Thursday, February 23, 2017


Boehner admits Republicans won't repeal Obamacare like they voted to do when they knew Obama would veto it.


Robots are the future of war.

I'm skeptical the Nazi's tested a nuclear bomb in 1944.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Cord-cutting will reduce rulers' power over us.


University publishes LBGTQQIAAPP gender terminology guide.
"terms of self-identification should not be used to label others without their consent."
More censorship.


In a victory for vermin, regulators shut down D-Con.


Whaley rallies support for Obamacare.


What a bizarre misunderstanding of economic history.

We've been hearing about Tesla's model 3 forever, but it still won't start production until July. Tesla lost money again this quarter.

CIA funded tech billionaire's company.

Renewables are doomed even though electric buses are supposedly cheaper than diesel and there are twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs in the US.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Short-selling skeptic strikes it rich selling solar companies short.

Tax and Spend

Plan to restore Arctic ice would cost $5 trillion, reminding us this is all about destroying capitalism, not saving the planet.


The media doesn't report about ongoing terrorist attacks in Sweden, but the media calls Trump a liar when he mentions them.
"Trump’s comment is undeniably correct in substance. He used two words “last night” where he should perhaps have said “very recently” or “going on now” or “a few days ago” or or February 11 or “for the past several years”.
Trump’s comment is accurate, long-term and short-term. Anyone who doubts that Trump’s remark is accurate in substance need only do a little research on Malmö, Sweden. It has been the subject of continual hand grenade attacks, 150 alone in 2015 and a long list in 2016.
But his comment is also accurate as to a recent event.
Go read this account dated February 12, 2017: “SWEDEN’S ‘NO-GO ZONE’ CRISIS: Three police officers injured after being ATTACKED by thugs THREE Swedish police officers were taken to hospital after being attacked by a violent mob on a routine mission in a ‘no-go zone’ on Friday evening.” Read the views also of those who say that no such “no-go” zones exist, such as this article. But one cannot deny the report from Rinkeby a few days ago of the attack on police. An incident in Rinkeby dated March 1, 2016 is pertinent. We surely cannot deny that Rinkeby is largely immigrant and had riots in 2010. There is a Wikipedia entry on this."

Crime increasing, not decreasing, in Sweden.

Obama's sleazy, corrupt, last minute arms deal.


Piracy boosts revenue for media.

I'm would be surprised in the New York Times didn't discriminate against Lew Rockwell and Infowars.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


NOAA whistleblower exposes fraud behind paper claiming the pause never existed.


The Washington Post takes money from the Russian government, but it slams others who do and lies about some who don't.

Free libertarian ebooks from Tom Woods.

Tax and Spend

Greece in worse trouble than ever.
"With the Greek government pushing through more tax increases to comply with austerity requirements, more than 21,000 self-employed workers and small firms have shut down in the past two months, with many seeking help from accountants like Mr. Tsamopoulos to close their books. Yet many are not actually closing their businesses.
“Most of these people will keep working,” Mr. Tsamopoulous said, arching an eyebrow from behind his desk as clients waited in a smoky room outside. “But now, they’ll do it on the black market. They’re saying they need a way to survive.”"
The Greek government is failing. The people should reject it completely.

Obama may have doubled the federal debt, but federal spending grew more under Bush and Reagan than under Obama.


Scientists surprised by star whose brightness oscillates in sync with the eccentric orbit of a nearby giant planet, but it makes perfect sense to EU theorists.


This rotating skyscraper in Dubai should take the skyscraper curse to a new level.

Highway fatalities reach highest level since the height of the last bubble in 2007.

People not going out to eat as much despite all the new restaurants.

Bay area job growth declines dramatically.


Congress repeals Obama-era regulation preventing coal mines from polluting rivers. That doesn't sound good.


Donald Trump and the Deep State part 1 and part 2 by Peter Dale Scott.

Immigration and welfare are tools of leftists following Cloward and Pivens' model.

Obama-linked activists have training manual for protesting Trump. He's still a astroturf organizer.

1992 proposal for right-wing populism sounds familiar.

Three Congressional Intelligence Committee IT staffers suspected of hacking congressional computers during campaign.

People blame Trump for rioting leftists.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Frexit movement gaining steam from leading politicians in France.


US military training for martial law in America.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Tax and Spend

Finnish trade union lawyer slams universal basic income plan.


College network attacked from its own IoT devices.
"including vending machines and light sensors"
Let's put those things on the internet. What could go wrong?


Four of Iceland's main volcanoes show signs of impending eruption. EU theorists predicted low solar activity would lead to more earthquakes and volcanoes.

California's permanent drought not so permanent after all.

Socialist presidential candidate offers asylum to US climate scientists. Funny.


Sinclair creates retail program while retails stores are falling like flies.

New home sales skyrocket to highest level in a decade. In other words, it's another housing bubble.


Analysis of the Ninth Circuit Court's ban on Trump's immigration delay from seven countries. Trump should point out the judiciary is a co-equal branch of government, not the boss of the executive branch.