Tuesday, February 20, 2018

War on Drugs

Practical reasons to end the war on drugs doesn't mention it kills people.

FDA declares Kratom an opioid.


Hyperbole and hypocrisy over Russia meddling in the US election.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Health Care

How to legally kill 300,000 Americans. It starts with a patent.

Monday, February 12, 2018


The goal of this organization of former Google, Facebook, and Apple employees to undo the damage caused by Big Tech is laudable, government is not the solution.

Tax and Spend

EMP fears are a hoax.

Health Care

Link between mass vaccination for flu and modern diseases with unknown causes.

UV-C light kills flu virus.


Clinton Foundation corruption.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Police State

FBI corruption in Oregon murder.

FBI shot dead friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect during questioning then blocked release of his autopsy.


The FISC had already released a memorandum documenting the same FBI corruption in the recently released Nunes memo.

FBI malfeasance is criminal.


New Jersey passes net neutrality law.


18 new skyscrapers in London explode the skyscraper curse.

Technician slams Tesla.
"Mr Munro says the flaws are the kind he would expect on a 1990s model Kia"

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Health Care

Brits dying in corridors of socialized hospitals.

The CDC, vaccinations, and the deep state.
"The very mindset and disregard for human life that created the notorious Tuskegee experiment is alive and thriving in the bowels of the CDC."
No doubt.
"Robert Kennedy Jr, a watchdog expert in the corporatization of the medical establishment, has called the CDC “a cesspool of corruption” referring to its culture of dishonesty and its manufacturing junk science.  Unlike the FDA, which has a contract with the American public to assure warnings about health risks and contraindications of registered drugs and medical devices, the CDC has no such contract with the nation’s citizenry.  It holds no ethical standard and abides by no mandated rules of law. During a recent interview, Dr. Nancy Banks, a Harvard-trained OBGYN physician and former fellow of gynecological oncology at Sloan Kettering’s Cancer Center, stated the CDC should be viewed as foremost an intelligence agency. By whatever false propaganda means and strategy, its sole purpose is to promulgate the pharmaceutical industry’s agenda and more recently this agenda has been framed as national security embedded in the Deep State."
"To our peril, federal agencies take full advantage of the average American’s scientific illiteracy.  An important survey conducted by Michigan State University found that only 4% of American adults had an understanding about stem cells. Seventy percent could “not read or understand” the science section in the New York Times.  An earlier study funded by the US National Science Foundation noted that about half of Americans understood that the earth rotates once around the sun annually, 45% of people had an “acceptable” understanding of DNA, and only 22% knew what a molecule was.  Although scientific illiteracy is an enormous threat to a functioning democracy and an informed public, nevertheless it is a boon for the CDC and the vaccine industry. Manipulating this ignorance with a heavy dose of fear tactics, such as revealed through the CDC’s press model to guide the mainstream media’s role in increasing vaccine compliance, health officials have managed to successfully thwart many efforts to educate the public to evaluate the pros and cons of vaccination."
Fake science behind fake news.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018