Thursday, April 19, 2018


Naturally Bill Gates is behind creepy startup which wants to put 500 real-time surveillance satellites into orbit. I bet the CIA is behind it too.

Foreign Policy

Skripal recovers.
"The credibility of the May government’s attempt to blame it on Russian President Vladimir Putin has suffered because of Yulia Skripal’s relatively rapid recovery, the apparent improvement of Sergei Skripal’s condition and a medical specialist’s statement that the Skripals had exhibited no symptoms of nerve agent poisoning."

Sunday, April 15, 2018


The subprime auto loan bubble is bursting.

Retail apocalypse expanding.

Health Care

Only 48 percent of our cells are human. The rest are foreign microbes.

Monday, April 09, 2018

Foreign Policy

Expert rejects establishment explanation for poisoning former Russian double-spy.


Anti-Assad forces documented to have used chemical weapons.


I'm skeptical all Apple's operations run off renewable energy.

Police State

Government doesn't care about sex trafficking, only power.

Children are 60 times more likely to be killed by a cop than by a school shooter.


Fed chairman predicts ongoing rate hikes. Market crashes. Trade blamed. Politics blamed. FBI raid of Trump lawyer blamed. Never blame the Fed.

Steve Wozniak is a dufus who just dropped facebook and treats everybody else like dufuses by pretending he just discovered it sells people's data

Apple update kills iphones with third party screens.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Police State

Wife of Pulse nightclub shooter found not guilty.
"The biggest terrorism case of the year collapsed largely thanks to FBI misconduct and deceit."
No surprise.
"The FBI even redacted Mateen’s endorsement of ISIS in the initial transcripts they released of his discussions with hostage negotiators on the night of the shooting.
Eleven days after Noor Salman’s trial began, the Justice Department belatedly admitted that the killer’s father, Seddique Mateen, had been a paid FBI informant for 11 years, starting in 2005. Seddique Mateen, who came to America from Afghanistan, produced a pro-Taliban, anti-American Dari language television program."
All top government agents are more inclined to dishonesty than honesty.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018


Elon Musk's Tesla scam is becoming known as its stock tanks because of production problems.


UK lab Porton Down unable to identify nerve agent which infected former spy and his daughter.


Mexico deports 400 illegal immigrants from Guatemala while allowing 1,400 to continue to the US.


Spies tell news people what to report.
"This is also why we see members of the media themselves, like journalists, come out and “blow the whistle,” so to speak. Here is an article I published earlier of 3 popular mainstream media journalists coming forward expressing that these outlets are constantly told what to say, and how to say it from corporate and government/intelligence agency sources.
A declassified document from the CIA archives in the form of a letter from a CIA task force addressed to the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, details the close relationship that exists between the CIA, mainstream media and academia."
This is the source of fake news.

War on Drugs

Montgomery County overdose deaths drop to three year low.

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Why does the US have to ask for social media info from visa applicants? The NSA already has them. Just check. How could it not be checking them already?


Facebook, Amazon, Nvidia, and Tesla stocks fall and drop market. Netflix, Google, and Twitter fall too. Is this the trigger?

Bounce back some today.
"Five titans of tech -- Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN), Google (GOOGL) owner Alphabet, Microsoft (MSFT) and Facebook (FB) -- made up nearly a quarter of the market value of the entire S&P 500 as of the end of February.
Facebook, Google and Amazon have fallen sharply because of the possibility of more government regulations on the tech sector. That's dragged down the whole market.
The S&P 500 has fallen 5% in the past two weeks and the Nasdaq has tumbled 6%. Even the Dow, which has Apple, Microsoft, IBM (IBM), Cisco (CSCO) and Intel (INTC) as members, is down more than 3%.
But the market rebounded Thursday, led by solid gains in Facebook, Google and Apple."
And they represent all the gains.

Even CNBC predicts more pain to come.

Amazon yanks erotic romance novels from searches, hurting those authors. On the other hand, some writers were intentionally misrepresenting their books into the wrong categories.

Tesla's collapse would squander billions in taxpayer subsidies, but it would finally end them.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


While discussing the Trump cabinet's lust for war with Iran, Pat Buchanan explains why the US foreign policy of aggression and war makes our lives and the world more dangerous.