, so once the American people take control of energy policy from the government, we'll develop them. I just hope it's fast. When that happens, the price of oil will drop until it reaches its natural value against competing energy sources. OPEC meeting show dissension over the falling dollar between Saudi Arabia on one hand and Iran and Venezuela on the other. Duh.

The fall of the dollar is far from irreversible. When we adopt the FairTax and significantly cut federal spending, the dollar will rebound stronger than ever. When Bush and others say we should get used to the falling dollar, I'm reminded of Carter saying we should get used to high fuel and high interest rates and weaker economy. What we need to do is take back our freedom and self-determination from a titanic government that is taking us all down with it.

Iraqi police discover 30 six month old bodies in mass grave in Baghdad. These kinds of killings have been stopped by our counterinsurgency policy. Democrats want to pull US troops home so that ethnic cleansing can begin anew in Iraq.

US helps Pakistan secure it's nuclear arsenal. This is great news. This is because Musharraf is an ally. We have no reason to think Bhutto would work with the US like Musharraf has. We're repeating the same mistake in Pakistan we made in Iraq and elsewhere by pushing for full democracy before the institutions of democracy are in fully in place, like securing the lawless regions of the country. Musharraf wants to build those institutions, and he's our side. I say we let him.

UN warns that man-made global warming could lead to extinction of 1/3 of species. The only reason I link this alarmist schlock is so I can refer to it in a few years to expose just how dishonest, political, desperate, and dangerous the anthropomorphic global warming fraud is. It's a sad commentary on humanity that so many people believe this lies that have already been publicly exposed. Any green house warming from human generated CO2 is so tiny that it's immeasurable. It's a huge, dangerous fraud. NASA annual global temperature measurements. I just posted a graph showing global temperatures have been flat for about 15 years.

Bush to honor Nobel Prize winners, so Gore is going to be honored for his multi-billion dollar fraud by Bush. Like Vaclav Klaus, Bush should have called Gore out as a fraud long ago. The press is more to blame than anybody for this fraud. In a sane world, this bunch of con-men would have had to face skepticism from the press to even get printed, then they would have to face well published criticism, exposing their bad science, exaggerations, and outright lies. But the press has skewed this debate so disastrously that now half the people in America have bought into the con lock, stock and barrel, so every politician has to play up the issue.

Buenos Aires has coldest spring in 90 years. If it happened 90 years ago, it's nothing new. There is nothing going on in the climate that we haven't already seen earlier this century. It's no big deal.

BBC runs an article on the theory of solar caused climate change. It's exciting because it's so rare for a news outlet to actually entertain other possibilities besides the discredited anthropomorphic CO2 global warming fraud.

New stem cell technique makes obsolete need for human embryos in cloning. Once again, Democrats are going to be on the wrong side of history. There was never any need for the federal government to fund such divisive research.

Alan Dershowitz advocates torture in the ticking timebomb scenario, but he mistakes waterboarding for torture. Waterboarding is not torture.

It's a rotten tactic, but it's not unAmerican for some group to make cold calls attacking Romney's religion. Attacking candidates on whatever matters to the attacker is a grand tradition in America. It would be unAmerican to be able to track those calls, assuming they were made anonymously. Candidates can't just get phone records because they're candidates. Romney would be smart to take that position. Naturally McCain calls for an investigation because he sponsored the attack on free speech that passes for campaign finance reform. There should be no law against speaking out against any candidate for any reason you choose.

Foxnews criticizes CNN for their debate format. I turned off the debate because it was more like a high school pep rally - a sound bite followed by a cheer, and another sound bite followed by a boo. It was juvenile, and I think that was because of the format, not the participants. CNN fails to disclose the James Carville advises Hillary Clinton. Almost as dishonest is that 2 of their 3 panelists worked in Bill Clinton's administration. CNN passes that off as balanced analysis.

Student claims CNN censored and pre-approved every question for the debate, including a question to Hillary about whether she preferred diamonds or pearls - a question obviously meant to appeal to women on behalf of Hillary.

Dick Morris explains that CNN treated Hillary with kid gloves. I think that may hurt her in the general election more than help.

Rodriquez and Garcia break into top 10 American surnames.

Boortz highlights a report that 3 of the people Bill Clinton pardoned have donated to Hillary's campaign. I'm sure Marc and Denise Rich have ponied up in some way too.

Michael Yon tells a fabulous story of Muslims and Christians working together in Baghdad to re-open a Catholic church and invite Christian refugees back home.

Oh my goodness, this JibJab parody of Democrats is hysterical. They have a similar one for Republicans, but Republicans aren't as simplistic so it's not as effective.

Bloomberg is getting something right - he's trying to fire bad teachers. Teachers unions are unhappy.

Taliban kills boy for teaching English.

I didn't realize that Britain's hymen replacement surgeries to falsely restore virginity was paid for by taxpayers. That's nuts.

US meeting with Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood because it is a political party in Egypt. Hamas and Hezbollah are political parties too, aren't they?

Mexico only gives driver's licenses to Mexican citizens, but when we demand the same, Mexico accuses us of harassing immigrants. Their agenda is pretty obvious.

Article suggests that social networking sites will replace email. Why? I don't play on social networking sites, but I don't see how broadcasting will replace point to point communication. Maybe I'm all washed up.

Wouldn't it be nice to be so rich and famous that breaking the law didn't matter? Hayden Panettiere has warrant for her arrest in Japan for trying to save dolphins. Gosh, if I was so rich and famous I could ignore the law, I would to.