Saturday, December 20, 2014


Debt collectors hound millions of retired Americans.

Health Care

Flu outbreak spreading rapidly in US. The CDC's false sense of security makes things worse.

Police State

When justice is denied, people engage in revenge. Man executes two New York City policemen in revenge for Garner's killing. Nothing good comes from corruption of justice, that's why the private sector should handle it.

Glenn Greenwald slams Judge Posner for saying privacy is overrated.
"Using his reasoning, Judge Posner, with regard to a trust account of which he’s the trustee, is “concealing the sorts of bad activities that would cause other people not to want to deal with [him].” Note how, in his 2010 Financial Disclosure Report, he tries to hide this information and keep it private (via Dave Maass):"
No dissent is allowed.


Americans support the CIA's harsh interrogation techniques 2-1, so Feinstein's political move seems to have backfired.

People love, then hate, then love NSA spying.

Foreign Policy

US asks China for help dealing with Sony hack. Where is the super-NSA?

North Korea denies perpetrating Sony hack.

Critics skeptical of FBI's evidence against North Korea.

Sony hackers mock FBI.

Leaked email shows CIA met with Sony. The CIA is still manipulating the media.

Freedom of Speech

Expiring copyright means better products for consumers.

Hollywood is waging war on Google because they believe it promotes copyright violation.


Police carrying narcon credited with saving lives of people who overdosed on heroin.

Huber Heights's council's TIF to steal more money leads to flap with mayor.
"McMasters said he will not issue a retraction, but he did note he would not have distributed the flyer had he known the proposed TIF district was non-school."
The mayor is not invited to their secret meetings. Huber's apex thieves are making the amateur mayor look like a clown because he's trying to limit their thieving.
"“We’ve asked, pleaded and begged for you to be the mayor and work with the city,” Schommer said to McMasters. “This is completely inaccurate and it’s dangerously misleading residents.”"
I don't believe that for a second. These are the same people who wanted to recall the mayor.

Protesters want RTA buses to run over people at Dayton Mall entrances. These buses are menaces. They should be banned. The RTA is just another excuse to steal people's money.

Nationwide protests against police killings shut down Beavercreek Walmart.

War on Drugs

100 years of the war on drugs.
"The War on Drugs was initiated by legislation that was passed not to help drug addicts and protect the innocent, but rather was designed to control and marginalize minority groups and to push the United States into a leadership role in world diplomatic affairs."
And it's still that way today.


The depression of 1920-1921 cured itself because government didn't intervene.

Birds evacuate before tornadoes, most likely sensing the electricity that spawns them. This is similar to the way animals evacuate before earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunami, most likely for the same reason.

Indian volcanic eruptions implicated in dinosaur extinction.

Global Warming and Energy

NASA satellite shows tremendous, unexpected CO2 over South America and southern Africa. Those locations, China and Indonesia show far more CO2 than the US and Europe. The global frauds sank themselves with this satellite.


Over a thousand Israeli bigwigs have signed a letter asking the EU to recognize Palestine as a country.
"We believe that the independence of the Palestinian people in a state of their own, next to the State of Israel, is the basis for peace, and therefore as important for Israelis as it is for Palestinians. This, by the way, has been my firm conviction ever since the 1948 war."
Sounds better than what they're suffering today.

I don't know how Palestinians can blame Israel for breaking a ceasefire for retaliating against a missile attack and taking out that missile battery. Maybe Israel didn't target the missile battery.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Foregn Policy

After caving by not releasing "The Interview", Sony CEO denies caving. Emails reveal Sony execs thought the movie would flop. So did I.

Raul Castro's daughter promises Cuba will not become Americanized.


Obama signs law forcing new sanctions on Russia the day after he correctly explained sanctions don't work and used that as a reason to normalize relations with Cuba.


Ohio's jobless rate fell to lowest level since bubble. Bubble bubble, toil and trouble.

Housing bubble in Miami.

Dominated by government, Americans aren't working.
"Fewer Americans born in the U.S. have jobs now than were employed to November 2007, despite a working-age population growth of 11 million.
The amazing drop in employment highlights President Barack Obama’s slow recovery from the deep 2008 shock, but also spotlights many companies’ growing reliance on foreign migrant labor.
Almost one in every two jobs added since 2009 have gone to foreign-born workers."

Immigrants get all the new jobs.
"All of the net gains in in jobs since 2007 have gone to immigrants — both legal and illegal — according to a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies, meaning that fewer native-born Americans are working today than were at the end of 2007."
The US doesn't work for Americans any more.

US debt continues to skyrocket while production remains low.


Tree, not antiquated power lines, blamed for power outage.


CIA official becomes deputy national security adviser. The CIA is still in charge.


Deportations drop in 2014.

Police State

More on the SS7 cellphone carrier system flaw.
"The flaws, to be reported at a hacker conference in Hamburg this month, are actually functions built into SS7 for other purposes – such as keeping calls connected as users speed down highways, switching from cell tower to cell tower – that hackers can repurpose for surveillance because of the lax security on the network. It is thought that these flaws were used for bugging German Chancellor Angela's Merkel's phone. Those skilled at the housekeeping functions built into SS7 can locate callers anywhere in the world, listen to calls as they happen or record hundreds of encrypted calls and texts at a time for later decryption (Google translation of German original). There is also potential to defraud users and cellular carriers by using SS7 functions, the researchers say. This is another result of security being considered only after the fact, as opposed to being part of the initial design."
This shows the NSA isn't interested in security since it took advantage of this flaw but kept it secret. This is the kind of stuff the NSA is inserting into base technology, making us all less safe.

Hacks of government skyrocket.

To say FBI agents usually mishandle evidence is giving them the benefit of the doubt they don't deserve. This is corruption.

Turkey arrests critics of government on terrorism charges. This is what the war on terror has always been about.

So police, firefighters and security guards are the most obese workers in America followed by social workers, clergy and counselors. That's a big, government fat party.

Health Care

Exercise cannot be replaced with a pill.

Exercise changes your DNA.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Federal Reserve

Corporate crytpo-currency threatens to surpass Bitcoin.

The Fed pushes the Dow back up by promising to continue counterfeiting money.

New York real estate smashes records in 2014.

Strongest year for IPOs since boom and bust.

Police State

It sure seems the ruling class is blowing the hostage situation in Sidney out of proportion. It was in the financial district, so that may scare rulers, but it might have been a false flag.

Another of government's secret laws.
"Hidden in the law that authorized the government to spend more than it will collect was a part about funding for the 16 federal civilian intelligence agencies. And hidden in that was a clause, inserted by the same Senate Intelligence Committee that revealed the CIA torture, authorizing the National Security Agency to gather and retain nonpublic data for five years and to share it with law enforcement and with foreign governments. “Nonpublic data” is the government’s language referring to the content of the emails, text messages, telephone calls, bank statements, utility bills and credit card bills of nearly every innocent person in America – including members of Congress, federal judges, public officials and law enforcement officials. I say “innocent” because the language of this legislation – which purports to make lawful the NSA spying we now all know about – makes clear that those who spy upon us needn’t have any articulable suspicion or probable cause for spying."
Typical. The CIA torture report was a distraction.

The police state demands comply or die.

You don't have to do anything wrong to be harassed by the police.

Police quietly stop pursuing 79,000 felons once they cross state lines.
"The authorities had previously told the FBI – which maintains a vast index of the nation's fugitives – that they would arrest each of those suspects if police anywhere else in the United States happened to find them, a process known as extradition. But in each case, police and prosecutors have since indicated they will no longer fetch the fugitives if they flee."
And you thought government was trying to protect you.
"In March, a USA TODAY investigation identified thousands of fugitives who police said they would not pursue if they fled the state, usually because they did not want to spend the time or money needed to get them back. The decisions, typically made in secret, allowed old crimes to go unpunished and offered fugitives a virtual license to commit new ones, often as close as in the state next door."
But going after them would interfere with donut time.

The real problem with internet security is the underlying technology is flawed. In this case, the basic cell phone network protocols are flawed, allowing any hacker to listen to any call regardless of phone security.

Health Care

Global life expectancy may have risen since 1990, but what about since last year? Or the last five years?

More government failure: government does a terrible job preparing for disease.

I'm skeptical that ibuprofen can extend life twelve years, but since most disease and aging is caused by inflammation, I'm sure there are benefits if you don't ruin your kidneys.


Boko Haram kills 32 and kidnaps 100 women and children in Nigeria.

Nigeria sentences 54 soldiers to death.
"Nigeria on Wednesday sentenced 54 soldiers to death for mutiny, assault, cowardice and refusing to fight Islamic extremists.
The court-martial charges all were connected to the soldiers' refusal to deploy to recapture three towns seized by Boko Haram in August, according to the charge sheet."
More evidence for my suspicion Boko Haram controls the military or is the military.

US sends another 1,500 troops to Iraq.
"The top U.S. commander for the mission in Iraq and Syria said Thursday the next wave of American troops will begin moving into Iraq in a couple of weeks, and cautioned that it will take at least three years to build the capabilities of the Iraqi military."
We heard that for the first nine years of the last war in Iraq.

US troops actively combating ISIS in Iraq. These are combat troops. These are boots on the ground.

What were the harsh interrogations all about?
"They say they were after al-Qaeda’s alleged plans to carry out further strikes on the US homeland and American facilities abroad, but there is evidence in the report that their purpose was much more specific. Major Charles Burney, a psychiatrist who served at the Guantanamo Bay facility, told the committee that "a large part of the time we were focused on trying to establish a link between al-Qaeda and Iraq.""
No wonder they didn't get an actionable intelligence.
"That Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon posed a seemingly insoluble problem for the interrogators: however, the failure to produce results did not impress higher-ups in Washington. The torturers were told to get rougher: As Burney testified: "There was more and more pressure to resort to measures that might produce more immediate results.""
That suggests more involvement from the top.
""[F]or most of 2002 and into 2003, Cheney and Rumsfeld were also demanding proof of the links between al-Qaeda and Iraq. … There was constant pressure on the intelligence agencies and the interrogators to do whatever it took to get that information out of the detainees, and when people kept coming up empty, they were told by Cheney’s and Rumsfeld’s people to push harder."
Not Bush though.


Jeb Bush is praised by liberals, criticized by Republicans.


Gamma ray bursts common in terrestrial storms. This suggests all storms are electrically powered.

Picture claims to show where Rosetta's Philae lander is located on Comet 67P, but article claims scientists still haven't located it.

Scientists have discovered a way to determine cause and effect from observed correlated data. While this is wonderful for honest science, it will be used to further pervert politicized pseudo-science to mislead the people, and there's far more pseudo-science than honest science going on in the world.


Republicans are more resistant to Tesla's direct sale model than Democrats. This isn't just about dealers supporting Republicans. It's also about Democrats supporting the global warming fraud.

Foreign Policy

Hackers breach ICANN.

Response to Sony hack is absurd.
"Peter W. Singer, one of the nations foremost experts on cybersecurity, says Sony's reaction has been abysmal. "Here, we need to distinguish between threat and capability—the ability to steal gossipy emails from a not-so-great protected computer network is not the same thing as being able to carry out physical, 9/11-style attacks in 18,000 locations simultaneously. I can't believe I'm saying this. I can't believe I have to say this.""
No kidding. I think these theaters just didn't want their computers hacked.

Response gets even more absurd as Austin Alamo Draft House is forced to remove "Team America, World Police", which it had substituted to replace "The Interview".

Ransomware hackers are rolling in dough.
"Cybercriminals behind the TorrenLocker malware may have earned as much as $585,000 over several months from 39,000 PC infections worldwide, of which over 9,000 were from Australia."
If its' making that kind of money, this type of attack is going to explode.

Hillary taking credit for Cuba deal.


Wright-Patt claims to have $4 billion impact on local economy in 2013, but nobody counts what it takes from us. Every resource Wright-Patt consumers make the American people, and local people most of all, poorer.

Dayton considers moving Masonic Temple, Art Institute and Greek Church into 1st ward - downtown - to protect them from predatory residents threatening to vote the precinct dry.

Housing project near Oregon District receives $1.92 million in tax credits for historic sites.
"City Properties Group, which is based out of Louisville, Ky., was awarded the full amount of tax credits it requested, which is about one-quarter of the total project cost of $7.9 million."
You'd think Dayton's population was growing, not shrinking.

UD and a hospitality partner bought the old Marriott.
"Concord previously teamed with UD to take over and upgrade the Courtyard Dayton-University of Dayton hotel near UD Arena that was sold earlier this year. The Dayton Marriott will undergo a similar makeover and remain a full-service Marriott hotel."
So UD is in the hotel-flipping business.

When you have this much money, why not?
"At UD, Horner will oversee an annual budget of $405.7 million, an endowment of $518.2 million and net assets that have reached nearly $1.5 billion."
Yet tuition keeps climbing.

$2.5 million seems extravagant to upgrade a Clyo Rd. intersection.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Another asteroid with characteristics of a comet.

Global Warming and Energy

British rulers forced to release data showing their global warming policies will significantly increase the price of energy.

Federal Reserve

The fall of Russia's ruble parallels the fall of oil prices, showing fiat currently tends to track tax receipts. So US record US tax receipts are keeping the dollar afloat. I don't think it's the simple. The dollar rose in value during the last crash even though tax receipts fell.

Russians clearing shelves before prices go up.

Price of ground beef hits record high.


Republicans have largest House majority in 83 years, and they're going to use it to loot the dickens out of us.

Police State

Army launches spy blimp over Maryland.
"The project is called JLENS – or “Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System.” And you couldn’t come up with a better metaphor for wildly inflated defense contracts, a ponderous Pentagon bureaucracy, and the U.S. surveillance leviathan all in one."
As I advocated decades ago, they should use these to stop illegal aliens, not spy on Americans. But they can never be trusted to do the right thing.

Man found guilty of murdering an exchange student in bizarre case.
"Prosecutors maintained that after the previous burglary, Kaarma was intent on luring an intruder into his garage and then harming that person. That night, Kaarma left his garage door partially open with a purse inside. "
Even though the victim shouldn't have entered the garage, that sounds like murder to me.
"At trial, neighbors testified that Kaarma's girlfriend, Janelle Pflager, told them of the couple's plans to bait an intruder and catch a burglar themselves because they believed police weren't responding to area break-ins. "
This bizarre case was a result of more government failure.

Because the government is erasing the Fourth Amendment, police are killing more people.

TSA chief resigns to cash in in the academic sector.

Silk Road defendant already denied what passes for a fair trial.

Cops are most obese workers in America.

Foreign Policy

Obama to normalize relations with Cuba. Good for him. Too bad he did it secretly. Republicans are unhappy. God forbid Americans and Cubans engage in voluntary, mutually beneficial trade.

Cuba and Russia have a security and spy exchange agreement.


American plumber's truck bought and used by Syrian terrorists.

Navy develops a drone that looks like a shark, eschewing more stealthy fish because sharks kill people.


Technology blamed for stagnant wages.

Top five theaters refuse "The Interview" because of threats, so Sony cancels movie's release. Government fails. The terrorists win.

Manufacturer's backdoor found in popular Chinese Android phone.

Invest in farming.
"Oil, which is the largest and most important commodity for everybody, is down. The Saudis are dumping oil because America told them to. America’s having negotiations with Iran and a situation with Russia so they’re trying to put pressure on both of them. The Saudis are very happy to go along with it and cooperate because the Saudis are trying to do something about the frackers in the United States. If they can put some of them out of business or even cause problems in that industry it will certainly slow the fracking in the US. It is a fairly high-cost way to get oil and gas, and that will slow the huge new supplies of oil coming on-stream. So the Saudis have an economic reason to do it and a political reason given the US is sort of their masters who tell them what to do and how to live life. From the Saudis’ point of view it’s understandable that they would do it and they are doing it. I don’t know how long it’s going to go on. And by the way, I certainly did not anticipate that this would happen because it’s not based on economics, it’s based on politics, and I didn’t see it coming. That’s what’s going on with oil."
I said the same thing.

Wealth gap between rich and middle class reaches new record.

Freedom of Speech

Sony hackers reveal MPAA is trying to delist servers from the DNS system in the name of protecting copyrights.

After a month or so, investigators have discovered what we all knew: the Sony hackers work for North Korea. You can't anything past those investigators.

In another example of government failure, US lost first cyberwar to North Korea. Nice job, NSA.

Health Care

Establishment theory of hearth attacks is wrong.


Theaters withdraw "The Interview" because of threats from Sony hackers.

Global Warming and Energy

Claim that radiation levels in the US are up to 500 times higher than last year. I doubt that could be from Fukushima.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Jeb Bush is in, quickly becomes favorite of donors.

Obama even does executive orders secretly.
"President Obama has issued a form of executive action known as the presidential memorandum more often than any other president in history — using it to take unilateral action even as he has signed fewer executive orders."
He makes every crook that came before him look like a piker.


Federal court declares Obama's amnesty unconstitutional.
"The judge, Arthur Schwab, declared that “inaction by Congress does not make unconstitutional executive action constitutional… [and Obama’s] executive action goes beyond prosecutorial discretions — it is legislation.”
The president can only use his claim of prosecutorial discretion to let deputies make case-by-case decisions, not to grant work permits en-masse to 5 million illegals, the court said.
“The court holds that [Obama’s Nov. 20] Executive Action is unconstitutional because it violates the separation of powers and the Take Care Clause of the Constitution,” concluded the decision, which was decided in the U.S. Court of the Western District of Pennsylvania."
That's an unusually honest ruling.


Man who waterboarded Khalid Sheik Mohammad claims he predicted liberal media would turn on him and accuse him of torture. That's convenient. It may also be true.

US and western sanctions may be taking down the Russian economy, but they may take down the world economy.

Special Forces conducts urban training in Dallas.

Taliban kills 141, 132 of which are school children. The war on terror is so successful.

Tax and Spend

NASA is a corrupt, looting bureaucracy like every other.

Comets have methane. Titan has methane. Now NASA has discovered methane on Mars, but it wants us to believe it was produced by life so we'll pay for more outrageously expensive missions to Mars.

Failure of Rosetta comet scientists doomed Philae lander.
"History shows that many revolutionary breakthroughs have come from individuals, often self-taught ‘eminent outsiders,’ who see problems through ‘beginner’s eyes.’ But since the world wars of the early 20th century, a fire-hose of government funding for institutionalized science and education, together with the dead hand of anonymous academic peer-review, has worked to exclude the innovators."
Great quote.

46 million on food stamps for 37 straight months or more.

65 percent of children live in households receiving Federal aid.

Foreign Policy

Denmark joins Russia and Canada making claim to North Pole.

Police State

Court rejects warrantless video of man's yard.

Claim the police killed the hostages in Australia.

Government failure in Australia, but nobody will pay a price. This is another inherent flaw in socialism. 

 Verizon's supposed end-to-end encryption calling service has a backdoor for NSA.


Crawford family sues Beavercreek policemen who killed him.
"The family contends that Walmart is just as responsible for their son’s death as the police because the store was negligent. They allowed the bb gun to remain on the shelf unsecured and out of the package as it sat on the shelf for several days, the attorneys said. Also, a store clerk saw Crawford walking around the store with the bb gun and contacted a manager about it, the attorneys noted.
Had the Walmart staff taken steps to package the gun, perhaps Crawford would still be alive, the attorney said.
“Customers are not supposed to be shot on sight when they are shopping at Walmart,” an attorney said.
The family is also holding Walmart responsible because the staff knew that another shopper saw him walking around the store with the gun and alerted police, “and they had the duty to make sure that Crawford and the other customers are safe,” the attorney said."
That's how they plan to get around government's liability limit.
"Ronald Ritchie, the shopper who called 911, made a mistake by assuming the gun Crawford was carrying was real. However, the police officers should have assessed the situation when they arrived at the scene, the family and their attorneys said."
"“You don’t get a pass because you have a side arm and a shield,” said Crawford’s father, John Crawford Jr."
Yes, they did, unfortunately.

How bad is security at Dayton Racino that it allowed an elderly couple to be kidnapped at gunpoint?

Federal Reserve

Russia cranks up interest rate to 17 percent to fend of US and western sanctions.

Banks lower lending standards to pre-crisis levels.

War on Drugs

Teen marijuana use declines and states legalize.

Tax and Spend

China dumps treasuries.


Republicans are doing just what they said they'd do: bringing in more foreigners. Apparently this is a shock to stupid people.


Why are people surprised that establishment tool Chris Christie loves establishment tool Barack Obama? This is exactly what both experience and rational thought would predict.


Scientists surprised to find lightning on Venus, as if an atmosphere is non-conductive.

Global Warming and Energy

Michael Mann to give lecture on unethical behavior. He should know.

After all the propaganda, even the AP and Drudge acknowledge electric cars aren't green.


Finally an informed, rational analysis of the Diane Feinstein's personal vendetta report attacking the CIA. Spoiler: nobody fares well.
"Why go to that trouble? Because it appears to me that what the Senate discovered might only be the tip of the iceberg in terms of what actually occurred, and the only way to get at the truth and come to some reconciliation over the horrors perpetrated by our government on our behalf would be to talk to the guys who were tightening the thumb screws."
Now you're talking.
"Against legal advice, in 2005 Jose Rodriguez ordered destroyed the 92 interrogation videotapes that were maintained at a black prison site in Thailand. This was a federal offense that the Justice Department chose not to prosecute. Rodriguez claimed he did it to protect the identity of the interrogators but the argument is ridiculous. I have seen interrogation tapes and the interrogator is only a voice. The suspect is the focal point of the filming, not the interrogator. The tapes were destroyed one day after Sen. Carl Levin proposed an independent investigation of the interrogation program. Given that as well as the content of some internal CIA emails it is clear that the videos were destroyed to eliminate evidence of what was surely a war crime and to put paid to any prospects for criminal charges against the perpetrators."
Rational analysis.
"It is also safe to assume that other records on the interrogation program were either destroyed or, more likely, never produced in the first place. The Senate report describes documentation as often “sparse and insufficient” or even “non-existent.” Anyone who has ever served in a CIA station overseas knows that stations operate on a basis of what might be described as permanent damage control. Bear in mind that nearly everything CIA does overseas is illegal. Anything that occurs that is either embarrassing or likely to produce negative fallout in Washington is culled or massaged to either make it go away or to produce a result that would be construed positively. The Senate committee noted that the interrogation program produced information that was either exaggerated or even false. That is exactly what one should expect."
Makes sense.
"So if there is a problem with the Senate report it is that it is incomplete. Someone should have made greater efforts to interview the actual victims, as well as the torturers and the bureaucrats who sent them on their merry way, in order to find out what was not contained in the six million pages of documents examined. The perpetrators and enablers of “enhanced interrogation” must be held accountable for what they did, and the United States government, collectively speaking, should admit in plain language that torture was indeed what took place and that it was and is unacceptable."
That would mean prosecuting Bush and Cheney. That won't happen.
"The Declaration of Independence and Constitution established the principle that the United States would behave as a moral country in which citizens have inherent rights. One fundamental right is the expectation that the government will behave lawfully and fairly. "
For the Constitution at least, that's pure fiction. Stealing people's money is neither fair nor lawful.

I have confidence Tom will provide more information beyond the so-called torture report.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Sony knew they were hacked a year ago and said nothing.

While the Sony hack is going on, Sony is learning to protect itself from hacks by staying off the interent.

OPEC spokesman says OPEC won't cut oil production for at least three months.

About falling energy prices:
"Ordinarily, falling energy prices are a great economic development. Lowering the cost of heating, power, and transportation means consumers and businesses have more money to spend on everything else. But the U.S. economy is now far more vulnerable to energy sector weakness. A substantial portion of high paying jobs that have been created in the last few years have been in energy production. Already the capex slowdown in the Dakotas and Texas is beginning to be felt by energy workers in those areas (12/2/14, The Globe and Mail). If these trends continue, the employment reports that currently drive so much of the economic confidence, will begin to look decidedly weaker."
Bubble activity.
"But falling energy will also help hold down consumer prices. And while this may sound like a good thing to anyone with a standard amount of common sense, it is not seen as a good thing by economists who believe that higher inflation is a prerequisite for economic growth. Weakening employment and slowing inflation could quickly entice the Federal Reserve to launch the next round of QE far sooner than anyone currently predicts. This could turn the table on the current dollar rally and help push oil back up."
I love the lower prices, but the Fed governors won't.
"If oil stays low, it may turn out that entire U.S. oil boom was just another Federal Reserve inflated bubble. If it pops, the job losses and debt defaults that would ensue could have a far greater impact on the economy and the credit markets than did the bursting of the Internet bubble back in 2000."
So says David Stockman.
"If oil investors overbuilt capacity based overly optimistic price assumptions, which were created by artificially low interest rates and QE, why would similar mistakes made by investors in stocks, real estate, and bonds not be similarly exposed? This could mean that the popping of the oil bubble may be just one of many bubbles that are ready to burst."
As I wrote. The world economy is so fragile, any shock could produce another world-wide crash.
"The primary beneficiaries of the current oil dip are the Asian countries that use lots of oil but produce very little. Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, India, China and Indonesia all import oil and, therefore, will benefit by varying degrees"
Importers win. Exporters, which the US now is, and Russia...., lose.


I agree with Bill Cosby's wife. If you want to attack a celebrity, you invite the same scrutiny of your life that celebrities endure. Right or not, don't be surprised if you don't like it.

Foreign Policy

Long after the controversy and killings ended, court considers rescinding order to ban incendiary, fake YouTube video wrongly blamed for killing four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

After Turkey's elected dictator arrested his opposition, this guy says Turkey is a bad ally. That's like saying the fish was bad after you threw it up.

Federal Reserve

Sounds like bank runs just became a lot easier.

Police State

Snowden's NSA revelations have prompted 700 million to embrace security in a small silver lining for a great evil.

Google says it protects your data from NSA better than anybody. This is a joke.

The leftist Daily Caller exposes systematic fraud in rape accusations. Any defense attorney could have told you this.

For an individual, profiling makes perfect sense even thought it entails a collectivist point of view. Torture, on the other hand, is individual specific, and it makes sense if you're trying to save a loved one and have control of somebody who knows where they are. Show me the individual who wouldn't torture somebody to save the life of their loved one, and I'll show you somebody who's going extinct. The question here isn't the morality of the action. It's the morality of the state. State profiling is corrupt, ineffective and immoral. State torturing is corrupt, ineffective and immoral. It's not the same for individuals.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Health Care

Obamacare is forcing hospitals to close.

Obamacare is forcing free clinics to close.

Police State

Judge wants NSA to have unlimited powers to spy on Americans.
"“If the NSA wants to vacuum all the trillions of bits of information that are crawling through the electronic worldwide networks, I think that’s fine.” The NSA should have “carte blanche” to collect what it wants because “privacy interests should really have very little weight when you’re talking about national security.”"
This is what I expect because the people work for government are socialists.

Turkey arrests 27 supporters of cleric including heads of media and police.

Federal Reserve

How our rulers lied to us about the seriousness of the 2008 financial problems in order to steal even more of our money.
"But this calamity of stupidity and negligence has turned out to be a really big thing in the history of the modern financial era; it was indeed the Rubicon. By falsely transforming a negligible hit to the balance sheet of the world’s mega-banks—-most of which were quasi-socialist institutions in Europe and would have been bailed out by their governments anyway—-into the alleged collapse of the mighty AIG,  Secretary Paulson, Bernanke and their cabal of Wall Street henchman opened the door in one fell swoop to the present global monetary madness."
They won't be happy until they've stolen everything.
"And of course it was not just the Fed running the printing presses red hot. Owing to both Keynesian ideology and defensive necessity, the other major central banks of the world followed suit. At the time of the crisis, the combined balance sheet of the Fed, ECB and BOJ was $3.5 trillion or about 11% of GDP. In short order that number will reach $11 trillion and 30% of the combined GDP of the so-called G-3."
They're stealing across the world.


Jefferson recognized the Founding Fathers failed to protect freedom in America.

Martial law in Hawaii during WWII.

Global Warming and Energy

Agreement from UN meeting in Lima in non-binding.
"The UK’s unilateral Climate Change Act is forcing British industry and British households to suffer an excessively high cost of electricity to no purpose. Following Lima, it is clearer than ever that the Act should be suspended until such time as a binding global agreement has been secured."


Congress increases sanctions on Russia and sends arms to Ukraine.

Dumping money into one of the three most corrupt countries on Earth is even dumber than usual.

Taliban attacks in Afghanistan's capital double. What a failure..

The US's longest war, the war in Afghanistan has cost over $1 trillion.

Tax and Spend

Bipartisan Senate majority passes $1.1 trillion spending bill.

Ron Paul exposes the spending bill farce.
"The political class breathed a sigh of relief Saturday when the US Senate averted a government shutdown by passing the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. This year’s omnibus resembles omnibuses of Christmas past in that it was drafted in secret, was full of special interest deals and disguised spending increases, and was voted on before most members could read it.

The debate over the omnibus may have made for entertaining political theater, but the outcome was never in doubt. Most House and Senate members are so terrified of another government shutdown that they would rather vote for a 1,774-page bill they have not read than risk even a one or two-day government shutdown."
The whole system is a farce.