Monday, August 31, 2015

Health Care

Another study confirms no link between saturated fat and heart disease.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Foreign Policy

Another Clinton scandal. A British spy killed five years ago had illegally hacked info on Bill Clinton. Evidence was covered up.


Claim that 9/11 hijackers were linked to Saudis in their embassy and consulates.


EPA disappears 191 photos to cover up their disaster at Gold King Mine.

The Arctic methane emergency is another bogus prediction by the frauds.

EPA admits the impact from its regulations are vanishingly small.
"The results of the analysis demonstrate that relative to the reference case, by 2100 projected atmospheric CO2 concentrations are estimated to be reduced by 1.1 to 1.2 part per million by volume (ppmv), global mean temperature is estimated to be reduced by 0.0026 to 0.0065 °C, and sea-level rise is projected to be reduced by approximately 0.023 to 0.057 cm."
For this people are being robbed.

The supposed geniuses at Google and Apple have fallen for the global warming fraud and squandered billions that could have been investing in improving people's lives because of it.

Collusion between Obama, governors and global warming fraud groups exposed.

Despite previous debacles like Solyndra, Obama allocates $12 billion more for green tech.

This money lines the pockets of rich cronies.

The ten year anniversary of hurricane Katrina is a good time to reminder the ridiculous failed predictions of future hurricanes.

The Gore Effect hits Obama as he heads to Alaska during rare summer snow.

Health Care

Government health care leads to creeps wanting to harvest organs from living people.

FDA approves pretty much every drug because it's partners with Big Pharma.


Government attacks private libraries.


The American empire's rulers as spoiled brats.

Police State

Germany traded citizen data for NSA spy code.

Dayton cop stops Detroit man for making and holding eye contact.


Taxi app allows taxis to compete with Uber. Isn't that so much better than using violence?

Freedom of Speech

Germany wants to force Facebook to obey its Holocaust denial laws.


I doubt New Horizon's next target is an ice chunk.


Autonomous vehicles will make great terrorist weapons.


Huber Heights pool receives noise complaints.


Democrat candidate in trouble for telling the truth about elections: they're rigged.


Celebrities wasting water in California.

Friday, August 28, 2015


Battle of the slogans.
"I was struck, the other day, by this piece in The National Interest, which discusses the odd changes we have experienced in terms of the foreign policy discourse. Too often, Richard Burt and Dmitri Simes complain, the debate takes the form of a battle of the bumperstickers: what we see are competing slogans rather than rival policies being bruited about."

Health Care

Despite the change in guidelines regarding cholesterol, profit keeps new cholesterol drugs coming out.


Crystals that can only be formed under high temperature found on comet 67P.

The velocity of money, like GDP, doesn't mean what the establishment tells us it means.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Former journalist turned Fox News analysis claims the US has to start killing Russians in Ukraine.


Oh, no. Babies are racist because they prefer people who look like them.

Federal Reserve

The media has claimed the Fed was about to hike rates over and over, but it never happens.

The Fed's rate hike plan is shot.

Health Care

Vaccinations don't prevent whooping cough.

Newborn baby eaten by rats in socialist hospital in India.

More evidence psychology is a phony science created by government to control people:74 percent of studies can't be replicated.

Now we have a smart pill. You can bet it won't be banned like steroids.

Foreign Policy

Deeper look at Hillary's lies about her emails.

Communism in Cuba won't survive normalized relations with the US, so we should have normalized them decades ago.


Blaming China for the Dow crash is more fearmongering against China.
"The portrayal of China as this sleeping giant that is now awakening to take over the world – and take our jobs – is, like most such conceptions, a total delusion. The Peoples Republic of China is weak in almost every sense: politically, economically, and militarily, the PRC is a paper tiger – as Mao Tse-tung liked to characterize the US – and its rulers are sitting atop a volcano." 
Like Japan in the 1970s and 80s.

Asset price inflation reaches dangerous, late stage.

ZIRP creates zombie companies, destroying wealth and preventing creative destruction from working.

A billion people used Facebook Monday.

War on Drugs

The war on drugs is the impetus behind much Mexican illegal immigration.

Peru reinstates shoot-down policy of planes suspected of carrying drugs.

Gloucester, Massachusetts police chief stops arresting drug addicts and gets them help instead.


Boil advisory in Trotwood.

Dayton racino provides far fewer jobs than advertised. So? Businesses aren't about creating jobs. They're about creating wealth.

Warren County releasing female drug offenders.
"Warren County judges say they are frequently having to let female drug offenders back out on the streets without punishment or treatment because there’s no room for them at the county jail."

The war on drugs has produced another, dangerous synthetic.

After saying they would stop red light cameras, Dayton's rulers are still running them and facing funding cuts because of it.


F-35s perform worse than older Russian and Chinese fighters.

American suicide bomber with ISIS among 179 casualties in Iraq.

Prediction we're going back to war in Libya because ISIS is taking over.

More on how Turkey partnered with the US to attack the Kurds, helping ISIS.

It was the Turks who tipped off al Nusra Front fighters so they could capture US "moderate" fighters in Syria.

Obama is backing al Qaeda in Syria, just not openly.

The wars of the US, NATO and allies produce war refuges, but the aggressors don't want to be responsible for them.

The evidence doesn't support the claim Russians or eastern Ukrainian separatists shot down MH-17.

The US has acknowledged attacking seven Muslim countries since 9/11 - Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Syria - and all have been disasters.

Police State

DOJ and FBI admit no-fly list is about predictions of potential future crimes, not past crimes.

Uber reduces drunk driving arrests.

Police training doesn't incorporate science because cops want to attack and kill people, not protect them.

Apparently some head-in-the-clouds people just realized the network is hostile to users. It's been that way in the US forever. At least the Snowden revelations have done that much.

The FBI responded to Katrina by ordering more Stingrays.

Banning texting while driving has increased accidents because texters are hiding their phones in their laps.


Air traffic control system shuts down because it runs out of memory.

Oakland cops fill up memory of license plate reader database.

Socialism causing collapse in Brazil.

More on disaster in Venezuela.


Study says companies that request H-1B increases also hire more Americans, just as Austrian economists would expect.


Germany says taking pictures of food at restaurants without permission violates the chef's copyright.

EU forces Google to censor search results about right to be forgotten. What a mess.

Google to fight EU search ranking regulations.

Labor board allows contractors and others to collectively bargain with employers' employers in an attempt to boost unions.


Countries gaming carbon offsets dramatically increased emissions.

I'm skeptical of NASA's sea level rise claims.

Judge blocks Obama's EPA water pollution regulation.


Only 12,000 real women found on Ashley Madison compared to 31 million men. The rest of the 5.5 million women were fake.

Many scientific papers retracted for fraud.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I can understand the Pentagon treating journalists who assist the enemy as belligerents, but not those who are only sympathetic with the enemy.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The same hypocrites who believe in a living Constitution believe the Second Amendment doesn't cover stun-guns.


Playing politics, Hugo voters refuse to award any supposed conservative because the nominees weren't progressive enough. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot. They used to be the most prestigious science fiction awards. Now they have no credibility.

Foreign Policy

Both the State Department and the FBI are covering up the Clinton email scandal.

Police State

How to turn off many of Windows 10 spy features.

Piracy sites block Windows 10 users.

Cops will soon be able to take over self-driving cars, including yours.

Police use Stingrays for petty offenses and to track down witnesses and lie about use in court.

North Dakota legalizes armed drones, not lethal, for cops.

Gay activists unhappy about bust of male escort service. Why should gays be exempt?


NOAA's streak continues, claiming last July was hottest July on record.

Old Farmer's Almanac predicts another frigid winter.

The Met Office loses BBC forecasting contract.


The Earth produces neutrinos.

Ashley Madison leak causes two suicides as legitimate users plead for privacy. Hackers extorting customers.


It's no surprise that government employees, including high level ones, were cheating at Ashley Madison. 15,000 government workers named. UN and Vatican staff are no surprise either.

California is sinking two inches a month because of pumping groundwater.

LA County rulers wash cars two or three times a week despite drought.

Food shortages and hyperinflation in Venezuela.


Dow jumps 600 points on Fed news.
"Federal Reserve policymaker William Dudley walked back hints that an interest rate hike was imminent, calling the increase a safer bet for October than September, as previously indicated by Janet Yellen."
Or not at all.

Dow Jones death cross August 12.

Advice to sit pat transfers your money to the big banks. How specialists rig the stock market. Buy and hold is bad advice.

Uber to take on buses.

Nobody likes higher prices, but Uber's surge pricing is necessary to match supply to demand to avoid shortages.

Robots are coming for some jobs, but not all of them.

Economic incentives to keep exploitable bugs secret and therefore not fixed.

Apple stumbles again, having to replace iPhone 6 Plus cameras.

Death cross hits Apple stock chart.


Claim that Trump, despite his bombast of aggression, is the best Republican on foreign policy.
"With typical hyperbole he declared that “I’m the most militaristic person” in the race. But all of the leading Republican candidates, with occasional hints of heterodoxy (it’s not clear where Rand Paul really stands these days), favor a policy of intervention and war. Compared to them Trump sometimes sounds like a veritable peacenik."
Yikes! These warmongers, including Hillary, may put Bernie Sanders in the White House.
"At the first Republican debate one suspects the GOP crew was prepared to break into the Maori Haka while adding a chorus of John McCain’s “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” to their routine. They were almost indistinguishable from each other. Except for Trump.
First, the GOP candidates scream in apocalyptic terms. Said Chris Christie: “I don’t believe that I have ever lived in a time in my life when the world was a more dangerous and scary place.” Jeb Bush argued that “the world is slipping out of control” and America’s security is “in the balance.” This is nonsense. When in history has a country been as secure as America from existential and even substantial threats? The world is dangerous today, but not so much for the U.S., which dominates the globe like no country has ever before done." 
"The Islamic State grew out of al-Qaeda in Iraq, which arose to fight the U.S. occupation and Shia-majority rule. Former Baathists and Sunni tribes enabled ISIL’s blitzkrieg across Iraq’s Sunni heartland because they came to prefer an Islamist Dark Age to murderous Shia rule. There were no U.S. troops in Iraq because George W. Bush failed to win agreement from the Maliki government. Nor would a few thousand U.S. troops have stopped the Islamic state; instead, a garrison would have provided a convenient target for outraged radicals of every sectarian viewpoint."
"Seventh, the GOP candidates have spoken almost in unison on the need to support allies. They treat handing out security guarantees as similar to accumulating Facebook friends: the more the merrier, irrespective of whom or why. For instance, Christie said “building stronger alliances” was a “pillar” of his policy. He was particularly upset that the Saudi king decided not to come to America to the administration’s Gulf summit."
That's hilarious.

Right-wingers tend to be married and have better relationships than left-wingers.

Jeb Bush is against encryption.

Black shooter of three news reporters wanted race war. This is what Obama has done to race relations.


Europeans should blame the US and allies for their illegal immigration and refuge crisis.
"Thanks to 25 years of lunatic U.S. foreign policy initiatives and relentless military aggressions, the steady drip of illegal immigration into Europe from Africa and the Middle East has become a crisis of refugees. Not only has the U.S. killed and maimed at least a million people and displaced millions more, it has destroyed the property – water, sanitation and transport systems – that support the networks of trade and commerce essential to the survival of developed human communities. The U.S. has  salted great swaths of the Middle East with the desiccated and irradiated debris of war. Disease and contagions lurk in shadows while the agents of violence march in the noonday sun."
No kidding.


Heroin cases overwhelming jails.

God forbid people go someplace to get alcohol after the bars close.

Water Street Fantasy Land. Like Logan's Run.

City rulers declare success before anything is finished.
Downtown Success: Water Street District 

Business tenants including the regional offices of PNC Bank are on the move into downtown Dayton's Water Street District, as completion of phase one of the  mixed-use development nears. More than 200 luxury riverfront apartments and a parking garage will be complete this fall, to be followed by redevelopment of the Delco Building adjoining Fifth Third Field into 129 rental flats, with ground-level commercial space. 

That's because PNC opened Monday.

Man arrested for 20th DUI, but he must never have hurt anybody.

Instead of investing in capital for growth, Teradata is buying back $830 million of its own stock. Stock buy backs fuel bull market. Same in 2014.

$100 million mixed use development supposedly in the works around Huber Height's music center.

Fairborn charges man $340 for cutting his grass.


Joe Thomas compares Napoleon Goodell to Vince McMahon and the NFL to pro wrestling and Kim Kardashian while railing against Goodell's witch hunts. His term, not mine this time. It's about time a player came out that strongly.

Health Care

Flawed studies back statin use.

Horse and other meat found in US ground beef samples. Thanks, FDA.

Study claims Holocaust survivors passed genetic damage to children. This means evolution can happen must faster under times of stress.

Researchers claim they grew a human brain in a jar.

Scientists again discover the obvious: male and female brains work differently.

Another in the never-ending claims that video games incite violence.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Great grain harvests lower prices and cut farm income. It sounds like it was already in a bubble. But CO2 is bad for the environment.

Dow loses another 200 in its sixth straight day of losses.


Hackers publish names of 37 million Ashley-Madison customers.

Foreign Policy

NSA caught performing corporate espionage against Japan. And you thought NSA was pure in its pursuit of security, not economic gain.


Turkey seduced the US into partnering on a "safe zone", but ISIS isn't Turkey's target, the Kurds are.

We recently read the Air Force was short of drone pilots because they suffer from guilt, but the military will increase drone flights by 50 percent anyway.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Health Care

Sickness running rampant.


Dow plummets 1100 points at opening. At 11:00 it's down only 500, meaning the Fed has come to the rescue.

Blame the Fed, not China, for the crash.