Monday, December 31, 2007

Free kibbles

Report claims that individual privacy is under threat in the US and Europe. I wonder how much money these people got to state the obvious.

Preparing for new Arizona law, employers are laying off illegal aliens. That was the goal. Wages will quickly rise in Arizona. Americans will flock there to get jobs. Gatecrashers will self-deport. But all we'll hear is bad news.

2007 was the deadliest year for American troops in Iraq. We took high casualties in the first half of the year to make the security gains we've seen in the second half.

Police Chief stopped doctors from performing autopsy on Bhutto.

Australian mandates internet filters.

Because the media doesn't remind voters of McCain's desire to reward gatecrashers with legal status and a path to citizenship, and it doesn't remind voters of the McCain-Feingold abomination against free speech, McCain is rallying in New Hampshire. What media doesn't cover and what it covers inaccurately is just as biased as what it does cover.

So now Hillary is telling prospective voters she risked her life when she was in the White House. I hope those voters had to go puke like I did. The Clintons have Chelsea on a tight leash, she's to be seen, not heard, blocking her from talking to a 9 year old reporter.

How do you "go negative" while getting credit for taking the high road against negative advertising? Mike Huckabee decides not to run negative ad against Mitt Romney, but he displays the ad at the press conference where he announces he's taking the high ground. Masterful manipulation here.

I think Romney's ads are more accurate than CNN's analysis of them. CNN obviously likes McCain, likes amnesty for gate-crashers, and would prefer to see Huckabee get nominated than Romney.

Christopher Hitchens says the Iowa caucuses are undemocratic and corrupt by design.

Despite all the complaining and hand-wringing, this isn't even the worst drought in Atlanta's history. The worst drought was in 1954. The reason this drought was so much more publicized is Atlanta has grown so much that water reserves almost ran out. But global warming cultists will still blame it on man-made CO2, even though there was a lot less man-made CO2 in the atmosphere in 1954.

Scientists claim the odds of a specific asteroid hitting Mars has increased. In fact, the odds haven't changed at all. The asteroid will either hit Mars or not, and that was determined billions of years ago. What changed is our measurements and calculations, not the odds.

Theory claims dreams are threat rehearsals. Interesting. I think dreams are the by-product produced as the brain sorts the days short term memories and files them away into long-term memory. No doubt that filing has an aspect of propping up the individual, i.e., making the individual the hero of dreams.

Watchdog claims US is "endemic surveillance society", which is a downgrade from our previous rating of "extensive surveillance society".

Scientific breakthrough may allow resuscitation of the dead for up to an hour or more after death.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

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Iraq interior minister says Al Qaeda in Iraq has been reduced by 75%. That's phenomenal. Democrats have all claimed they wanted to leave enough troops in Iraq to go after Al Qaeda. That's a big part of what the surge was all about. Democrats are shown to by full of crap on Iraq once again. Suicide attacks are inching back up. This shows Al Qaeda is desperate and unable to mount the kind of destructive attacks it had in the past. But they will attempt to coordinate a massive attack for a propaganda coup, knowing that the US media and Democrats will help their cause. Bin Laden's message highlights the importance of Iraq to Al Qaeda, reminding us why we must win.

Because of corruption funded by our misguided, anti-American war on drugs, the Mexican army disarms the entire police force of a border town. We complain about illegal immigration and the drug trade, and we always pay lip service to "root causes", but we're never will to address the root cause of our problems with Mexico - the war on drugs. If we legalized drugs, the money powering Mexican corruption would dry up, and we could re-take control of our border. Mexicans could develop their own country instead do fleeing to the US by the millions to be safer and get decent jobs.

Bhutto's son, who's 19, and husband, who is under investigation for massive corruption, to lead party. This is what passes for Democracy in Pakistan. Of course, the US has degenerated nearly as far with the Bush/Clinton dynasties. The US is looking more and more like a banana republic.

France will cut off ties with Syria because of its interference in Lebanese politics.

Iran's first nuclear power plant to be operational next year. This is fine. It's the weapons program we have a problem with.

Group plans to challenge presidential candidates to bipartisan leadership, or it threatens to run a third party candidate. I've never quite understood this. It seems to me it's the responsibility of the losers to work with the winners, not vice-versa. Otherwise, the losers would get their agenda passed against the will of the voters. Obviously the leader needs to invite them to join, but nobody can force them to.

Another article discussing Romney's ads and Huckabee's response, but the article doesn't say who is correct. Isn't that journalism 101? Report the facts? From what I've read, Romney's ads are accurate. This illustrates a big part of the problem in American politics - the press doesn't fulfill its commitment to complete and accurate reporting of the issues and the facts illustrating where the politicians stand.

Hillary Clinton says Bill won't sit in on NSC meetings. She says he'll have the traditional spouse roll. So that means Hillary didn't sit in on NSC meetings. How is she experienced again? How is she more suited to be president than Laura Bush?

The more we know, the less innovative we are. It's harder to think outside the box.

Congratulations to the Patriots for 16-0. But that won't mean anything unless they win the Superbowl. The hard part starts in 2 weeks.

William F. Buckley speaks of Musharraf, Bhutto, and Pakistani violence.

Ronald Reagan's daughter, Patti Davis, expresses her frustration at the Republican candidates for constantly invoking her father's name.

Ron Paul may have a lot more support in New Hampshire than the polls show.

Liberal columnist says what our politicians refuse to admit - we may be better off with a dictatorship in Pakistan than a democracy. I think the deeper issue is that democracy (I prefer the term self-government) is more than an election. You don't create democracies in totalitarian states by simply having an election. Precursors necessary like security, economic freedom, an educated populace, and they have to be in place for some time before the elections occur. Security insures that the population isn't voting out of fear or intimidation. Economic freedom insures that the voting population understands their personal stake in their own welfare. Education insures that the votes are informed.

One of the problems in America is that our population has declining economic freedom and education, which skews our votes and leads to worse government.

Challenges to spreading freedom. But the way to spread freedom is by example. If we reduce the size and scope of government, adopt the FairTax, and expand free trade, the US will almost immediately return to the status of the world's greatest and growing economy, and it will be untouchable. The world will again see that no economic or political system compares with freedom, and nations will follow our lead. Understanding the solution is easy. But the government of the 2 parties and the statist voters has created such a huge burden on the American people that China is surpassing us, and everybody in the world knows it. So right now, they have no model for increasing freedom. We can change that.

There's small consolation in the corrected calculation showing that China's economy will surpass us in the 2020s (which is what I always heard anyway) instead of 2012. Unless we change course and re-adopt freedom as our guiding principle, Communist China will surpass the US and dominate the world.

Apparently the president can somehow cancel at least some earmarks after he has signed a bill into law. How can that happen? What are non-legislative earmarks? If it's in a bill, how can it be non-legislative? The 2 parties have jumped through hoops to complicate government so that normal Americans can't understand what's going on, and it's bull. All this complication, confusion and misdirection is unnecessary. It's designed to undermine the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We have to kick both these loser parties out of government.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Free kibbles

New Jersey makes it illegal for sex offenders to access the internet. This is overkill. It's easy to demagogue sex offenders, but the penalties often don't fit the crimes because government tries to apply one size fits all solutions to unique problems.

This is the flipside to that story. Police use topless seductress in a park to lure passing man into unzipping his pants, then arrest and convict him for indecent exposure. Why in the world would a jury convict this guy? Watch the video.

Pakistani President Musharraf cracks down on rioters. Reports claim police left their security posts right before the blast and subsequently sprayed away all the evidence with high pressure water hoses. It doesn't matter if any of this is true, it will feed the hostility and suspicion against Musharraf. Pakistan offers to exhume Bhutto. That will go against Islamic tradition and probably won't happen, but it will give the government cover. Pakistan rejects international aid for investigation. Al Qaeda in Pakistan is growing in power and focusing on destabilizing Pakistan. Washington continues to press for a Pakistani election. This is just another example of big government in action. A Pakistani election is none of our business. Sure, we should engage other leaders in Pakistan besides Musharraf, but trying to force something unnatural like pushing for Bhutto and Shakir to return from exile and have an election to share power with Musharraf is heavy-handed and now tragic. We should encourage the democrat process to occur naturally in Pakistan instead of trying to force it in such heavy-handed fashion.

Snake-like robot to aid heart surgery.

Since David Letterman owns his own production company, he settles with writers, giving them a piece of the online pie, and he's going to back to work. This will serious pressure on other production companies to settle.

This just shows how screwed up Democrats are on the Middle East. One wants to pull troops from Iraq and start a war with an ally by invading Pakistan. These people will say anything, no matter how stupid, to win political points. And this is a freshman, supposedly not corrupted yet.

Reason interviews author of a book with a great title, Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (and Stick You With the Bill). Big-government always favors the rich, and bigger government favors them more.

Success in Iraq is hurting the left-wing blogosphere. Gen. Petraeus is winning on multiple fronts. More proof success in Iraq is bad for Democrats. Hopefully they'll be forced to abandon their loony left approach and come back toward the mainstream.

Warren Buffet to insure municipal bonds.

2007 is year of bizarre weather. Wisconsin and Boston may break record for snowiest December.

In looking for a reasonable candidate, Peggy Noonan states the obvious: Hillary is the most distrusted, polarizing political figure in her lifetime.

6 year old girl lies about her dad being killed in Iraq in order to win Hannah Montana tickets in an essay contest.

A nasal spray drug that would replace sleep seems way too good to be true. The brain uses sleep to reorganize itself and recover from the day's activity. The body also uses sleep to heal itself. I don't think a drug could replace that activity.

Scientist disputes dark energy, which has always been a kluggy construct.

Michael Barone lists 3 excellent lessons we should learn from the Iraqi surge. In fact, we should have learned these lessons long ago, but in the era of big government and hyper-partisanship, we keep forgetting them.

Gen. Petraeus' letter to the troops.

Examination of the letter of Adams and Jefferson provides insight into their religion. But the implication of the last sentence that Democrats are the party of Reason is laughable. Neither party is a party of reason.

WSJ op-ed finally acknowledges that Russia is waging a new Cold War. I think the US government will be the last to catch on.

Mercantilism is replacing free trade.

Bin Laden accuses the US of invading Iraq for oil. I wonder if he makes his speeches from Democrat talking points or vice-versa. Oil damn well better have been a consideration since it's the fuel that powers the modern world, and Iraq has the 2nd or 3rd largest reserves in the world, but we invaded Iraq for a number of well documented reasons. Bin Laden is only bringing up that talking point for the same reason Democrats did - to win political points.

Author details the intimidation techniques used by activists to thwart the democratic process of bringing an issue to popular vote. I remember when the issue to ban smoking in Ohio came up, the petitioners were disingenuous. JG could already smoke in some places, not in others. At that time it was determined by the owners. But the petitioners tried to convince us that the law was unclear, and that we should sign the petition so we vote and make it clear. There was nothing unclear at all at that time - private property rights ruled. But the flip side is activists have tried to suppress the petitions to repeal or amend the law. In some states, petitioners have been jailed to block the political process. It's out of control.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Free kibbles

The Census Bureau reports we add a new immigrant to the US every 30 seconds. That's too fast.

Analysis of how western powers had pressured Musharraf to accept Bhutto as Prime Minister, which led to her assassination. In a prescient email, Bhutto blamed Musharraf for her death because he failed to provide her adequate security. Report claims Bhutto did not die of a bullet wound, and no autopsy was performed. This is going to blow up on Musharraf.

Foreign nations donated $7.4 billion to President Abbas of Palestine to deal with Hamas. Much of that money will end up funding terrorism against Israel.

Connecticut to offer high school classes online. This is a boon to homeschoolers.

For better education, teachers should let boys be boys, including playing with toy weapons. This is so obvious it should go without saying, but liberals are loons and don't want people to be normal.

Japan to regulate three areas of online communication.

Elitist hates the idea of a free internet.

French scientist calls Gore a crook and calls his acolytes religious zealots. He must have read this blog.

Reason says Bush has expelled the neo-cons.

Hillary Clinton has stopped taking questions in Iowa. That won't help her cause. She's preparing 2 minute commercial for caucus eve. She's hijacking the TV for 2 minutes? That should turn the last of the Iowans against her.

It looks like Oprah's support for Obama is backfiring on her. Her fans are tired of her pushing Obama down their throats. I suggested that might happen when she endorsed Obama.

Cato explains that China's pollution problems stem from weak property rights.

Ralph Peters has nothing nice to say about Benazir Bhutto. He explains that she presided over the most corrupt governments in Pakistan history, and calls her a con-man for fooling Washington into supporting her. He hopes her martyrdom will serve Pakistan the way she failed to do in life.

Test your geography knowledge. This is a cool game.

Pat Buchanan paints a pessimistic and accurate snapshot of America for the presidential candidates.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Free kibbles

Recently repatriated ex-Pakistani Prime Minister and current opposition leader Benazir Bhutto killed by assassin's bullet after suicide bomber drove her into her car. She had just survived a suicide bomb attached to a baby a few months ago. Bhutto and the US pressured Musharraf to lift martial law, and subsequently terrorists killed her. Looks like Musharraf was right. Gunman had earlier attempted to assassinate even more recently repatriated ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as well. Maybe Musharraf will get serious about hunting terrorists now.

North Korea announces delay in shutting down nuclear program. Anybody who didn't see this coming is a fool. This is just a precursor to pulling out of the agreement once North Korea has milked us for all the aid it can at this time.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will allow employers to cut back benefits once retirees reach 65. Will allow? What kind of country do we live in where employers have to ask permission from the government to set benefits for employees? This just as bad as the news that government will allow retirees to work to pay their taxes. Will allow?

Russia selling surface-to-air missile system to its proxy in the new Cold War of Terror, Iran.

Article shows the mentality driving the global warming cult. Author claims that the silver lining to global warming is that conservatives will suffer Biblical disaster in the south, midwest and southwest. These people are absolute loons driven by insane partisanship and socialist dogma. They have abandoned all rational thought.

Priests come to blows over how to clean the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

Mickey Kaus wonders why affordable housing is suddenly a crisis. Funny.

Cato explains that Medicare is in even more dire straits than Social Security, but they call for fixing them, not abolishing them. That's a mistake. Americans should not be burdened with paying for such horrible investments. They should instead be free to invest that money wisely so they provide themselves far better service than Medicare and Social Security provide when they retire.

Cato doesn't support mandated HIV tests for pregnant women. That test should be between the patient and the doctor. There's no role for government in this issue.

Matt Towery compares Ron Paul to Ronald Reagan.

McDonald's makes millionaires.

Communists disguised as environmentalists block reopening of ancient mines and investment in sanitary infrastructure, forcing population to continue in dirty, dying squaller.

Christopher Hitchens remembers Benazir Bhutto.

Republicans win big on end-of-year legislation. That means the legislation is just bad, not terrible like the Democrats wanted.

Mark Steyn laments the inevitability of Benazir Bhutto's death, and though he's too polite to say that western leaders sent her to her death, his implication is clear - western hubris played a significant role in her death. After Musharraf declared a national emergency, I argued we should back off and let him do what he needed to do. He knows his country better than we do. Pakistan needs order more than anything else right now, and our pressure to change a country to suit our tastes has led to the death of Bhutto.

The current world order would be easy for China to join and hard to overturn. That's true except that the US and Europe are intent on self-destructing under unsustainable welfare states. The way to get China to join us instead of trying to overcome us is to re-adopt the limited government, maximum freedom principles of the founding fathers and re-lead Europe down the path of freedom. China will have to join us then, because they couldn't beat us. But if we continue on the path the 2 parties have established for us, we're going to be beaten by China in a decade or 2. The threat is imminent.

If you ever needed more evidence that both parties and their candidates are in politics for their own personal power instead of what's good for Americans, just look at the unfavorable ratings in this poll. No matter which of these fruitcakes wins, we're in for 4 more years of the Clinton-Bush-anti-American era.

Republican insiders are picking McCain.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Free kibbles

Bush signs pork laden, compromise spending bill. He should have vetoed it and forced Congress to pass a continuing resolution.

What's wrong with this headline? "Plan would let seniors to work to pay taxes"

Turkey bombs Iraqi PKK strongholds again.

Al Qaeda's presence in the horn of Africa might lead to war.

Russia tests new ballistic missile.

Just in time, Japan successfully tests anti-missile missile.

Japan to mine methane hydrate for fuel. Environmentalists go wild.

More than 60% of all US executions take place in Texas. We've always known that executions were a significant deterrent to capital crimes, and a number of recent studies have confirmed this. It's a shame the rest of the country doesn't care as much about citizen's lives as Texas.

Government spending database will allow intelligence agencies to hide more spending. Only in Washington.

Now's the time to buy a home.

This highlights the mentality of policemen and police departments all across the country: they want to cause PTSD. If you don't believe me, go hang out in a courthouse with a bunch of cops before a trial, or just try hanging out in a cop bar one night.

Because green seal of approvals are so easy to get, billionaire's gargantuan mansion gets green seal of approval it doesn't deserve.

Reason ties together earmarks and entitlement mentality.

Slate author disputes Time's claim that Putin's roll back of democracy in Russia led to economic growth and stability. I agree.

Thomas Sowell is unhappy with our presidential candidates. Join the club.

The NYTimes finally acknowledges that Hillary's claim of experience as president is bogus. Duh! She was too busy combing through illegal raw FBI files, firing the travel agent staff, and hiding Vince Foster's records.

Clinton has double-digit lead in Iowa. Maybe Iowans want her Christmas "gifts".

Huckabee is misrepresenting his hard line against illegal aliens. Duh! This is the same guy who gave scholarships and in state tuition to children of illegal aliens.

Cato explains how free trade is good for American workers and all Americans.

Cato explodes the myth that the Nordic welfare states have good economic growth.

Letters exposing how Democrat Senators took an obstructionist approach to judges.

Ann Coulter doesn't like Mike Huckabee.

Austin Bay reminds Americans that terrorists in Iraq will soon attempt their equivalent of the Tet offensive, and we shouldn't allow ourselves to be swayed this time like we were 40 years ago.

Walter Williams reminds us that the mainstream media grossly overreports white on black crime equally underreports black on white crime. Of course are rare compared to black on black crime.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Free kibbles

Baby boomers start retiring in January. The time to abolish social security is long ago, but the longer we wait, the more destructive it will be.

Highway Patrol officer accused of stealing $1 million in cocaine. How's that war on drugs working out for us?

US doubts Kurdish report of new Turkish air strikes. The previous air strikes killed over 150 PKK terrorists.

Al Qaeda is regrouping north of Baghdad. 2 bombs targeting US patrols kill 33.

Toyota surpass GM as number 1 auto maker. Unless we take control of our government and limit its size and scope, this is the wave of the future.

We're inundated in bogus alarmism every day, but our government has been driving over a cliff towards another depression for decades. I don't know if the big one is coming tomorrow or in 10 years, but if we don't reject both parties, shrink the size and scope of government, and implement serious tax reform like adopting the FairTax, it's coming soon.

Harry Reid keeps Senate in session to block recess appointments. This kind of obstructionism, blocking the president from appointing people to governments while they're in session and out, has earned the Congress record low ratings.

82% of Americans identify themselves with a Christian religion.

And we wonder why tourism to the US is down. Visitor chained and interrogated for 2 days because she overstayed a visa 10 years ago. And the vast majority of Americans don't care. They don't care that cops railroad people in every county in the US every night. They don't care that prosecutors withhold exculpatory evidence. They don't care the prosecutors press witnesses into lying about crimes that didn't occur. Americans just don't care. Until it happens to them.

Reason discusses the assault on freedom of speech at college campuses.

During all the hypocrisy over steroids in sports, more and more people are using mind-enhancing drugs to improve their work performance.

Cal Thomas shows that secularists can have their own fundamentalists just like any other religion, and he uses Al Gore's church of man-made global warming as an example.

Thomas Sowell wonders why computerized products are so hard to use. It's a good question. It's because the people who specify the products aren't normal people. Ergonomics has made a number of recent advances in car technology. Electronic devices need to be designed by ergonomic engineers.

Rich Lowry might be campaigning for Hillary because he presents her as a centrist like Bill. Maybe he's missed all her new socialist programs and taxes, but the American people haven't. Just because Obama and Edwards are even bigger socialists doesn't make Hillary a centrist.

Dick Morris says Hillary played no role in the peace process in Ireland, contradicting her newly expressed claims.

Robert Novak explains how the CIA has become a rogue agency responsible to nobody.

Al Gore's socialist agenda in light of Atlas Shrugged.

There is no meaningful dispute between Marxism and capitalism. We defeated Marxism, only to have the free world subsequently take freedom for granted and give it away and the remaining Marxists snatch it as we surrendered it. It's good to see somebody recognize that Russia and China are threats to freedom.

Teddy Kennedy's US immigration policy keeps us from competing for the world's top talent.

Wacko environmentalists enjoy imagining a world without people.

Cops steal bikes.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Free kibbles

Google Reader shares users' private data with their Gmail contacts. What?

Only 2 in 500 college students believe in the absolute right of intellectual property. It's hard to see how music, movies, and soon books will continue to be protected by IP rights. In the brave new world of the internet, volunteer payments better provide enough financial incentive for artists, or development of art will fall into a new dark ages for economic reasons.

The military's vision of robots through 2032.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Free kibbles

The FCC has mandated that analog TV signals will no longer be sent, and the government is subsidizing the sale of digital TV converters, but most analog TV owners are unaware that their TVs are going to suddenly stop working. This is a microcosm of what's wrong with government. For no good reason, government creates a problem with a mandate. In an attempt so solve that problem, it creates more problems by subsidizing converters. But the government solutions to the government made problems suck, and most analog TV users are going to get screwed for no reason anyway. Switching from analog TV to digital, should be handled by the market with no government interference whatsoever. Every government interference in the free market does the exact same thing.

School doesn't ban lesbian pride T-shirt because they're letting the ACLU is set the guidelines for what speech is allowed in that school, and probably most others. School bans T-shirt supporting John Edwards. School bans T-shirt with anti-homosexual message. School bans a Christian T-shirt. What's wrong with this picture?

FBI building huge biometric database and working with employers on fingerprint data. All those people who complain about corporations are missing the boat because corporations are mostly just additional branches of government anymore. You can't tell where the government ends and the corporation begins. In a free market, this wouldn't be the case. This is really scary. We're sitting idly by while the government builds the all-seeing eye that will far more powerful than anything science fiction has envisioned.

The next logical step is cameras in your home to make sure you aren't breaking the law. If you aren't breaking the law, you have nothing to fear, right? We'll hear the beginning of that debate within 5 years.

US fertility rate rises to sustainable level. But our kids will be born into virtual prisons, and they'll be so indoctrinated, they won't care. That's the ultimate goal of the 2 parties and their accomplice press.

Big-government liberals and conservatives treasure stability above all, thus Putin is the man of the year. Stability should never be a goal unto itself, because it's always easier to force stability by taking away freedom. That's because freedom is dynamic and tumultuous. I'll take freedom over stability Putin's or Democrats' or Republicans' stability any day. That's not to say I support anarchy, or that freedom can arise in a vacuum. I don't, and it can't, but the goal should always be freedom, not just stability.

Harry Reid finally acknowledges the surge has helped Iraq. Better to flip-flop late than never.

What the Anna Nicole Smith case tells us about our justice system.

Fred Thompson's Waterloo in Iowa is his last, best hope.

Huckabee is ethically challenged, but not as much as the other Arkansas governor from Hope.

Bill and Hillary Clinton both embrace the term co-presidency. Once again trying to have it every which way, she's running on his moderate record while promoting raising taxes and huge expansions of government in every program she mentions. She's also telling people out of one side of her mouth that Bill won't have unusual power in her administration, but out of the other, she's calling him co-president. She's running on her record in Bill's administration, but he won't release the documents that would show us exactly what the record is. These people are the most successful grifters in history, but making the campaign about Bill's legacy is going to blow up in her face in the general election. Despite Bill's incredible charm and slickness, he never got 50% of the vote, and Hillary has all his bad qualities but none of his redeeming qualities.

Analysis shows how the FairTax will spur economic growth, but this guy's 3.5% annual projection is too low, as you can see by examining his statistics for Ireland.

Democrats do more damage to the US with their irresponsible allegations of torture (meaning waterboarding, not actual torture) than the waterboarding comes close to doing.

Sen. Tom Coburn blocks fast-track bills to insure the Senate actually debates them before voting. That makes sense to me, but Democrats and many Republicans don't like it.

Attorney General Mukasey says that telecom immunity is essential to security. Of course it is. If companies can be sued for helping US security at the request of the government, we might as well surrender now.

Petrocracy is a new term for petroleum funded autocracy which is poisoning the world thanks to our government which blocks drilling for domestic oil and making power plants with inexpensive alternative fuels.

Turkish planes bomb PKK in northern Iraq.

Excellent graphs showing the change in Iraqi violence and the effect of the surge over time. How come the mainstream media never presents this kind of info? Rhetorical question.

Ed Koch rips Al Gore for pushing to punish the US with penalties that will transfer wealth to developing country. Nice job, Ed.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Free kibbles

Reason supplies predictions of next year's loss of freedoms, which actually already occurred this year.

The Bush Administration wants to shut down Guantanamo if countries of origin of the detainees will guarantee they won't allow returned detainees to threaten people again. I think that's code for asking the countries of origin to lock detainees up for life before we return them.

Gen. Petraeus reports on falling violence in Iraq.

During his 8 years in power, Putin has amassed a personal fortune worth $40 billion. Now that's corruption on a grand scale worthy of even the UN.

Chronology of attacks in Pakistan since July. There's a bunch.

EU expands border-free zone.

Britain to require 1,000 lb bond from families of visitors, which it will refund when the visitor leaves the country.

Norway to implement affirmative action for certain immigrants. This ought to divide the country.

Reagan officials dispute facts and tone of Charlie Wilson's War, saying Reagan and his advisers deserve more credit.

Quotes from skeptical climate scientists. Record low temperatures all over the globe.

Man bites dog story: 2 women charged with sexually assaulting college football players.

Poll shows that Obama would beat all top Republicans. I guess that blows Hillary's theory that she's more electable.

Tancredo pulls out of presidential race and endorses Romney

Peggy Noonan on Huckabee and his cross.

Pat Buchanan says the Republican race is between Huckabee and Romney, with McCain the longshot.

Human fat from liposuction made into biofuel for boat. We have plenty of human fat around.

Asteroid might hit Mars, giving scientists their first ever chance to study an asteroid impact.

Cato suggests lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. I have a better idea. Adopt the FairTax.

Charles Krauthammer says we are 1,1,1 against Bush's Axis of Evil, and explains clearly and concisely just how damaging the rogue NIE report was to the US and the world. He's overly optimistic about Iraq, and shows he can't do math when he claims Bush found his Iraqi general (Petraeus) in 3 years, when in fact 2007 - 2003 = 4.

Jonah Goldberg rips Hillary's Christmas ad in which she pretends her socialist programs are gifts for Americans, not expensive and destructive policies.

Whoever ordered the destruction of the CIA waterboarding tapes deserves a medal because he protected the most effective interrogation technique we have from the enemy. Liberals would take that tool away from us, inform the enemy about it, and make them more dangerous and us less capable of stopping them.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Free kibbles

Dept. of Homeland Security to use spy satellites on US. I guess that's how Democrats convinced Bush to go along with creating the DHS - so both parties could have an excuse to spy on Americans.

Swedes are so indoctrinated in socialism and the welfare state that 2 Swedish champion athletes propose that all top athletes get embedded GPS chips so authorities can monitor their every move. This just shows what propaganda and environment can do to the human mind. We're moving to the left so fast in America that generation after generation think nothing of surrendering ever more freedom to government until there won't be any left to surrender. Welfare, socialized medicine, global warming, government schools, unaccountable bureaucracies, and so on. Both parties are dragging us to the left, down the path to tyranny. It's hard to see how we can stop this, but it has to start with kicking both Republicans and Democrats out of power, or we're finished.

Guantanamo prisoner released into UK custody was freed on bail. You have to be kidding me. This guy will go right back to recruiting terrorists. This is why we shouldn't let them out of of Guantanamo. That's like letting German soldiers go free during WWII.

In the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre, Congress passes law clarifying records necessary for states to submit for instant background checks to purchase guns. On this surface, this sounds great, but it's very odd I never of heard of this bill before today. I don't trust any gun control legislation or any stealth legislation, and this is both. Even thought NRA supposedly supports it, there's something bad in this bill.

Lakota Indians withdrawal from US treaties. This is an interesting move. Obviously the US renigged on plenty of treaties with native Americans, and what's good for the goose is good for the gander. The timing may work for them. They don't have to worry about the US military exterminating them anymore. Given our strong public support for destructive multi-culturalism, public opinion will probably be behind them as long as they don't do anything stupid. The US should formulate some policy to nip this in the bud before it spreads to other tribes. We should offer them a deal, and if they reject it, we should probably just take their land and deport them the same as other gate-crashers. I'm sure Venezuela or Cuba would take them in. That'll stop any other tribes from trying the same.

India and China in joint military games. This is not good. If India joins China and Russia in their new Cold War of Terror against the US, we'll be in an even bigger world of hurt. We need India on our side. This is why we have to acknowledge this new Cold War so we can implement policies to win it, including winning India to our side.

400 scientists, some in the IPCC, speak out against the man-made global warming fraud. Facts are destroying the myth of a scientific consensus, which is meaningless anyway except as an attempt to mislead the public.

The economy grew at 4.9% in the 3rd quarter. That number has to be an artifact of the falling dollar. It's can't possibly be measured in real value. Sure, we may have 4.9% more dollars, but that's because those dollars are worth a lot less than even the quarter before.

Mohammad now second most popular boy's name in Britain.

Reason notes that one of Reagan's great legacies, though they don't give him credit, is the spread of freedom around the world. But that virtually stopped during the Clinton administration and is now backsliding under Bush.

Reason sums up the complexity of the illegal immigration problem. The choices we have are between status quo economically and standing for principle and the rule of law. The economy will adapt when the illegal aliens self-deport because they can find no jobs. Americans and legal immigrants will fill the best of those jobs. Some jobs will disappear for a while. The economy will quickly adapt. The rule of law will never recover if we grant them amnesty, and 60 million more will soon flood the country. There is no choice, really, so there's no reason for paralysis.

Small, commercial nuclear reactors. Wow.

This reviewer must be an idiot. When I saw Blade Runner in 1982, it was the best movie I'd ever seen as an adult, and it still is. It may be the last movie I ever saw at a drive-in. To this day, the only movies I prefer to watch are The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Fistful of Dollars, and For a Few Dollars More that I fell in love with as a kid. The vision that went into Blade Runner is still unsurpassed. The contrast of the beautiful and the ugly in the characters and the environment are exceptional. The world is a character unto itself, and it would swallow characters from other movies whole, but not the characters in Blade Runner, because they are possibly the most human characters in any movie ever. The replicants are enthralling as well as truly frightening, as much for their humanity as their monstrosity. The question of what it is to be human is the most fundamental question we face going into the future, and it's contrasted with an atmosphere that pays homage to the classic 40s gumshoe movies. What a fantastic movie. And the acting is superb.

Scientist claims to have determined the age of the solar system to within 2,000,000 years.

Cato claims that unfunded state and local government pension plans could amount to $1.4 trillion.

Cato explains that cutting vehicle weight is the easiest way to improve gas mileage, so emissions requirements make vehicles less safe. Wonderful.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Free kibbles

The FCC relaxes rules on media companies. Pretty soon we'll only have 2. I prefer more competition.

Following the script reported by Robert Novak, the Senate incorporates Iraq war funding into the budget, then passes it. The WSJ reports the pluses and minuses of the new budget. The new version guts the border fence. Bush should veto and demand a continuing resolution, but since the bill contains Iraq war funding, I doubt he will.

The EU is committed to harming consumers and car manufacturers in the name of fighting global warming by fining car manufacturers for CO2 output.

Imagine fraud in the UN peacekeeping missions. OK. That's just too easy.

White House lawyers were involved in the decision to destroy the CIA interrogation tapes. This show the White House did due diligence, which explains why they say destroying them was perfectly legal. This is another non-issue that Democrats are trying to exploit for political gain.

Time names Putin person of the year. Gen. Petraeus, who came in 5th, was a better choice, but at least it wasn't Al Gore, who came in second. Time on Gen. Petraeus.

Record cold temperatures all around the world. That's Gore's version of global warming.

Reason reviews book critical of FDR, the New Deal, and his big-government legacy.

Reason says that crack punishments are out of line with power cocaine punishments. I was under the impression that crack was much more highly addictive, prompting the higher penalties. Both should be legal like all drugs.

Reason says baby bonds as proposed by Hillary are a basically Republican idea, promoting the "ownership society." I prefer no government intervention at all.

Woman claims she's pregnant with John Edwards' baby. True or not, residential politics has stoops so low make front page news in the National Enquirer. Maybe the campaign will play out in porn clips in 2012.

Bush the Elder refutes Bill Clinton's irresponsible statement that Bush the Elder would tour the world with Clinton to repair the damage done by Bush the Younger. This should come back to haunt Hillary, but as inept as the 2 parties are, you never know.

Bill Clinton is blocking release of 2,600 pages of documents from his presidency.

Huckabee and Giuliani in virtual tie nationally. Huckabee claims the bookshelf wasn't intended to appear as a cross. It's hard to believe that they didn't notice how incredibly prominent it was.

Unfortunately, Ron Paul follows Neville Chamberlain's non-interventionist approach to using the military. Look where that got Europe and the rest of Britain. According to Paul's rules of engagement, he would have let the fascists take over the world if the Japanese hadn't bombed Pearl Harbor. The consequences of this rabid non-interventionism can be explained by paraphrasing a famous poem: First they came for the Europe, and I wouldn't intervene because I wasn't the Europe. Then they came for north Africa, and I wouldn't intervene because I wasn't north Africa. Then they came for Asia, and I wouldn't intervene because I wasn't Asia. Then they came for me, and there was nobody left to intervene on my behalf. There's a healthy middle ground between Ron Paul's ostrich-like non-interventionism and our unjustified invasion of Iraq.

How come movie zombies suddenly run instead of walk? Because Hollywood can no longer tell a good story of drawn out terror at a classic zombie pace.

New release of Perl, 5.10, to mark the 20th anniversary.

Calling the new energy bill the worst energy bill in history, Cato inadvertently explains why a do nothing Congress is way better than a do the wrong thing Congress.

Cato defends the rights of Americans to gamble online at any site they choose.

While explaining that the current budget bill is better than it would have been if President Bush hadn't threatened a veto, but still bad, Cato explicitly states that gridlock is good, and that President Bush should veto this bill and demand a continuing resolution to hold spending flat.

FEMA's bureaucratic delays after hurricane Katrina failed to stop corruption, but succeeded in stopping rebuilding.

I don't know how this is caving to Muslims. All this tells me is that socialized medicine doesn't allow patients to chose their own doctors because it's dictatorial.

Capturing and indefinitely storing carbon from power plant is too expensive. Gosh. Who would have ever guessed that it would be expensive?

Refrigerants used to air-condition Bali conference are more damaging to the atmosphere than all the privates jets of the participants combined, which was 20,000 small cars for a year worth apiece. The conference was double the hypocrisy that we originally thought.

Saudi Arabians don't like us. It's no wonder since they teach Whabbism there. And we just look the other way while sending them $40 billion in weapons.

The Heritage Foundation suggests a Christmas vacation planned around visiting the 11,300 pork barrel projects in the the new budget bill.

Judge rules that TorrentSpy destroyed evidence.

Jonah Goldberg says Hillary made the campaign a referendum on the 90s, and that's one of the reasons Obama is surging.

Here's a transcript of the last Republican debate in Iowa. Keyes, Huckabee, Tancrado, and Hunter all mention a fair tax. The NYTimes never uses the name FairTax in its transcript, but I think all 4 of these candidates were referring to the FairTax.

Electric sports car.

The WSJ recognizes that if Iran had slowed its nuclear weapons program in 2003, it was because we invaded Iraq and the subsequent roll-up of the Libyan weapons program and A.Q. Khan network. We know now that Iran is not afraid of the US, like they had to have been in 2003. The Mullahs picked nuclear hawk Ahmadinejad in 2005. It would be the height of folly to think that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons. This article also explains that while the NIE contains the intentionally headline grabbing line about Iran halting its weapon program, it hides the detailed definition on nuclear weapons program in a footnote so it can hide from the headlines, where it explains that it meant "covert enrichment" we know for certain is no longer necessary because of their "overt enrichment" program which can create material for weapons. Switching from a covert enrichment program to an overt enrichment program does not mean they stop developing nuclear weapons. The NIE just tried to define it away to make its own policy, which is the act of rogue agents.

On a zero sum economy and the socialists who have taken over the environmental movement.

Michelle Malkin explains that Washington is killing the border fence because they don't want border security, they never did, but they were forced to make it appear they did when the American people revolted on the issue this summer. I still don't like the border fence. As long as Latinos have an economic incentive to come here, a border fence will only temporarily slow them down and redirect them. We have to remove the economic incentive by punishing employers who willingly hire illegal aliens.

Outspoken Iraq critic grudgingly recognizes small reconciliation step in Iraq. Author credits the UN before noting that the US had 200 diplomatic meetings to make this happen before the UN even showed up. Even though this article bleeds that kind of radical liberal point of view (who would have known Condoleezza Rice was born a slave?), the author is forced to admit the progress he's seeing. It will take a long time, and I'm afraid there will be setbacks, but it's going our direction now.

US students are 33rd in math and 27th in science in the world. Walter Williams is right that money is not the problem, but he's wrong to blame it solely on bad teachers. Bad teachers are a problem, but the bigger problem is the lack of emphasis on children's develop in families. This is another symptom of the continuing breakdown of the American family because of the assault on American values. And the solution to that problem, and the problem of bad teachers, is competition. When parents can chose the school they send their children too, and the money them, competition will make the schools and teachers better, and the families will re-focus on the education of the children. Competition will restore the neighborhood school to its historical position as a foundational institution of American society, where it belongs, and American children will retake their position as the best educated in the world.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Free kibbles

Report claims police brutality is up 25% since 9/11. I believe it.

House approves domestic spending and spending for the war in Afghanistan, but no funding for the war in Iraq. This is the first step of the Republican cave-in on domestic spending and thousands of earmarks reported by Robert Novak.

Wheat prices reach record high. World food supplies shrinking. The price is going up, so more people will grow more food.

300 Turkish troops raid PKK stronghold in northern Iraq.

Israel's intelligence on Iran is pretty much the same as ours. Just the conclusions are different. This shows that these conclusions are subjective, and our NIE was an attempt to set policy.

Palestinian terrorists threaten retribution because Israel killed a terrorist leader. The irony of these claims can't be ignored. The terrorists kill Israelis, and if Israel fights back, the terrorists promise to kill Israelis in retaliation. Israel should mobilize its entire army and capture or kill every terrorist in Gaza. If it did that, no more terrorists in Gaza would kill Israelis. If more terrorists moved in they, could repeat the process.

Reason suggests that guest worker programs may be the best hope for world's poor to climb out of poverty. Economic freedom in their home countries is the best hope.

Reason defines 3 major strategies being applied to win the Republican party.

This Huckabee ad is something else. The shelves in the back have to be engineered to appear as a cross floating behind his head. And it's great to be religious, Christian churches are one of the keystone institutions of America, but this guy is shoving it down our throats.

Ron Paul quotes Sinclair Lewis saying, "When fascism comes to the US, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross." That's a pretty good description of FDR and his fascist-inspired New Deal programs. Naturally the press will try to make it out that Ron Paul called Mike Huckabee a fascist, though he did not. But other than Huckabee's support for the FairTax, he's the worst of the conservative socialists.

Bill Clinton tries a low blow by claiming that Hillary would employ Bush the Elder to help repair the international relations damage done by Bush the Younger, implying that Bush the Elder doesn't support his son. This will likely blow back on Hillary.

Bloomberg looking for advisers. I hope he doesn't run. To him, the US would be just another toy to play with.

Monkeys do addition surprisingly well. Wow.

Cato explains how bailouts change the behavior of those taking risk for the worse.

Cato explains how another Republican, Schwarzenegger, gets it wrong with his socialist health care plan.

Judge orders investigation of destroyed CIA tapes. Orders investigation? Judges are supposed to adjudicate disputes. They have no power to order investigations.

EU proposes new rules to allow citizens to get health care abroad. But government will pay for it. If they ask permission in advance. This just shows how wrong socialized medicine is. First, it can't take care of the people. Second, it taxes all its citizens and sends that money overseas to treat people it can't treat itself. Third, it demands patients ask permission to go overseas, get treatment and get compensated. In every possible way, this is just wrong. Britain's NHS threatens to cut off free care for woman if she buys additional drugs to fight cancer. Once we get socialized medicine, we'll have to ask government permission to go to the bathroom.

The communists masquerading as environmentalists just keep getting bolder. This one claims that carbon quotas are the only possible solution, and must be implemented against the will of the people. I don't think Stalin ever used carbon dioxide as an excuse to dominate and kill people, so there maybe there is something new under the sun, even for communists.

Egregious case of bending over backwards for Muslims. It's getting worse every day. Muslims should be treated exactly the same as everybody else. They can go to the non-denominational chapel, not divided by sex, and pray like everybody else. They can keep their feet out of the sinks like everybody else. Why are we changing our way of life for anybody? It's their job to melt in the American melting pot. It's not our job to change for them.

Mike Adams provides humorous and compelling support for the FairTax.

Columnist remembers Jane Fonda's treason on her 70th birthday. Good for him.

Bush suggests continuing resolution, but I don't think he'll veto McConnell and Reid's 12,000 earmark bill because it will fund the troops. That's where Bush's legacy lies, not in standing firm against earmarks.

Despite being a Kyoto signatory, Norway's CO2 emissions grew by 80% since 1990. No worries. Only the US will be held to account if it ever signs any stupid global warming treaty.

Fear of spiders and monsters (lions and tigers and bears, oh my) are ingrained in our brains in Yungian archetypes, so it's not surprising that children in Australia fear them more than terrorists. A few years of TV can't surpass millions of years of evolution.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Global Warming Fraud

Global Warming Fraud

The world's political elite recently descended on Bali for a UN Climate Change Conference in so many private jets that the Bali airport couldn't accommodate them all. Many of the private jets were forced to travel on to Indonesia to park. The carbon footprint for each delegate at the conference is equal to 20,000 cars for 1 year, but they don't care because they know what the public is starting to realize - the theory of man-made global warming is a fraud. This conference isn't about climate change, it's about extinguishing capitalism and freedom.

The con-men perpetrating this fraud have tried to convince the public that there's a scientific consensus supporting the theory, but there isn't. Despite big research grants funneled to scientists who support the theory, an analysis of peer reviewed scientific literature shows that only 45% of published climate scientists agree with it. Politicians invested in perpetrating this fraud appoint scientists who agree with their agenda to the ostensibly authoritative Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Critics exposed several of these scientists for using fraudulent data or ignoring data that contradicts their agenda.

Leaders of the media, the con-men flood us with fraudulent or misleading science stories punctuated by doomsday scenarios. These reports sell papers, so the press pounds us with this agenda day after day, and they ignore or bury any science that contradicts the agenda. It's been pounded into our heads so often and with such fervor, that many people believe it religiously, but this fraud is so easily exposed that perpetrators refuse debate.

We heard hundreds of stories about Greenland's glaciers calving into the ocean, including dire predictions of rising sea levels. But you have to search to find the story that Greenland's inland glaciers are growing at nearly the same rate the coastal ones are shrinking. The net loss of ice would raise sea levels by only 1 inch in a century. You have to search to discover that the Antarctic ice sheet is growing. We heard hundreds of stories about 1998 being the hottest year on record. You have to hunt down the story about the scientist who flubbed that analysis, possibly on purpose. The hottest year on record actually occurred during the dust bowl of the 30s. Ask anybody who lived through it. You have to search to find a story reporting that the earth has cooled slightly since 1998. That's why the con-men substituted the phrase "climate change" for "global warming".

It was warm during the Trojan War, cold during the classic Greek empire, warm during the Roman empire, cold during the Dark Ages, warm in the Middle Ages, cold during the Renaissance, before warming up in the 1800s. Man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) had nothing to do with those climate variations. During the 20th century, it was hottest in the 30s, coolest in the 70s, hot again in 1998, and has since leveled off. Since man-made CO2 increasingly rose through the century, it can't be driving climate change. Climate changes naturally and constantly.

Climatology is in its infancy. A pioneer in the field reports he spent 40 years being humbled by the complexity of the earth's climate, which is why climate models are wildly inaccurate. But climatologists are sure of some things. CO2 is essential for life, but is not a major driver of climate. Man-made CO2 is a drop in the bucket compared to naturally occurring CO2 (which every animal exhales, including humans). Man-made CO2 is responsible for about 0.12% of the greenhouse effect, only slightly more important than spitting in the ocean.

The climate con-men aren't attacking man-made CO2 for the sake of the climate. They're attacking CO2 as a means of attacking capitalism. The authors of the man-made climate change fraud are Marxists. Unfortunately, the ideal of communism didn't die with the Soviet Union. A hard-core segment of Marxists who still hate capitalism despite, or because of, its success have infiltrated the UN, dominate the press, and they hijacked the environmental movement. Now they're using those institutions to promote their agenda, which naturally appeals to liberals.

These Marxists think that the theory of man-made global warming is the Holy Grail to discredit free markets forever and restore Soviet-style communism. The Bali proposals demand the transfer of wealth and technology from America to poor countries. This is the updated version of Marx's principle: "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."

One proposal from Bali is that we trample intellectual property rights of inventors so that new technology belongs to everybody. A British plan proposes to track each individual's use of CO2, in other words all human activity, and set limits. None of these proposals would measurably affect climate, but they would destroy freedom, resurrect communism and drive the world back into poverty.

Though climate scientists have pointed out 35 errors in “An Inconvenient Truth”, Al Gore is right about 1 thing: the clock is ticking. Not because a climate catastrophe is coming, but because a critical thinking public is waking up to this monumental fraud. One prominent climatologist predicts that in a few years we'll look back at “An Inconvenient Truth” and laugh at the fear mongering the way we laugh at “Reefer Madness”. We have to stop Washington from caving to this fraud until then.

Free kibbles

Because the US government uses non-standard accounting procedures to make it's budget appear better than it actually is, the budget deficit is actually 69% higher than government reports. This still doesn't include the unfunded liabilities in social security, medicare and other entitlements.

Putin will become Medvedev's Prime Minister. The fix is in. Russia delivers non-weapon's grade enriched uranium to Iran for power plant.

Bali negotiator breaks down in tears. If you have no facts on your side, I guess you have to break down into tears to invoke sympathy and emotion in order to get your way. This frauds are pathetic, and we better never fall for their con.

A world bank study using different methods of measuring economies shows that China is the second largest economy, having surpassed Japan, but that it was 40% smaller than estimated with other methods. I guess that means Japan's even that much smaller.

Iraq will need foreign troops to help secure the country for 10 more years. That seems too long to me. That would be 15 years total.

Saudi King pardons imprisoned rape victim.

Central American gangs are adopting sports coats and the college look to hide from cops and vigilantes. This is a scary trend that will spread to the US in no time. Gang looks is the one thing that Americans could count on to identify them and be prepared to protect themselves.

Democrat filibusters Telecom immunity. These companies answered the call when asked to by the president to help their country during wartime, and Democrats want to punish them for it. That's just crazy.

Ron Paul's Tea Party money bomb raises over $6 million in one day.

San Francisco mayor wants to tax sugary drinks. It's so hard to see a way for us to save ourselves. We've surrendered so much freedom that it's become de rigour to just give it all away. And it will never be enough for the liberals. Even when we all live in personal bubbles that are regulated by government and inspected and we have to file a daily agenda with the government and ask permission for everything we want to say, it still won't be enough. We brainwash each successive generation into think the freedom we gave up last generation was OK. You always here that. "Nothing terrible happened." That standard is destroying us.

Scientists think they can create life by synthesizing DNA. Just what we need. Scientists accidentally releasing artificial viruses.

Cato decry's Sec. Rice's acceptance of Putin's handpicked successor after a fraudulent election.

Fortunately the woman who shot the murderer at the church was not a government approved security guard, because Colorado Springs only allows government approved security guards to carry revolvers. It took 10 shots, 4 hits, from her semi-automatic 9mm Beretta to bring down the assassin before he finally killed himself. Armed citizens save lives. Gun control is stupid, and it gets people killed. We see it over and over. You can't help but have the utmost respect for this woman with her 9mm who took down a determined assassin armed with an Ak-47 as well as several handguns. Good job!

Benazer Bhutto says the bomb that was used to attack her motorcade when she returned to Pakistan was strapped to a baby. As I've often said, the war on terror will be over when Muslim women decide they care more about their babies than blowing people up. I know most Muslim women already feel that way, but far too many don't.

Weird reality show called "Make Me a Muslim" premiers tonight.

Dinesh D'souza understands that history will be kinder to Bush than popular opinion, and if we succeed in Iraq, he will go down as a great president who withstood the slings and arrows of Democrats and Republicans alike to make the world a better place.

Robert Novak reports how Senate minority leader McConnell is caving to Democrats on an omnibus spending bill, using the excuse of compromising to get Iraq war funding. In fact, the goal of this compromise is to load up the bill with an incredible number of earmarks, using a technique to get around the bogus new earmark rules that Congress never intended to follow anyway.

Another story about how Gen. Petraeus and our troops turned the situation in Iraq around.

The US needs a Civilian Reserve Corp to work beside the military in conflicts. The task of rebuilding nations was originally supposed to be managed by the State Dept. and involve experts and cooperation from every bureaucracy in America. But from the time of the Marshall and ever since, our bureaucracies have failed to work together and therefore been horribly ineffective. Iraq is just the latest example. A Civilain Reserve Corp would have one leader, so it could work more effectively. But we shouldn't let our other bureaucracies off the hook for their failures. They should be abolished, and the few organizations necessary to carry out Constitutional powers built from the ground up.

Then they came for Mark Steyn.

I'm all for Gen. Petraeus becoming Time's man of the year.

Entertaining story of a citizen-diplomat who tried to help Bill Clinton and Sandy Berger capture Osama bin Laden in the 90s, but were rebuffed.

Muslim man defends Jew against Christians in New York.

Whoopie Goldberg wants to abolish the death tax. Not only is this double taxation, but taxes are supposed to be payment for government services. What government service does a dead person get?

Interesting description of how the tenets of multi-culturalism lead to the conclusion that western, heterosexual, Christian, white men are not allowed to defend themselves from any attack because they deserve it since they victimized everybody else in the world.

Jet from super-massive blackhole at center of large galaxy blasts through smaller galaxy.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

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Turkey bombs northern Iraq to stop PKK terrorist attacks. Apparently the attacks were sanctioned by the US. That only makes sense. I doubt Turkey would risk its planes by entering Iraqi airspace without US permission.

350th anniversary of the Flushing Remonstrance. I've never heard of it, but of course I know who Peter Stuyvesant is. Sounds like an important precursor to American freedom. Insightful celebration of American governance and tradition, and a contrast with Europe's poor imitation, from a British paper that is not often friendly to the US. I guess it's less friendly with British government.

Congress to push ahead with CIA interrogation tape investigation despite Justice Dept ruling. Congress has oversight responsibility for lots of things, but the Executive branch does not answer to Congress. Congress hates that.

Britain turns Basra over to Iraq.

Huckabee supports allowing illegal aliens to jump in line to come to America after they go home for a day or 2. "Go home for a day, and we'll forget about it." Isn't that the definition of amnesty? This still entices illegal aliens to break into America. Anybody who tried to do it the right way and follow the law is proved a fool.

Even though Joe Lieberman caucuses with Democrats, he endorses John McCain for president.

Ron Paul raises another $4 million in one day. I hope he can translate that money into votes.

Mark Steyn contrasts the celebration of the birth of the Christ-child with the not-so-radical environmental movement that's pushing for taxing children and rewarding sterilization. As always, very funny because it's right on the mark. It's shocking how far we've slid to the dangerous left that ultimately hates not only capitalism and personal achievement, but humanity as well.

You have to respect Andy Pettitte for admitting to using HGH. I hope that will spur other players to come forward and admit what they've done, but I doubt it. I want to hear the players come forward and say steroids should be legal.

George Will calls Bush's subprime bailout an entitlement for risk takers. Hillary has demanded more. He explains that in the future, this will mean loans for sub-prime borrowers will be more expensive. Other than his essay excoriating Antioch College, this is the least liberal I've ever seen George Will. Punishing lenders because of the failure of borrowers.

It looks like North Korea has played us for fools once again.

Low taxes, government spending, and right to work laws are key to states' economic growth. Those are the foundation of economic freedom.

Guantanamo officers posting positive information about Guantanamo on the internet. They should be doing that, as long as their honest. They know more about what goes on at Guantanamo than anybody. I don't think posting about Castro being a transsexual is honest.

Time-Warner wins state-side franchise contract for Ohio. How about Comcast too? How about every other cable provider too? This is nothing more than a government backed monopoly, and it costs us far more than it would if we had free competition for cable.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Free kibbles

Russia threatens missile strike if we ever use our anti-missile missiles in Poland. We have to stop taking this crap from Russia. Our missiles are purely defensive, and their bellicose rants have to be taken seriously and addressed with real policy changes to overcome Russia's aggression. Bush should make a strong speech taking the moral high ground about transforming the world to a world where people are defended from missile attacks, not living in fear of an attack. Opposition leader to Putin placed in mental ward before demonstration. Clinton and Bush lost Russia.

US compromised in Bali, making an agreement to negotiate a treaty to replace Kyoto. There are no CO2 targets in the compromise. But the article claims we reneged on Kyoto 6 years ago when in fact we never adopted Kyoto. Even Bill Clinton recognized it as nothing less than an attack on American success. The article also promotes the fraud that man-made CO2 is a major driver of climate change when study after study has proven that it's not. The world is cooling. We have 2 years to discredit this fraud before the next treaty is negotiated. The science discrediting it is already readily available, but we need to get that information to the public.

Pakistani President Musharraf ends emergency and restores the Constitution. Pakistan has been out of the news for a while, so the emergency might have worked.

Britain signs EU treaty, creating a semi-constitution. Why would Britain have surrendered its autonomy like that?

Ohio study finds serious flaws with security of voting machines from all manufacturers.

White House budget office set up public website to track government spending.

Reason supports private firefighters who help save homes in constantly burning California. If people build in those fire prone areas, they shouldn't get public firefighting resources anyway. It should all be private firefighters. That's like building your home at the low tide line and taking government resources when it floods every day at high tide.

Schwarzenegger to declare budget emergency because California lawmakers have refused to cut spending. It's not that hard. Just cut it.

I wish I had a dime for every time Raw Story ran an article about impeachment. It's a waste of electrons.

Al Sharpton caught on tape making illegal deal for campaign funds. Somebody put this weasel in jail, please.

Saudis donated about $10 million to Bill Clinton's library. No report yet on how much Marc Rich donated.

Robert Novak suggests that Chuck Norris' endorsement may have pushed Huckabee into the lead in Iowa. Maybe Oprah did the same for Obama.

Wave of the future: British couple will test embryos for gene that leads to high cholesterol and high risk of heart attacks. People should be allowed to use technology to make healthier, stronger, smarter, better looking babies. It's the future for the entire human race. Unfortunately, at this stage of technology, it means aborting embryos with the bad gene, and this seems like a very poor reason to abort a baby given modern cholesterol medicines.

Democrats frustrated because they can't waste even more taxpayer money on a useless investigation of the CIA interrogations, which Democrats knew about all along.

New restaurant in Netherlands is a highly monitored science experiment in eating habits.

Google unveils Knol to compete with Wikipedia.

Quantum computers on a chip.

Advertisers beaming sonic advertising. This will suck.

Nancy Pelosi says that Republicans like the war in Iraq.

Website parodies carbon offsets with website promoting indulgences for infidelity. How funny.

Reuters is also misreporting the hottest years on record data. Somebody, probably a spokesman at the Bali Conference, purposely put out this wrong information and newspapers are just parroting it without fact checking. This is how this whole scam became a dangerous religion.

The number of Muslims in America has surpassed the number of Jews.

Congress tries to hurt competition and innovation and drive up health care prices by regulating specialty hospitals.

Portland provides $20,000 in aid to families of illegal aliens who were arrested in a raid. That's crazy. The right thing to do is round up the families and deport them too.

Iraqis discover and turn over 14 Iranian missile launchers. Excellent.

95% of email in 2007 (so far?) is spam.

Walter Williams says the NAACP is an obstacle to the advancement of blacks.

Lawrence Kudlow likes the economy.