Thursday, July 31, 2014


The government is really corrupting the economic numbers, most likely to get more votes for Democrats in November.
"What’s more, the government went back and revised some of its estimates for prior quarters. Uncle Sam now believes the economy grew well above the normal 3% rate in three out of the past four quarters."
That's absurd, but it puts pressure on Yellen.
"On Wednesday, the Fed announced that it would keep short-term interest rates near zero and would continue to gradually taper its stimulative bond-buying program as the economy improves. No surprise there.
But the chatter for the Fed to stop coddling the economy really heated up Wednesday morning."
Maybe Obama is fudging the numbers to get Yellen to raise rates and crash the economy to start the revolution he wanted. He's put his people and systems in place, and he wants his revolution.


Rulers bitterly divided along party lines on hosting illegal immigrants.

Drug addicts kill 16 year old drug dealer for drugs.

Not satisfied with spying on people with their on cameras, cops request access to everybody's cameras. It's only a request so far.


After lying about it for a year or so, CIA chief admits CIA spied on Senate Intelligence Committee members. I'm sure they spied on all of Congress just like the NSA.

AG Holder says Ohio's voting laws are racist in DOJ court filing.

Because people in power have no need of anonymity, they want to end online anonymity. The funny part of this is there is no real anonymity online.

Police State

Reporter sues NSA for failing to release financial disclosure records of former chief who burst into the pseudo-private sector making tons of money from big banks.
"But some aren't simply laughing off the retired four-star general's new endeavor. Some, like Leopold, are concerned that Alexander might actually plan on selling high-level state security secrets for his hefty price tag."
That's what he has that's of great value.

Health Care

CAFOs linked to Alzheimer's, Mad cow and Chronic wasting disease.

A century ago, heroin was sedative produced by Bayer. Today Big Pharma produces similar painkillers.
"Fatal prescription drug overdoses actually surpassed car crashes as the leading cause of accidental death in 2007. Many of the overdoses (36 percent) involve prescription opioid painkillers, which were actually the cause of more overdose deaths than heroin and cocaine combined.
First I heard that.

Since Twiggy, we've been told hot women no longer have curves because of fashion. I believe they lost their curves to poor nutrition, i.e. lack of fat. I bet in 20 years, hot women will have curves because fat will once again be recognized as vital nutrition.

Global Warming and Energy

The Gore effect strikes again as EPA hearings take place during record cold temps. The Gore effect might be the best evidence I've seen that God exists and he loves us.

Record lows in South.

Contrary to reports in the press, temperature extremes in the US are fewer, not more.

Senate report exposes plutocrats who fund global warming fraud and control the EPA. This from Harry Reid's Democrat controlled Senate.

War on Drugs

I continue to predict governments will legalize marijuana to collect taxes the same way Roosevelt ended prohibition to collect alcohol taxes. San Bernadino is one example.
"As San Bernardino struggles to deliver a bankruptcy exit plan two years after it filed for Chapter 9 protection, city attorney Gary Saenz says marijuana sales should be part of the southern California city's income.He cites the example of smaller Palm Springs, California, population 45,000, which levies a 10 percent tax on medical marijuana outlets that nets $500,000 a year. San Bernardino has a population of 210,000."

This will spread to states and the Feds.

Honorable flight attendant warns passengers to flush drugs before they get on the plane because drug dogs were going to search the plane. Passengers reportedly raced to the restroom.


ISIS releases video of executions.

Saddam Hussein's family moves his body to protect it from bombs.

Putin and Merkel brokering secret peace deal on Ukraine. It's good to know some rulers have sense. What did the NSA know and when did it know it?

CIA ordered ambassadors to keep knowledge of secret prisons and torture secret from State Department.
"A congressional official who has read the Senate report confirmed that it makes the findings outlined in the document. A former senior CIA official said the secretary of state at the time, Colin Powell, eventually was informed about the program and sat in meetings in which harsh interrogation techniques were discussed. But Powell may not have been informed when the techniques were first used in 2002, the official said."
We know who's in charge of the government.

Nice of the Israelis to allow a cease fire, ostensibly to allow the Gazans to dig their dead out of the rubble, but really to enable them to reload to kill more people.

US on a collision course with China in Africa.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


A second study realizes planetary formation theory is wrong.


93 year old water main bursts and floods UCLA campus. 20 million gallons lost.

California regulations took place the same day as UCLA water main break.


Majority of Americans against falling for the illegal immigrant children ploy.
"The new poll found 53 percent of Americans believe the United States has no moral obligation to offer asylum to people who escape violence or political persecution, while 44 percent believe it has that responsibility.
And more than half, 52 percent, say children who say they are fleeing gang violence in Central America should not be treated as refugees, while 46 percent say they should."
Ending the war on drugs will end this ploy.

Victims of crime by illegal immigrants slam Boehner by inviting him to vacation on the border.

Some Democrats mad Obama hasn't done enough to help illegal aliens. Others mad he's done too much.

Traffickers in drugs and people attacking border agents.

Ann Coulter fears Republicans are being tricked.
"It's been reported everywhere -- The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fox News -- that the William Wilberforce Sex Trafficking Act requires that any non-Mexican children who show up on our border be admitted and given a hearing. (New York Times, July 7, 2014: "Immigrant Surge Rooted in Law to Curb Child Trafficking.")

The problem, we've been told, is that a loophole in the sex trafficking law mandates these hearings -- or "removal proceedings."

But there is no such loophole.

The fact that people on both sides of the aisle are telling the same lie about this law is worrisome. Are Republicans being tricked into thinking we need an emergency bill"
Yeah, right. They're not. They're in on the fraud.

This is why the House bill makes it easier, not harder, for illegal immigrant children to stay. As I wrote, this ploy is being orchestrated by the leaders of both parties.


The government claims the US economy grew at a 4% rate in the second quarter. I don't believe it. It will be significantly revised down.

Already boasting the best security in the consumer smartphone market, Blackberry acquires firm to boost it even further.

Amazon discovers the law of demand.

Tax and Spend

Profane emails expose Lois Lerner's hatred of conservatives. She's going to pay a big price at some point.

Argentina defaults on debt. Many more countries will follow.

Federal Reserve

Court orders Bank of America to pay $1.3 billion in damages for bad mortgages even though the government forced banks to make those subprime loans. This is a joke.

USA Today admits the Fed is fueling the bull market. This contradicts all the baloney about the economy recovering so rates can be lowered and shows even the supposed Keynesians in charge really know the Austrian are right. They're evil, not stupid.

Banks expect depositors to withdraw $1 trillion as Fed raises interest rates.


Story about the rise of vegetable oil tells the crazy story of how Proctor and Gamble met and formed the world's biggest consumer goods company.

No 90 degree days in July, but record low temperatures set.

Health Care

More on the exposure of CDC workers to anthrax and other biological weapons. More. has already cost $840 million to develop.

Drug testing corruption.
"Every drug you take will have been tested on people before it—but that testing process is meant to be tightly controlled, for the safety of everyone involved. Two investigations document the questionable methods used in many studies, and the lack of oversight the FDA seems to have over the process. First, drugs are increasingly being tested on homeless, destitute and mentally ill people. Second, it turns out many human trials are being run by doctors who have had their licenses revoked for drug addiction, malpractice and worse."
The FDA exactly the control our rulers want.

Genetic test supposedly predicts whether somebody is prone to committing suicide. I bet it's not very accurate.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Police State

DHS seizing cars that don't meet EPA regulations as if those cars are terrorists.

Foreign Policy

Republicans poised to push major aggression against Russia if they take the Senate.
"As ranking Republican on the foreign relations committee, Corker is in line to become chairman, should the GOP take the Senate. That makes this proposal a gravely serious matter.
Corker’s bill would declare Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine “major non-NATO allies” of the United States, move NATO forces into Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, accelerate the building of an ABM system in Eastern Europe, and authorize U.S. intelligence and military aid for Ukraine’s army in the Donbass war with Russian-backed separatists.
U.S. aid would include antitank and antiaircraft weapons."
There's more, and it's nuts. Hopefully in a few years we won't be saying at least Obama kept us out of war with Russia.

Germany pays millions in ransom to Mali jihadists.


35 percent of Americans have debt in collections. Some recovery.

Average US electricity prices hit record high.


I don't believe for a second Leahy's Senate bill or its House counterpart would really cut down on mass surveillance. If it did, none of our rulers would support it. This is a fraud.


Tax levy vote in Beavercreek.

Montgomery County wants to raise taxes.

Proposed tax hike in Huber Heights.

Local rulers still pushing for drones.

Fiance of wing-walker Jane Wicker to rebuild her plane.


Israel knocks out Gaza's only power plant.

Israeli official tells Obama to leave Israel alone while it attacks Gaza. Obama should comply and cut off funding.

Rockets found at third UN school.

US accuses Russia of violating intermediate nuclear missile treaty. This may seem innocuous, but it could be another step in the run-up to war.

The US has lost track of 747,000 weapons shipped to Afghanistan because neither of its tracking systems work.

More insanity in Iraq.

New EU museum of history refers to WWII as the European Civil War.

Health Care

Evidence against statins mounts.

I'm skeptical of claim that Obamacare has saved Ohioans $581 million on prescriptions.

New VA bill grants bonuses to VA personnel.
"A House-Senate agreement on how to reform the broken Department of Veterans Affairs will let the VA hand out up to $360 million in bonuses to its employees each year, even though the House voted just weeks ago to strip all VA bonuses through 2016."
What a farce. More money won't solve the problem of socialized medicine for veterans or anybody else.


One-third of births in Butler County attributed to illegal aliens.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tax and Spend

Argentina to default on debt again.

Police State

I'm suspicious of this crackdown on Spiderman and five other performers. I bet this has to do with plutocrats and copyright.


Americans swamp Congressional phone lines to protest Obama's plan for executive amnesty, but Obama isn't in Congress, and Congress can't stop him.

Illegal immigrants protest at the White House confident they won't get deported.

Staffer for Boehner, formerly for McCain is writing amnesty bill for Texas Republican Congresswoman Kay Granger, reportedly to Obama's specifications.
"“[Tallent] is writing the House plan for Kay Granger,” a well-placed congressional source. “She more than almost anyone has her fingerprints on President Obama’s immigration plans and is very close with the amnesty community, with the White House, with Democratic offices.”"
This sounds perfectly believable.
"A GOP leadership aide rejected the suggestion that the Granger group’s proposal is a liberal brainchild."
That sounds like a typical Republican lie.

Government ownership of land along the border and environmental regulations hinder capturing illegal aliens.

More children turning themselves in at ports.


While explaining his ridiculous lawsuit against Obama's lawlessness, Boehner doesn't mention Obama's amnesty lawlessness.

Global Warming and Energy

In order to stabilize the power grid, Germany pays coal and gas power companies up to 400x the going rate.

Study of "world class" temperature stations shows global warming is much less than reported.
"A rise of 0.41°C per century is observed over the last 250 years."
Probably similar to other planets.

You can't trust NOAA's claim of recent hot months.
"However as we have shown here, the warming is all in the questionable adjustments made to the data, with a major cooling of the past and allowance for UHI contamination in recent decades. The all time record highs and days over 90F tell us we have been in a cyclical pattern with 1930s as the warmest decade."

Frauds pretend the rate of natural climate change is slow, but this is a lie.

I love the term "environmental racism". As grossly as the word racism has been abused, I'd love to see it lose all meaning.


374 killed, 78 wounded in Iraq.

Report that Ukrainian fighter jets are using passenger jets as cover.
"The possibility remains that Kiev air traffic control diverted the flight path of MH17 in order that it could be used as cover for Ukrainian fighter jets. The government has seized the air traffic control recordings."
The question remains: why are airlines flying over this war zone?

Historians and media people can manipulate narratives by where they choose to start the story.
"In North America, the interpretation of current events provided to the public is often manipulated by selecting a convenient starting point that amputates prior events that would inconveniently alter the causal narrative. This amputation is made possible by a doctrine of historical creationism that sees current events as, not evolving, but emerging ex nihilo, out of nothing. Events are described, not in a context, but as discrete events that spring spontaneously and causelessly from an ahistorical past."
This is how they're erasing the US and European overthrow of the legitimate government in Ukraine.
"According to Stephen Cohen, Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies at Princeton, the European Union and the United States rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offer to allow both Europe and Russia to help Ukraine. The western powers demanded that Yanukovych choose one of Europe or Russia.
The West then presented an offer with terms and conditions that made it impossible for Yanukovych to choose them. The European Union offer demanded economic reforms and an International Monetary Fund dictated austerity plan that would, at least, throw Ukraine into a recession. Russia offered $15 billion in loans and discounted natural gas.
So moving the causal narrative back just one step changes Yanukovych’s betrayal of his people that justified rebellion to a decision made in the interest of his people that led to a western manipulated rebellion."
"Historical creationism also makes possible the narration of the Ukraine story as if it is a discrete event devoid of historical context. When Germany reunified, the administration of George H.W. Bush promised Gorbachev that NATO would move no further towards Russia’s borders. In violation of this promise, the U.S. and NATO have brought twelve allies of the former Soviet Union into NATO. "
If the Russians believed that, they were fools.
"This historical context entirely changes the appearance of Russia’s actions and concerns. In addition to unpopular austerity measures, the European Union’s offer also included "‘security policy’ provisions . . . that would apparently subordinate Ukraine to NATO." With an historical context, Putin’s responses are no longer the starting point that are forcing the West to react, but reactions to western aggression. "
"An event that immediately preceded the murdering of the Israelis is seldom, if ever, included in the Western narrative. The event reveals that the cycle of murders of innocent children did not begin with the Palestinian murder of the three Israelis teenagers. In May, security camera footage showed two teenage Palestinian boys being shot to death by Israeli soldiers at a West Bank protest for hunger striking prisoners despite neither of them presenting a threat. Obviously, that does not make the Palestinian murder of the Israelis – or the subsequent, apparently, revenge murder of another Palestinian boy – okay, but it may change the causal narrative.
After the disappearance of the three Israeli teenagers, Israel launched a search for them, though, according to many sources, they already knew they were dead. During that search airstrikes were carried out, hundreds of houses and buildings were raided, hundreds of Palestinians were arrested without charges and several were killed. It is only then that Hamas began the launching of rockets into Israel. As in the Ukraine narrative, reattaching that prior event alters the causal narrative."
This is an excellent article.
"Iran insists on the right to produce only the amount of uranium they need; the US and the rest of the P5+1 are demanding that Iran produce less and acquire the rest of what they need from another country.
Devoid of an historical context, this Iranian demand seems like intransigence that is masking a clandestine reason for enriching uranium. If all they want is what they need for civilian purposes, why not get the rest from other countries?
But Iran, unlike the West, does not suffer from historical amnesia: they are not historical creationists. The Iranian negotiators remember that when the enriched uranium they had acquired from Argentina in 1988 had nearly run out, they went to the International Atomic Energy Association to request help in purchasing a new batch of 19.5% enriched uranium so they could keep their hospitals functioning only to see the US and Europe block them from making the legal purchase."
They have no reason to trust western governments, and this pushed Iran into enriching uranium.

Outgoing head of Defense Intelligence Agency admits US is no safer after 13 years of war. I guess he can say that since he's retiring.
"That the United States is no safer – and in some respects may be less safe – even after two wars and trillions of dollars could prove to be disappointing news for Americans, noted the journalist questioning General Flynn at the Aspen Security Forum last week." 
We're actually less safe, but the plutocrats are a lot richer, and that was always the goal.


Hague court claims the power to force Russia to compensate shareholders for property it stole. I doubt the court will do the same for common people.

Russia recognizes this decision is political.


In the battle for poor people's money as the economy continues its decline, Dollar Tree bought Family Dollar to compete with Walmart.

Claim that Google predicts stock market crashes before they occur is premature since the data only goes back to 2004.

War on Drugs

Prescription drug abuse in Silicon Valley.

The Wall Street Journal erroneously blames drugs, not the war on drugs, for driving illegal immigrants north.

Health Care

Donating blood is good for you because it removes excess iron.

Worst ever ebola outbreak keeps getting worse.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


A majority of Americans wish they'd elected Romney. Are they admitting they're dumb? They should wish they'd elected Ron Paul.


Illegal immigrants claim Obama will take care of them.

More on the bogus claim businesses need new immigrants and new STEM workers. The reality is forced integration of illegal immigrants is pushing Americans out of jobs.


Huber Heights has looted its downtown to enrich cronies along I-70.

Home foreclosures spike around Dayton and across the state.

Another tax levy in Beavercreek. There's a new one every other week. A DDN search for Beavercreek levy returns 416 hits.

More power outages.


The Khan Academy exposes the false theory behind licensing teachers.
"This is the classic example of how universities work. People who teach in MBA programs have never owned businesses. People who teach psychology have never worked as full-time psychologists. Professors get themselves licensed by their own group, few of whom have had any experience in the free market, where profit and loss determine who survives and who fails. Then, having created a state-mandated barrier to entry, they earn above-market wages paid by taxpayers. This starts at the university level, and then it moves down to the very lowest levels of the educational system."
This is great news.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Federal Judge strikes down Washington D.C. handgun carry ban.


US releases images it says are proof Russia fired artillery into Ukraine. It hasn't released any images showing who shot down the Malaysian jetliner.

Tax and Spend

Plutocrat who profits from NASA calls for an increase in NASA's budget. No self-interest there.

Global Warming and Energy

Pastured beef is much better for the environment than CAFO beef.

Health Care

Fat has been blamed for sugar's damage. Hopefully this crushes the saturated fat and cholesterol myths.

Charts show where American diet went wrong.

Seven indicators to evaluate risk for heart disease.

The FDA's war on cherries, the antacid fraud and how the body turning acidic causes most disease including cancer.

Great Britain to allow DNA modification, but tries to hide it. Eugenics, here we come.

More on Michelle Obama's bake sale ban.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Police State

Poor federal police agencies keep having their spy programs classified by the NSA and CIA so they can't use them in court.


Six corporations own 90 percent of media consumed by Americans, and if Fox or Comcast buy Time-Warner, it'll be five.

New York Times advocates legalizing marijuana.


I'm not the only one who thinks Obama is begging to be impeached. Maybe he thinks that will rally his base.
"“He wants us to impeach him now,” Stockman theorized, “before the midterm election because his senior advisors believe that is the only chance the Democratic Party has to avoid a major electoral defeat. Evidently Obama believes impeachment could motivate the Democratic Party base to come out and vote.”"
That's the same thing I'm thinking.

Democrats already using non-existent threat of impeachment to raise money.

This from The Telegraph:
"The degree to which Barack Obama is now phoning it in – sleepwalking perfunctorily through his second term, amid golf rounds and dinner parties – is astonishing"
His minions are carrying out his evil plans.

Tax and Spend

Despite the billions spent on Mars exploration, scientists have no big theories. That's because missions to Mars are designed to create press releases, not real science, and it's because their basic theory of the solar system is wrong.


Is 8.2 percent of DNA functional, or 80 percent?

Researches believe they can extend the human lifespan tenfold. I'd like to live to 1,000.

Scientists discover high redshift spiral galaxy their theory says shouldn't exist.

Global Warming and Energy

NOAA admits the climate is cooling.

Coolest summer on record in US so far.

Foregn Policy

Ron Paul on neocons.

NSA aids Saudi Arabian oppression.
"The National Security Agency last year significantly expanded its cooperative relationship with the Saudi Ministry of Interior, one of the world’s most repressive and abusive government agencies. An April 2013 top secret memo provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden details the agency’s plans “to provide direct analytic and technical support” to the Saudis on “internal security” matters."
This isn't surprising. It aids US oppression too.

US evacuates Libyan embassy.


Fast food workers threatening civil disobedience in quest to obtain $15 per hour should be fired. They are unskilled and therefore easy to replace.

Most Americans, those not part of government's crony system, are getting poorer.
"The inflation-adjusted net worth for the typical household was $87,992 in 2003. Ten years later, it was only $56,335, or a 36 percent decline, according to a study financed by the Russell Sage Foundation. Those are the figures for a household at the median point in the wealth distribution — the level at which there are an equal number of households whose worth is higher and lower. But during the same period, the net worth of wealthy households increased substantially. "
That's huge.
"The Russell Sage study also examined net worth at the 95th percentile. (For households at that level, 94 percent of the population had less wealth and 4 percent had more.) It found that for this well-do-do slice of the population, household net worth increased 14 percent over the same 10 years. Other research, by economists like Edward Wolff at New York University, has shown even greater gains in wealth for the richest 1 percent of households."
That's not that huge, but it shows the loss of wealth by normal people is even worse.

Programmers can't program.


After Israel killed over 1,000 Gazans, Hamas wary of truce. Who can blame them?

312 killed in Iraq.


$18 million was just the opener for Huber Heights's music boondoggle.
"City Council is expected to vote at Monday night’s meeting on three pieces of legislation — $400,000 for the VIP area, $99,000 for VIP improvements and $758,879 for concession stand upgrades."
This was planned from the beginning.

Judge sides with his fellow arch-criminals against a business being harmed in lawsuit over Water Street development.
"Dayton Office Properties filed a lawsuit against the city and developers Woodard Real Estate Resources and Crawford Hoying Development Partners claiming the parties are conspiring to unlawfully seize its property to increase the value of the development.
The company contends the city is improperly using eminent domain to reclaim the road, which would breach the terms of its agreement. The city has argued that it maintains the right-of-way, and merely wants to re-establish a public road."
To steal property is why government exists.

Storms knock out power.

Bunch of rulers of corrupt village of Gratis resign en mass.


Obama orders aid to ignore congressional subpoena.

Obama warns against impeachment.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Health Care

The government through Google plans to define a healthy human so it can further control us.

Rats eating bodies in Washington D.C.'s socialist morgue.

Hepatitis C drug costs $84,000 for twelve weeks.


Scientists warn of electrical effects of solar storms on earth, but claim electricity has no effect in space.

Police State

The FBI refuses to publish its study on how drones impact the privacy of Americans.


Cable companies understand that Netflix is going to demand they pay it or give them higher bandwidth for free. This is how the market works, and government intervention can only make things worse for consumers. The net neutrality debate is

Congress supposedly re-allows people to jailbreak their phones. I'm skeptical.

Tax and Spend

NASA project over budget and behind schedule.
"A GAO report finds that the Space Launch System is over budget and NASA will need an additional $400 million to complete its first orbital launch in 2017. From the article: "NASA isn't meeting its own requirements for matching cost and schedule resources with the congressional requirement to launch the first SLS in December 2017. NASA usually uses a calculation it calls the 'joint cost and schedule confidence level' to decide the odds a program will come in on time and on budget. 'NASA policy usually requires a 70 percent confidence level for a program to proceed with final design and fabrication,' the GAO report says, and the SLS is not at that level."
Typical government bureaucracy.

Tax form proves Obama lied about Obamacare mandate tax. He lied everything else positive to. To his credit, all the bad things he promises, he's doing.

Global Warming and Energy

Study attributes 23 percent of warming in Europe since 1980 to clear air laws that removed sulfur dioxide from air.

Obama's regulations bankrupting coal companies just like he promised.

Foreign Policy

More on the CIA's torture prisons in Poland.
"The language in the judgment is damning. Evidence of the prisoners’ rendition and treatment is “coherent, clear and categorical.” The facts presented by their legal teams “demonstrate” that the Polish authorities knew at that time that the CIA was using Szymany airport and, as a secret detention site, the Stare Kiejkuty military base. The court judged it “inconceivable” that rendition aircraft landed in and departed from Poland, or that the CIA occupied the premises in the Polish base, without Poland being “informed of and involved in the preparation and execution of the [CIA’s High Value Detainee] Programme.” It concluded that “Poland, for all practical purposes, facilitated the whole process, created the conditions for it to happen and made no attempt to prevent it from occurring.” In short, through its “acquiescence and connivance,” Poland “must be regarded as responsible” for secret imprisonment, torture and transfer onward to further secret imprisonment."
This was in exchange for being made part of NATO and receiving a missile defense system.

The evolution of the US empire after Soviet collapse. Only a egotistical fool would ever declare the "End of History".


Wikipedia blocks disruptive edits, that means all edits, from Congress.


Desperate parents pimp out their young children. This is another example of how government debases society.

This feud between family members over who runs a grocery store chain shows how entrepreneurs must not only satisfy customers, they must satisfy employees and suppliers too.


Ohio State's band director wasn't fired over sexual harassment. He was fired over overseeing a culture of sexual harassment. That's what government schools produce.

Michelle Obama is cracking down on bake sales. I feel healthier.


360 illegal immigrant children already placed with sponsors in Ohio.

Obama plans to grant five million illegal immigrants amnesty. If he does this, he will be impeached. He's already preparing for that threatening Republicans if they impeach him. Obama is a monster standing on the shoulders of the monsters before him. I just hope his name goes down in well-deserved infamy for his unprecedented, egomaniacal lawlessness. Hopefully this is a rumor meant to facilitate Republican passage of their own amnesty bill which the people can kill.

Obama already knows Democrats will lose this election. They're almost certain to lose the Senate. Obama doesn't care about calls to Congress. He's an extra-egomaniacal psychopath. He worked his entire adult life to gain the power to overwhelm the US system of limited government, and he's going to do it no matter what the people want. He hates us. Maybe Obama's best ally Boehner will file another lawsuit.


Police chase another car, and a pedestrian is killed.
"The Montgomery County Coroner's Office released the identity of the person who was killed during a high-speed pursuit that ended in Trotwood Thursday night."
There's the carefully worded line again. Notice it doesn't say the subject of the case killed the man, which it certainly would if that had been he case.
"Ector's uncle tells us his nephew was walking to work when he was struck and killed."
Again, it doesn't show who struck him. Two others were injured. The article goes on to document a number of deaths caused by police chases.


On the disproportion of force between Israel and Hamas.
"Speaking of the military imbalance, Dr. James E. Jennings, president of Conscience International and executive director of U.S. Academics for Peace, told IPS, “Unless you have been on the street facing Israeli troops in Gaza, or sleeping on the floor under an Israeli aerial assault, as I have several times while delivering aid in 1989, 2000, and 2009, it’s impossible to imagine the total disproportion of power in this conflict. "
This is immaterial. If a man tries to stab you with a knife, you can shoot him with a gun. You're not required to forgo your gun when defending yourself. What matters is who's the aggressor.
"“I saw boys who were merely running away shot in the back by Israeli soldiers with Uzi [submachine guns] and arrayed in body armor, and in 2009 and 2012 at Rafah witnessed Israel’s technological superiority in coordinating sophisticated computers, drones, and F-15s with devastating effect,” he said. "
Shooting unarmed boys in the back then arming their bodies is war crime as it ought to be.

Embattled Turk PM declares Israel has done worse to Palestinians that Hitler did to Jews. That probably boosted his abysmal approval ratings a bit.

Pat Buchanan asks:
"When then did this issue of whose flag flies over Donetsk or Crimea become so crucial that we would arm Ukrainians to fight Russian-backed rebels and consider giving a NATO war guarantee to Kiev, potentially bringing us to war with a nuclear-armed Russia?"
It happened when the war for the dollar started.
"What motivates Putin seems simple and understandable. He wants the respect due a world power. He sees himself as protector of the Russians left behind in his “near abroad.” He relishes playing Big Power politics. History is full of such men.
He allows U.S. overflights to Afghanistan, cooperates in the P5+1 on Iran, helped us rid Syria of chemical weapons, launches our astronauts into orbit, collaborates in the war on terror and disagrees on Crimea and Syria."
Hardly like Stalin, let alone uncooperative.
"But what motivates those on our side who seek every opportunity to restart the Cold War?"
The fear Russia will sell energy in a currency other than the dollar.

Dollar hegemony is why Washington keeps pushing for war.
"Despite the conclusion by US intelligence that there is no evidence of Russian involvement in the destruction of the Malaysian airliner and all lives onboard, Washington is escalating the crisis and shepherding it toward war.
Twenty-two US senators have introduced into the 113th Congress, Second Session, a bill, S.2277, “To prevent further Russian aggression toward Ukraine and other sovereign states in Europe and Eurasia, and for other purposes.” The bill is before the Committee on Foreign Relations.
Note that prior to any evidence of any Russian aggression, there are already 22 senators lined up in behalf of preventing further Russian aggression."
I still doubt the US will go to war with Russia. As mad with power as our rulers are, surely saner minds will prevail. I hope.

More detail on the most bizarre conspiracy theory regarding the downed Malaysian flight.
"Relying on secondhand information, Girkin asserted that many of the passengers from the crash had already been dead before the plane had even taken off. His underlings had reported to him that the bodies were badly decomposed and drained of blood. This, of course, was news to all the families of the victims who’d seen off their loved ones at the airport in Amsterdam."
I remember this report came out on the first day of the crash.

Boy Scouts are a pipeline to the military. I'm sure that's how the organization was conceived, but it's still sad.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


FEC decides to regulate conservative publisher.


Now scientists say black holes aren't black at all.

Invertebrate populations drop 45 percent in four decades.

Tax and Spend

Social Security computer upgrade has cost $300 million with no end in sight.


Socialism turns regular old fires into devastating wildfires.

Government control of ground water in the west is causing it to be used up at an alarming rate.

More socialist water management failure.

Global Warming and Energy

For the last few decades, global warming frauds have rejected the impact of natural climate cycles on the climate, but suddenly one invokes them to explain the 17+ year pause. So whenever the climate warms, it's CAGW, but when it doesn't warm or cools, it's natural cycles. That's convenient. He may be opening up a can of worms he can't close again.

NOAA reports 28,504 cold records set in the last year (365 days).

Federal Reserve

New SEC regulations allows money market funds to refuse redemption.
"Moments ago the gates arrived, when following a close 3-2 vote (with republican commissioner Piwowar and democrat Stein dissenting), the SEC adopted new rules designed to curb the risk of investor runs on money market funds, capping the end of a years-long heated debate between regulators and the industry dating to the financial crisis according to Reuters.
Among the changes, funds will have to switch to a floating share price instead of the current $1/share (hence the term breaking the buck). But the key part: “The SEC’s rule will require prime money market funds to move from a stable $1 per share net asset value, to a floating NAV. It also will let fund boards lower redemption “gates” and fees in times of market stress.”"
It gets worse every day.
"But forget about our opinion, or even that of the SEC, because while on the surface this now enacted proposal to establish withdrawal limits is spun as benign, it was the Fed itself who warned in April of 2014 that the possibility of suspending convertibility, including the imposition of gates or fees for redemptions, can create runs that  would not otherwise occur… Rules that provide intermediaries, such as MMFs, the ability to restrict redemptions when liquidity falls short may threaten financial stability by setting up the possibility of preemptive runs.”"
"Clearly, everyone understand that the only purpose behind implementing “gates” is to redirect the herd. And with some $2.6 trillion in assets, money markets can serve as a convenient source of “forced buying” now that QE is tapering if only for the time being. The only question is whether the herd will agree to this latest massive behavioral experiment by the Fed, and allocate their funds to a stock market which is now trading at a higher P/E multiple than during the last market peak.
And should this particular exercise in inflating stock bubbles fail, then gating bond funds, another “reform” which as we reported last month is in the works, should certainly force equities to unseen bubble proportions."
Or gold could skyrocket in an unintended consequence.

Police State

Botched executions is another consequence of the decivilizing effect of government.

Michigan food police destroy coop farmer's product.
"According to the owners of the dairy, the MDA threatened to arrest the co-op owner, Jenny Samuelson,  for “selling food without a license.” However, the farm is a co-op, where people must buy shares. The MDA, however, said that the co-op contracts were invalid, and therefore, instead of being shared, the food was being sold. Because co-op members had paid for their shares, technically the MDA stole food that belonged not just to the Golimbieski family, but to every single member of that co-op."
This is to protect Big Ag corporations.

New York man was killed for selling cigarettes to people trying to avoid the tax. This is a reminder that taxes are armed robbery, and if you resist them, the robbers may kill you.

Cops are three times more likely to commit murder, not counting the legalized murder they get away with on the job, than concealed carry permit holders


Antioch advances solar plans.

Huber Heights was just going to give away six acres of prime real estate to sports complex developer, but since the developer hasn't done anything, they're withholding the gift of land.

Despite Nan Whaley's self-serving efforts, illegal immigrant children aren't coming to Dayton yet. Let's hope it stays that way.


Over 50 former Israili soldiers, now reservists, refuse to fight, citing oppression of Palestinians.

US press members that show Palestinians in a positive light or Israelis in a negative light are pulled from their assignments.
"NBC pulled out Ayman Mohyeldin, who has been widely praised for the even-handedness of his reporting from Gaza, just as he landed a harrowing scoop. He had kicked a football with four boys who were killed moments later by an Israeli missile.
Mohyeldin managed a few tweets before being removed, allegedly on "security" grounds. But why then did NBC immediately send in a replacement? After a public outcry, Mohyeldin was reinstated, but no proper explanation of the decision has been provided.
Shortly afterwards, CNN "reassigned" its reporter in Israel, Diana Magnay, after a tweet in which she labelled as "scum" an Israeli mob that threatened her with violence as she filmed them celebrating missile explosions in Gaza. The tweet was deleted within minutes, followed by her rapid departure."
It sounds like these two had an anti-Israel agenda instead of attempting to be non-biased, but you can't fire a guy for playing soccer with children, showing that Palestinian children are much like children everywhere, not monsters in the making like John McCain claimed on Greta the other night.

Over 500 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed.

Israeli forces shoot dead two Palestinian protesters in the West Bank.

Poland's government ordered to pay victims of secret CIA torture prisons in Poland.

US-backed coupmeister ruling coalition in Ukraine collapses and prime minister and his cabinet resign.
"Yatsenyuk also expressed disappointment with Ukrainian parliament’s decision to reject a bill that allows the government to hand over up to 49 percent of the country’s gas transport system to investors from the European Union and the United States."
That's part of what the coup was all about.

US claims Russians are firing artillery into Ukraine. They also claim Russians have crossed the border into Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine has to be one of the most blanketed regions of the world by US spies and spy satellites, yet the government has presented no evidence for who shot down the Malaysian airliner. This is the dog that didn't bark.
"What I’ve been told by one source, who has provided accurate information on similar matters in the past, is that U.S. intelligence agencies do have detailed satellite images of the likely missile battery that launched the fateful missile, but the battery appears to have been under the control of Ukrainian government troops dressed in what look like Ukrainian uniforms.
The source said CIA analysts were still not ruling out the possibility that the troops were actually eastern Ukrainian rebels in similar uniforms but the initial assessment was that the troops were Ukrainian soldiers. There also was the suggestion that the soldiers involved were undisciplined and possibly drunk, since the imagery showed what looked like beer bottles scattered around the site, the source said."
The US wouldn't want that in the news.

Obama to put American boots on the ground in Ukraine in the form of advisors. I thought the US was complaining about Russian advisors in Ukraine.

Suggestion the CIA may be attacking Malaysian jets to undermine the growing Chinese-Russian alliance.
The US remains uncharacteristically silent on the missing jet.

Ron Paul blames neo-con, interventionist policy and war for terrorist attacks.

Scaremongering cyberwar attack.
"Al Qaeda, nation states, and criminals are preparing for major cyber attacks against U.S. infrastructure that could be comparable to the devastating September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, a senior Justice Department official said on Thursday."
Like they're all conspiring, and if they were, like the NSA can't identify them.

Terrible statistics about suicide by veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.


Vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer increase over 100 percent. Microsoft is getting worse, not better.

Jobless claims lowest since 2006, but factory orders and new housing sales drop. That sounds like the peak of the bubble. More.
""This was a dismal report. Last month's number looked like an outlier, and turned out to have been too good to be true," said IHS Global Insight economist Stephanie Karol in a research note."

This is a pretty good description of the bubble.
"The 2008 Wall Street meltdown is long forgotten, having been washed away by a tsunami of central bank liquidity. Indeed, the S&P closed yesterday at 1,983—or up by nearly 200% from its March 2009 low. Yet four cardinal measures of Main Street economic health convey nothing like a 2X pick-up from the post-crisis bottom.
To wit, in June the count of  breadwinner jobs was 68.5 million or 5% below were it stood as the crisis got underway. Likewise, business investment in real plant and equipment is still 5% below its late 2007 peak. So too with the real median family income at about $53k—its still down by 6%. And unlike past cycles where safety net programs like food stamps shed recipients as the recovery gained momentum, there are still nearly 47 million Americans in the program compared to 30 million in March 2009."
The big one is coming.


Less than half of people with STEM degrees work in STEM field.

Health Care

Sugar linked to dementia and Alzheimer's.

Hospitals spreading deadly superbug.
  • "Cases of the contagious and deadly "superbug" known as CRE increased five-fold in community hospitals from 2008 to 2012 in the Southeastern U.S., according to a new study."
Thanks, government.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Obama keeps ICE workers at desks instead of on border.
"“They’re sitting still at their desks — reading newspapers, playing video games on their government computers — because they’re not being tasked with work, and they feel like it’s coming all the way down from the top,” Colburn tells NRO. “These are guys that do want to go out more, but basically they’re not.” Colburn says some ICE agents go work out at the gym for four hours each day because they have little work to do. Meanwhile, he says, the Obama administration continues to “strangle” Border Patrol agents who must process and handle the latest flood of Central Americans rather than stand guard at the border."
That's Obama's kind of change.


Michael Moore owns nine homes. He doesn't hate capitalism in general. He only hates for everybody but himself. Typical socialist.


The Feds plan to take brainwashing and spying on children to a new level by tethering them to robots.
"“Just like a good personal trainer, we want the robots to be able to guide the child toward a behavior that we desire,” said Brian Scassellati, a computer science professor at Yale and principal investigator for the study."
They can't get the kids completely away from parents, so they plan to infiltrate the family with robots.
"Scassellati envisions the robots influencing nearly every aspect of children’s lives."
Orwell never thought of this. Imagine how terribly this will undermine original thought.

Foreign Policy

Thanks to NSA, typewriter sales surge in Germany.


The ridiculous idea of the social contract.

Desperate Biden, planning to run for president in 2016, lies about the economy.
""Businesses are hiring at historic rates, with 52 consecutive months of net private sector job growth," said Biden in the newly released report supporting the reauthorization of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 1998, which President Obama signed on Tuesday."
This is almost as big a farce as the IRS cover-up. Here's the real story.
"Obama and Biden's efforts to cast a positive light on America's jobs outlook, however, may face headwinds with voters. As the New York Times noted, "In fact, part-time jobs accounted for two-thirds of all new jobs in June." What's more, economist Ben Casselman of Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight states, "For the 49th time in 50 months, more jobseekers gave up looking than found work." "
Here's why Biden has to lie.
"Obama and Biden's upbeat economic outlook stands in contrast to the views of voters. According to Gallup, 56% of Americans believe the economy is getting worse, versus just 39% who say it is improving. "


Dayton's rulers to spend $80,000 on new trees from somebody's crony.

Police State

Obama expands the terrorist watch list and lowers the standard for putting people on it. The supreme predators consider everybody a potential terrorist.

Airlines voluntarily help feds spy by passing on information to them on all travelers.
"…by passing on Passenger Name Records (PNR) on flights, including name, address, email, language, converastions with booking agencies, and IP Address."
Another reason not to fly.

Report documents that nearly all supposed terrorist attacks in the US are staged by the government.
"Nearly all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 featured the "direct involvement" of government agents or informants, a new report says.
Some of the controversial "sting" operations "were proposed or led by informants", bordering on entrapment by law enforcement. Yet the courtroom obstacles to proving entrapment are significant, one of the reasons the stings persist.
The lengthy report, released on Monday by Human Rights Watch, raises questions about the US criminal justice system's ability to respect civil rights and due process in post-9/11 terrorism cases. It portrays a system that features not just the sting operations but secret evidence, anonymous juries, extensive pretrial detentions and convictions significantly removed from actual plots."
That describes a police state.
""In some cases the FBI may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by suggesting the idea of taking terrorist action or encouraging the target to act," the report alleges."
That's an understatement.

Tax and Spend

The computers of all the people involved in targeting tea party groups suffered hard drive crashes.
"The IRS also claimed in a transcribed interview that many other IRS employees who worked under Lerner in her Washington, D.C. department and its Cincinnati-based affiliate also experienced computer crashes that deleted their emails, bringing the total number of crash victims to “less than 20.” (RELATED: Meet the First 7 IRS Employees Whose Computers Crashed)"
That's not suspicious. This blatant corruption shows how powerfully the US controls Americans. If this happened in Britain, the government would fall. Not in the US.


GM recalls nearly a million more vehicles.

GM scraps Obama's European version of Volt.

Global Warming and Energy

Greenpeace staffers want directors to resign over flagrant air travel. This illustrates that the most corrupt rise to the top in coercive organizations.

130 environmental wacko groups - watermelons - show their true colors and demand and end to capitalism. Maybe they called it the margarita declaration because they were seriously drunk at the time.

Dedicated weather observer since Herbert Hoover has his data modified by NCDC to fix the political agenda of today's politicians. They modify all the data.

Health Care

Opposing court rulings highlight chaos of Obamacare. It's funny that one court ruled that law did not mean what it said.

Obamacare site approves nearly all fake applications.
"The investigators did not have the same luck with in-person assistors: They were unable to get help in five of six cases, and the last was told by the assistor that the income reported was too high for subsidized coverage."
The reason the rest didn't get approved was the system was too messed up to handle them.

Mexican bishops take intense exorcism course.


Another US claim about the downing of Malaysian flight over Ukraine goes up in smoke.
"So here we are, with no US smoking gun (thus far). Only social media and highly suspect voice intercepts and satellite photos of BUK launchers.
Russia “shares responsibility” for the shoot-down because, according to the US, it provided training and weapons to the separatists in eastern Ukraine. Only according to a CNN reportbased on a classified intelligence assessment, “there is no intelligence suggesting Russia ever transferred [a BUK missile system] across the border.”"
$100 billion buys nothing but uncertainty.

Ukrainian separatists shoot down two coupmeister fighter jets.

279 killed, 144 injured in Iraq.

Health Care

CDC warns of post-antibiotic era.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Global Warming and Energy

New global warming mascot.
"Embarrassed by the stubborn refusal of polar bears to die out, or even to appear convincingly rare, climate scientists are touting a new poster child species for our collective climate guilt – the white lemuroid ringtail possum."
Those darn polar bears.


Americans' demand for drugs is not the problem in South American. Drug prohibition is the problem.

96 percent of illegal immigrant children have been transported to a sponsor inside the US.

Former border agent realizes government is using illegal immigrant children in asymmetrical warfare against the American people.
"By leaving strategic areas along the southern U.S. border unprotected, and by using children as the face of the illegal immigrant surge to elicit public sympathy, the federal government is engaging in a sophisticated military tactic known as “asymmetrical warfare” against the American people, a former U.S. Border Patrol agent is warning."
Good for him for saying it.


Price inflation continues.
"The Labor Department said the consumer price index increased 0.3% in June after a 0.4% gain in May.
The gasoline index rose 3.3% in June, and accounted for two-thirds of the increase in overall June prices, the department said.
Food and so-called core prices decelerated in June.
Food prices rose 0.1% in June, the smallest monthly increase since January, after a steep 0.5% gain in May."
Yellen is stuck.

Beef and bacon hit record high prices.

Insiders are scared.
"The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), which measures current market volatility or fear, spiked last Thursday but has fallen since then and remains at levels well below its long-run average. But beneath the surface, the evidence is building that insiders are hunkering down for a period of turmoil on a scale that, on one measure, has never been seen before."
I'm scared.

China's debt ratios approaches US.


Official unemployment increases because people are trying to re-enter the workforce and get jobs. This shows how stupid the unemployment numbers are.


Putin criticized for burden of regulation, though Russia's burden of regulation is dwarfed by the US.
"However, Stratfor’s latest mailing “Can Putin Survive?” mentioned that Russian regulatory burdens on the economy are startling, and led me to this article showing that government inspections cost the economy $35 Billion a year!   1.8% of the Russian GDP!  Curious, I looked at Ten Thousand Commandments verify that government in the United States consumes 31% of the GDP, and that costs for Americans to comply with our own regulatory state is a mere $1.86 Trillion (over 10% of the economy)."


US and Europe are using the downing of Malaysian jet to hammer Putin.

US officials admit they have no evidence of Russian involvement in shooting down the plane.

257 killed, 50 wounded in Iraq.

Rockets found in second UN school in Gaza.


The press is calling Putin a pariah.
"Pariah is no neutral term. Pariah means “outcast, persona non grata, leper, undesirable, unperson, nonperson.” Historically it referred to low caste persons in India. It’s a highly prejudicial and inflammatory term. It’s meant to encourage the cutting off of communications with that person and worse. It denigrates the person to whom it is applied and that raises the war temper, the idea being that it’s then right to treat that person with destructive violence and sanctions. Creating demons is a step on the road to war, and that is what this yellow journalism is up to. "
No war with Russia, please.


The people are exposed to socialism, the more they cheat. All government is socialism.


Government won't destroy smallpox because they want it for biological weapons.


Grossly corrupt NOAA claims record high global temperatures in May and June. This will quickly be refuted by honest scientists.

Federal Reserve

The Swiss, who have the most stable currency on earth, agree to swap currencies with China. This is a huge blow to the dollar.

Yuan to rapidly become third most traded currency.
"The renminbi is on track to become the third-largest international currency behind the US dollar and the euro within five years as China accelerates its promotion of the yuan, said a Renmin University of China report released on Sunday. "
Like oil, this infrastructure can't change overnight. Unlike oil, it can change rapidly over years, not decades.


Race-based grading would be another blow to minorities.

Monday, July 21, 2014


CBP won't respond to FOIA about travelers and immigrant database.

Senate increases budget to fly illegal immigrants around US, not not home. Not sure how this legally originated in Senate since all spending bill must originate in the House. It probably wasn't legal. Who cares about that antiquated Constitution anyway.

Rick Perry's order to send 1,000 National Guard units to the border slowly, over months is a farcical political stunt. Both parties are milking this.

Obama's immigration bill is also a farce.
"“CBO analysis suggests that only $25 million out of the $4.3 billion request will be spent this year. What does that mean?” Sessions asked. “It means we ought to slow down, and there is no basis to demand a $4.3 billion increase in spending, emergency spending.”"
There never was a basis.