Friday, August 29, 2014

Global Warming and Energy

Gasbuddy predicts lowest Labor Day weekend gas prices since 2010. They're not that low here.


Ukrainian secessionists claim their Russian equipment is equipment abandoned by Ukrainian troops, many of whom spontaneously defect when sent to the battlefront.
"Although such claims of using only confiscated Ukrainian equipment are common, top rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko himself has said Russia was supplying equipment and fighters. And Russia's consistent rejection of the allegations is hotly dismissed by the West."
I'm sure the Russians are doing what they can without being caught red-handed, just like the US does.
""Despite Moscow's hollow denials, it is now clear that Russian troops and equipment have illegally crossed the border," NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Friday."
I wonder if this guy ever heard of the US doing the same in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Mali, and god knows where else.
"A spokesman for the rebels in Novoazovsk, who identified himself only as Alexander, said their plan was to try to eventually push westward to the major port city of Mariupol, about 20 miles away. There was no sign of imminent movement on Friday, but Alexander's statement underlined fears that the rebels' eventual aim is to establish a land bridge between Russia and the Russia-annexed Crimea peninsula further to the west."
That makes sense.

Police State

More on police departments "losing" Pentagon weapons.
"The Pentagon has banned 145 law enforcement agencies from receiving surplus military weapons and supplies, part of a program under scrutiny after police in combat gear responded to protests in Ferguson, MO.
In each case examined by the Cox Washington bureau, the departments were suspended after losing high-powered weapons."
Losing is code for stealing without consequence.
"The list of banned law enforcement agencies is a small fraction of the 8,000 participating in the program, but includes large departments such as the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
Departments can petition the Pentagon to be reinstated."
Maybe people put on the no-fly list should have the same opportunity.


Family of man killed at Beavercreek Walmart ask US Attorney to take over and politicize his killing. I can understand wanting an investigation as far from the local police as possible, but getting Holder involved would be a disaster.
"“What they saw really, really bothered us,” Hilton said Thursday. “They saw the police coming in and John Crawford III having this air gun pointed toward the floor, looking at the shelf. The next thing they see is he drops to the floor, he’s been hit by bullets. We’re very concerned about that. We just need to get the entire video released so the community can know what happened.”"
This is bizarre:
"An area police chaplain and minister, Mike Crain of Huber Heights, started the “I support the Beavercreek Police Department” Facebook page Aug. 9, which now has more than 2,700 likes. He said the informal rally isn’t meant to be divisive.
“I’ve tried to make it clear to the participants that this isn’t a right versus wrong (event), this isn’t a time to try to place blame,” Crain said. “This is just to say, hey, we are supporters of the Beavercreek police department.”"
One man shooting another dead is certainly an event that demands an evaluation of right versus wrong. It sounds like this pastor has a conflict of interest.

Premier Health to implement own health insurance. The more competition, the better.

Health Care

Now crop pests threaten world food supply. Be very afraid. I get that just as government's health care system breeds superbugs, government's food system breeds super-pests, but come on. This is fearmongering to benefit Big Ag.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


EU bans high energy appliances.


In the past, Obama admitted any executive action to grant amnesty to illegal aliens would break the law. While true, he only said that because it politically expedient at the time. The most lawless president of my lifetime doesn't care.

I still suspect these rumors are intended to enable Republicans to pass something and Obama won't act through executive order because he doesn't want the backlash.


Roger Goodell caves to politics and threatens harsher penalties for domestic violence. He's allowing people who politically invested in the term overrule the people who investigated the facts because sports in the US has become fully politicized.

After getting slammed for her silence on the Ferguson shooting and for her criticism of Obama, Clinton praises Obama for his handling of Ferguson. What a suck-up. He did nothing.

Has Hillary ever been right? That's a good question.

Twice as many people strongly disapprove of Obama as strongly approve. He doesn't care.


Google testing delivery drones in Australia with goal of competing with Amazon.


Ukraine claims Russia invaded with columns of armor, but Putin denies and Obama fails to accuse Russia of invading. The US is covering Ukraine with satellites. If Russia invaded, show is pictures. I'm skeptical of the claim Ukraine captured Russian paratroopers in Ukraine.

This makes me suspect the Ukrainians are lying.
"Anticipating the possibility of direct combat between Ukrainian and Russian troops, the council later announced it had reimposed mandatory military service, suspended last year."
Lies for domestic consumption so they can implement military slavery.

On the other hand, NATO satellite photos supposedly show Russia troops fighting Ukrainian troops in Ukraine. More.
"According to a statement posted on the NATO website, the photos "confirmed what NATO and its Allies had been seeing for weeks from other sources.""
Why did it take weeks to get satellite photos? There's so much lying going from everybody involved.

Now Russia hackers are blamed for attacking all the big banks. There's still no way to know if it was Russians or a false flag. Banking representative unaware of significant cyber-attack. So much for that alarmism.

Obama admits he has no strategy for dealing with ISIS.

ISIS waterboarded prisoners. This puts the US in a bad spot.

Police State

Blaming Reagan for the surveillance state because of executive order 12333 from 1981.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Federal Reserve

Argentine peso continues collapse.


Immigration courts overwhelmed just like Obama planned.
"Two top federal judges Wednesday said the nation’s immigration courts are in chaos, with the backlog of cases at an historic high of 375,000 for just 227 judges, leading to a minimum three-year delay in hearings for illegal immigrants."
Cloward and Piven.

Global Warming and Energy

Suggestion that bombing Iceland volcano may reduce risk to air travel.

No matter how many studies shoot down global warming frauds, they keep popping back up, bouyed by nearly inexhaustible tax dollars.

Democrats unhappy with Obama's plan to push global warming agenda through UN, but he doesn't care because he's not running again.

Articles about safe, clean energy might as well grow on trees, but I don't see them built anywhere.

Coal is the fuel of the present and future.


Socialism is not the solution to wildfires.

Central California wells run dry.


The Israeli government has solidly supported the rebels in Syria. Now they have captured the pass to Israel and threaten Israel. Oops.

US not-so-intelligent intel reports 300 Americans are fighting with ISIS. They're only a threat if the socialist security agencies let them come back. Don't do that. Spend your tens of billions making sure that doesn't happen. Second American fighting with ISIS killed. That's one less we have to worry about.

Did Russian hackers attack JPMorgan or was it a false flag? Either could be true.


Department of Transportation gives notice of pending mandate for vehicle to vehicle communication.

Comcast uses regulation to quash competition exactly as one would expect. Since the government makes that option available, corporate officers have a fiduciary duty to do so.


Because big business is dependent on government, big business in Scotland, dependent on UK government, is against independence.

Rand Paul blames Hillary's war hawk policies for wars and crises in Middle East.

The ESPN report on Michael Samm's showers was even more idiotic than every other report about a seventh round draft pick. This shows how crappy ESPN has become.

I'd be surprised if Scott Walker is really tied with a Democrat challenger in Wisconsin.

Police State

Ohio Supreme Court says police can keep secret threats against governor. What purpose does that serve?

The Pentagon is purposely escalating the police war against Americans.
"Analyst Noel Brinkerhoff points out that the Pentagon’s 1033 program specifies that “any participating law enforcement agency must use its equipment within one year of receiving it. If they don’t, they have to give it up.”
If a police department wants combat gear, it can get it, and once the department has that gear, it will use it. In fact, the Feds will require that they invent a “need” where none exists. This helps explain why routine police calls are now treated as potential military engagements."

Now the TSA is forcing travelers to declare prescription drugs and show their prescriptions.


Sinclair goes deeper into drone business.

Protesters want federal investigation into Beavercreek Walmart shooting, probably because they're counting on Obama and Holder to politicize it.

Tax and Spend

Government scientists experiment whether universe is a hologram. That's stuff few people would pay for voluntarily.

Experiment claims to prove hydrogen fusion powers the sun by detecting ghostly neutrinos, but it sounds like noise overwhelms the signal, and you can't subtract out noise because of the nature of noise. Maybe their using the term noise when they mean other signals, but this sounds like a case of confirmation bias. I'll bet there's a retraction eventually, like with the supposed confirmation of cosmic inflation. Wal Thornhill explains they can't tell the difference between fusion in the center of the sun and fusion on the surface.

Warren Buffett's involvement in Burger King's transfer to Canada puts Obama in a bad spot. Dozens of companies have done the same since Obama was elected..He could resolve that by dramatically cutting taxes.


Ohio bill would prohibit teaching scientific method. Government doesn't like science, so this makes sense from its point of view.

Students wouldn't have to worry about Michelle Obama's food dictates if they weren't locked into socialist prison schools.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tax and Spend

Over 45 million Americans have been on food stamps for 37 months.

Burger King to take over Tim Hortons and incorporate in Canada to avoid the highest corporate tax rate in the supposedly civilized world.

While I'm all for cleaning up space junk, this plan is just a way to steal money from taxpayers and enrich Lockheed-Martin plutocrats.


Jerry Brown invites all Mexicans including illegal aliens to California.


Statistics from Walter Williams show blacks grew up in two parent households for most of the post slavery era until today.
"Coupled with the dramatic breakdown in the black family structure has been an astonishing growth in the rate of illegitimacy. The black illegitimacy rate in 1940 was about 14 percent; black illegitimacy today is over 70 percent, and in some cities, it is over 80 percent."
"The point of bringing up these historical facts is to ask this question, with a bit of sarcasm: Is the reason the black family was far healthier in the late 1800s and 1900s that back then there was far less racial discrimination and there were greater opportunities? Or did what experts call the “legacy of slavery” wait several generations to victimize today’s blacks?"
Williams is saying that the breakdown of the black family is the major cause of black social problems, but he doesn't explain why black families have broken down, and the biggest factor is government. Socialist schools and interventionist economic policies cause high black unemployment. Throw in the minimum wage, the war on drugs, and welfare, and this is terrible for black families. The government is waging war on all families, and as with all government policies, poor and black families suffer the worse from it.

Blacks know race relations have deteriorated since Obama took office, but I wonder if they blame Obama.

Claim that the state rose as revolutionary monarchs wrestled power from the church.
"Eventually the Hapsburgs, “provoked beyond endurance by the Protestant challenge to their throne, launched the Thirty Years War in a last ditch effort to restore the Imperial power in Germany if not throughout Europe.”
The war ended with the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, marking the triumph of the monarch over both the Empire and the Church.  The Emperor lost any pretension of rule over other rulers, as firm lines were drawn with clear sovereignty within each border.  The conflicting power that was a landmark of medieval decentralization throughout Europe came to a final (at least for now :-) ) end."
"The struggle against the nobility was marked with a gradual eroding of the idea of law by custom – the old and good law of the Middle Ages.  The king was determined not to be limited to merely enforcing the law (with his decision subject to veto by any noble), but would also create law."
We see how that worked out.
"A measure of the success in this transition can be marked by the accession of Charles I in England in 1625, when for the first time a new king in England felt sufficiently secure to refrain from executing the noblemen of his predecessor – the nobility had been neutered.
In place of the old and good law, Roman law – useful for centralizing power – was once again introduced.
Whichever way one looks at it, the dawning age of absolutism found rulers raised to splendid heights rarely attained, if indeed contemplated, by their relatively humble medieval predecessors.
Sadly, for the rest of us."
It got a lot worse.

Government in a city-state.

I'm positive animals are smarter than experts think, but I bet this article is about trying to give them human rights.


It should go without saying that you can't centrally plan an economy with spreadsheets or any other way, but Argentina tried and failed.

Four charts highlight new, increasing misery index.


Obama sends surveillance flights over Syria despite warning from Assad.

An Americans named Douglas McAuthur McCain, who converted to Islam a few years ago, died fighting for ISIS.

Ukrainian troops capture Russian paratroopers in Ukraine. Putin's just lost the PR battle.

NATO plans to put bases on Russia's border.  What could go wrong?

Palestinians happy for ceasefire. Then why do they empower Hamas to keep restarting the war by firing more rockets? Note to the Palestinian people: Hamas's rockets aren't working out for you.

Get the US Coast Guard out of the Middle East


Crawford's family wants all the Walmart video released, and so do I. Withholding it is not in the interest of justice.
"UPDATE at 11:44 a.m.: The attorney for the family of John Crawford III has finished speaking.
He said: "From what we've seen, John had no opportunity to put the gun down."
UPDATE at 11:30 a.m.: The attorney for the family of John Crawford III is now speaking to the media.
Attorney Michael Wright said: "We need Mike DeWine to refer this case to the Department of Justice. Not to a special prosecutor."
Wright said Crawford did nothing wrong in Walmart. "Nothing more, nothing less than shopping."
Wright, who has seen store surveillance video of the shooting incident, said Crawford was shot while talking on the phone, holding the butt of the gun with the barrel pointed at the floor.
He said Crawford was "shot on sight" in a "militaristic" response."
It sounds like they're disputing the cops told him to drop the gun. I doubt Walmart has audio.

Law firm sues Goodsports for non-payment for work on Huber Heights project attached to music boondoggle.

When you're a socialist, you might as well shut down interstates on the busiest weekend of the year because you won't lose any money.

Water main break on North Dixie.

Police State

Ostensibly to fight cell phone theft, California passes law to shut down all cell phones. I notice they don't have a law requiring kill switches on cars.

Here's a good quote describing cops' rapists mentality.
"“If you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you.”—Sunil Dutta, an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department for 17 years"
No doubt rapists say the same thing.

Police departments "lost" weapons supplied by the Pentagon. Lost. Right.

Freedom of Speech

Global map of internet censorship.

Global Warming and Energy

Climate geoengineering because of tiny natural variation is nuts. To combat an ice age, maybe not so nuts.

Australia's Bureau of Meteorology busted for changing temperature records of stations.
"Translated: So the Amberley thermometer might have secretly moved (and that might be classified) but we are sure it shifted one way or the other. Even though we don’t know where it was before, or how much difference that makes, we can figure out what the thermometers should have been recording in 1941 because of other stations which are hundreds of kilometers away. "

Australian scientist calls for people to be fired. Good for her.

Somebody discovered burning trash creates air pollution.

Energy storage can't make up for intermittent renewable energy deficits from wind or solar.

Obama wants the UN to pass climate rules so he can use that an excuse to trash our economy further.

Health Care

Twelve year old girl dies from forced HPV vaccination.

Praise for raw milk cheese.

The VA investigated itself and found no proof veterans died waiting for care.

This criticism of the recently announced CDC cover-up of a link between vaccines and autism seems more like personal attacks than science.

Monday, August 25, 2014


S&P 500 hits new record high.

Federal Reserve

I don't think this is this complicated.
"On the one hand, the Fed insists the economy is expanding and all is well. If this is true, then the Fed should allow interest rates to normalize, i.e. be unleashed from the Fed's financial prison and allowed to rise to whatever the market of borrowers and lenders sets as fair in the current climate. But the Fed also insists that it cannot allow rates to rise. If this is true, then it means the economy is weaker than the Fed would have us believe.
These are contradictory, but the Fed would have us believe both conditions are true. The Fed's job as the authority figure is to convince us the economy is expanding at a healthy clip, but interest rates cannot be allowed to rise because the economy is fragile and ill."
Their just lying.

ECB to do its own QE.

Health Care

National Geographic has something positive to say about the paleo diet.

Doctor and unidentified CDC whistleblower team up to expose conspiracy to cover up link between vaccines and autism.
"Dr. Hooker notes that the CDC used children under the age of 3 for a comparison (control) group, which is an intentional way of skewing results of its studies involving any alleged link between vaccines and autism.  Symptoms of autism generally don’t emanate among children till after age 3 and the control group was too young to have received a diagnosis of autism, he notes."
No news coverage.

Medical studies use poor statistical practices to promote vaccines.

Obamacare to pay for sex transplants.

Wild Cambodian rats are considered a health food.

Tax and Spend

Burger King hopes to leave the US for lower taxes in Canada by buying Tim Horton's.

Police State

Terrorist threat in context.
"Rep. Mike Rogers (R.-Mich.), the unintelligent chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that ISIS is “one plane ticket away from U.S. shores.” Meanwhile, there have been 42 shootings in Chicago since Friday."
Not only that, but we spend tens of billions on intelligence. When ISIS fighters land here, arrest them. Spy on them instead of us.

Not too long ago, NSA claimed it didn't share its information with law enforcement agencies. Those agencies were supposedly unhappy. It was a lie. NSA has built a google-like search engine for other agencies to search its databases.
"The National Security Agency is secretly providing data to nearly two dozen U.S. government agencies with a “Google-like” search engine built to share more than 850 billion records about phone calls, emails, cellphone locations, and internet chats, according to classified documents obtained by The Intercept.
The documents provide the first definitive evidence that the NSA has for years made massive amounts of surveillance data directly accessible to domestic law enforcement agencies. Planning documents for ICREACH, as the search engine is called, cite the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration as key participants."
The truth comes out. More.

Good cops get isolated and left to fend for themselves or kicked off the force.

Prosecutors gone wild are pressuring foreign banks to abandon the dollar.

Police have killed over 5,000 Americans since 9/11.

The advance of socialist policing has had a predictable effect.
"The killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager, by Ferguson police is just one of countless stories we see daily in which police use overwhelming force against unarmed citizens. The police, in the aftermath, only receive raises and huge pensions. Indeed, year after year, the cost and scope of police forces grow higher and higher while the quality of service (the percentage of murders solved has dropped from 91 percent to 61 percent since 1963) continues to go down. "
More violence. More failure.

Government to track misinformation on Twitter.


Ukraine's coupmeisters claim Russian tanks entered Ukraine.
"Col. Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for Ukraine’s National Security Council, told reporters that the column of 10 tanks, two armoured vehicles and two trucks crossed the border near Shcherbak and that the nearby city of Novoazovsk was shelled during the night from Russia. He said they were Russian military vehicles bearing the flags of the separatist Donetsk rebels."
Russia denies.

All this fearmongering about ISIS is an admission that the war on terror is a failure at making us safer.

Saudi Arabia beheads people as a matter of policy.
"Furthermore, on the same day Foley was allegedly being decapitated, 19 people in Saudi Arabia, a close US ally, were publicly beheaded for various crimes. One of the men was executed for witchcraft. There was no outcry at all over this medieval horror. Saudi Arabia is suspected of charging political opponents of the monarchy with drug offenses, which carry the penalty of beheading by a sword-wielding executioner. Not a peep about this in the US media trumpeting the Foley story."
But the Saudis sell oil denominated in dollars.
"Democracies should not allow themselves to be provoked by malefactors. But that’s just what ISIS members are now doing by mounting its video horror show. We must ask, why? Why are they trying to goad the US into broader and deeper military intervention into Iraq and Syria, where they live?
Could it be part of Osama bin Laden’s clearly expressed plan to drive the US out of the Mideast by luring it into a number of small wars, slowly bleeding the American colossus? So far, by invading Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and parts of Pakistan, the US may have stumbled right into Osama’s carefully laid trap.
Or is the orchestrated outrage over Foley the media prelude to direct US intervention in Syria where the jihadists backed by Washington are losing. It’s all very confusing. In Iraq, ISIS are demon terrorists. But across the border in Syria, they are on our side, fighting against the “terrorist” regime of Basher Assad.
We are tripping over our terrorists. Osama must be smiling."
Once again US warmongers are on the same side as the terrorists.

UAE and Egypt attack Libyan militia.


After nominating a terrible candidate, Democrats are conceding the Ohio gubernatorial race to Kasich.

French government resigns over economic policies.

Propaganda now says, even though Republicans will likely win control of the Senate, they won't do it by much, so that's a defeat.


Al Sharpton invited to politicize Beavercreek Walmart shooting at protest.

Another phony meeting regarding the bike trail by Austin Landing.

Global Warming and Energy

Glaciers forming in Scotland.
"This is how ice ages start – a buildup of snow which does not melt in the Summer, which leads to a positive feedback loop, as the growing ice sheet reflects more and more sunlight back into space."

After NOAA was busted for manipulating temperature data, now Australia's Met Office is busted for the same thing.

Weakest solar wind of the space age.

Greenland ice researcher unexpectedly discovered link between solar activity and climate change. He must have been an idiot for that to have been unexpected.

Global warming frauds forced to admit urban heat island effect, but of course they discount it.

Climate fraud wishes Americans suffer a lot of hurricane damage.

Here's another article pushing people to eat insects.

Because South Korea's coal plants are so efficient, exporting coal from the US to South Korea could cut green gas emissions by 21 percent. Wow.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


China plans to build a supersonic submarine.

Tax and Spend

Argentina not only defaults, it plans to reject the law under which it borrowed.
"Many also cast doubt on whether the plan is even feasible. One of the holdout hedge funds, Aurelius Capital Management, said Argentina’s leaders had “chosen to be outlaws” with the plan. New York Judge Thomas Griesa on Thursday said it was “illegal”, although he stopped short of declaring Buenos Aires in contempt of court, “for the moment”."
All governments are brigands.

Police State

Governments can track cell phones anywhere in the world.

Of course cops use police databases to screen women from dating sites. They use them to advance their personal interests.


TV ad buys drop for the first time since the recession. The article blames audiences moving online, but they've been doing that the whole time. This is sign of economic problems.


One case for Scottish independence advocates making Scotland a relatively free market haven like Hong Kong. That's a good start.
"There’s no reason (from a purely economic point of view) why Scotland cannot be a roaring success as an independent nation, as long as it embraces free markets, rejects state intervention and provides legal security. Unfortunately, the majority of Scottish voters view things very differently. They believe North Sea oil will be part of the independence settlement, and that oil and whisky revenue will pay for welfare and pensions. They hanker after increased socialisation of the means of production, providing an intellectual gloss for the unthinking majority that simply wants more for less."
Sounds unlikely.

Rand Paul calls Hillary a war hawk.

Federal Reserve

Fed officers know the economy hasn't been fixed.
"However, as we got closer and closer to the Fed’s target unemployment rate of 6.5% the more we have been hearing from Janet Yellen about “labor market imperfections.” She has changed her tune and instead of touting the decreases in the unemployment rate, she is talking about all the people working part-time when they would prefer to work full time and the decline in the labor participation rate. In truth the Fed did not fix the economy. In other words, she is searching for a justification to continue the money printing if the bubbles start leaking again."
Start leaking again? When did the stop?


History of ISIS is a history of US war in Iraq and Syria as it was born with the name Jama’at al Tawhid w’al Jihad when the US invaded Iraq in 2003.

I heard Charles Krauthammer claim Israel carries out the most surgical war of any country in the world, but Victor Davis Hansen likens the Israeli war in Gaza to Lincoln and Sherman's march of destruction through the south.

Criticism of Putin for imposing a food embargo on Russians.


Dayton racino opens Thursday.

Some stupid bystander called 911 and told the dispatcher the man in the Beavercreek Walmart was trying to load a rifle that looked like an AR15although it was a pellet that looked nothing like an AR15, and that led to cops killing the man. That stupid see something, say something advice got this innocent man killed.
"Conversely, dispatchers advised officers a person, Ritchie, was monitoring the situation. Ritchie said later he was close as 50 feet away from Crawford, and said he moved up to get a closer view, even though that was “not a good idea, but it happened.”"
It doesn't sound like this guy thought the victim was a threat.
"On Tuesday, Michael Wright, the Dayton attorney retained by the Crawford family, saw part of Walmart’s in-store surveillance video footage provided by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. DeWine and Wright have agreed they will not provide any descriptions of the events contained in the 6-minute surveillance video.
With Crawford’s father, Wright insisted that the footage demonstrates that Crawford posed no threat to anyone as he shopped inside Walmart."
That's obvious after the fact.
"“He (Crawford) was not doing anything wrong in the store,” Wright told this newspaper. “He wasn’t doing anything menacing. He wasn’t pointing the gun at folks and waving it around. He wasn’t loading it as previously indicated.”
Wright said Crawford was holding in one hand a cell phone and holding with the other hand the airgun rifle."
So the cops lied and the DDN has dutifully repeated the lies to influence the jury pool.
"The Beavercreek police dispatch center received a 911 call reporting a man “waving a rifle-type weapon at customers, including children,” according to police."
Why say "including children"? This 911 caller is suspicious.
"Ritchie, the first of five people to call 911 but the only one who called before the shooting, was on the phone with a police dispatcher as he and his wife, April, watched Crawford, and continued to follow him from a distance."
Neither her nor his wife acted as if the guy was a threat. The first thing a person scared of a guy with a rifle would do is get his wife to safety.
"Crawford was not pointing the rifle as if he were aiming it, but “waving” the device at passers-by, he said."
Not threatening.
"“I heard, ‘Put it down! Put it down!’” April Ritchie recalled. “I heard two shots after I saw him turn. He still had the weapon in his hand.”
“The gentleman decided to swing the rifle to the officer pointing at them,” Ronald Ritchie said this newspaper. “That’s when the officer shot him twice.”"
He should have put it down.
"But Crawfords parents and their attorney said the surveillance video shows the shooting was unjust.
“The surveillance video supported exactly what we believed to be true,” Wright said in a statement. “This video showed that absolutely this young man, John Crawford III, was killed without justification or cause.”
“I watched my son get murdered by law enforcement,” Crawford’s father said after watching the video.
The video does not show any police, nor does it show Crawford interacting with anyone, officers or shoppers, Wright said. It showed him looking at a shelf and talking on a cell phone.
“He was in a isolated location, standing by himself, not facing the direction of the officers,” Wright said. “The video really shows no interaction between him and the police officers.”
He said “ Crawford never approached the officers, never aimed the BB gun at them, or otherwise was aggressive in anyway. He was shot on sight.”
Asked what he saw in the video that might have led to officers shooting Crawford, Wright said, “That’s what we are wondering — why he was shot.”
“The video is going to show everything,” he said. “We are just waiting until that is released.”"
If the video exonerated the police, they would have released it already.
"On Wednesday, Darkow returns to police duty, while Williams remained on administrative leave, according to Stephen McHugh, Beavercreek’s city attorney."
Paid vacation.

More chaos for Huber Heights's music boondoggle.
"More than $1.25 million in VIP area and concession stand upgrades to Huber Heights’ $18 million music center remains on the table, and it’s unclear when — if at all — the city will move forward with the additional costs.
The projects remain in limbo after it was revealed last week in the Administration Committee that a pair of music center change orders approved earlier this year set the stage for these additional costs, but staff did not communicate that information to council at the time.
The two change orders totaling $323,751 impacting the two main concession stands and the VIP concession stand were approved in May and June of this year.
That dollar amount was taken from the contingency fund, which is part of the music center’s $18 million budget, city officials said."
What a joke. The fix was already in, and now they're pretending it wasn't.

Butler Country order striking family services workers to cease and desist.

Lebanon auto supply company locks out union workers.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Foreign Policy

Western tyrants pressured 200 trucks carrying aid supplies to Ukraine to return to Russia, giving Russia another publicity coup. This is stupid. Putin looks like a genius next to Obama.

Police State

Stooge Obama answering to his handlers is "reviewing" military equipment sent to police forces. I'm not joking.