Sunday, September 30, 2007

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Article shows that 60 percent of all health care expenditures in the US are made by government either directly or through subsidies. It also shows that the more government spend, the higher prices go. After presenting these facts, the article bizarrely concludes that even more government is the solution, when in fact, we need less government involvement so free market competition driven by consumer payment, not third party payment, can optimize this system as it was before government got involved and screwed it up starting in WWII. I can't make this stuff up.

I've pointed out that the failures at Walter Reed and other veteran's hospitals are because those systems are pure socialized medicine. If the New York Times staff read my blog, they'd be smarter.

Hillary promises to cover illegal immigrants with health care.

There are more blacks and Latinos in jail than in college. This will be blamed on society, white male society, not the choices these individuals made.

Further capitalizing on Columbia's poor judgment, Iranian President Ahmadinejad is inviting President Bush to speak at an Iranian University. Columbia gave Ahmadinejad a gift that keeps making him look better and better in the eyes of Iranians.

Second grade teacher reads fairy tell about gay princes to second graders. This teacher should be fired. That's an issue for families to discuss. Teachers should never be able to force gay values, one way or the other, on children.

Deputy arrests 60 year old woman and has her strip searched over power line dispute.

Terrorist supporter resigns from Virginia's commission on immigration after concerned citizen calls governor on talk radio show.

England is requiring high schools to show "An Inconvenient Truth." Brainwashing the kids is goal of government schools. Teaching science is not.

Canada exempts Muslim hookah bars from no-smoking law.

It sounds like the Supreme Court may move our laws back to the mainstream by taking up cases that challenge liberal dogma. Liberals call that being divisive. I hope the Court just rules on the law. If the Court had done that like it was supposed to from the beginning, we wouldn't have all this liberal lunacy enshrined in law.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Free kibbles

Virginia governor appoints man who wants to see the US become a Muslim country ruled by Sharia and wants to see Israel destroyed.

Just when a new report comes out showing that economic freedom, capitalism, free trade and free markets are raising people out of poverty and cleaning up the environment at unprecedented historical levels, Al Gore comes along to call for more socialism to fight global warming and global poverty. He knows his proposals counter-productive to his phony goals and destructive for people and civilization, but he makes a ton of money off the con. He's laughing all the way to the bank.

Forget E-voting. M-voting is the wave of the future. Except for those people without E, I mean, M-access.

Republicans try to fight back on SCHIP sound bite war. I doubt it will be effective. "Republicans killed health care for children" is too likely to become a meme.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Free kibbles

Senators feign surprise that our borders are not secure. Federal investigators easily traveled from Canada into the US, and not so easily but still successfully from Mexico into the US with what appeared to be nuclear material. They crossed at official border crossings - they didn't even bother to cross at the thousands of miles of opens spaces and still managed to carry fake nuclear material into the US.

2 new nuclear reactors to be built in Texas. I hope this is the start of a trend. Nuclear reactors reduce our demand on oil, which helps lower oil prices, boosting the economy and limiting the money sent to terrorists. We also need to shore up our decrepit power grid that can't handle any hot spells, cold snaps or terrorist attacks, then take old petroleum power plants off line to further reduce our demand for oil.

As if they read my blog, officials show how easy it is to shut down our power grid using a cyber attack because our grid is so ancient.

Tennessee starts cigarette surveillance program. High taxes are creating a black market for legal items. That's how you know that government is out of control.

Chicago develops more advanced video security. There is a way for technology to get useful security information while at the same time protecting the privacy of everybody else, but I sincerely doubt that our government wants to protect our privacy.

Man arrested for coughing.

I'm shocked to find out that nearly half of Americans trust the federal government to do anything. These numbers may be an all time low, but they're unreasonably high. Our federal government has to be by far the most wasteful, inefficient, counterproductive organization in the world. Why doesn't everybody see that? How willingly blind do you have to be trust our government and either party?

In a perfect example of sound bite politics, Congress passes bill that will greatly expand government funded health insurance to many well-off families that already have health insurance. This expand government power and undermines the benefits of the free market. Democrats know they can count on the sound bite that Republicans denied health care to children even though it's a complete misrepresentation of the facts. And I bet it works.

Report claims we may have missed killing bin Laden again.

France claims Russia is holding back sanctions on Iran. Duh. Iran is their proxy in their new Cold War of Terror against the west. They want Iran's money, and they want Iran to drain our resources while Russia grows wealthier.

Hamas funding flowing through Israeli banks.

Condoleezza Rice says the US takes global warming seriously. Maybe she should hunt for some scientific evidence that CO2 is a major driver of climate change first. That ought to keep her busy for the rest of her life since no such evidence exists.

Reason discusses CO2 restrictions and technological breakthroughs. We don't need either. CO2 is not a problem. I might become noticeable in a couple decades, but by then our technology and our understanding of climate will be so much more far advanced its silly to even waste resources on the problem now.

Democrats propose oppressive tax hikes to fight global warming even though no evidence exists that man-made CO2 has affected climate, and tons of evidence exist that show it hasn't.

UN official says climate change threatens global equality. What the hell is global equality, and why would we want it? As I keep saying, the poor, being less able to adapt, will bear the brunt of the effects of inevitable climate change, and the best way to limit that is to grow humanity's wealth as fast as possible. Punishing rich countries with anti-growth policies will hurt the economies of every country in the world, and will make every individual less able to adapt. It's stupid. But Al Gore demands it.

Report claims Saddam Hussein offered to step down if paid $1 billion. You'd have to seriously consider an offer like that, if it was real. I don't think that's analogous to negotiating with terrorists.

Walmart expands $4 drug program. This is an incredible deal.

Reason applauds the return to rationalism in the housing market. It won't last.

Reason interviews author about the takeover of the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Slate advocates lowering the age of consent for sex. That'll go over well.

Reason points out 4 systemic economic biases that lead people to vote poorly and therefore lead to poor government policies: anti-market bias, anti-foreign bias, make-work bias, and pessimistic bias.

The same kool-aid drinkers who say Bush didn't use enough diplomacy to build a coalition for going into Iraq now say that he used too much. They're attacking him for using threats to help build support. What do they think diplomacy is? Getting on your hands and knees and begging? They would attack him for praying if he did that.

Diplomacy has to be both a carrot and a stick to be effective. I guess they think we should always negotiate from a position of weakness and accept failure every time. Then blame Bush for it. These people would attack Bush over the weather. Oh wait. They already have.

Leading Democrats refuse to commit to ending the War in Iraq. Hillary called Bush irresponsible for not ending it before he leaves office in the same sentence when she said she would not commit to ending it within the following 4 years. What a hypocrite, but plenty of kool-aid drinkers will buy this double-standard.

Hillary Clinton flip-flops on her torture position, now ruling out torture in even the ticking timebomb scenario. I agree with this position. We should never use torture. We should always use effective techniques that cause no physical or psychological harm like water-boarding.

Cato celebrates the Bush tax cuts. Why couldn't Bush and the Republican congress make them permanent before they were spanked for their outrageous spending? And why such small cuts instead of significant tax reform or better yet, adopting the FairTax. Rhetorical question. Cato claims there are only 50 serious budget reformers in the House. Maybe 1 or 2 in the Senate.

Cato says we should be wary of any deal with North Korea. Since we know that North Korea was secretly transferring either missile, nuclear technology, or both to Syria, we'd be fools to make another agreement with North Korea right now.

Cato suggests we offer Iran a grand bargain and allow them to develop the bomb if they refuse, relying on deterrence. I hope they're willing to volunteer to be nuked. Maybe they'll switch offices with people in Tel Aviv.

Cato says Schwarzenegger is wrong on California's heath care because it mandates coverage, just like Hillarycare 2.0. Republicans are nearly as bad in the short term, and just as bad in the long term, as Democrats.

Article suggests Microsoft abandon Vista. Microsoft has done more to cripple computing advancement than any entity in history. Let's hope this destroys it's monopoly on OSs.

Boortz expresses understandable outrage that San Francisco refused Marines the ability to film a recruiting commercial.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Playing into Ahmadinejad's hands

The self-proclaimed intellectuals at Columbia and the vast majority of commentators completely missed the significance of Iranian President Ahmadinejad's appearance in New York. Columbia President Bollinger, the Columbia students and pundits are pleased with their seemingly tough questions to the president, but that's a flawed, American-centric view. Ahmadinejad wasn't playing to the audience at Columbia; he was playing to his audience in Iran, and Columbia played right into his hands.

Ahmadinejad won his office in Iran on a platform of raising the standard of living in Iran by sharing more of the nation's oil wealth. Since he came into office, the price of oil has doubled, but instead of sharing more of that wealth with his people, the government has funneled it into its nuclear program, weapons, and terrorist proxies in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon.

The Iranian government hasn't used this tremendous oil money to either raise the standard of living for Iranians or to reinvest in its oil production industry which is falling apart, and as a result the popular support of the government is so low it was on the verge of falling. In order to shore up popular support in the past, the government would kidnap foreign sailors and parade them in front of the cameras as criminals and trespassers to incite nationalism. When Iran recently pulled this stunt with the captured British sailors and marines, it failed to generate popular support.

Since then the Mullahs have been searching for another way to generate popular support for their government while accelerating their nuclear program, militarization and funding of terrorist proxies.

They took this opportunity at the UN to send Ahmadinejad to the US to draw a confrontation with Americans. From reading all the recent press, it's apparent that most Americans don't understand that Ahmadinejad is not the dictator of Iran. Iran is run by the Mullahs, and Ahmadinejad is simply their public face, doing what they tell him.

Ahmadinejad offered to lay a wreath at ground zero in order to draw that confrontation, and the New York Police complied. It was a win-win move for Ahmadinejad: either New York would acquiesce, and Ahmadinejad would get a photo-op at ground zero for propaganda back home, or New York would deny him access, and he would look like a generous, compassionate man compared to petty Americans. He got the second response, and Iranians rallied around him.

Then Columbia offered to let him speak, setting up another guaranteed confrontation. Bollinger's attack on Ahmadinejad to open the discussion couldn't have been better choreographed to fuel anti-Americanism in Iran. While self-proclaimed intellectuals joke among themselves that Ahmadinejad's answers to questions at Columbia made him look foolish, it's actually the intellectuals who are foolish because they haven't looked beyond their own noses. Ahmadinejad's answers were directed at Iranians. When viewed in that light, they make sense. In just one example, Ahmadinejad was telling his domestic audience, almost all Muslims, that there are no homosexuals in Iran, unlike the west. This was a declaration of the superior culture of Iran compared to the degenerate west. It worked perfectly on his domestic audience.

Because we completely failed to understand the motives of Ahmadinejad in his trip to New York, we inadvertently provided a critical popularity boost to his extreme government. At a time when regime change in Iran is the ideal solution to the problems Iran is causing in the Middle East, and the US is actively pursuing regime change there, that failure was a dangerous blunder. But the intellectuals still haven't noticed because they're too busy patting each other and themselves on the back.

Maybe the self-proclaimed intellectuals will take notice that newspapers in Iran, many usually critical of Ahmadinejad, are now praising him for standing up to the lion in his den. Columbia did the Mullah's and their nuclear program a big favor by pushing Iranians to support their government.

Free kibbles

Self-government is in retreat around the world. China is the new model for government, not the US. That means increasing economic freedom, but not political freedom. Economic freedom is a necessity for political freedom, but back-tracking on political freedom is the wrong way to go. The article fails to mention that the US is backsliding on both economic and political freedom thanks to the 2 parties and the accomplice press.

San Antonio apartments refuse tenant with tattoos and piercings. This is interesting. A clash between property rights and freedom of expression. In a sane world, property rights would win out. They are using behavior as a selection mechanism, not skin color.

Bush administration sues Illinois over illegal immigration law. I had no idea Illinois had the 4rth largest illegal alien population in the country.

UAW ends strike against GM. That was quick. I wonder who caved. Wall Street likes it. It looks like the union understands that GM is going down if it doesn't provide concessions.

Congress sharpens sanctions against Iran. Let's hope the Europeans follow.

Canada to install listening devices along newly opened arctic passages to protect its sovereignty.

US led troops in Afghanistan kill 120 Taleban fighters.

Is sniper baiting in Iraq illegal?

Turkey and Iraq agree to hot pursuit deal against Kurdish rebels.

Myanmar riot police kill demonstrators. We'll never know what actually happened.

Ban on taxes for internet service is about to expire.

Bush's UN speech contains phonetic spellings. I've wondered about this for years. I was right.

New book about Patrick Fitzgerald and Bush's new nominee for Attorney General and the case of an al Qaeda spy.

Reason presents a flawed, US-centric analysis of Ahmadinejad's appearance at Columbia. While he may have failed to win a propaganda victory in the west, Ahmadinejad's appearance in the US boosted his popularity at home, which was its primary goal.The weirdness of his comments make sense when you understand he was playing to his Iranian audience. He made fools of everybody at Columbia who failed to recognize his agenda. The embattled Iranian government received a much needed boost of support from its subjects thanks to myopic views like this from Reason and Columbia. Ahmadinejad capitalized on Iranian nationalism to turn some more of his people to his favor. At a time when regime change is the optimal solution for dealing with Iran, Ahmadinejad's speech was a disaster. You know it's trouble when NPR and I agree. ;) Ahmadinejad's request to visit ground zero was similarly planned to make him look good at home, and we obliged by blocking him and making him look magnanimous and us petty in the eyes of his own people.

Reason prefers Bush's new Attorney General nominee Mukasey to Gonzales. Who wouldn't?

The power of small political contributions and small bundlers.

Fundraising slowdown hits Obama and Hillary. Obama is still ahead. Did their fundraising peak too soon, are donors tapped out, or are the donors disliking what they hear? It should be the last.

Slate offers 6 suggestions for beating Hillary.

Democrat internal poll finds that Hillary could cost Democrats the election. Duh. My dog could beat Hillary. More people will show up to vote against her than kool-aid drinkers to vote for her. This isn't hard to understand. She worked hard to earn the antipathy of the majority of the American people, and it won't go away. But the American people won't elect Obama or Edwards either because they have no experience and all their programs are big socialist programs. Once again, Democrats are misreading the polls. Because Republicans have governed like Democrats, corrupt, big-spending, and inept, they're unpopular, and therefore Democrats appear strong in generic polls. But when you get down to specific individuals and policies, the Democrats are even worse than their Republican counterparts, hard as that is to believe.

Enlightening article describes how George Soros is secretly funding propaganda for global warming, illegal immigration, and other irresponsible issues. This isn't really a secret, but I've never read such specifics before. $720,000 for Bush critic, NASA scientist, global warming alarmist, and incorrect temperature reporter, James Hanson? All Al Gore's true believers cry "Exxon. Exxon." for giving $10,000 to scientists for their reports (it's called a wage - just like everybody else, scientists have to earn money for their work), but I don't hear them complaining about Soros spending 72x more money to purposely misinform the public.

MacArthur genius awards.

The threat of space junk. So it's our own microbes returning from space that will kill us. Not quite as cool as space monsters.

Boortz explains how the UN wants to use the treaty of the sea to tax member nations. He claims the Senate is considering passing that treaty. No way.

Supreme Court to rule on Indiana voter ID law. They better support it. We have 12-20 million illegal aliens in the country who would love nothing more than to be free to vote in our elections.

Author claims we have a duty to monitor radical mosques. That's an understatement. Nobody is allowed to incite people to violence in this country. Why do we all radical Muslims to do just that?

Boortz recommends this article on the Jena 6.

Less than half of Virginia's 4rth and 8th graders are proficient in math and reading, and this is above the national average.

Cato points out that hybrid cars don't get much better gas mileage than their conventional versions.

Cato says SCHIP forces taxpayers to subsidize people who don't need it. Bush plans to veto.

George Will shows that the NYTimes subsidy of the "Betray Us" ad was illegal, and the Times had recently argued against the Supreme Court decision weakening the law it broke.

Dick Morris has some interesting questions for Hillary Clinton. I doubt anybody will ask them.

The controversial mismatch theory explains why affirmative action hurts minorities.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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Strike against GM. Watching the news today, I saw an expert say that Toyota and Nissan can make cars cheaper because they didn't tie themselves to irresponsible pension plans that drive up future prices. While true, what the expert didn't say, and I've never seen a business analyst on the news explain when discussing Detroit's woes, is that Toyota and Nissan have no tax burden. The VAT tax in Japan reimburses them for all embedded taxes they pay on car parts, and Japan doesn't not impose any income tax on their exports. So Japanese cars sold around the world including in America have no embedded taxes in their cost.

American made cars, on the other hand have 25% inclusive federal tax burden built into them. Our income tax on the car companies and on parts manufacturers and other embedded federal taxes like the gasoline tax combine throughout the entire process of making parts all the way to final assembly and sale increase the price of an American made car by 25% inclusive, which is 33% exclusive.

Our cars carry a 33% price hike compared to Japanese (and every other country's) cars! This is the major reason our auto makers can't compete.

The solution is to adopt the FairTax. The FairTax would abolish all federal taxes and replace them with a 23% embedded tax at the point of sale, but only for domestic sales, and that tax would apply fairly to both American made and foreign made goods and services. So the price of American made cars sold in America would drop by 2% inclusive, and the price of foreign cars would go up 23% inclusive - a level playing field for American workers.

Not only that, but American made cars sold overseas won't have any embedded taxes, just like Japanese (and every other country's) cars sold overseas. American workers and American companies will be able to compete on a level playing field everywhere in the world. And we'll win, because we have the most productive workers in the world, and the most innovative companies in the world.

Face it, right now we compete fairly well with that 25% embedded tax penalty, though we're losing ground. Think how well we'll do when we compete on a level playing field. Adopt the FairTax.

Planes grounded because of an equipment failure in Memphis. The same government that won't bother to maintain our interstate highways and bridges also won't upgrade our air traffic control equipment. Air traffic controllers are using 1960 era equipment, and its failing. This is the same government people want to give every more power and responsibility for our lives. This is the same government people want to surrender our health care to. Can you say catastrophe?

Reaction to Ahmadinejad at Columbia.

Sarkozy makes his strongest, most responsible statement yet about Iran, nuclear proliferation, and appeasement. He just may wake Europe up. We can only hope so, because Europe getting serious about sanctions against Iran is about our only hope of avoiding a military strike against them.

Intellectual descendants of people who thought the world was flat blame humans for global warming. The problem is policymakers are following these people despite the overwhelming evidence that CO2 is insignificant, and other factors, mainly solar output, are driving climate change. Another article suggesting we develop wealth to adapt to climate change. We're making headway. This article is still alarmist, but at least the tenor of the argument is changing.

I doubt the veracity of this report that the M-16 is a sub-par weapon in Iraq. This sounds like a new anti-war propaganda move. The AK is a very reliable weapon, though.

Slate has an opinion on why Ahmadinejad wanted to speak at Columbia, unlike Hitler and Stalin. What's lost in this article is Ahmadinejad is not a dictator. The Mullahs rule Iran, not Ahmadinejad. He's their mouthpiece. He's supposed to suffer the slings and arrows abroad while the Mullahs exert total control over Iran.

Reason asks if conflicts of interest have thoroughly corrupted pharmaceutical research.

Democrats introduce bill to bail out workers and retirees' pensions if their company goes bankrupt. This is nuts. It's not the taxpayers responsibility to pay these benefits. All this will do is make workers unwilling to negotiate. If we guarantee their benefits, they'll just let their companies go bankrupt and enjoy the benefits. I can't describe just how insane this is.

Democrats using children as pawns in their plans to completely federalize health care.

Republicans are supposedly purging the liberals and Rockefeller Republicans. I don't see it. I think they're all Rockefeller Republicans except for Ron Paul. Not one of them is running on the issue of smaller government - defined by ending a term with a smaller budget than when you started. Not one of them is running on the issue of abolishing the Dept. of Education, Reagan's most prominent and prescient domestic issue. Just think how much better off our nation would be right now if the Department of Education had not been systematically destroying education in this country for the last 28 years.

Bush is advising Clinton and Democrat candidates as well as Republican candidates to establish continuity. So much for Hillary's imaginary fears that Bush will withhold information.

Hillary Clinton much belatedly condemns's "Betray Us" ad. She finally got it right, and she'll be able to credibly point to this belated denunciation in the general election to minimize the damage.

The Clinton's threaten to remove access to Bill if GQ runs a negative piece on Hillary. Using blackmail to control the press. SOP for the Clintons.

Giuliani supporter throws party with of theme of raising $9.11 from party goers. You can't hold Giuliani responsible for that, but it still says a lot about his campaign. Even Bush showed grace in the wake of 9/11. That doesn't make a person presidential material.

Interview with Mike Huckabee.

Joe Biden continues to suggest partitioning Iraq into 3 largely autonomous regions. This is what is happening naturally. We can't force such a partition on the Iraqis, they have to develop themselves from the grass-roots up, which is exactly what they are doing, and they are doing it to the extent they prefer. We should have allowed Iraq to build a political system from the ground-up originally, instead of trying to force a powerful central government on the country. We're finally getting it right. And while the result will probably look something like Biden suggests, trying to force such a solution on the Iraqis is a wrong as trying to force a strong central government was.

Charles Krauthammer describes how Gen. Petraeus won over Congress and the Pentagon after he turned the tide in Iraq.

Charles Krauthammer connects the dots between Bush's axis of evil: Iran, Syria and North Korea; in a way that Bush has been too inept to do. Once you label North Korea as part of the axis of evil, how do you then negotiate an obviously unworkable deal that give North Korea the heavy fuel oil in return for closing down a decrepit nuclear plant that was no longer productive anyway? Bush also claims he knew that North Korea was exporting something, whatever it is, yet he continued with the negotiations. That shows Bush's desperation. We should have focused on making sure North Korea could never export their nuclear or missile technology to Iran and Syria. Now Syria has something and Iran has brand spanking new long range missile.

Boortz updates the budget debate. Now the 2 parties are arguing over $22 billion.

The WSJ describes Alaska's pork and corruption.

Mistakes in Britain's NHS. Everybody makes mistakes.

Congress withholds funds for the misnamed UN Human Rights Council. Finally, the US is standing up to the UN. The US should demand tons of changes in the UN, and we should threaten to reduce or withhold funds until they're met.

Thomas Sowell compares keeping culture as in a museum and growing culture changing with the times. He discusses mob rule rearing its ugly head in Jena.

Mark Steyn on Hillarycare 2.0. John Stossel on Hillarycare 2.0. Washington Times.

Cato on Hillarycare 2.0. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Sarkozy cracks down on illegal immigration.

Currents are pooling plastic trash in the Pacific.

Satirical, anti-American rant regarding Ahmadinejad from Dilbert creator.

Iran is a deadly enemy.

Cal Thomas discuss how much better Ahmadinejad was treated on campus compared to conservatives.

Rich Arab Princes are investing all those petrodollars.

Dick Morris praises Laura Ingraham.

Pat Buchanan underestimates the threat from Iran. Sure, Ahmadinejad is not as powerful as Hitler right now. But we learned that appeasing Hitler led to the most horrible war in history. Appeasing Ahmadinejad would do the same. If Ahmadinejad gets the bomb, he could kill as many Jews in a second as Hitler did in 7 years. As mad as Hitler was, he didn't want to martyr his entire nation. Ahmadinejad thinks it would be glorious if his entire country died in a war with the infidel. That's a kind of madness we've never dealt with before. All this goes for the Mullahs as well.

Cato university - 12 lessons on "the historical, philosophical, economic, legal, and moral foundations of individual liberty and limited government"

Ann Coulter laughs at Democrats who think doctors make too much, but who love lawyers who file malpractice suits.

Monday, September 24, 2007

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NATO rescues hostages from Taliban.

Our 2 stupid parties are threatening to shut down the government because Bush wants only $2.9 trillion in spending and Democrats want $3.2 trillion in spending. It's surreal to think these idiots are spending that much of our money, but they refuse to agree on exactly how much and for what. In the mean time, our bridges are falling down because we don't maintain them. $2.9 trillion is $9,667 for every citizen in the country. That's $38,667 for a household of 4. Democrats demand even more. Why in the world do we continue to elect these same idiots over and over 94% of the time? Stop the madness.

I hope the government shuts down. Really shuts down, not just partially shuts down. Everybody could keep 100% of their paychecks and recognize how much better off they are without government holding them down. Businesses wouldn't have to pay taxes either. Nobody would have to pay gasoline tax. All the embedded federal taxes in goods would disappear and prices would drop by 23%, inclusive. Investment would soar. Jobs would race back to America so fast we couldn't fill them all. People used to getting checks from the government could get jobs instead. The few people who can't work could get charity, which would be overflowing because generous Americans would have so much extra money in their pockets.

Shut down the government. Please.

UN wastes its time on global warming meeting. Something tells me they aren't planning to adapt to climate change. Al Gore's lies, even though they've been thoroughly exposed, have built so much momentum with the public that policy makers are trying to force damaging policies on civilization. Climate change is natural and inevitable. We have to grow our wealth to adapt, not stunt our growth which will leave us less capable of adapting.

Syria is invited to a middle east summit. I think we should do all we can to separate Syria from Iran.

New York legislature considers cutting Columbia funds. I had no idea that taxpayers were subsidizing Ahmadinejad's appearance at Columbia. Why are taxpayers being forced to pay for that terrorist to speak? New York should cut off funds. The president of Columbia attacks Ahmadinejad in introduction. This doesn't make up for giving him a platform.

Germans critical of new, overbearing copyright law.

How can a highway be a fantasy if it's a real Texas freeway project? Protectionism is stupid, but a Mexican superhighway is no fantasy. It's starting in Texas.

Transgender people getting special protections in South Florida. Why? Since we're all supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law, nobody should get special protections.

New York Times admits it should never have given a discount for the "Betray Us" ad. Too little. Too late. The damage is done. They are once again exposed as a liberal propaganda organ.

Hillary Clinton refuses to commit to pulling our troops out of Iraq by 2012. She's taking a responsible position. Too bad she didn't do the same on the ad.

French President Sarkozy wants to lead Europe into a responsible new era. Let's hope so.

Iraq position locater - where politicians and pundits stand on the surge.

Marcel Marceau

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Free kibbles

New York to begin issuing drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants. The governor and people who voted for this should be recalled and run out of town on a rail. New York has a duty to report these illegal immigrants to the federal government for deportation. I doubt they'll follow through. Our government fails to do the few things its supposed to, like control who comes into our country, and instead spends its resources screwing up sectors of the economy it has no business being involved in, like health care. We have to take control of our government back from the 2 parties.

I'm tired of hearing about Donovan McNabb's comments about black quarterbacks. When Rush Limbaugh made his comment about McNabb being overrated because he was black, we ignored it. When the NAACP made comments about McNabb, we dismissed them. We should do the same with McNabb's comments - dismiss them and play some football.

Report claims Israeli commandos seized North Korean nuclear material in that raid on Syria. Wow. The Bush administration says they were not naive or blindsided by North Korea's actions. If that's the case, if the Bush administration knew all along North Korea was backstabbing us,, with either missiles or nuclear technology, then why would the Bush administration be pushing for more deals with North Korea? That's just stupid. (Rhetorical question.)

Israel to release more Palestinians to boost Abbas.

Iran shows off missile capable of striking Israel.

Air Force group planning Iran strike. I'm sure the Pentagon is constantly refining that plan.

UN ready to broaden support for Iraq. Better 4 years late than never. Moon says Iraq security must improve first.

Pakistan rounds up Musharraf's opponents.

Boston overreacted to the light brites months ago - those advertisers should never have been charged, but this MIT student was purposefully wearing a fake bomb. It doesn't matter if she calls it art or not. She should face some hard time.

Global warming alarmist linked to bogus prediction of a new ice age 36 years ago.

Liberals are unhappy that McCain acknowledges that NRA members are the core of America. NRA member are probably the best representation of the American heartland you can find.\

Slate on Hillarycare 2.o.

Florida Democrats keep Jan. 29th date even though DNC promises not to count their votes for the nomination. They called the DNC's bluff. I wonder if the DNC will have the guts to stand by their decision. They should.

Hsu held without bail. Skipping court will lead to that.

Obama suggests taxing over $97,000 for social security. I think it's a fait accompli. The best solution would be to dramatically cut the size of government while continuing to meet our current commitments, but reducing benefits for younger people until we completely phase out social security and empower people to save their own money at much greater return for their own retirement. But neither party will give up that power. The American people would have to take it from them, and they've shown no significant signs of wanting to stand up against the 2 parties.

Dean of Columbia says he'd invite Hitler to speak. But not the ROTC. Something is very wrong at Columbia.

Jonah Goldberg has a good laugh at Dan Rather and CBS. Me too.

Rich Lowry points out how capitalism, free markets, and globalism is saving lives, including children's lives, all over the planet. Economic freedom, not counterproductive eco-socialism or socialism of any kind, is the solution to poverty, disease and premature death because each individual understands his needs and capabilities better than anybody else on the planet. After finally exporting the idea of economic freedom to the rest of the world, the west is going the opposite direction to our peril.

Pat Buchanan, quoting Colin Powell, says that terrorism is not a mortal threat to the US. Contradicting Powell, he says illegal immigration is. Buchanan is right. But if a nuclear bomb goes off in the United States in our current dependent on government state, our leaders, with the ill-conceived support of our citizens, will put an end to freedom as we know it. We have to make sure that doesn't happen. To make sure it doesn't happen, Americans should take back our freedom and responsibility for ourselves from government. By doing so, we not only make ourselves safer from terrorists, we make ourselves safer from our own government now and if a nuclear bomb destroys an American city.

Smithsonian magazine article on Washington, LaFayette, and changing the world.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

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Director of National Intelligence admits that the government should have foiled 9/11 plot. Duh. The fact is we had plenty of tools in place to foil that plot, but our government is so huge and bureaucratic, it failed. And we're so stupid we allowed the government to pass the unnecessary, bipartisan Patriot Act, and gave up more of our freedom. We also allowed our government to bipartisanly double in size, doubling its inefficiency, and we allowed it to bipartisanly create an entire new titanic homeland security bureaucracy to make our government even more inefficient and less capable to deal with threats. Other than warrantlessly wiretapping suspected terrorists, every domestic move we've made in response to 9/11 has been counterproductive.

In order to secure our nation, we have to dramatically cut the size and scope of government back to Constitutional limits to empower Americans' personal security and to focus government on its very few legitimate powers like fighting terrorism. Giving up our freedom is counterproductive to winning. We need to take back our freedom to win.

More on the database the US keeps on travelers. This is ridiculous. It implies that every traveler is a suspect, and we can't allow that.

You need a permit to go to the moon. Naturally. NASA administrator asserts that China will beat the US back to the moon. He then has the temerity to insinuate that its the fault of the American people that China will win. The problem is NASA is a typical ineffective federal bureaucracy. It is not the American people. America's problems are rooted in every level or our titanic, bureaucratic government.

Iraqi forces are in the lead in 8% of Baghdad. This is great news. Why are liberals acting like it's bad news? Liberals are wishfully thinking standing up an Iraqi army is easy. Just like Bush the Democrat thought when he invaded. Blast from the past: Article discussing Bush the Democrat discussing the anti-war movement just days before we invaded Iraq.

Blackwater employees admit to weapons smuggling. Blackwater denies.

Hillarycare 2.0 will cost significantly more than the $110 billion she proposes. That didn't take long, and the cost of health care will go up by the real cost of the program, so health care costs will go up more than $110 billion. Dick Morris on it.

Thompson's campaign is full of mistakes so far.

Holocaust survivor ended up living next to escaped Nazi in Arizona retirement home.

Mary Mapes applauds Dan Rather's courage for filing his lawsuit against CBS. How much courage does it take to try and get $70 million the easy way? These 2 dupes deserve each other.

School superintendent fails English literacy test, but keeps job and gets raise.

Boortz points out a few items in Congress' so-called airline passenger bill of rights bill, including raising fuel taxes on corporate jets and interfering in airline schedules.

Schools in city in Oregon teach Islam in history class. We're not supposed to teach religion in schools.

Beauty queen who couldn't answer a question about Americans and maps is going to work for Trump modeling.

How progressives became liberals and back again. Jonah Goldberg already wrote an essay on this.

A judge rules that students can wear buttons with pictures of Hitler youth to protest the school's uniform policy. This is wrong on so many levels. Why is a judge involved? Hitler youth? It's just a damn school uniform, not the Vietnam War. Get over it.

School teacher crushes make for better students. Maybe we should require all teachers to be hot.

Article analyzes whether or not we're at the end of a stable economic period. Our economic woes are partly personal, but mostly the result of titanic government spending, regulating, and our abusive income tax.

Friday, September 21, 2007

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How the 2 parties exclude third parties.

Biometric ID system a success in Iraq. I'm sure it is. But you bet that its success in Iraq will be used as the argument for applying it here. Expect to see a lot of articles and talk about how great it is. No thanks.

Bush was aware that North Korea was secretly sharing nuclear technology with Syria. Why in the hell would we continue negotiating with North Korea while they were going behind our backs to proliferate nuclear weapons? Why would we let them proliferate? Bush's priority is backwards.

In likely Shia power struggle, 2 aides to Ayatollah Sistani were murdered.

The stupid policies of our 2 parties are driving all of us individually and the country into insolvency, but enriching Arabs. Dubai buys 20% of Nasdaq. Qatar and Dubai own nearly half of the London Stock Exchange. We have to stop socialism of the 2 parties in America, return to very small and severely limited government, and adopt the FairTax.

2 students shot at Delaware State University. The shooter is at large. How much do you want to bet that Delaware State University already bans guns?

How is China's use of lead paint in toys a design flaw? China blackmails people with access to their market. They blackmail US officials into taking a soft line agains them by refusing access to any hardliners. They blackmail corporations like Mattel into making phony statements by threatening to kick them out of the country.

Blackwater security back at work in Iraq. So much for kicking them out of the country, as reported a few days ago.

Canadian dollar worth more than US dollar. We can fix this economic backslide by adopting the FairTax. It's simple, and that's why it's so powerful.

Climate change may lead to lush growth of rain forests.

Biofuels may add to global warming. Subsidizing poor substitutes for oil is dumb.

MIT student arrested for wearing a fake bomb to the Boston airport. What could she have been thinking?

Decline of civilization: Man urinates on dying woman. This man should be incarcerated for life.

Dan Rather claims government is influencing newsrooms. Duh. Newsrooms have chosen to become part of the accomplice press. They don't report the news. All they do is parrot the politicians in their favorite party. That's not reporting. And blaming it on government is passing the buck. The news organizations did it to themselves by choosing that path. They also promoted titanic government to the point where listening to politicians takes up a tremendous amount of the press' resources.

Slate on Hillarycare 2.0.

Hsu is charged in New York.

Rudy Giuliani backpedals on gun rights. Only a fool would buy this. Rudy's a gun banner pure and simple. wants to make a bigger deal out of the "Betray Us" ad by taking on Bush. They're nuts. All they're doing is taking attention away from the Iraq war and putting it on their own bad behavior. Many people who don't like the war will want to distance themselves from On the flip-side, the news Iraq has been relatively good compared to the last 4 years, so maybe the distraction will keep some people from catching on.

Fred Thompson tells the NRA that his wife would make a much better first lady than Bill Clinton. Romney says his wife is prettier than Bill Clinton.

Robert Heinlein's work has been digitized and is available on the web.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to our sci-fi future? Reason tries to blame it on consumers, but they're mistaken. If a robot that could vacuum, wash dishes and windows, and make and deliver drinks existed, people would buy it in volume. Pace of development of the mechanical aspects of robots are a million times slower than their computer brains. Heinlein's moving sidewalks are only useful in extremely limited situations, and take up a huge amount of space. They would be just as limited as trains, be much more expensive, and take up a lot more space. It's a not even a good idea compared to the alternatives.

Contrary to this article, children are not harmed in the least by seeing their parents naked. This article drips baseless, cultural bias. Native cultures all over the world go naked, and men and women went naked for our entire evolution until just recently. Claiming going naked is harmful to kids is just stupid.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

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The government keeps a database on race, questions, reading material and more for international fliers. British police using military micro-drones. Apparently the surveillance cameras in Britain don't help solve crimes.

Article explains the limits of the current warrantless wiretapping law, which are very reasonable.

The surge has cut violence in Baghdad in half, allowing the city to start becoming normal again. US troops arrest an Iranian QUDs force officer transporting IEDs in Iraq. More evidence for a military strike against Iran.

New York Police deny access to ground zero for Iranian President Ahmadinejad. This is a great publicity stunt by Ahmadinejad. If he goes to ground zero, it's a publicity coup for him. If we block his access, it's a publicity coup for him. Boortz' comments.

Syria blamed for murder of Lebanese MP.

Bangladesh arrests cartoonist for blasphemy.

Bin Laden to declare war on Pakistani President Musharraf. Maybe Musharraf will finally get off his ass and wipe out al Qaeda's new safe haven in the mountains of Pakistan. Bunker busters and napalm should do the trick.

Senate blocks bill that would have restricted combat tours. That kind of management by committee could only make for more problems.

Why does race factor into justice for the Jena 6? Try the attackers for their crimes and move on. The same with the Appalachian kidnapping.

China freezes prices to fight inflation. That's going to backfire like it always does. Shortages to quickly follow.

Rudy Giuliani wants to expand the Cold War relic, NATO, and therefore expand America's military welfare to the rest of the world. We should extricate ourselves from NATO and form different alliances to meet our modern problems, and those alliances should demand comparable performance from our allies instead of being destructively one sided like NATO.

Hillary Clinton calls Dick Cheney, Darth Vader. This is the kind of destructive rhetoric the 2 parties use to gin-up phony partisanship so they can stay in power.

Obama shows what he means by "change" with is tax plan: soak the rich and promise to lower taxes on the poor and middle class. This is the exact same tax plan that Democrats have had since they instituted the income tax, with the notable exception of JFK, often wrongly compared to Obama. This is a joke. The rich already pay the vast majority of taxes in this country, and raising taxes on them kills capital investment, costs jobs, and ruins the economy. Every Democrat has a variation on this exact same plan. Some change.

Americans foregoing social lives for the web. NBC to offer free downloads of its shows.

Cato exposes Obama's silly tax plan. Adopt the FairTax.

Cato shows how our inefficient immigration laws penalize legal immigrants (which is a factor in illegal immigration).

Boortz says Democrats hate to have their party called the Democrat party, and he explains why. The founding fathers feared democracy and democrats. That's why we live in a constitutional republic with severe restrictions on the powers of government, not a democracy. They used the word democrat as an insult. I love it.

Oregon and Washington are using Mexican curriculum materials in their schools. In Spanish. So much for immersing immigrants in English. On the plus side, Mexican schools are probably better than US schools.

College seniors fail civics. We've lost sight of what makes America unique and great: economic and political freedom that comes from severely limited government. We aren't teaching that to our kids.

More than half of marriages from between 1975 and 1982 are separated, divorced, or widowed.

Dry-cleaners that was the subject of a frivolous $54 million lawsuit over a lost pair of pants has closed because of cost and stress of defending the lawsuit.

Australia cracked US fighter aircraft codes back in the 80s. Why wouldn't we just have given them proper codes?

25 Democrat Senators fail to condemn "Betray Us" ad, including Hillary Clinton and Chris Dodd.

Thomas Sowell discusses the folly of nation building.

Victor Davis Hanson says that bin Laden wants power, and the reasons he claims to attack the US are just excuses he uses to gain power.

Skeptic says there is no evidence for a coming bird flu pandemic.

Mike Adams has more on Kent State jihadist professor Julio Pino.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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Treasury secretary Paulson asks Congress to increase the debt ceiling past the current $8.965 trillion because the government will hit that ceiling Oct. 1. That's the Bush administration's commitment to small government in action. How come he didn't ask Congress to cut spending to keep our debt below the limit? Or to cut spending even further so we could bring the debt down? Rhetorical questions, both.

Oil is over $82 barrel. Euro hits new record against the dollar. This is what the 2 parties have done to our economy.

In a related story that the press won't tell you is related, Congress' record low rating at 11% and Bush's at 29%. In the mean time, North Korea is exporting nuclear weapons technology to Syria and Iran is developing their own. When are we going to kick these 2 stupid, destructive parties out of our government and our lives? Americans need to stop fooling themselves into thinking our problems are the result of the other party, not their favorite party. We're powering the bipartisan destruction of America by our slavish devotion to the 2 parties.

Khmer Rouge leader taken to genocide court.

Israel declares Gaza hostile. Duh. Hamas shoots rockets for Gaza into Israel every day. What took them so long?

EU bans tuna fishing for the rest of 2007. Private ownership of fisheries is a better way to preserve them.

European energy reform severs energy supply from energy transmission to improve competition. Once again, Europe takes the lead in insuring competition. This is a legitimate use of government power in the free market - to enhance competition. Usually governments only act to limit competition, which is stupid.

At least 1 expert thinks Bush has no plans for a first strike on Iran. I find that hard to believe.

Senate votes to continue to deny Habeas Corpus rights to Guantanamo detainees.

Police kill wheel-chair bound schizophrenic by tasering her 10 times.

California great grandmother arrested for failing to water her lawn. Soon they'll be arresting people for failing to wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

Israeli minister proposes to cede part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

Reason explains how rebels are working to topple the Iranian government. I hope we're helping them quite a bit.

Reason on Hillarycare 2.0. Hillary suggests providing proof of health insurance coverage as a requirement for employment. More on the failures of Canada and Britain's socialized medicine from John Stossel. More on Hillarycare from Boortz.

Canadian minister traveled to the US, just like many other Canadians, to have a medical procedure performed. That's because Canada's waits are interminable and its services are subpar. The only reason their wait times aren't terrible worse is because Canada doesn't bother to provide high end and rare services to their citizens and government officials - they depend on America to supply them. Tell me more about how great socialized medicine is. It's a destructive joke. (Hillarycare - for future reference).

Politicians want us to use public transit, but not themselves.

Reason says Fred Thompson is inconsistent on states rights, which still makes him far better than any other candidate. Dick Morris says Fred is in over his head. It's very odd that Fred has campaigned, unofficially, since spring, and he doesn't have a well defined position on anything. Attitude and charm won't win any election. Fred has to show some substance, and so far, despite his poll numbers, he has been very disappointing.

In order to take a little bit of Reagan's inheritance from Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani hires 2 of Margaret Thatcher's advisers.

Hsu spokesman claims it was an accident that Hsu missed his court date and got on a train instead.

Dan Rather sues CBS for $70 million. What a joke. That guys runs a fake story times to sabotage Bush's re-election campaign, then he thinks CBS owes him money. He should have tried being an honest reporter instead.

Just put the nut on top of the anti-war rants, university newspaper asks who's more evil, Bush or bin Laden.

Jena 6. When 6 black people commit a crime, does it get the same coverage as when white people do? Jesse Jackson says Barack Obama is "acting white." What does that mean? It's code for sucking money from Obama to Jessie.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Free kibbles

13 Congressmen subpoenaed in bribery case.

Assistant US Attorney caught trying to meet 5 year old girl for sex. These are the same kind of people Hillary would put in charge of enforcing her tyrannical health care laws. Why would anybody surrender even one iota of freedom to the government? But we do it every day.

British government trying to stop run on banks. Foreclosures soar in August.

Pakistani President Musharraf will resign as head of the military if he is re-elected President.

The IPCC is finally talking about adapting to climate change, which is what we should have been planning to do all along instead of wasting resources trying to counter inevitable climate change.

In a rare sign of sanity, judge throws out spurious lawsuit blaming auto-makers for global warming.

French minister explains that his warning of war with Iran was in hope of averting it. You have to be prepared to go to war to get a peaceful resolution. Iran claims to have 600 missiles that it will fire at Israel if attacked. We should be prepared to take Iranian oil money to repair any damage those missiles cause.

Israel overflies Lebanon to monitor Hezbollah. Israel is preparing its defenses for when we likely strike Iran.

Another sign of hope: Saudi women lobby for the privilege of driving. If Muslim women can lobby to drive, maybe they can also lobby against having their children blow themselves up. If Muslim women assert themselves, it may significantly reduce terrorism.

Man arrested and jailed for 4 days for desecrating the flag. Apparently everybody forgot that it was legal.

Boortz reports that Hugo Chavez is changing the school curriculum to brainwash students into good socialists and threatening to take over any school who refuses to conform.

Reason discusses libertarianism and the family and wonders if civilization would survive freedom. Of course it would. Government tears families apart by taking over the traditional roles of family. Freedom brings them together because family members depend on each other.

Reason discusses protectionism in both parties.

The process of electing Russia's next leader is far more important than the name of the leader.

ACLU creates surveillance society clock.

Mystery illness after meteorite crash. I saw this movie on sci-fi.

Supposedly dead man wakes up during autopsy.

Hillarycare doesn't cover, I mean mandate, anything for illegal immigrants. That makes them the lucky ones. Boortz on Hillarycare. Rich Lowry on Hillarycare 2.0. Washington Post on Hillarycare 2.0. I like that name.

Boortz profiles the head of emergency management for the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation. A typical bureaucrat, she didn't even bother to fly home to coordinate rescue efforts when the Minnesota bridge collapsed.

I have no problem offering amnesty to illegal immigrants who join the military. Maybe we should start a foreign legion. I don't believe for a second that gate crashers who come here to join the military a problem at all. I believe they are a tremendous benefit to the US. If, after we end the economic incentives enticing gate crashers to come to America and finally control our borders, we find out I'm mistaken, I'll change my position.

The decline of civilization: 6 out of 10 Britons would rather die than exercise. This is being portrayed as a physical health story, but in fact it is a societal health story, and Europe is dying from socialism. Socialism destroys families by intruding into family life and taking over the traditional roles families members provide to each other, and as a result, people have less to live for. We're genetically programmed to support our family members and our communities, and the more government breaks down and steals that function, the less reason people have to live and enjoy life.

This explains why I spent so much of my adulthood with much younger and really hot girlfriends. We're genetically programmed to.

George Will shows how old elements of our air force is. We need to upgrade.

Jonah Goldberg wonders at the lengths liberals will go to invent motivations for the Iraq war beyond the stated motivations, and he clarifies Greenspan's comments.

Thomas Sowell reviews a book that explains that our greatest failure in Iraq was establishing a government before we established the basic institutions necessary for democracy to work. He must have been reading this blog.

The global economy would have been much better off if Microsoft hadn't used monopoly power to crush more innovative companies that produced far superior products at a lower cost. The Microsoft apologists apparently weren't watching while Microsoft crushed literally dozens of companies with superior products. The apologists are mistaken. Still, a bad remedy could be worse than the problem. By far the best solution is to break Microsoft into several smaller, competing companies, Babysofts, each with all of Microsoft's technology and source code, and splitting the costumers. Those competing companies would create innovation, partner with innovate companies, bring that innovation to market and create a technological renaissance - the kind of market that Microsoft killed.

More on Hsu's bundled donors for Hillary Clinton, which she is still keeping secret in an attempt to cover up her culpability, and likely to cover up Hsu's ties to the Chinese government.

Rich Lowry explains how Democrats painted themselves into a political corner on Iraq, and how they lost everything to Bush.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Free kibbles

Surveillance technology will soon be able to read intentions.

French Foreign Minister says the world must be prepared to go to war to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Absolutely, and it's about time somebody in Europe started advocating responsibly. If the world isn't prepared to use military force to stop Iran, then it won't stop. Iran continues to defy the world because it believes the world doesn't have the will to act. This statement should go a long way to change Iran's mind. It's good that Iran is angry. It means they're taking this warning seriously.

Negotiations only work from a position of strength, regardless of the situation. In order to get the best deal from a prosecutor, you have to be prepared to go to trial. In order to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program, we have to be prepared to go to war. And the more nations, the better.

Iraq decertifies US security firm, Blackwater, because civilians died while workers were defending themselves. Private security firms walk a fine line.

Bush submits new Attorney General prospect with an eye toward appeasing Democrats. It won't work.

Clinton proposes new socialized medicine plan with mandates and increasing the already devastating federal subsidies by $110 billion per year. People who don't need insurance - the young, healthy, and wealthy, will still be forced to buy it, which increases demand but not supply further driving up prices. This will drive up health care costs by at least $110 billion a year, probably more, and even more people will be uninsured, and facing prosecution because of it. It will cost jobs and slow the economy. Why do we keep repeating the same failed policies, just adding ever more money, knowing full well that every time we do it, it makes the problem worse? Cato doesn't like it any more than I do.

Greenspan clarifies his assertion that we invaded Iraq for oil. Greenspan had made the case to the administration that we should take out Saddam to secure oil supply and stabilize the global economy. These are great reasons in addition to the main reasons to invade Iraq - breaking the back of the radical Islamic movement by creating a stable, wealthy democracy in the heart of the middle east and the cradle of civilization. Basically, we had plenty of good reasons to invade Iraq. Unfortunately, we forgot about the negatives, and they bit us in the ass in a big way. Now we have to win.

Emmys censor Sally Field's anti-war remark. Too bad Sally Field didn't have more class, but 2 wrongs don't make a right.

Reason once again downplays the threat from radical Islam. It's easy to do right until the nuke a western city.

Democrats are trying to pass a backdoor amnesty for illegal aliens called the DREAM Act.

EU court supports anti-trust ruling against Microsoft. This may be more about punishing an America company that quashed it's European competitors, but Microsoft has abused it's near monopoly power for over a decade to unfairly crush US competitors as well. How come the US never took a strong stand against these anti-competitive practices? It's sad that the EU is more supportive of competition and therefore free markets than the US government.

There has been no bigger impediment to the advancement of computing than Microsoft. I don't want more regulation of Microsoft, I want it to have to compete. Bust it up into at least 3 Babysofts, give them each all the Microsoft code, and let them compete. That's the best solution.

Mark Steyn repudiates the bizarre claim that 9/11 was caused because human beings fail to understand and love each other.

Differing views on Iraqi reconciliation.

Memo describes Muslim group's plan to turn the US into a Muslim nation.

Apparently Gen. Petraeus foresaw the need to play politics at home to win protracted wars. Excellent.

Karen Hughes highlights the declining popularity of al Qaeda in the Muslim world, and she discusses some programs to help reduce extremism at the grass roots level in the Muslim world. It's too bad these programs never get any press, just the fighting, in the war on terror. And it's nice to see some success.

Nuclear proliferation is the greatest danger to civilization.

Charlie Rangel's new titanic tax plan for "redistributing wealth".

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Free kibbles

Suspect in the Litvinenko Polonium 210 murder is running for Russian parliament.

Muqtada al Sadr removes his parliamentary supporters from Prime Minister Maliki's ruling coalition.

The US inflicts more losses on al Qaeda in Iraq.

Alan Greenspan says the Iraq war was all about oil.

Government transportation bill ostensibly to repair the infrastructure Congress has ignored for generations is so loaded with pork it's disgusting.

Making policy based on Al Gore's bogus claims is counter-productive to say the least.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Free kibbles

Russia's new prime minister vows to continue Russian military expansion, just like Putin told him too. This is very likely Putin's hand picked successor. Clinton and Bush both really messed up with Russia. We won't move them back toward freedom for a long time.

China frees reporter after 2 and a half years. Cracks down on one child violators.

It doesn't take a financial genius like Alan Greenspan to recognize that Bush's out of control spending greatly damaged the nation.

The CIA will no longer use water-boarding. If a terrorist attack occurs that could have been prevented by getting information by waterboarding, I hope that Hayden ends up on trial. To cease using what is by all accounts a phenomenally effective information gathering technique that does absolutely no harm is nuts. I have no idea why the President would allow such a thing.

Lebanon captures escaped terrorists previously thought dead in assault on refuge camp. Good deal.

Here we go again. Al Qaeda leader has put a bounty on the head of a cartoonist for depicting Mohammad's head on a dog's body. I can't wait for American soldiers to send all those murdering freaks to their beloved martyrdom.

Talk about the intersection of religion and politics. Indian minister offers to resign for proposing building a development in the spot of a supposed bridge built by a Hindu god.

How student loans rip off students and taxpayers.

Ayn Rand's effect on capitalism.

We are an amazing, uniquely generous and civil nation. Iranian President Ahmadinejad will be in New York for 2 days to attend the UN.

The disgusting bias of this article is obvious in the first 2 paragraphs.

Record cold temperatures in Chicago. Al Gore will claim this is because of global warming.

Article implies that Condoleezza Rice is gay. Who cares?

Giuliani goes after Hillary, and goes after Giuliani. Clinton responds.

Supposedly green energy is not cost effective.

Reason wonders why Steve Jobs gave credits to people who stood in line to get iPhones.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Free kibbles

Bush aid is parroting Al Gore's alarmism about global warming. Despite all the science refuting this bull, the Church of anthropological global warming has purchased plenty of politicians to implement its destructive socialist policies anyway.

Paper trails may not improve voting machine accuracy. Only if voters don't check them. It comes back to personal responsibility.

Bush will cut troops according to Petraeus' recommendation, which was a fait accompli anyway. Liberals are trying to take credit, but they can't. 5,700 troops home by Christmas.

Iraqis vow revenge on al Qaeda for killing sheikh.

Turkey provided the intelligence for Israel's strike on Syria.

British jets once again intercept Russian bombers. This is no longer news.

The decline of civilization - Dubai opens the world's tallest building. China's tallest building was delayed, so it never became the tallest. It's telling that the Chinese building was built by a Japanese developer. The US isn't even trying.

Reason discusses Gen. Petraeus' testimony.

Slate explodes the stupid study that claimed liberals were smarter than conservatives.

How governments can help increase fertility rates.

Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson and Freedom's Watch demand New York Times run an ad in response to the "Betray Us" ad at the same price. The NYTimes hasn't responded.

Using laser light pressure to move spaceships could allow a ship to travel from Earth to Mars in a week.

I think this judge was mistaken since this woman said she had a temporary worker permit (what is that?), but it illustrates how the courts should deal with illegal immigrants - they have no standing here. A burglar can't sue a homeowner because he fell down the stairs, and an illegal immigrant can't have standing in US court after breaking into our country illegally. One of our major and growing problems in this country is judges who refuse to say no to cases with no merit. On the flip-side, nobody in American should support denying rights to legal immigrants as this case appears to do. It's not hard to get this right.

If this doesn't move you, nothing will. The local government in Anbar province dedicated their eradication of al Qaeda to the memory of the victims of 9/11. This country as a whole hasn't managed to do anything so profound for the victims in 6 years. We can't even get a new building built.

School lifts stupid ban on wearing US flags.