Sunday, April 30, 2017


Neanderthals or Denisovans may have colonized North America 130 thousand years ago.


Praise for Christianity for the civilization it produced.

Trump's outsourcing of policy to military generals makes the US a military junta.

Institutionalized corruption.


NGO migrant rescuers working with human traffickers to flood Italy with migrants and destabilize it. They're probably funded by Soros.


Contradictory North Korea narratives.
"North Korea is either highly armed and dangerous or is weak, crumbling and filled with fake and broken weapons. It cannot be both."
Either way, the US should not have troops there.

Claim the US is preparing a preemptive nuclear attack on Russia and China. I'm skeptical.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Despite outrageously wrong predictions, greens win awards.

Health Care

Socialized medicine cancer doctor in UK performed unnecessary breast surgeries to boost his income.


Investors turn picky, threatening worthless startups.

Foreign Policy

Turkey blocks Wikipedia. That could foreshadow something big.

Trump the flip-flopper.


Ohio Governor Kasich is right when he says the two political parties are collapsing.

Republicans still back Trump, but congressional Republicans don't.

Neither of the two parties which have ruled France since Charles De Galle made it to the national election.


The $4 million River Run will bring nothing to Dayton, although I love it.

Friday, April 28, 2017


Thunderstorms produce gamma ray bursts from electrical activity.

Police State

NSA lies about stopping collecting data. It collects everything.

Wikileaks reveals CIA tool to track whistle-blowers called the Snowden Stopper.

Idiot claims putting a cop in every school and day care will stop mass shootings. Tell that to victims at Luby's.


Apple and Tesla demand California change self-driving car rule.

The 800 startups which depend on net neutrality are rent seekers and should have to compete in a free market.


Interactive map shows all wars in progress.

US grows military presence in Africa.
"If you’re a reader of TomDispatch, then you know something of real importance about this country that most Americans don’t. As an imperial power, there’s never been anything like the United States when it comes to garrisoning this planet. By comparison, the Romans and imperial Chinese were pikers; the Soviet Union in its prime was the poorest of runners-up; even the British, at the moment when the sun theoretically never set on their empire, didn’t compare. The U.S. has hundreds of military bases ranging in size from small American towns to tiny outposts across the planet, and yet you could spend weeks, months, years paying careful attention to the media here and still have no idea that this was so. Though we garrison the globe in a historically unprecedented way, that fact is not part of any discussion or debate in this country; Congress doesn’t hold hearings on global basing policy; reporters aren’t sent out to cover the subject; and presidents never mention it in speeches to the nation. Clearly, nothing is to be made of it."

Trump exaggerates the threat from North Korea.


I'm not surprised women rulers are more likely to wage war than men.

Trump puts the generals in charge.

Obama capitalizes on Clinton-esque speaking fees.


Rapid Fired Pizza plans to add 175 locations in more states.

Despite supposedly booming economy, Ohio's public pensions are cutting benefits.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Case pitting states rights and the second amendment against all federal gun control laws should end up at Supreme Court.


Six figure salaries are low income in the Bay area.

Health Care

Death panel case in UK proves under socialized medicine, the state owns you.


Because the greens undermined Britain's power grid, driving up prices, conservatives propose price caps. That'll work like Nixon's price caps on gas.

Former Obama official admits bureaucrats mislead about global warming for personal and political gain.

Strong correlation between solar wind speed and North Atlantic Oscillation.

So-called March for Science was not for science.


Georgia deputies grope 900 students without cause in name of war on drugs.

War on Drugs

Florida legislators reject the will of 70 percent of voters who voted to legalize medical marijuana.


Another analysis contradicts claims Assad gassed the rebels with Sarin.

History of why North Korea wants nuclear weapons. They're the best deterrent in the world. The US has repeated threatened to nuke North Korea. Here's the updated link to the original article identifying six times the US overtly threatened NK with weapons.

More history about who started the Korean war.

David Stockman on North Korea.
"Instead, Deng not only rescued Mao’s calamity by turning from firing squads to a hyperactive printing press, but spawned the greatest Ponzi scheme of borrowing, building, speculation and malinvestment in human history. It is surely a false and unsustainable prosperity, but for the moment it rings out a great irony. Rather than a threat to America’s security, Mr. Deng’s great Red Ponzi is considered by Wall Street to be the very engine of “growth” in the modern world and the suzerains of Beijing the very model of unfailing prosperity management and economic “stimulus” if, as and when needed."
Back to China.
"The fact is, the seven decade confrontation on the 38th parallel is an artifact of empire, not a necessity of homeland security. It is the handiwork of a Warfare State served by a permanent political class that derives its power, purpose and resources from the faithful pursuit and stewardship of an American Imperium.
Well said.
"So how is it that a nation that has been growing by leaps and bounds for a half-century cannot defend itself from a two-bit industrial backwater run by a certifiable lunatic? Why is it that no one in Washington has bothered to notice that since 2002 South Korea’s economy has grown every four months by more than the entire current GDP of North Korea.
The argument for the huge US presence in South Korea, of course, is that it provides a trip-wire deterrent that puts the North Korean ruler on notice that an attack on South Korea is an attack on Washington. But with respect to a potential conventional attack, that’s just plain malarkey.
If South Korea with 81X the economy, twice the population and infinitely more industrial base and technological sophistication can’t or won’t defend itself from the “potemkin” economy and military north of its border, why should the American taxpayers and soldiers be called into the breach?"

No kidding.


In another victory for the deep state, Trump flip-flopped on Wikileaks from supporting it to wanting to arrest Assange.

Long overdue criticism of Neil deGrasse Tyson.


Google changes search results ostensibly to fight fake news but really to promote the establishment. Google is using people, people no doubt vetted for their establishment views, to filter its results.

Police State

NSA spy blimp illegally spied on New York citizens.

Recently leaked NSA Windows exploit infects over 60,000 machines.


The bubble hits Hamilton too.

Jobless rate falls in Dayton Metro in March.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Bangkok bans super-popular street food stalls.

Health Care

The appendix is valuable to the immune system.

AI better than doctors at assessing heart attack risk.


Comet strike in 10.950 BC blamed for Younger Drias, but maybe it was something else.

Rough guide to spotting bad science.

Foreign Policy

Details of the failed coup in Turkey. Turkey has become a flash-point.

Police State

In another successful Obama policy, crime rates were rising as Obama left office.

Federal Reserve

Indian ATMs running dry.

The IMF proposes abolishing cash.


Leftists are taking combat training so they can be more effective at violent protests.

Pat Buchanan channels Hanns Herman-Hoppe when describing the failure of divinized democracy.

Transgenders will destroy women's sports. Sports will become the transgender political battleground.


Our Korea policy is stupid.
"Why, 64 years after the Korean War, a quarter-century after the Cold War, are we still obliged to go to war to defend South Korea from a North with one-half the South’s population and 3 percent of its gross domestic product?
Why are we, on the far side of the Pacific, still responsible for containing North Korea when two of its neighbors — Russia and China — are nuclear powers and South Korea and Japan could field nuclear and conventional forces far superior to Kim’s?
How long into the future will containing militarist dictators in Pyongyang with nuclear missiles be America’s primary responsibility?"
We should trade with North Korea.

Claim aggression against North Korea is really a prelude to war with China. This article explains why I'm skeptical.

Tax and Spend

IRS employs debt collection firms.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Leftists reject Chelsea Clinton but that won't stop them. Hillary won't go away either.


New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco suffer power outages in feared cyber-attack.


How government degrades culture. To the government, bad art must be funded the same as mediocre art and great art.


Automation as a response to minimum wage laws is not a good thing.


Still no evidence of a Russian plot to get Trump elected.
"“The idea that the FBI and associates of the Clinton campaign would pay Mr. Steele to investigate the Republican nominee for President in the run-up to the election raises further questions about the FBI’s independence from politics, as well as the Obama administration’s use of law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political ends.”"
A politician got something right.

Health Care

107 cancer papers retracted for peer review fraud. Nobody in a free market would tolerate this.

Police State

As I predicted, sex toy maker eavesdropped on users, allowing NSA perverts to spy on people during sex.

US preparing charges against Wikileaks's Assange. Hypocrisy.
"One cable news channel had the following back-to-back reports yesterday: (1) the Trump administration is preparing to prosecute Julian Assange for the truthful government secrets allegedly made available by WikiLeaks; (2) an organization in New York is seeking to promote transparency in government. Perhaps the news channel management thought that putting these two stories together would suffice to show the ongoing war against truth that passes for information in our world."
You can't make this stuff up.


Dayton to bring back red light and speed cameras by monitoring them with a live cop.


Ilana Mercer blasts the H-1B immigration program.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


The number of people collecting unemployment checks hits 17 year low.