Thursday, May 31, 2007

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Putin vows to counter US imperialism. Russia knows all about imperialism, and knows the US doesn't practice it.

Spy accused of Litvinenko's murder blames UK agents.

Syria condemns tribunal because it was behind the murder of the Lebanese leader. Iran, Syria, Lebanon, terrorism and the tribunal.

NATO helicopter shot down by Taliban.

Bush jumps on greenhouse gas bandwagon despite having no science to back it up.

Sanity in the global warming debate from NASA, even if he's wrong about humans causing it. Cato agrees. Russians propose spraying sulfur aerosol in atmosphere to cool planet. The unintended consequences of this would be huge. Global warming on Neptune. Maybe the Russians can try their aerosol on Neptune to see if it works before exposing all of us.

Denying abuse of power.

Economy nearly stalled in 1st quarter. The only money-making sectors had been health care, education, and housing - and now housing has slumped. Making money off a sick population and rising education costs is an unhealthy economy.

China and India racing to the moon.

Swiss firm offers underground digital storage.

Reason weighs in on the Bush-Carter worst President debate.

Reason on the founder of Wikipedia.

Reason provides a 2008 candidate primer.

Google maps shows faces and license plates. What does that have to do with maps?

Cato argues against federal funding of stem cell research. Even if the federal funding wouldn't be counterproductive, the federal government shouldn't involve itself in anything this divisive.

Boortz says that Al Gore's support for the misnamed Fairness Doctrine is very much like Hugo Chavez democratizing of TV stations.

Hate crime quiz.

Ron Paul and Rudy Guiliani battle of the videos.

What size army do we need? It's obvious we needed a larger army in Iraq, but I don't think that means we need to have a huge standing army. There has to be a solution that provides a large pool of potential soldiers for wars like Iraq, more than we have now, but doesn't require us to keep that many soldiers and marines on active duty all the time. If we reduce the size of our standing army, we can increase pay and still save money. It seems we ought to be able to trade that off for longer term call-up commitments once soldiers and marines leave.

Europe is taking small steps to save itself. WSJ says it's too little, too late.

Henry Kissinger discusses the lessons of Vietnam. He says we can't let the anti-war movement defeat us again.

Victor Davis Hanson explains why illegal immigration transforms the destination country into the source county.

Cal Thomas exposes Hillary's socialism.
I am not robbed by people who have more money than me. I am robbed by a government that wants to penalize my industry and give increasing portions of what I earn to people who do not emulate my principles, morals and ethics.
Rich Lowry exposes Hillary's lies about the economy, workers, and corporations.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Israel refuses cease fire, continues to take out Hamas. Olmert may be regaining some support.

New al Qaeda video warns of attacks worse than 9/11.

Arabs conduct terror dry run on US plane. This shows how the Homeland Security bureaucracy has made America less safe. We need to significantly reduce the size and scope of government to improve our security.

Iran warns academics about spies. This ought to increase domestic unrest.

US troops raid homes in Sadr City looking for kidnapped Britons.

Turkey threatens Iraqi border over Kurdish terrorists.

Fitzgerald has filed a claim that Plame was covert. Apparently this finding was filed before Plame was exposed for perjury, but the claim is still bogus. Fitzgerald is using that claim in a backdoor attack on Cheney. If Fitzgerald could prove that Plame was covert, he would have charged somebody with outing her, but he knew his claim wouldn't stand up in court. By going this route, the claim can't be challenged, so this is just another aspect of his witch hunt, and the press will run to the ends of the earth with it while ignoring Plame's perjury just like they ignored Wilson's lies.

12 snapshots from the fraudulent immigration reform bill.

Litvinenko documentary filmmaker's home ransacked.

Freak snow and cold at the end of May is hard to reconcile with global warming. Argentina. Nepal.

Chavez promises to shut down another TV station.

Fred Thompson to announce run for President on July 4. Is he willing to work hard to become President? The mechanics.

Reason exposes another useless anti-lobbying bill.

Google maps add 360 degree walk-throughs and mapplets for web pages.

Boortz comments on Hillary's socialist (he compares it to fascism) ideals. He also says that conservatives champion the individual. I wonder if he slept through the last 6 years as conservatives tried to force their point of view on the rest of us just as rabidly as liberals. Funny cartoon.

Mexicans abuse Miss America. Maybe we should invite 60 more into the country by rewarding the illegal aliens already here with legal status. Or not.

A few of the reasons Bush sucks and Ron Paul rocks.

How Nancy Pelosi promotes Syrian and Iranian terrorism. She loves it. She thinks she looks hot in a burka. That's what Democratic priorities are all about. Republicans suck at fighting the war on terror, but at least they aren't promoting our enemies. That's no reason to vote for either, though. Common ground between Democrats and Republicans:

After three U.S. soldiers were taken prisoner by al Qaida May 12, the Washington Post conducted a telephone interview with reputed al Qaida member Mohamed al-Janabi.

"I can assure you that we will start pressuring Bush in a new way at the same time he is facing pressures from the Democrats," Mr. al-Janabi told the Post.

Democrats such as Ms. Pelosi are not for terrorism and mass murder. But they do have a soft spot for terrorists and mass murderers. Mr. Assad and Mr. Ahmadinejad hate President Bush. So does Nancy Pelosi. So she assumes common ground can be found.

Cato says the World Bank lacks transparency. Did it really take a PhD to figure that out?

Cato updates it's discussion of the fraudulent immigration bill. It's telling that this essay begins by claiming people are unhappy with the status quo. That's a fine way of avoiding the realities of the bill until people are manipulated into the mindset. If our existing laws were being enforced, the status quo would be great - the problem is that our government refuses to enforce the laws against illegal immigrants and their employers. This issue is no more complicated than that, and even Cato is dissembling over it.

Cato addresses income inequality in wake of Hillary's embracing of socialism and the hammer and sickle.

John Stossel explodes the myth that free markets and free trade take advantage of one side or the other - each transaction is a win-win.

How liberals hurt our supply of oil so that prices would rise.

Complex issue of the FDA.

Issues with turning coal into gasoline. Americans buy more cars.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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Hillary Clinton makes her socialist agenda clear.
Presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton outlined a broad economic vision Tuesday, saying it's time to replace an "on your own" society with one based on shared responsibility and prosperity.
Gingrich compares Bush Administration to the Carter Administration and calls Karl Rove maniacally dumb. No kidding. In this environment, with Democrats waving the socialist flag and promising to retreat from our enemies, nearly anybody could do better - my dog could have crushed Kerry in 2004 - but Bush and Rove are just as bad as Democrats.

President Bush attacks opponents of his plan to reward illegal aliens with legal status so that 60 million more illegals will flood the country and turn it into a 3rd world country, claiming we don't want what's good for the country. Could this guy be any worse? Oh, yeah - he could be Carter.

Al Qaeda bomb targets mosque in an attempt to jump-start sectarian violence. Al Qaeda is desperate to get sectarian violence started again. I think Iraqis have seen through al Qaeda. They don't care about Muslims, mosques or any life. All they care about is power.

5 Britons kidnapped in Baghdad. The British have been identified as easy targets because of their failure to respond with force.

Russia tests long range missile designed to avoid anti-missile defenses.

Analysis of US-Iranian talks. More.

Police brutality for filming police brutality.

Bush toughens sanctions against Sudan. Sanctions against oil producing countries aren't very effective.

Chavez continues on his path to complete dictator by taking on his own people and another TV station. Cato identifies Venezuela as one of the least economically free countries in the world.

Argentina discovers Adolf Eichmann's passport from 1950.

3 Democrats agree to Foxnews-black caucus debate. If the rest of the Democrats are scared of Foxnews, they must be really scared of al Qeada, Iran, Russia, and China.

Reason on the US Attorney firings.

Reason on the new poll of Muslims.

Consumer confidence high - housing market low.

Our overuse of antibiotics has led to superbugs in hospitals and now poor neighborhoods. We'll need to come up with a policy of demolishing hospitals after some amount of time and treating the grounds like toxic waste.

Spain arrests terrorist recruiters.

Man quarantined for tuberculosis.

This liberal does an excellent job exposing the global warming con men.

How liberals use feel-good terms to gain support. The rest of us prefer to think.

Low income people have the fastest growing income.

Firefox about:config

Cato explains why so-called universal health care won't work.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Responsibility for Education

Responsibility for Education

by Mark Luedtke

Throw more money at the problem. That's always the first, and usually only, solution proposed for every social problem in this country anymore. It's a social sickness that we no longer think critically of how to solve our problems, we no longer try to solve our problems ourselves, we just throw more money to the government to solve our problems for us. Inevitably the problems get worse. Fortunately, Dayton citizens refused to follow that route to solve the problems of Dayton Public Schools.

Unfortunately 5 of 9 districts in Montgomery County passed school funding levies. That money won't fix troubled schools because the solution to failing schools can't be had locally anymore. Schools aren't just failing in Montgomery County; they're failing all over the country. The problems are big government, teachers unions, and the social problem of failure to take responsibility for ourselves that is reflected in our failing schools.

Primary education is an inherently local problem. The best way to educate children changes from neighborhood to neighborhood in the same city, let alone from Dayton to Los Angeles to the mountains of Montana. The iconic neighborhood school is one of the fundamental institutions that helped make America the greatest nation in the world, but we chose to forgo that institution and replace it with the federal Department of Education. What lesson do we teach our kids when we abdicate our responsibility for their education?

Would you want George Bush to teach your kids English? Or anything else? How about Ted Kennedy? I hope not. But for some reason we choose to outsource our responsibility for our neighborhood schools to Washington D.C. and thereby make George Bush the Teacher in Chief and put Ted Kennedy on the federal school board.

It's seductive to think that we could just create a Department of Education in Washington, and it would guarantee that our kids would get a good education. In fact, the opposite is true - the Department of Education has done more damage to our kids' education and futures than anything else. That was inevitable. It's not possible that some unaccountable bureaucrats in Washington could do a better job determining how to educate our kids than we can do locally.

Welfare of all types is damaging to both recipient and provider, and the Department of Education administers a form of welfare using money for the purpose of education. The government seemingly provides the money (and all the destructive mandates and conditions that come with it) for the education of our children, so we don't have to take responsibility for doing it ourselves. Educational welfare is so seductive that we refuse to acknowledge the elephant in the room – the more money we pump into the Department of Education, the worse our kids are educated.

Teachers unions are another impediment to quality education. I'm sure teachers unions began with the best of intentions, but like any organization, over time the primary motivation of teachers unions evolved into survival. The original motives of teachers unions are now secondary. One harmful motive of teachers unions is to protect teachers from a competitive environment - an environment that rewards excellent performance and rejects poor performance – an environment that would improve the quality of education.

Between the big government Department of Education and the teachers unions, our education system is more like a Soviet institution than an American one. After the fall of the Soviet Union, we proclaimed that the concept of central planning was dead. Free market competition had proven to be vastly superior. Even China's communists scrapped central planning for a free market. Unfortunately, the old Soviet ideas of central planning and lack of competition are alive, well, and hurting our kids in modern America.

Conservatives have a plan for our education problem. They want to take your money, send it through the IRS where a portion is siphoned off for the reasonable costs of IRS operation, the hidden and useless costs of IRS operation, and the waste and corruption in every government bureaucracy. Then they'll take what's left of your money, send it to the Department of Education where another portion is siphoned off for the same reasons. Then they'll send what's left of your money back to you in the form of vouchers so you can pay to send your child to the school of your choice.

Conservatives call that small government. The only worse idea I can think of is to do the exact same thing with more of your money, except sending the final, reduced portion of your money directly to government schools instead of you. That's the liberals' plan.

I have a better idea. Let's take back our freedom and responsibility for the education of our kids from the big government of both parties. By doing so, we can teach our kids about responsibility, freedom, the dangers of welfare and big government, and the value of hard work to achieve success. Let's abolish the Department of Education. Let's keep our own money to use locally for our children's education as we see fit. Let's allow federalism to work (do they even teach federalism in government schools?) - 50 laboratories to find local solutions by applying free-market forces to provide the highest quality education at the lowest price.

Free kibbles

Bush pays tribute to fallen soldiers on Memorial Day.

US warns Iran to stop arming Iraqi terrorists. We had to have meetings to say that? Haven't we made that toothless warning perfectly clear already?

EU considers making Holocaust denial a crime. Yet another assault on free speech.

Shutting down TV station sparks Venezuelan riots in protest.

Christopher Hitchens welcomes the change in France.

Clinton campaign infighting. No matter what they do, they'll never be able to put enough lipstick on Hillary to win a general election. She's tried for 15 years to paint herself as likable, and it just gets worse and worse.

Australian hotel bans heterosexuals and lesbians. Can you imagine if anyplace tried to ban gays?

Ownership dispute over discovery of record treasure wreck.

A reminder of Barry Goldwater's take on foreign policy.

China's new focus is aircraft carriers.

Israel is considering surrendering the Golan Heights to Syria. Syria will then arm the Golan Heights to the teeth with missiles for a subsequent attack on Israel. This is just stupid.

Jack Murtha uses earmarks to buy votes.

Democrat hypocrisy on the campaign trail. I'd love to read about the Republicans doing the same thing.

China continues developing cyber-weapons.

Hillary's plan for federally funded preschool - it's all part of the bigger cradle-to-the-grave control for liberals.

The amnesty bill could be another bad Carl Rove political move.

Phylis Schlafly calls the immigration bill a sellout.

Cato discusses the problems with the national ID card.

Cato disagrees with the cost of illegal immigration released by the Heritage Foundation.

Cato discusses earmark reform. It won't happen until we have government reform.

Cato points out the government failures and private sector successes in dealing with Katrina. The government should not be in the business of charity. Cato is exactly right when it identifies the government role in disasters as search and rescue, policing, and infrastructure repair - not as a titanic insurance policy.

Cato says our so-called war on drugs undermines our war in Afghanistan. It also undermines our freedom, our lives, law and order, our government, and our borders.

Cato explains why federal aid to the states is bad for America.

Cato analyzes trade with China.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Enforce existing laws

I had been dropping $100 bills on my lawn for years, and I had a big sign out front that said "Come on my lawn and pick up $100 bills." Needless to say I had ended up with a big problem with trespassers, squatters, and crime.

When I decided I wanted to solve those problems, I had several options. Liberals suggested I build the squatters homes and invite their families to come live in my yard. They suggested I drop even more $100 bills to support more people. That obviously would just make the problem worse, so I ruled that out.

My conservative friends said I should build a big fence and hire a guard. But that was going to cost me more money too, and it didn't address the problem of the existing squatters. I also realized that other trespassers would still climb my fence and get around my guard, no matter home much I paid for security, so that was a bad plan.

Then I realized the simple, cheap and obvious solution. Stop tossing $100 bills in my yard and take down my advertisement. All I did was take away the money and the sign, the squatters moved on, and I don't have any more trespassers or crime problem. Man, was that easy, and it didn't cost me any money. In fact, I have more money in my pocket now than ever.

This farcical immigration bill is the worst of all options. Just enforce our existing laws against employers of illegal immigrants. A little bit of enforcement will dry up the jobs and the money, the illegal aliens will go home, and Americans will benefit from those jobs and that money.

Free kibbles

Stop and quiz policy under fire in Britain. The British are losing civil rights in bunches.

Federal government approves medical study without patients' consent.

Low caste Indians to convert to Buddhism.

Cheney explains why providing Geneva protection for terrorists is stupid.

Anti-missile missile test called off. Shooting down missiles is tough, so naturally, when the going gets tough, the Democrats run away.

US and Iraqi forces free 42 captives of al Qaeda in Iraq.

Crisis over security contractors in Iraq.

NASA looks for private sector investment for lunar missions.

Burger companies sue Jack in the Box over ads that hint about confusing the word Angus with anus. If you call your beef 'Angus', you have to live with the jokes.

Mark Steyn says that just little bit of enforcing our existing laws against illegal immigration will incentivize illegal aliens to leave. I've been saying that for a decade, and I think that every American knows it. The fact is, liberals, employers of illegals, and Republicans and Democrats don't want the illegal aliens to go home.

George Will reports how a government protected Taxi cartel has been broken, but the cartel is suing because it faces competition. This is exactly backwards.

Hillary voted for a timetable in Iraq, then she voted to cut off funds even though she had promised for years she would never do either. This is a dog bites man story for the Clintons. It's so commonplace nobody will even blink.

Austin Bay provides a sobering look at Iraq. He mentions that it will take until 2012 to win in Iraq, and he's right. When Bush first proposed this invasion, I said it would take a decade to remake Iraq as self-governing, economically free, stable, and able to defend itself. I think Bush's biggest mistake was thinking otherwise. I'm glad more and more commentators are finally speaking out about how long it will take to win.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Free kibbles

US warns China about attacking Taiwan. The conclusion of this article shows we have yet to acknowledge the Chinese threat. Like we should trust Bush's judgment.

If the Bush administration were truly worried about the possibility of a Chinese military challenge, he said, it would be rethinking the vibrant trade ties between the countries, which it has yet to do.

"If China was really a threat, would we be moving our factories there at the rate of one a day?" he asked. "During the Cold War, nobody in America ever proposed building television sets or cars in Russia."

We're aiding and abetting. Thanks to American foreign policy, China will soon have enough power to take Taiwan by force. They won't stop there. China keeps increasing its military advantage.

US attacks al Sadr stronghold in Sadr city. It's about time we went after that guy. We should have taken Sadr out in Najaf in 2004.

Ukranian leaders attempt to resolve crisis.

Venezuelan court allows Chavez to take over TV stations. Like they could have stopped him anyway.

Young officers are leaving the military because of multiple deployments. This is just one way we're damaging our military.

White House considering cutting Iraqi force in half in 2008. This is the natural timetable of a pullout that will be demanded by the electorate.

Cynic claims Ron Paul can only win by doing badly. I don't agree.

Reason explains why anti-gouging laws won't help gas prices. It's because nobody is gouging.

Hogzilla II.

Chuck Schumer treated for tick bite. I think the tick got the worst of that deal.

Exotic animals destined for restaurants found abandoned on boat off China coast.

Russian movie documents efforts of poisoned ex-spy against Putin's government.

Clintons' ties to infoUSA - company that helps scam seniors out of their money.

Creationism boondoggle trying to pass as a museum opens in Kentucky.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Free kibbles

The pentagon is concerned about new Chinese long range nuclear missiles. What a surprise Maybe we should make them even richer so they can point even more nuclear missiles at us, fund and support more terrorist nations building nuclear missiles to threaten us, block our every attempt to halt those developments, expand their illegal and predatory trade practices, and expand their longstanding programs for stealing our secrets through human intelligence and computer hacking. We express concern in response to all this aggression. China's strategies.

If we don't acknowledge that China and Russia are waging war against us right now, a new Cold War of Terror, and fight to win that Cold War, we'll end up in a hot war against 1 billion Chinese when they're our technological equal or superior.

The Pentagon also worries about China's space program. We express concern.

Sadr returns to Iraq and calls for the withdrawal of US troops.

US General says Iran trained Iraqi terrorists for mission.

Iran warns Israel not to attack Lebanon. If the Arab countries could uproot Israel, they would do it today. That Ahmadinejad character needs a good ass kicking.

Iran claims the US is trying to sabotage its nuclear program. I should hope so.

Al Qaeda group threatens France because they elected Sarkozy. For obvious reasons, al Qaeda wants leftists in power.

Claiming to support the troops out of one side of their mouths, Clinton and Obama vote to cut off funds for them.

US finally sends aid to Lebanese government.

US rejects German greenhouse gas cut proposal.

Scientist argues that since families are deteriorating and very young kids don't get the nurturing we need, kids should go to school (no doubt government schools) earlier. That's exactly the wrong approach. We need to strengthen families by getting government off their backs , increasing personal freedom and personal responsibility, not forcing more government on families.

Cellphones can disable smart car keys. How funny. Nice job of design and testing, Nissan.

How did I miss the designer vagina craze?

Pat Buchanan explains why Democrats caved to Bush on Iraq funding.

Ralph Peters takes on the fraudulent human rights movement.

This guy says Britain should back Hugo Chavez instead of America. Maybe he should move back to Cuba.

Victor Davis Hanson provides an accurate assessment of the state of the War on Terror, and it's so twisted you'll want to laugh, but be ashamed for wanting to.

Bill Clinton does high paid work for company that works to defraud senior citizens. Nothing unexpected there.

Colleges failing to teach military history.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

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Bush acknowledges victory in Iraq won't come in the short term. As many of us said before the invasion, it would take a protracted occupation to build a self-governing Iraq capable of defending itself. It took us 10 years to do that in Vietnam, before Democrats pulled the rug out, and it will take on the order of 10 years in Iraq. Too bad nobody in power was making that point before the invasion. Authors explain we'll be in Iraq for a decade.

Compromise Iraq spending bill has no timetables but plenty of pork.

Body found in Iraq confirmed as 1 of 3 missing US soldiers.

New UN sanctions won't make Iran stop enriching uranium.

Israel arrests top Hamas officials for promoting rocket attacks on Israel.

Militants in Lebanon refugee camp attempt to escape, but are sunk by Lebanese navy.

Al Qaeda torture manual.

Congress considers net access tax ban. A ban on taxes is a good ban.

Corruption affecting justice worldwide.

Monica Goodling finally testifies about the firing of US Attorneys.

Draconian penalties for crack cocaine. While this is abusive, it's one of the least significant problems of the war on drugs.

How the market reacts to protect consumers from tainted food.

Girls face hate crime charges for handing out flier. Sorry, but the first amendment even covers intolerance.

Carbon taxes versus carbon markets to stall the advancement of humanity and increase the death and suffering of billions? Both are stupid. We should grow human wealth and development to better adapt to inevitable climate change.

Is it worth saving Lebanon?

China circumvents US and starts its own space club.

Gas stations stop selling gas. Boortz impolitely criticizes the gasoline price-gouging bill.

Online database tracks terrorist attack statistics.

Gay men can't donate blood. This made sense in 1983, but now we have reliable HIV tests and a shortage of blood.

"Islam versus Islamists" will finally air on TV.

Google and Dell accused of using spyware.

NPR's primer on Hamas and Fatah.

Cato suggests offering to normalize relations with Iran before they get the bomb. Do we really want normal relations with a terrorist state? That's like saying we should have normalized relations with the Soviet Union. They'd still be around if we had. I just prefer to defeat the Iranians economically. We should stop doing business with any company that does business with Iran. Dick Morris identifies the Dodd-Lantos bill as first step. Right now we're just being soft, and it's stupid.

Thomas Sowell takes a third shot at the fraudulent immigration bill. He's mistaken about employers being able to identify illegal immigrants. All an employer needs to check is a valid ID including a birth certificate, and document that ID. No employer would be charged if he accepted a counterfeit ID, and he couldn't be sued if the prospective employee failed to produce valid ID. If such suits occurred, the federal government should act to stop them.

Dick Morris says that Republicans should support the fraudulent immigration bill, or they will lose any Hispanic vote. Morris advocates selling out the country to save the party. That's what both parties have been doing for decades.

Free trade with China in jeopardy. The solution to the trade imbalance with China is to adopt the FairTax and balance the budget by cutting spending. Adopting the FairTax will allow US workers and companies to compete with their Chinese counterparts on a level playing field, no longer penalized by our income tax. America will win. Balancing the budget takes away China's ability to leverage our debt against us.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Free kibbles

1 body found in hunt for 3 captured American soldiers.

Democrats cave on war funding bill. The only question is why they played politics with soldiers' lives so long. They'll take a hit from their loony left anti-war crowd for capitulating, but they've already lost the support of mainstream Americans. This was a lose-lose strategy for Democrats.

Missile test scheduled. As usual, Democrats are aligned with our enemies, this time Russia, trying to stop America from being able to defend itself.

The Democratic Congress has no support for it's legislative programs, so it's focusing on investigating the Bush Administration. Oversight would be nice, but this is just a political assault, not oversight. Maybe Democrats should change their agenda to reducing the size and scope of government, then they could get support.

Bush OKs plan for covert regime change in Iran. Hasn't that been the plan since 1979? If not, why not?

British-Russian relations affected by Russia's failure to extradite murder suspect. They should have been hurt by Putin's totalitarian designs.

Ethiopia releases NYTimes journalists.

Sri Lankan civil war heats up.

Russia bans foreigners from being salespeople. That seems stupid for a lot of reasons, but especially because the Russian population is in steep decline.

Reason says Bush is both resolute and deluded.

Suing OPEC won't have any positive consequences.

Remake of Barbarella?

Pew poll stating that 1 in 4 American Muslims support suicide bombing. This is crazy! Knowing that, why in the world would we allow any Muslim into this country?

Thomas Sowell takes a second shot at the Bush-Senate fraudulent immigration bill. Lindsay Graham has the temerity to compare our current immigration problem with immigration in 1911. What a joke. Anybody can see that the amnesty of 3 million illegals in 1986 led directly to the current problem of 12-20 million illegals, and the proposed Bush-Senate bill rewarding those illegals with legal status will lead directly to a problem of 60 million illegal aliens in the next 20 years. We will become a 3rd world country in our lifetime if this bill is not stopped. Even George Will is against this immigration fraud bill.

John Stossel says ethanol is becoming the new religion of the corn god. It's bad at everything as a substitute for oil.

Healing super-water.

Victor Davis Hanson points out that we can still easily overcome our enemies. But we won't because our government is too big, too unaccountable, and too interested in itself at the people's expense. We complain that the government of Iraq has no national identity. It's just a group of factions fighting for their own power, Iraq be damned. But America is just as bad and getting worse. We have to stop voting for these two, horrible, anti-American parties.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Free kibbles

US considers regime change in Iraq once again. It was a mistake to rush to empower an elected government before establishing law and order. This government, made up of representatives from the very militias and insurgents fighting in Iraq, might have to be removed. It's about time the Bush administration finally came to that conclusion. Democrats will howl with outrage, as usual.

US military is planning for a long stay, maybe decades, in Iraq.

Lebanon intends to route militants hiding behind human shields in refugee camp. Non-combatants are caught in the cross-fire, but that's a natural part of war. The non-combatants could expel the militants, but they didn't. Militants can't exist in a vacuum. The community is involved. I think Lebanon is making the right move, but they'll be condemned for it.

Ex-KGB agent charged with Polonium-210 murder of Litvinenko.

US and China hold trade talks.

School choice and competition are working in Washington D.C. schools.

Ron Paul is the most conservative member of the Republican party.

Allowing religious groups to use illegal drugs. What if you don't have a church?

Wave of the future: following in Spiderman 3's footsteps, Harry Potter 5 will open in Tokyo, not the US.

Pat Buchanan calls the Bush/Senate immigration plan a path to national suicide. Fred Thompson predicts the bill will fail. Let's hope so. Boortz points to a Heritage Foundation report that claims illegal aliens cost us $89 billion in benefits every year. We can either make them leave and save that money, or multiply that number by the number of new incoming illegal immigrants. At least 1 blogger is threatening Google bombs. Thomas Sowell calls the bill a fraud. At least Kay Bailey Hutchison has learned from the mistakes of the 1986 amnesty law. Status. This may be the most expensive bill in history.

Boortz has some links telling us more about climate change. Civilization has lived through warmer climates, but we already knew that. It doesn't stop the global warming con-men from selling their snake oil.

30% of American Muslims under the age of 30 support suicide bombings of civilian targets! Why do we allow those people in the US?

Ralph Peters says Palestinians are to blame for their own problems. Israel doesn't have clean hands, but in 21st century, Israel has the moral high ground for returning occupied lands to Arab control, and the Palestinians have used that land to attack Israel and self-destruct.

Rich Lowry skewers Cuba's health care system and Michael Moore.

Phyllis Schafly doesn't like the Law of the Sea. It sounds abominable.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Free kibbles

Paper claims Iran is working with al Qaeda in Iraq, and is planning an increase in violence this summer in an attempt to entice Democrats to cut off war funding.

Democrats plan to fund the Iraq war until Sept. 30th without restrictions, but they're adding a minimum wage hike to the funding. If they can't defeat America in a war, they'll settle for putting poor people out of work and hurting the economy for everybody.

Iraq makes contingency plans for US pullout.

Senate bill rewarding illegal aliens with legal status.

Federal judge blocks illegal immigrant rental law. If only Federal agents can determine if somebody is here legally, that effectively stops businesses from checking immigration status too. What a joke. France to deport illegal immigrations. Even Iran knows to deport illegal immigrants.

Gaza rocket attack kills Israeli woman.

Radical Muslims continue attacking in Lebanon.

Chinese riot over restrictive child-bearing restrictions. Those who think China isn't a threat because of demographics will soon see those demographics changing as more and more Chinese, now with more wealth, break those restrictions and pay the fines.

Pirates threaten food aid to Somalia.

Bush requests more troops from NATO in Afghanistan.
Reason spanks the Republican party and it's mouthpieces for trying to silence Ron Paul.

Reason calls for an end to farm subsidies.

Slate makes the case that the stars are aligned for rewarding illegal immigrants for breaking our laws. I sure hope not.

Poisoned toothpaste from China.

John Edwards charged $55,000 for a speech to students about poverty.

Bill Richardson announces his candidacy.

Newt opposes the sham of an illegal immigration bill.

Christopher Hitchens slams Jimmy Carter.

Mark Steyn blasts Washington's capitulation on illegal immigration. This plan is complete bologna.

Gore's propaganda film about global warming is being shown in schools. Article has links to debunking info. No mention of schools showing the "Great Global Warming Swindle."

John Bolton says the US is weak dealing with North Korea, which hasn't lived up to any of its commitments in Bush's deal, and it emboldens the Iranians.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

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Rocket attacks on Israel continue.

Lebanese troops battle Fatah and al Qaeda groups.

The US pays Pakistan $1 billion a year to fight terrorism. It's almost sounds like extortion money.

Article claims that the British have failed in Basra, and that the area is now under the domination of the Mahdi army backed by Iran.

Bush killed requirement for illegal aliens to pay back taxes before getting legal status.

Las Vegas orders car dealership to take down American flag.

Leonardo DiCaprio joins the list of "scientists" agreeing to the global warming "consensus." Maybe he's trying to steal Al Gore's mantles as biggest alarmist and biggest liar.

Hillary Clinton used to be on the Walmart board. I wonder if her opponents will go after her for that.

Comet may have killed off mammoths and set back human development.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

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The illegal immigration bill alienates everybody. Let's hope it doesn't pass the House. I have a revolutionary idea (as far as Washington is concerned) : how about we just enforce our existing immigration laws?

How to deal with poison food?

Libertarian Christianity. I thought Christianity was inherently libertarian.

Another global warming debunker. I like his optimism.

The GOP obviously should not silence Ron Paul.

Insight into Sarkozy's administration.

Crime wave in Japan suggests social disintegration similar to Europe. Demographics are certainly similar. I bet Japan has a huge welfare state too, and that's driving the deterioration.

Venezuelans protest closing of TV station. They surrendered their freedom to Chavez, now they're starting to regret it. Funny how that works.

Montessori education.

Company salvages 400 year old shipwreck with $500 million in colonial coins.

James Doohan's ashes found.

Fred Thompson says we should secure our borders before we attempt another failure of a comprehensive immigration plan. Rich Lowry calls the new immigration deal a rotten deal.

Report on Gen. Petraeus and the Iraq war plan.

Sandy Berger voluntarily resigns from the Washington D.C. bar association to head of a bar investigation into his theft and destruction of security documents from the National Archives. The Clintons are no doubt pleased.

The EU finally has less than kind words for Russia. Very little, very little.

Lawrence Kudlow points out how good the economy is, but says we can benefit from lowering corporate tax rates. Larry, it's called the FairTax.

The US may lose sovereignty if it signs the Law of the Sea treaty that Bush is pushing.

Friday, May 18, 2007

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Immigration bill rewarding illegal aliens for breaking our laws may not pass Senate or House. How the GOP caved.

Liberals single out military pay raises to attack White House. As huge as Republicans' budget already is, Democrats' is bigger. The White House already asked for a pay raise for the military. Now they're trying to keep the budget from growing even bigger. But at $2.9 trillion, what's a few billion here or there? Why do we keep voting for these two horrible parties?

Murtha breaks House rules over earmarks.

Don't invest in forever stamps.

gap in US. This is a sign of the coming genetic war in America. Hopefully it won't be as bad as the one in Europe.

Israel strikes Gaza again in an attempt to stop rocket attacks.

Bomb goes off at Indian mosque. We need to quit playing patty-cake with terrorists and kill them everywhere they are instead of taking pictures of them and letting them live because they're close to civilians. We need to tell everybody in the world, if you have terrorists in living in your neighborhood, you're probably going to die with them. I doubt terrorists would find so many safe havens in that environment.

Britain OKs human-animal hybrid embryos.

Prince Harry banned from nightclubs for fear of backlash while his unit is in Iraq. Could Britain have handled this any worse?

Cancer cure without chemo.

Cato says the world bank is a failure. Wolfowitz was kicked out because he was trying to change that.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

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The President and Senate reach an agreement that would reward illegal alien gatecrashers in the US with legal status. This bill tells every Latin American outside the US that he or she was a fool for obeying the law and trying to come to America legally. When Reagan passed amnesty in the 80s for 1 million illegal immigrants, critics correctly pointed out that the illegal immigration problem would get an order of magnitude worse. Now we have 12 million. If this bill passes, the illegal immigration problem will again get an order of magnitude worse and America will go broke and become a Third World country.

Senator calls bill amnesty. I hate that this whole debate got caught up on the single word 'amnesty.' The open borders people have used that word as a way to distract from the fact that they are rewarding illegal immigrants for breaking our laws.

Illegal immigrants voting in Texas. Santa Fe wants to hire Mexicans as police officers. We're losing the battle for America to Mexico, and it's our own so-called leaders who are defeating us.

Street lockdown proposed for Baltimore.

Russia blamed for cyber-attacks on Eastonia. This once again highlights the stupidity of including former Soviet block nations in NATO. We could end up at war with Russia over these cyber-attacks.

Secularist parties in Turkey unite in opposition to Islamic ruling party.

Israel attacks Hamas in Gaza.

Trains cross Korean border.

Pakistan's problems are religious, political, and ethnic.

Democrats break campaign promises and abuse House rules. Boortz is claiming this will allow Democrats to raise taxes and spending without having a vote. I don't support this rules change because I prefer gridlock, but I don't see how this change could allow tax and spending increases without a vote. Apparently Democrats backed down.

Republican leader trying to ban Ron Paul from future GOP presidential debates. So much for freedom of speech. Ron Paul isn't happy about people putting words in his mouth either. As I noted yesterday, Paul never claimed the US invited 9/11. I don't think Guiliani or McCain did nearly as well as this author.

Al Gore, the person most responsible for using alarmism to drown out reasonable debate and sound science on global warming, decries the lack of reason in our debates. What a joke. Temperatures were down in April. Maybe it was all the snow.

Interesting story on Ashcroft and the NSA wiretap program. Another viewpoint claims over over-dramatization by Democrats for political gain.

Cato thinks Gonzales must go. The sooner, the better.

Cato points out that Bush's mandate on ethanol will push up the price of both gas and cars. The LA Times agrees.

Cato explains that Democrats will grow the government budget and raise taxes.

George Will provides information about gas prices.

John Bolton says we have to prepare to bomb Iran's nuclear program.

7th grader suspended for cutting hair too short.

Ed Koch says Democrats will reap the whirlwind for their decision to defeat us in Iraq.

Chavez continues his assault on Venezuela.

Coffee from cat poop.

Prince Harry's non-deployment to Iraq has turned into another PR nightmare for Britain.

Russians are surrendering their freedom.

Ralph Peters says Bush's new war czar hasn't got a chance. I doubt he had a choice either.

White, female teacher successfully sues for racial abuse in predominantly black school.

Double standard for Al Sharpton.

State Attorneys General pressure movies on smoking.

Regulating violence on TV.

Reason says Blair's civil rights record is abysmal.

Totalitarian implications of public health.

The Democrats' many pronged attack on free speech.

Victor Davis Hanson compares the hypocrisy of carbon offsets to medieval confessions.

Thomas Sowell discusses ubiquitous liberal hate:
It seems to be the threat to their egos that they hate. And nothing is more of a threat to their desire to run other people's lives than the free market and its defenders.
Thomas Sowell explains the failure of elites - central planning, but he mistakenly only applies this logic to liberal elites when it obviously applies equally to conservative elites. Tell me this line doesn't apply to both parties:
Yet what the political left, even in democratic countries, share is the notion that knowledgeable and virtuous people like themselves have both a right and a duty to use the power of government to impose their superior knowledge and virtue on others.
Republicans in Ohio committee pass hands-off stripper bill. Conservative elites in action trying to impose their views on the everybody else, just like liberals elites.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Free kibbles

Democrats plan $2.9 trillion budget for 2008.

Boortz reports that the FairTax rally across the street from the Republican debate was a complete success.

Republican debate. Transcript. Nobody wants to mention that Ron Paul won the post-debate texting poll. And Ron Paul did not say we were responsible for 9/11. Here's the exchange. Giuliani tried to words put in Paul's mouth to make much needed points for himself. Ron Paul pointed out that US interventionism has consequences, and he's exactly right. I disagree with Paul about pulling out of Iraq, but of all the people who want to pull out, he's the only one who has made a reasonable, sincere case. Paul was also the only candidate who wants to reduce the size of government instead of just making minor changes to the status quo. Boortz has more on Ron Paul. The media refuse to acknowledge that American is still libertarian at heart. Cato's take.

GOP on interrogation techniques. I'll say it again - waterboarding is not torture. Not even close. All it does is scare the subject. And McCain was flat wrong. The question posited by Brit Hume was that bombs had gone off in the US, another bomb was strongly suspected, and a terrorist at Guantanamo had the details. This is a no-brainer. You waterboard the terrorist and get the information. If you don't agree with me, look at it from the other perspective. Are you going to get up and say to the American people, "I could have saved all those lives, but I chose to let those Americans die because I refused to water-board a terrorist for the information to stop the attack, even though that technique would not have hurt him in any way, just scared him for a few minutes." Any President who chooses to allow Americans to die knowing full well he could have prevented it by water-boarding a terrorist should be tried for treason. Talk about aiding and abetting the enemy, and the result of that aid would be dead Americans.

New alarmist propaganda claims we only have 5 years to save the planet. As if the planet cares what we do. The global warming con men know they can't sustain this con, so they're pushing hard for changes that hurt people by slowing human development before they're completely exposed. Scientists are already seeing through the con.

Illegal immigrants sue company for back wages after they were captured and deported. How do they have standing?

Cato's immigration plan gets it mostly right, except for the part of rewarding gate crashers with citizenship. Doing that would flood this country with another 60 million illegal immigrants, and it's stupid. The gate crashers have to leave and go to the end of the line in their own countries so we reward immigrants for playing by the rules, not breaking them.

Chinese missiles to target US aircraft carriers. We're going to sit around and pretend China isn't an enemy until China finally attacks us. We need to treat China as the enemy it is right now so we can win the war with China without ever firing a shot.

North Korea is developing a new, longer range missile thanks to its Soviet and Chinese patrons. This is only one front in their new Cold War of Terror.

Sarkozy takes office.

EU to crack down on illegal immigration.

More fighting in Gaza. I don't know why I bother posting this. Dog bites man and all that.

US fails to build enough housing for construction personnel in Iraq.

Prince Harry must feel like a ping-pong ball. Now he's not going to Iraq.

The "chicken littles" were right about the Patriot Act.

Do drug ads make us sick?

Reason on Jerry Falwell.

Survival rates are soaring for cancer.

Was Osama bin Laden correct when he claimed America was the weaker superpower? Democrats are trying to make him correct.

Tony Blankley says the 2008 presidential race will probably be a freak show.

John Stossel wants smaller government, and says that lowering taxes gives a false appearance of smaller government.

Hillary and Obama plan to vote to cut of funding for the war.

Mike Adams, as dogmatic a conservative as you'll ever meet, explains that freedom of speech, protected by the first amendment, is more important than ideology. Too bad liberals don't agree. It's normal for liberals to try and censor opposing points of view, but not conservatives.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Free kibbles

Iran enriching uranium on a large scale.

Palestinian civil war expands.

Iraqi death squads are increasing murders.

Rice and Putin meet over missile defense.

Canadian publisher buys Reuters.

Bush finally names war czar - has to draft an active duty officer.

Pentagon limits soldiers' web access.

Another Guantanamo detainee follows the terrorist script and claims torture. This one claims mental torture. I'm sure being locked up as a prisoner of war is tough. It's supposed to be. Wow. In another incredible abuse by the press, the original story did not report the man's claims which include being forced to use unscented deodorant. Sounds more like camp than a prison.

Rupert Murdoch says beer causes climate change. Now the prohibitionists will jump on the global warming bandwagon.

Christopher Hitchens exposes the plot to oust Wolfowitz from the world bank in another bogus, liberal scandal.

Boortz highlights Barack Obama's latest communist policy - and he has plenty of them.

Pro-gun essay.

In the face of ever increasing long range missile threats, Democrats cut missile defense funding.

The decline of America - professor may be fired for emailing George Washington speech.

Cato says we should live with climate change. Even though it comes to the right conclusion, this is incredible hubris because it pretends we have a choice in determining earth's climate. We don't. The climate has changed since the dawn of time, and it will continue changing no matter what we do for the foreseeable future. Growing wealth so we can adapt is the only reasonable option. If we do that well, at some time in the future we should be able to have Star Trek like control of climate.

Cato thinks we're headed for amnesty for illegal aliens. It seems to me that the Congress is fortunately again going to fail to pass that kind of destructive bill. All we need to do is enforce current laws to stop the flow of illegals, then we can change legal immigration quotas to make sure we have enough labor.

As if the White House privacy board would give an unbiased account of the state of privacy in America. It's just stupid to have to worry about our privacy anyway. If our government was in fact constitutional - only had the powers enumerated in the Constitution - we wouldn't have to worry about privacy. We need to get back to constitutional government.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Free kibbles

Gingrich says there's a great possibility he will run for President.

Democrats expanding their assault on free speech to yet another front.

More proof that US attorneys were fired for their failure to aggressively pursue Bush's crime fighting priority of voter fraud. Liberals want to persuade us that there's something nefarious about the administration holding its attorneys accountable for its priorities, but that's exactly what an administration should do.

American and Pakistani soldiers killed along Afghan-Pakistan border.

Condoleezza Rice refuses to acknowledge the new style Cold War of Terror being waged by China and Russia.

PBS kills documentary showing the dark side of Islam.

Finance company Cerberus buys Chrysler.

Cato points out we need unskilled immigrant labor. Then let's change the immigration law to bring in more legally. But the illegals have to go home and get in line to come back legally.

Cato points out no matter how irresponsible Republicans are at spending our money, Democrats are far worse. Why do we keep voting for these two parties then?

The American people don't want to hear about the abortion debate.

Tancredo defends use of term "illegal immigrant." Of course.

Republican governor of South Carolina talks about government spending. The subject everybody else wants to bury under the rug.

Ralph Peters (who was just on Cavuto) says we never tried to fight to win in Iraq.

Author says the era of total war is over. Naive as that is, he's right that it doesn't apply to the war on terror. It's to our great shame that we have allowed so many external concerns to keep us from killing the enemy and winning our wars.

I agree with these immigration priorities.

There's a lot of talk about people being in denial on Iraq. Let's cut through it. We can win in Iraq if we want. If we win, the US and the world will enjoy the rewards of that victory, like victory in Japan, Germany, and South Korea, for decades if not centuries to come. If we choose to lose in Iraq, the US and the world will suffer a phenomenal cost in blood and treasure for decades or centuries to come, like we did in North Korea and Vietnam. We may be able to win with the surge, but it's way too small and way too late to be certain. We can certainly win with the kind of dedication we had in those other historic conflicts, but no leader in America is willing to make that case. Now who's in denial?

Fred Thompson claims to support constitutional government. That's revolutionary.

Dinesh D'Souza says that Islam is currently undergoing a reformation - the radical Islamic movement.

Cato reports that state and local government debt is soaring. Health care costs are even larger. That's because of all the third party health care money.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Free kibbles

Al Qaeda claims it holds missing US soldiers hostage.

US to meet with Iran for Iraq talks.

Top Taliban commander killed.

Suicide bomber attacks Iraqi Kurds.

Opposition rally in Pakistan called off after 40 protesters killed.

Story of the Circuit City employee who exposed the Fort Dix terrorist wannabes.

US military launches YouTube channel.

Presidential candidates refuse to release tax forms.

Gas prices well over $4 in San Francisco.

First map of an extra-solar planet.

Nearby star nearly as old as the universe.

I despise the term "political courage." It demeans the word courage. It will take real courage in Iraq, and a desire to lead in America despite the unpopularity of the war in order to win.

4 myths about European American bashing.

Mark Steyn explains that Fortress America has already been breeched because politicians fail to secure the borders.

Incredibly stupid essay calling for more government. Bush's tax cuts didn't hurt revenue, they increased it. Tax cuts always increase revenue.

Ban alert - government to ban incandescent light bulbs. Leave it to the free market.