Friday, October 31, 2008

Free kibbles

US kills al Qaeda leader and over 20 others in 2 missile attacks on Pakistani villages on the Afghan border.

US and Iraqi deaths reach record lows in October.

Terrorists in India kill 77 in 13 coordinated bomb attacks.

JP Morgan to renegotiate mortgages. That's a lot smarter than going bankrupt.

AIG has already burned through $123 billion in Bush, Paulson, Bernanke, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, McCain, Dodd, and Frank loans funded by the taxpayers. Good thing we passed that bailout with no debate and gave the Treasury Secretary dictatorial powers to use that money however he or she wants.

Ohio state employee reports she was ordered to look up information on Joe the Plumber.

If we elect Obama, we deserve what we get. That's always true.

Poster about government created problems and so-called solutions.

George Orwell would recognize China's and Australia's promotion of internet censorship "aimed at safeguarding online freedom of speech and privacy" China and Australia are teaming up to censor the internet in order to safeguard free speech. These are some of the countries that Obama wants us to be more like.

Bill Ayers's speech before Hugo Chavez explains his and Barack Obama's shared vision of education as the means of Marxist revolution in America. Education is an important issue in this election, and the Obama/Ayers partnership gives us insight into Obama's plans, but the media has given Obama a pass on his education plan. This is why.

Obama kicks 3 reporters off his plane who just happen to be from papers which endorsed McCain. Obama is the greatest enemy of freedom of speech and freedom of the press of any presidential candidate in my life, and an Obama administration will use government power to ruthlessly silence critics just as he'd tried to do during the campaign.

LATimes insider claims to have seen clips of tape of Obama, Ayers, and Dorhn at Rashid Khalidi's going away party, and he claims Obama said that Israel has no right to occupy Palestine and that Israelis were carrying out genocide against Palestinians. Whether this is true or not, the LATimes has no business keeping this tape from the public. The people have a right to know what Obama said at this party, draw their own conclusions, and vote accordingly. The LATimes is trying to influence this election by withholding this tape, and its unconscionable that a newspaper would do such a thing. Partial guest list.

Obama provided donor list to ACORN for fundraising. But Obama has no relationship with ACORN.

John Stossel says that uninformed people have a duty not to vote. I agree. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has successfully kept nearly all Americans uninformed about Barack Obama.

Obama embraces Marxism. Pretty good summary. Obama was a member of the New Party in 1996, a socialist party designed to pull the Democrats party to the left. Obama now denies that, but this documentation clearly shows his denial is a lie, just like his denial of being a member of ACORN has been proven a lie. The party practiced fusion politics, and as part of that fusion, Obama spoke to and won the endorsement of the Democrat Socialists of America. Try finding this information in the mainstream media. Instead, the mainstream media backs up Obama when he runs around lying about being a socialist.

The UN is the only organization in the US more wasteful and corrupt than our federal government, and that's because it's even more unaccountable.

Shooting at vandals who steal political signs is never acceptable.

Slate magazine staff supports Obama over McCain 55-1. Sure. There's no media bias. Satirical Letter from the mainstream media exposing how afraid they are that McCain will win. Pretty funny because it's so accurate.

Drudge is reporting that McCain took a 1 point lead in his national poll on Friday. Wow. And he typically has a liberal bias in his polls. That's a scary Halloween for liberals.

Pat Buchanan is right, America is having the wrong debate. America has been a socialist country since FDR, and both parties have supported it. Americans are just afraid to admit we're a socialist country already. Today's debate is actually about the new quality of socialism Obama supports - the socialism of naked greed - in which greedy people vote to use the power of government to take money for themselves from the people who earned it.

Now Obama is calling people who want to keep their own money selfish. What about the people who are trying to take that money from them by force for themselves? That's selfish.

Thomas Sowell explains there's nothing new about Obama's policies. They've been tried here and abroad before, and they always fail spectacularly.

First Obama was saying he would only raise taxes on people earning over $250,000. Then he changed the number to $200,000. Then Joe Biden changed it to $150,000. Now Bill Richardson, who's not in the campaign but is likely to get a high position in an Obama administration, says it should be $120,000. Obama is going to raise taxes on all of us, one way or the other.

Susan Estrich says that the only way Obama could lose is because of racism, but she's full of it. I'm tired of this crap. You can disagree with Obama without being a racist, and I'm tired of people trying to convince Americans that's not true. She makes the assumption that, because Americans think the country is going the wrong way (it is), then they have to vote for Obama because he represents the right way (he doesn't). Obama is the worst major candidate in our lifetimes, if not ever. That's not because of his race. It's because of his vision, his lifetime working to implement Marxism, and therefore his policies. There is no doubt that the majority of Americans disagree with Obama's vision and policies and would do so exactly the same if he was white. I just hope those majority of Americans vote and defeat him.

But it's hard to see how we get out of this trap. With McCain as president, the country will continue our big-government decline. Not nearly as fast as if Obama won, but just as surely. Democrats will move further left. Republicans will move further left. Unless some charismatic libertarian, more libertarian than Reagan, hijacks the Republican party and achieves far greater success domestically, our country will continue to decline until it collapses.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Free kibbles

US economy shrank during Q3. If it shrinks again in Q4, that will officially be a recession.

New Foxnews poll shows Obama's lead nationally shrinks to 3 percent, 47 - 44. I wonder what the effect of Obama's 30 minute infomercial will be. It earned positive reviews in Washington, so it may well have backfired on him with the people.

In an MSNBC article, Howard Fineman advises Barack Obama to lie about his agenda. He says all the talk about sweeping change, the end of capitalism, the end of Reaganism, and a new New Deal scare undecided voters. It ought to scare anybody, and nobody should fall for Obama's moderate baloney. He didn't get the most liberal voting record in the Senate because he was more moderate than rest of Democrats. Unfortunately, Bush, Rove, Cheney and the Republicans killed the Reagan Revolution. We can't blame Demcrats for that.

Ohio allows homeless people to list park benches as addresses so they can vote. The correlary to that is, a homeless person can have as many fake IDs as he can find park benches because the address can never be checked. Ohio is the king state of voter fraud, and it's worse this year than ever.

1996 meeting when Obama was a member of the Democrats Socialist party where Obama laid out his plans to implement Marxist policies in the US.

Politico admits its liberal bias, then rationalizes it into no bias at all. Huh? Fair does not mean balanced. Just tell it like it is. Give us all the information on Obama that you've been hiding for 2 years like you've given us all the information on McCain. Do you really think the LATimes would withhold a tape of McCain celebrating a spokesman for the PLO at a going away dinner with a domestic terrorist?

Nancy Pelosi thinks we're dumber than dirt. After leading the most divisive, do nothing Congress in history, Pelosi says Congress will be more bipartisan if Democrats win large majorities. But liberals will probably believe that. I'm sure they blame the partisanship on the minority party. Make of that what you will.

Congressmen got 13 percent wealthier in 2007. Modern aristocrats, like all aristocrats throughout history, take care of themselves at the expense of the people. The great thing about America is that we can get rid of the aristocrats through a voter revolution. We don't need to take up arms. So let's vote them all out on Tuesday and vote in third parties, OK?

Democrats accuse Republican of profiting from purchasing foreclosed houses and reselling and renting them. That makes sense. Democrats want to make earning a profit a crime. They don't want people to engage in win-win economic activities.

Business executives support Obama over McCain. That's because big business and big government go hand in hand. Big business must be protected from entrepreneurs and competition from small business to continue to rake in huge profits. Big business always supports big-government and more regulation to protect them from the little guy.

Obama and Biden keep redefining "rich" down. Once they get into office, it will mean everybody not on welfare.

Snow and record low temperatures in the Carolinas. It's as cold here in Oct as I can remember.

Family posts video of break-in on YouTube because police didn't catch the criminals.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Fed cuts interest rate to 1 percent. Why would a bank make a loan at such a low interest rate? When interest rates are too low, banks don't make loans because there's no profit in it.

It is astounding that Obama talks about his affinity for Marxism and that he actively sought out and surrounded himself with socialists and Marxists in his first book, but whenever somebody mentions Obama's lifelong pursuit of Marxists and Marxism, liberals scoff. After college he sought out Rev. Wright, ACORN, Bill Ayers, the teachings of Saul Alinsky, etc. But liberals don't believe Obama's own words in his only honest book. Liberals have a vision of what they want Obama to be, and that's all they care about.

Contrary to the article, Obama's interest in Marxism began long before college. His father was an avowed Marxist. His mother was an avowed Marxist. Frank, Obama's mentor mentioned in the book, was a communist. Obama has been a Marxist his whole life. He's also a realist, so he isn't campaigning as a Marxist, but the evidence is irrefutable, including the evidence his own words, let alone all the evidence he's covered up like his history at Columbia.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Voter Fraud

Always a problem, voter fraud is a rampant problem this year. Voter registration fraud is off the charts thanks to Barack Obama's partners at ACORN. The lawyers at the Justice Dept. charged with overseeing election operations are Barack Obama donors.

It doesn't help Justice's credibility that attorneys charged with supervising voting issues are avowed Barack Obama supporters. According to Federal Election Commission data, James Walsh, an attorney in the Civil Rights Division, has donated at least $300 to Mr. Obama. His boss, Mark Kappelhoff, has given $2,250 -- nearly the maximum. John Russ, also in Civil Rights, gave at least $600 to Mr. Obama.

A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to make these attorneys available to us, though she didn't deny that the contributions were made. She noted that the Hatch Act does not forbid federal employees from donating to candidates, and that Justice's internal "standards for recusal" on prosecutions depend on any "given situation." Apparently so.

Voter fraud, actual fraudulent votes for Obama, have been discovered and some votes removed in Ohio. This might be the first election stolen from the people since Kennedy stole the election in 1960 with help from corruption in Texas, Louisiana, and Chicago.

Free kibbles

Democrats have hearings on how to tax 401(k)s and pension plans. This should be front page news on every newspaper in America, but try finding it in your local paper. Government failures mean we have to surrender more of our money. You can bet the sales pitch will be slick, but we'll pay through the nose.

Feds stop plot by skinheads to kill 102 black people including Barack Obama. I hope these freaks don't dominate the news.

An armed robber comes into a pawn shop in Houston, wearing a bullet proof vest and shoots at the owner, who gets his own gun and shoots and kills his attacker. Instead of thanking this pawn shop owner for his service to society, the prosecutor has referred him to the grand jury for prosecution. That prosecutor should be fired.

Iraqi government criticizes US attack on Syrian border village because it doesn't want Iraq to be used as a base to attack its neighbors. I think Iraq has to say this, but at the same time, it doesn't want al Qaeda to have a safe haven in Syria, a safe haven it's had for 5 years that we should have been attacking the entire time.

US considers talks with Taliban. We should have been having back-channel talks all along, trying to split the Taliban, bring the elements that could be integrated into society back into society and isolating the most radical elements. Gen. Petraeus is the guy who can make this work.

US stock market has lost $3 trillion in value since the bailout. Since the bailout, the stock market has been in constant decline. Good job, government. Government will make it worse before it gets better.

Iceland takes different tact in credit crisis, raising interest rates to stabilize its currency. It still needs liquidity injections, but that's not the same thing as cheap money. This is the opposite approach of the US Fed which has kept us mired in this financial crisis longer than we should have been by lowering rates and thereby reducing the profit incentive for banks to make loans.

The Dow is up almost 900. Government has created so much uncertainty this volatility is ridiculous. Corporations love big government because of all the handouts government gives them.

The details of Obama and Democrats' big-labor agenda. Needless to say, coercion will replace freedom if this succeeds.

Judge dismisses suit against Barack Obama challenging him to prove his citizenship because the person bringing the case didn't have standing. According to this judge, the American public has no standing to insure that presidential candidates meet the constitutional requirements for the presidency. This judge basically said all constitutional requirements for the presidency are unenforceable because the American people have no standing to challenge candidates. That's insane.

The Pew Research center found that by 70 percent to 9 percent, Americans thought the press was in the tank for Obama. Americans aren't nearly as dumb as the press thinks we are.

Obama campaign attorney writes intimidating letter to student journalists uncovering voter fraud in Ohio. We can't have pesky student journalists who aren't in the tank for Obama discovering rampant voter fraud for Obama now can we? Naturally, the student journalists are now targets of Obama and the press, the same press which won't report on the voter fraud. Somebody accessed government computers to gather information to smear Joe the Plummer. These people accept no limits on government power when it comes to promoting their agendas.

Obama hasn't held a press conference in a month. If McCain didn't talk to the press for that long, the press would have a fit.

Biden bans local Philadelphia news station from further interviews. This is getting to be a pattern.

Bill Ayers crawls out of the woodwork to address a conference and complains about his name being used in the campaign. I wonder what his fellow terrorists who died making bombs are complaining about. I hope he talks more. The more he talks, the more he will hurt Obama's chances.

Philadelphia Inquirer prints op-ed by white man claiming white people shouldn't be allowed to vote. Can this election get any more ridiculous? (Rhetorical question. Of course it can.)

Rap song of the Lord's prayer substituting Obama for God. I think I'm going to be sick.

In keeping with his role as messiah, Barack Obama will restore a "higher purpose" to the presidency. I don't want any higher purposes in my presidents. Their job is to preside over government. That's it.

Glowing puff piece about a day in the life of the messiah. I wonder if he'll ride into Washington on a donkey.

Democrats are intent on repeating the failures of the New Deal by sucking money and jobs from the private sector to create work programs. Fascism is back.

Showing a fundamental ignorance of the financial collapse and libertarianism, Slate magazine declares libertarianism to be dead, killed by the financial collapse. Democrats and big-government Republican kindred spirits scored a fantastic victory by orchestrating that collapse, and we're all going to pay until we bleed. When we're all eating dirt, we can thank Dodd, Frank, Paulson, Bernanke and Greenspan for all their wonderful big-government policies.

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendle is holding doctors hostage in an attempt to force universal health care on the state.

Pat Buchanan paints a horrible picture of an Obama presidency. Because of the overwhelming new debt Obama will give us and his destruction of the economy, the US may never recover. We can thank 100 years of big-government and most recently big-government Republicans for making all this possible. We are nearing the logical conclusion of voting for the lesser of 2 evils all the time, and we may well have reached the point of no return.

Bush and Rove absolutely drove the last libertarian hanger-oners out of the Republican party.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Free kibbles

Audio/video of Obama radio interview from 2001 where he talks about using legislation to redistribute wealth to African Americans even though he understands its unconstitutional. This is a concise explanation of Obama's Marxist philosophy of governance in his own words. And liberals won't care. The worst kept secret in politics is that Obama is a Marxist. What's new this election is that liberals, who have tried to convince the rest of America they were moderate for decades, have been exposed as supporters of Marxism too.

US military says it killed senior al Qaeda leader on raid in Syria. Why has it taken the US 5 years to wipe out al Qaeda bases in Syria on the border of Iraq? We should have been doing that since 2003. And again, Obama got this one right about Pakistan last year. All the other experienced candidates got it wrong. If Pakistan won't take out al Qaeda positions in the mountains bordering Afghanistan and they won't let us take them out, we have to take them out anyway.

Alaska Senator Ted Stevens convicted on all 7 counts of corruption. I'm glad to see this crook convicted. Only 534 to go.

Student journalists investigate voter fraud in Ohio because actual journalists are all for it.

ACORN owes $3.7 million in back taxes. I'm sure Dems will just write it off.

Funny take off on the you might be a redneck theme relating to Murtha's comments about Pennsylvania voters lack of support for Obama.

Author explains how McCain and more blatantly Palin have given a tremendous gift to Obama. Palin's repeated references to real America are inherently divisive and troubling, and they give Obama, the most divisive candidate in history, the chance to make rhetorical references claiming there is no real and not real America. It's a poor strategy on McCain-Palin's part, and it's backfiring.

Socialized medicine showdown in Arizona. Go Arizona and save us all from this communist plan. Proposition 101 is a constitutional amendment that insures government can never take away Arizona residents freedom to choose their own health care.

Thomas Sowell explains that Obama's far-left allies are not what we would call regular people, but dangerous demagogues whom Obama sought out and surrounded himself with.

Did we really need internal documents to inform us that Democrats accuse Republicans of intimidating minority voters whether it's true or not?
“If no signs of intimidation techniques have emerged yet, launch a ‘pre-emptive strike.’” The manual said this should be done by placing stories in mainstream and specialty press “in which minority leadership expresses concern about the threat of intimidation tactics” and “prime minority leadership to discuss the issue in the media; provide talking points.”

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Free kibbles

Syria claims US helicopters and troops attacked Syrian village bordering Iraq.

Lawmakers of both parties complain that the bailout is different than advertised. Imagine that. Who would have ever thought that power corrupts or that great power corrupts greatly or that the bailout Congress passed would make matters worse instead of better. Pretty much every economist in America and all of the American people, that's who.

Article claims an LATimes reporter has a video of Barack Obama attending a going away party for former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in 2003, but he refuses to release the video. If this is true, the LA Times should fire this reporter and no business in America should ever hire him again. If this turns out to be true after the election, the American people will go nuts, and rightly so. If the LA Times allows this reporter to withhold this video, they will disappear as a company. No sane American would stand for that. The mainstream media wonders why it keeps losing viewers and circulation. Duh.

OpenOffice 3.0 sets download record. Sweet.

So it turns out that Obama isn't verifying the identify of internet donors. There's no way to know how much of the money he's collected is illegal. This guy is as corrupt and ruthless as any candidate we've ever seen. The idea of banning internet contributions is abhorrent though. It's an attempt to cut the average American out of the political process. We should just insure that every donor is correctly identified and accounted for.

1995 Obama interview where he explains that his salvation (his word, not mine) is tied up with the salvation of black America. This is guy is a religious extremist and his beliefs are radical and dangerous. He compares America to Africa, Los Angeles to Bosnia, and blames whites for suppressing blacks. The race baiting in this interview shows the real Obama - the racial hatred candidate hoping to implement Marxism to punish white people and give their money to black people. Imagine if a white candidate had every said such things. It's crazy that Democrats have elevated this man not just to state senator, but to US senator and possibly president.

Shouldn't we actually educate teenagers before they become political volunteers? Teenagers can be as informed about the issues of politics as anybody, but it's unlikely they are and they certainly have no perspective on life or the consequences of policies. But at the same time, some of them can put in the work and effort to make informed decisions. But they're rare exceptions.

Here's an tough, excellent interview of Joe Biden in which the interviewer asked about Obama's spreading the wealth around and Biden's comments about Obama being tested. The questions are tough, and Biden does a really good job handling them. But the Obama camp is mad because the interview was tough, and they've banned the station from more interviews. I would think that Obama should welcome tough interviews like this to show their mettle. I thought Biden really shined even though he was double-speaking. He was combative but polite. He did a great job, imo. But then again, Obama would have completely flubbed this interview. He's terrible without a script.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Free kibbles

World leaders call for world finance reform and a massive welfare program for developing nations. This can't be good.

Author does a good job explaining our looming fiscal crisis far overwhelms the current financial crisis.

Bob Barr stuck his head out of the hole where he's been hiding and explained that Republicans and Democrats have both dug us in the fiscal, moral, and legal hole we're sinking in. Where has this guy been? We have the combined 2 worst candidates in history battling it out, and Bob Barr has been invisible.

Charles Krauthammer squashes the specious arguments of the RINOs who are jumping ship to support Obama.

Walter Williams wonders why we would trust the politicians who brought us "affordable housing" and the subsequent financial crisis it created to bring us "affordable health care" and examines the failures of socialized medicine elsewhere.

Reason is right when it says that the left's apology for Russia's invasion of Georgia tells us more about the left than Russia. The left has always been in love with and apologized for with Russian tyrants, and that hasn't changed.

Michael Barone says reality will limit the damage Democrats can do. That's wishful thinking. Reality didn't stop FDR from seriously damaging America further. I wouldn't be surprised to see an Obama administration burning crops and killing livestock just like FDR. Because it worked so well the first time.

I wouldn't at all be surprised that the McCain camp is upset that Gov. Palin stands on principle. Lack of principle in the McCain campaign has led to crazy policy contradictions and changing messages on a weekly basis. Of course the press makes a big deal about standard inter-campaign tension in the McCain campaign but ignores it in the Obama campaign, which has to be considering dropping Biden from the ticket after his comments about the world testing Obama and that the economy wouldn't be good under Obama.

FedEx CEO explains how government policies hurt our economy. Excellent article.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Free kibbles

Following a worldwide sell-off, US stocks are plunging again. Our politicians can't seem to figure out that the market is going to correct itself for the government created housing bubble regardless of what they do. Because of Greenspan's irresponsibly loose monetary policy and the government forcing banks to make home loans to people who couldn't afford to pay them, our housing market is overbuilt. We have more houses than people who want to buy them, and the market will correct for that no matter what politicians do. The more they interfere, the worse the crisis becomes. They should fix the root problems: repeal the CRA and archaic laws restricting the flow of capital, privatize Fannie and Freddie, force the Fed to keep inflation low, and abolish the income tax that rewards debt and punishes savings, capital investment, and work in favor the FairTax, and allow the market to correct as quickly and painlessly as possible.

OPEC cuts oil output in an attempt to stop a price slide.

Is anybody surprised that state tax receipts are down? That's what big government does - it hurts the economy and lowers revenue.

Is anybody surprised that the Bush administration missed the deadline for finishing the border fence with Mexico?

Democrats angry that US Chamber of Commerce is aggressively backing Republicans. If the Democrats want support of the Chamber of Commerce, they should become more supportive of commerce.

Obama says he does not regret his spread the wealth comment. This is a pattern with Obama. He never admits mistakes. He always blames others for his mistakes. He has a psychological problem that keeps him from taking responsibility for his own decisions, and that's ultra-scary in a president. Writer thinks Obama's potential for victory is playing a role in the stock sell-off.

Boortz suggests that in order to stave off the effects of Obama and Democrats if Obama wins, businesses will hire more temp and contract workers. I agree. This will become the norm. It will be too much of a burden to hire employees any more. Businesses should have started doing that over the summer, or at least announced it, making sure their employees understood the consequences of electing Obama and Democrats.

Did we really need a poll to tell us that Democrats are significantly more emotional and angry than Republicans this election? Unhinged would be a better description.

And at least one McCain supporter is unhinged as well. Woman who claimed black mugger carved letter 'B' into her face after he found out she was a McCain supporter made the story up. She says she "might have" cut the 'B' into her own face. This woman needs mental help.

Table shows that high income earners pay a much larger percentage of our nation's income tax today than they paid in 1980, when the top rate was much higher.

UN releases report on income disparity in US cities as if it's a bad thing. The obvious implication is that government is supposed to spread the wealth around. The reason we have such income disparity in the US is government restricts competition. In a free market, workers would get a higher percentage of a company's income because they would be free to change jobs to make more money.

Bill Ayers's Weather Underground planned to "eliminate" 25 million die hard capitalists. Osama bin Laden's goals are modest by comparison. Good thing Obama's future Marxist buddies were more incompetent than Lenin and Mao. But to liberals, Ayers is just an education professor. This is the kind of extremist change Obama promises to bring to the White House.

Cartoon about a Democrat taking candy from trick or treaters to give to children who don't trick or treat. Funny.

List of Barack Obama's scary friends. I guess this is his little black book.

Is anybody surprised that early voting is favoring Obama? Voting should not be a trivial activity. Nobody should be able to register to vote and vote at the same time on a whim. Voting should demand more from the voter than ording a pizza does from the pizza customer. Voters should have to register well in advance of an election. Voters should have to show a significant reason, like military service, they cannot make it to the polls on election day to obtain an absentee ballot. Voters should have to show their picture ID to cast votes at the polls. Voting is one of the most powerful privileges in America, and the process should require voters to put in at least a tiny amount of thought and concern for the process.

This is the next logical step in the surveillance society - robot teams controlled by a human that run target individuals down like a pack of dogs runs down a wounded prey. The next generation won't need the human controller. There's not a logical argument to stop this, and if we don't develop that kind of technology, our enemies will. This logical conclusion is very scary.

Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer may be done for the season. Who can blame him? Why should Palmer risk his body playing for Mike Brown's rotten team? He'd be smart to find a way to stay off the field until his contract is up.

The Onion provides an insightful and sad commentary on Ron Paul's campaign. As we sit here today, it seems meaningless, and it may remain meaningless forever. Despite his efforts and the small group of devoted followers he gained, we're about to elect either the most radical leftist in history or the most liberal Republican since Nixon. Some time last spring or maybe even earlier, I wondered in a post whether we were better off electing the Democrat now, drinking our poison, and hoping that failure would make the Republicans revert at least temporarily and weakly toward the small government of Reagan, or to vote for McCain and reaffirm for Republicans that they can continue to stay in power despite their big government ways.

If Democrats win, we're screwed horribly for years. Somewhere between '70s era and depression era screwed. But if Republicans win, we're going to continue going down hill more slowly for 4 years, then get hammered by a different, but equally socialist Democrat in 2012. I don't know which is the better choice, taking the worst option now but giving ourselves a chance to wake up and adopt smaller government in 2012, or delaying the worst, but putting off the option of actually fixing the problem in 2012.

Survey shows that Americans know more about Joe the Plummer than they know about Obama's ties to ACORN. This is at best dereliction of duty on the part of the media, but more accurately, it's the media's political activism in action.

Condaleezza Rice says our failing education system is our greatest national security threat. She's partly right. It's part and parcel of our runaway government spending. Government schools are hiring foreign teachers because Americans won't work in such a poor environment for such poor pay.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Free kibbles

Pontificating before Congress, he says his free market ideology had a flaw, and he should have supported regulation of derivatives. That's baloney. He should have kept the money supply tighter to keep inflation down. That was his job. Instead, his 15 years of loose monetary policy created this housing bubble that has caused so many problems. Greenspan is just covering up his real culpability in this mess. We're in a world of hurt because everything government is doing in response to this crisis is exactly wrong.

Republicans demand special council investigation of fraud in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Naturally, Democrats resist. This investigation could topple Dodd, Frank, Obama, and others. I would love to see Jamie Gorelick busted.

NYCity council changes term limit law put in place by popular vote to allow Bloomberg to run for a third term. This is just nuts. Term limit laws are restrictions on aristocratic power, this case placed on government by the people. For aristocrats to overrule the people to give aristocrats more powers is an abomination to limited government and self rule.

Government threatens to shut down local gas station owner because he's selling gas at 30 cents less than his competitors.

Orsen Scott Card writes essay entitled Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights. Bravo! An honest Democrat. I have to buy one of this guy's books.

Barney Frank says there are plenty of rich people out there to tax.

Stanley Kurtz points out that Obama was a member of and was endorsed by the radical left New Party, the electoral arm of ACORN, when he ran for state Senate in 1995, a fact conveniently ignored by the mainstream media.

Why raising capital gains taxes hurts the economy and reduces revenues.

US troops support McCain over Obama by 3 to 1.

How the Wall Street bailout is also a handout for Hollywood.

Socialists are upset that McCain is calling Obama a socialist. But they support Obama, so they're complaints are bogus.

In Murtha's twisted mind, apologizing for calling his constituents racists means calling them rednecks instead. Murtha is in a tight race for his congressional seat. Let's hope his constituents finally kick him out of office.

Obama and Democrats are licking their lips, waiting their chance to follow Argentina and tax all private retirement accounts.

The typically liberal AP poll has Obama up but only by 44 percent to 43 percent. That's crazy. This poll typically overestimates Democrat support by well over 5 percent. Poll claimed to have been the most accurate in 2004 has Obama up by only 1.1 percent. But Obama's announcement that he'll visit his sick grandmother gave the press plenty of time to set up in Hawaii for the crucial photo op 10 days before the election, so Obama should get a boost from that. It'll dominate the news cycle over the weekend. McCain should orchestrate a major speech for Friday evening to offest Obama's move.

Obama is preparing his transition plan as if he's already won the election. Let's hope he regrets jumping the gun.

Liberal explains that good, progressive government is supposed to take away private property rights.

MSNBC partners with ACORN, La Rasa and other far left-wing groups for voter coverage. Can MSNBC be more blatantly in the tank for Obama? This is a complete abdication of even the semblance of objectivity. This is a disgrace, and in a decent world it would lead to the disolution of MSNBC. I doubt it will, though.

3,000 academics support Bill Ayers. Do we need more evidence of the moral bankruptcy of liberal academia?

Did we really need a study to inform us that most of the media coverage of McCain is negative?

Contrary to what this Washington Post author thinks, government is not about sharing for the common good. Charity is about sharing for the common good. Government is not a charity. Government is about performing a few specific tasks like providing a justice system and providing for the common defense.

Thomas Sowell explains that polls are probably skewed more toward Obama even than usual because the press is more in the tank for him than usual and because people are afraid of being called racists if they don't publicly support him.

Video of McCain and others in POW camp.

Pat Buchanan asks the politically incorrect question, what if SNL mocked Michelle Obama and exposes the media for their failure to followup Biden's on repeated comments about an international crisis if Obama gets elected.

No amount of money is ever enough for a politician. Obama still hounding supporters for money.

Obama supporters are getting outrageously violent. Obama supporter carves 'B' into face of McCain volunteer. Obama supporter shoots up McCain signs and house displaying them. But the press wants to talk about phantom shouts at McCain and Palin rallies.

McCain's relationship to political criminal G. Gordon Liddy is not comparable to Obama's partnership with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, but both relationships are fair game for debate and analysis, and even though Liddy paid for his crime, no politician should associate with him at all, let alone have him speak for him.

Radley Balko is right that nothing short of defeat will return Republicans to the idea of limited government for a short time. We're in a huge problem because if McCain wins, big government wins, and if Obama wins much worse big government wins.

Balko explains how government subsidies and restrictions on competition in the alcohol market helped make Cindy McCain's dad's fortune.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free kibbles

Chinese economy is slowing.

Yahoo lays off 10 percent of workforce.

The WSJ examines the consequences of failing high school students. When a student fails, a potential worker becomes a certain welfare recipient. It's not hard to figure out the consequences of that. That's why the government monopoly on schools is so devastating to America.

Obama's decision to stop campaigning for 2 days to visit his ailing grandmother has political ramifications.

McCain accuses Obama of "willful ignorance" on economy. It's about time. Where has this been the last 5 months? In a debate, Obama claimed he would raise the capital gains tax, in the name of social justice (Marxist code for fairness) even though he knew that would reduce federal revenues. McCain should have been hammering Obama on this since the beginning of summer. McCain has run the most inept candidacy in my life.

Obama adviser reports that Obama's tax credits are only for working people or people who were recently working. I guess he's trying to differentiate between welfare for working people and welfare for non-working people. Any way you slice it, it's welfare. He should probably call it workfare to convince people it's a good thing.

In an attempt to limit the damage from Biden's repeated declarations that the international community would stage a crisis to test Obama within the first 6 months of his presidency, Obama goes on the attack, saying McCain is dangerous on foreign policy, not himself. As long as Obama talks about this, McCain will gain on him.

Boortz is wrong. As ridiculous as it is to claim that calling Obama a socialist is really a racist attack, and that's a new level of ridiculousness, it can, and will, get more ridiculous.

Government power run amok has become a theater of the absurd. Councilman proposes forcing non-union government employees to take 10 days off unpaid so he can give raises to other government employees.

Liberals hope to tarnish Palin because the RNC bought her a $150,000 wardrobe to campaign in. I guess the press would prefer she wore overalls. In fact, I'm sure they would because it would be stupid. Of course the RNC spared no expense to make Palin and McCain, just like Obama and the DNC spared no expense to make Obama and Biden, look as good as possible on the campaign trail.

Funny list of small business policy changes inspired by Obama.

I'm sure Obama will call on Oprah Winfrey to help keep his poll numbers high while he's in office.

Wikipedia's policy of verifiability is vulnerable to errors because the sources it references may not have been fact checked.

Scientists say newly discovered state of matter may extend life of Moore's law, but only near absolute zero.

How tremendous would it be if this drug was successful at reversing MS brain damage? Let's hope it works in the real world.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Free kibbles

Bernanke supports another boondoggle stimulus package. There is no amount of debt these aristocrats will stop at. This is a Keynesian policy. Keynesian economics was debunked by Friedman, and Bernanke hailed Friedman, but now he's supporting Keynesian policies. He's Jekyll and Hyde.

California city threatens to imprison 83 year old woman because she converted her garage into a bedroom.

1/3 of Ohioans registered to vote since January don't have matching records. I wonder how many of these frauds have already voted.

Marx's books are selling well. Know your enemy.

Even the Washington Post recognizes that the current crisis is a failure of markets because of government perversion, but this idea that Bush is some sort of supporter of free markets is ludicrous and clearly belied by Bush's record in spite of his rhetoric.

Joe Biden informs Democrat supporters to expect a foreign policy crisis as soon as Obama is elected to test him, and he adds that Obama might not handle it well, so liberals need to stand behind him anyway. Biden is the most effective person in America at explaining why we shouldn't vote for Obama.

Zimbabwe opposition boycotts summit. Mugabe will never share power.

Obama is trying to use government force to silence critics once again, this time requesting the DOJ to intimidate (they say investigate) the McCain-Palin campaign for their attacks on ACORN and for linking ACORN to Obama. Stalin would love Obama. When he gets his hands on the reins of power, nobody will be safe to speak.

Sarah Palin draws the highest rating for SNL in 14 years. The people love her. Peggy Noonan doesn't.

The WSJ previews an Obama presidency with a liberal super-majority. It's not pretty.

The conservative Chicago Tribune endorses Obama. I guess hometown boy trumps what's good for the country.

Obama must be feeling confident. His messianic ego is coming out again. He's going to transform the world.

Do we really need Newt Gingrich to tell us that once Obama wins, he'll govern from the radical left?

The NYTimes publishes a hit piece on Cindy McCain. You can bet if they cover Michelle Obama at all, it will be a glowing article.

Thomas Sowell explains that Obama supporters can't be bothered with facts, they're in love with the lofty rhetoric of change, like the Russians, Chinese, Germans, Italians, and Cubans before them. Tell me about it.

What Obama and his surrogates' attacks on Joe the Plumber tell us about Obama and America. Joe the Plummer is the first person to get an honest answer from Obama about what his government and America will look like, and Obama has to destroy Joe to distract Americans from his vision. "In just two days, America learned more about Joe the Plumber than the press has told us in two years about Barack Obama." No kidding. Except for the few of us who have worked to dig up facts about Barack Obama's life, Americans know more about Joe's life, record, and beliefs than Obama's. The ugliness and hatred of the left for average Americans who have the temerity to think and dream for themselves knows no bounds.

Obama to take a few days off to visit sick grandmother.

OMG, I hope Obama does not bring about the rebirth of America. We've seen that kind of rebirth before in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and other places, and I wouldn't with Obamian rebirth on strangers, my worst enemies, and especially myself, my family and my friends.

Firefox 3.1 extends its performance lead over Internet Explorer 8.

Paul Krugman knows Ohio's real plummers better than Joe the Plummer. Liberal elites like Krugman know everything better than Joe the Plummer, including Joe the Plummer. Just ask them. Actually, you don't have to ask them. They'll tell you whether you want to hear it or not.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Free kibbles

Pennsylvania government mandates that electric companies cut energy output by at least 1 percent a year. Are they on drugs? They must think they're gods instead of politicians. Energy use isn't going to drop. This is a mandate for rolling blackouts. Of course, once those start and people start moving out of Pennsylvania, the richest first, energy usage will go down. It would be far less painful to banish the richest 1 percent of the population in Pennsylvania.

Dallas homeowner shoots and kills man trying to steal his TV. Home invasions are going to drop like a rock in Texas.

Ohio is voter fraud center of the election again. Sec. of State Jennifer Bruner asked the Supreme Court to block a Republican lawsuit demanding Bruner's office do more to help counties uncover fraudulent voter registrations from ACORN and others. The Supreme Court threw the lawsuit out because the GOP didn't have standing. Apparently an actual candidate should have filed it, not the GOP in general.

The Secret Service reports that claims that Republicans shouted "kill him" about Barack Obama are false. I witnesses had already reported that too.

Colin Powell endorses Obama. Boy, did I just lose a ton of respect for Powell. The kind of transformation Obama wants is terrible for America. Why was he a Republican? Obama raises $150 million in Sept. Wow. It's just stunning how poorly Obama has performed given all his natural advantages. He's historic, He's swimming in money, Bush is terrible, Democrats are looking at a wave election, the financial crisis couldn't have come at a more providential time, and McCain has run one of the most inept campaigns in memory. But Obama is barely ahead.

I loved McCain's Senator Government misspeak in the debate. I agree with Boortz that McCain should call Obama that from now on.

Dick Morris thinks that McCain managed to make enough points on taxes and spending in the debate to give him a chance to win in November.

I don't know how anybody could compare McCain's immediate response the financial crisis, suspending his campaign and returning to Washington, to Bush's preceived slow response to Katrina. If anything, Obama was the one who was slow to respond. Obama sat on the sidelines the entire crisis and quietly went along with whatever Dodd, Frank, Reid and Pelosi said. McCain has been hurt because he's a Republican and the president during the crisis is a Republican and because Paulson's plan did split Republicans. Bush has always been McCain's worst enemy in this campaign, and Bush may have put the final nail in McCain's coffin with Paulson's unprecedented socialist power grab.

Liberals are trying to paint Bill Ayers as an education reformer. I wish McCain would have drilled Obama when he called Ayers a professor of education in the last debate. McCain should have pointed out that Obama's and Ayer's 3 year, $100 million shared vision for education reform produced no positive results.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Free kibbles

Bush to hold a global economic summit. Lovely. A bunch of central planners getting together to centrally plan how they can further interfere in our economy and take more freedom from us, ostensibly for our own good but really for their own good and we'll suffer the consequences.

The press has been missing in action on our success in Iraq, but they're all over this tiny rally in Baghdad, only a few thousand people in a city of 7 million, and that's probably exaggerated knowing our press, of protesters who don't want Iraq and the US to sign a security pact.

4 out of 5 al Qaeda online forums have disappeared.

McCain suggests that Obama's tax plan is socialist. Did he just figure that out?

Cato reports that the Treasury Dept. has no authority to force banks into selling it shares, but it did so anyway. Author explains that this will lead to further abuses of power and further damage our markets.

Pat Buchanan explains that if Obama wins the presidency, he will be at war with America. On a 2 dimensional scale, America is center-right, and Obama is about as left as it gets. Americans won't like that. Obama is trying desperately to appear moderate in the general race after winning the nomination by taking the far-left, and it appears he's fooled enough Americans to get away with it so far in this anti-Bush environment. But the race isn't over yet, and the more he talks about using government force to spread people's wealth to other people, the more ground he will lose. There's no chance that Obama will govern as a moderate. He's a not very stealthy Marxist, and we can only hope voters figure it out in time.

Thomas Sowell shows that Obama's record on reform and moderation doesn't match his record. Thomas Sowell wonders why negative campaigning has become so stigmatized. I think its because since all of our politicians are corrupt, the people are tired of hearing about it. Every campaign exaggerates the weakness of the opposing candidate. Except McCain. He's gone out of his way to help hide Obama's lifelong pursuit of Marxist ideals. That's just crazy.

I remember this Gallop poll showing only 13% of Americans want government to spread the wealth around, which is the basis of Barack Obama's entire economic plan. But the Bush hatred is still enough to keep Obama slightly ahead. I still think McCain would have been smart to tie Obama's socialist economic policies to Bush's socialist administration.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Free kibbles

After teaming with Chris Dodd and Barney Frank and telling us Congress had to pass the bailout bill immediately with no debate or the sky would fall, Bush urges patience on the economy.

China to photograph all customers at internet cafes. That's for publishing that. Now the US will do the same within 5 years.

Apparently McCain just got a clue and recognized that Obama's boondoggle to pay give "tax credits" to people who don't pay taxes is welfare. Obama must have been coming up with anti-American plan after anti-American plan, knowing it takes weeks to penetrate that old man's brain. In 4 years, maybe we can have an self-destructive idiot savant battle it out with a mentally challenged person in the 2 party's race to the gutter.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Free kibbles

According to liberals, if you are critical of ACORN's voter registration fraud, you support voter suppression. Please.

This is a great time to be a communist in America. With Bush the Democrat in charge and Obama on deck, no wonder.

Instead of addressing the very real issue brought up by Joe the Plummer that Obama plans to spread other people's wealth around, the mainstream media has chosen to attack the messenger. That didn't take long.

Obama supported the Democrat filibuster of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac regulation even though he new about the subprime problem. That's what Obama calls leadership, reaching across the aisle, and doing the right thing for America.

Chicago Sun-Times writer outright calls Sarah Palin a racist.

Apparently Jesse Jackson went even farther than just saying Obama would reduce US support for Israel and linked Obama with Muslims because of his background. Surely Jackson wasn't intentionally undermining Obama. This has to be just stupidity, right? Maybe Jackson didn't get they memo that telling the truth about Obama is bad for Obama.

George Will discusses saving Gettysburg for posterity.

Laundry list of evidence that Barack Obama is a communist. It's about time she noticed. And I prefer the term Marxist.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Free kibbles

"Community banking executives around the country responded with anger yesterday to the Bush administration's strategy of investing $250 billion in financial firms, saying they don't need the money, resent the intrusion and feel it's unfair to rescue companies from their own mistakes." Good for them. Capitalism is not dead yet, though government is certainly trying to kill it.

Dow is down again by 733 today. Government's attempts to artificially prop up overinflated stocks by propping up bad debt can never work. So even when the corporations enjoy their government protect, market forces will continue to correct for the excesses of government, which means we're in for a far greater, more painful correction now than we were before the bailout.

US troops kill number 2 leader of al Qaeda in Iraq. Excellent. Let's kill the number 1 guy of all al Qaeda next.

Nancy Pelosi's stimulus package has grown to $300 billion. You have got to be kidding me. Democrats want to borrow $300 billion more we don't have from China at taxpayer expense, and they want us to think that's going to be good for us. Our government is a farce. These political aristocrats are jokes.

Oil drops below $72 per barrel. OPEC will fix that by cutting production.

British NHS professionals don't use NHS facilities. They NHS has a trust fund for them to get treatment at private, for pay, facilities because NHS services are so crappy. This gets back to my explanation that Marxism always ends up enslaving the worker. Socialized medicine in Britain, and what Democrats want to implement here, is really communist medicine. It's a government monopoly on health care, and the slave workers are forced to use that government health care. But the central planners use a different health care facility. Michael Moore showed us that it's the same in Cuba. It was the same in the Soviet Union. And that kind of communist slave system is what liberals are pushing for in the US.

The unintended consequences of Europe's demographic crisis grow. Pro-life group in Spain protests Dutch abortion ship sent to Spain to circumvent Spains strict anti-abortion laws. I don't think Spain can legislate that its population stop committing suicide. Europeans need something to live for, and the welfare state has taken that away from them. They need freedom so they feel they can give their children better lives. And we're following the same path toward extinction the Europeans are on. Liberals want us to follow that path too.

Australian PM calls financial crisis a "failure of extreme capitalism." That knocks Australia off my list of possible countries to escape to.

Fraudulent $2,300 campaign contributions for Obama are showing up on credit cards.

Forshadowing what an Obama presidency will look like, Obama campaign issues talking points to the press to insure they are saying exactly what he wants them to say. The mainstream media is nothing but a parrot for Obama.

Justifiable homicides, self-defense killings and killings by police, highest in a decade. It should be a pretty low bar to show self-defense, but it should be a pretty high bar for cops to justify killing somebody.

Parts of California see coldest temperatures in over 100 years. Same in Oregon. Alaska glaciers growing.

Joe Biden has funneled $2,000,000 in campaign contributions to his family members and their businesses over the years. This shouldn't surprise anybody. This kind of corruption passes for politics as usual in the corruption factors of Washington and state capitals all over the country. Our government is a kleptocracy, and both parties are robbing us blind. And we stupidly vote for them every single election anyway. We reelect the same crooks 94 percent of the time and the w parties 100 percent of the time. We deserve every pain our government inflicts on us because we're stupid. I agree with Christopher Hitchens that we have transformed America into a banana republic. And we're going to do it again in a couple of weeks. Bend over and say, "Thank you sir, may I have another."

Boortz on McCain's economic plan.

Jesse Jackson is doing his part to undermine Obama's candidacy again, this time by saying that Obama wouldn't support Israel.

Democrats expecting a filibuster-proof majority. Republicans have nobody to blame but themselves, and voters have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Barney Frank wants to replicate FDR's policies. I guess he wants to repeat the Great Depression they trapped us in too. Barney Frank should be forced to resign and be subject to criminal investigation for his work blocking attempts to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Along with Chris Dodd.

Chinese sovereign wealth fund has applied for access to the US taxpayer bailout via the guarantee for money-market funds. I wouldn't be at all surprised for the socialists in Washington to grant this so even more taxpayer money will flow to China. I wonder if China is using all the taxpayer money our government has sent to them to bribe our representatives into destroying America for them by sending them even more. I think that makes as much sense than any other explanation for our terrible government.

Stanley Kurtz continues to pull the viel back on Barack Obama, revealing a very ugly man. In this essay he links, through documentation, Obama, Wright, and Ayers with extremist black supremists and segregationists. This is the equivalent of John McCain partnering with David Duke to fund the KKK. And liberals embrace this and have the temerity to call mainstream Americans extremists. It's nuts. No mainstream American or conservative would stand for such a thing being done on the right, but liberals embrace this lunacy. Obama's campaign, and the liberal embrace of him and through him of Ayers and Wright and Alinsky and ACORN has really exposed American liberalism. It stands for racism. It stands for segregation. It stands for domestic terrorism. It stands for violence and intimidation. It stands for Marxism.

More on ACORN's voter registration fraud and how taxpayers fund it. ACORN's systematic criminal actions are organized crime. Maybe a prosecutor can get these guys on RICO.

AirAmerica wants to roll back the Reagan tax cuts.

John Stossel explains that the US hasn't done any meaningful deregulation in 25 years, and that deregulation did not cause the current financial crisis. He also shows that government regulation can't protect from problems anyway because the regulators can't possibly know as much as the millions of people in the market know, but the regulator can, and will, harm business.

Author compares federal intervention in the financial market to Macbeth killing the king, and describes how government forced banks to acquesce to government taking ownship stakes. He makes the great point that the reason the feds are buying banks is to force them to make loans. That's how we got into this trouble in the first place. Paulson has gone from the CEO of Goldman-Sachs to Treasury Sec. to Dictator of the entire financial market. That's quite a coup for him. And we elected the guys who made it happen.

Austin Bay explains that for the next president, the Iraq war will become basically a proxy war against Iran, and we have a tremendous advantage having the Iraqis on our side. But it can be lost.

Michelle Malkin itemizes the lists of hateful and violent acts the left are perpetrating but which are never reported, unlike the occasional anger displayed by the right.

Obama's tax credits for people who don't pay taxes are just welfare checks. What's really bad is that many of those people have off the books income, and now they're going to get handouts too.

McCain now promises to use taxpayer money to bailout mortgage owners who can't make payments. People who want taxpayer bailouts vote Democrat. They're the experts at buying votes. It doesn't work for Republicans.

Author explains why the bailout is the wrong solution to the credit crisis, shows how too much regulation caused this trouble, and presents a simple plan to fix the problem - removing the regulations, laws and mandates that started it.

Dick Morris thinks ACORN could bring Obama down. I think that story, which should have been news a year ago and ever since, is too late.

If the Bradley effect still exists, it's because people don't want to be called a racist, not because they are a racist. All of us who don't support Obama are damn tired of being called racist for it, and I don't blame people who don't support him for pretending they do just so they don't have to suffer being called a racist. Ann Coulter examines the polls from history and shows what we all know from personal experience - the polls almost always incorrectly favor the Democrat by 5 to 10 points. But McCain's recent drop in the polls is real.

Murtha calls his constituents racist. Smart. Hopefully they'll kick that jerk out of office.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Free kibbles

Bush claims $250 billion bank rescue plan "is not intended to take over the free market, but to preserve it." Don't you love it when socialists pretend their socialism is for the good of the (nonexistent) free market? And people believe them? We know what the road to hell is paved with. Now Paulson plans to buy stock in thousands of banks. This guy thinks he's the sole central planner of our economy. If you're a shareholder in a big bank, the government has chosen to make you a winner. If you're not, the government has chosen to make you a loser. It's hard to say this is the beginning of the end of freedom in America because we've been losing freedom at an ever increasing pace for a long time, but this is the biggest jump in loss of freedom in nearly a century.

Pat Buchanon smacks readers right in the face with a big dose of truth. Government spending will be cut regardless of our wishes. This cut forced on us by our creditors will be devastating because we surrendered our power to control a reduction in federal spending long ago. I would say it's going to be ugly, but that's such an understatement, it's worthless. I've tried to explain to anybody who would listen that we can't fight terrorists, the Chinese, or the resurgent Russians if we're broke. Nobody listened. I've said that entitlements will destroy America, but it looks like recent events are going to destroy American even sooner. America, it's been nice knowing you, and I thank you for everything except your blind devotion to the 2 parties which are destroying us.

Did we really need a federal judge to order Ohio to check voter registration? This is Ohio, where generally anybody can vote under any name as long as they're wearing pants, so yeah.

McCain to offer new economic plan. It's like these guys didn't know our economy was in dire straits. I have the same economic plan I always had - adopt the FairTax and the cut the size and scope of government in half. That's a better economic plan than all the other plans combined. The FairTax alone would create an economic renaissance the likes of which we've never seen in America. If we cut government spending, regulation, mandates, etc. in half, I think we could see 8 percent sustained growth in the US economy.

It took me a few tries to find an article that pointed out that the latest Congressional sex scandal involves a Democrat. The first article I read labeled Pelosi as a Democrat, but not the congressman in question, Florida Democrat Mahoney. The article was basically trying to make Democrats look good for calling for the investigation while covering up that the person being investigated is a Democrat. The media instinctively try to cover up for Democrats. This guy replaced Mark Foley. They're all doing it.

Toledo blade editor believes that Americans have a right to a job where they live. In other words, it's the responsibility of government to provide jobs wherever people choose to live. Live on top of a mountain? Government must find a way, at taxpayer expense, to provide you a job there. This guys it nuts. Where did these weirdos get this bizarre notion of what a right is? Had to be government schools.

Literary critic speculates that Bill Ayers was Obama's ghost writer for Dreams of My Father. If true, liberals wouldn't bat an eye. They embrace Obama and Ayers. This kind of speculation shouldn't pass for analysis.

Obama campaigned for and supported a Kenyan opposition candidate who is a Marxist, promised to make Islam the one true religion in Kenya, implement Sharia courts and the whole nine yards, and who supported genocide. Obama said this is the kind of change Kenya needed, and it's the kind of change he wants to bring to America. But liberals will vote for him anyway. Obama is the most dangerous major candidate in history, and liberals love him for it. Support for Obama shows the moral bankruptcy of liberalism.

2o major policies on which Obama agrees with Bush the Democrat. Obama is a recent convert to some of these - since he won the loony left beauty contest in June.

We can only hope that homeschooling will skyrocket if Obama wins. Why wait? Our schools are dangerous enough now that every parent who can should homeschool.

It shouldn't take hundreds of esteemed economists to condemn Obama's tax plan to convince voters not to vote for him, but it sure helps. But 47 percent still think Obama's tax plan is good for the country anyway. Decades of a government monopoly on education is paying off for Democrats.

Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain's Health Care Plan Is a Step in the Right Direction

by Mark Luedtke

We all know the problem: at any one time, 47 million Americans are without health insurance. Not the same 47 million over time, but many Americans who want health insurance can't afford it because of skyrocketing costs. One reason is our population is aging. In that sense, our health care system is a victim of its own success at keeping Americans alive longer.

Another major factor is that government, either directly or through subsidies and tax breaks, pays 60 percent of all health care expenditures in the US. 72 percent of Americans have their health care subsidized by government. That's like government subsidizing the cost for 72 percent of Americans to dine at the all you can eat buffet. That may appear compassionate on the surface, but imagine what would happen when Americans stampeded to the buffet. Because of increased demand, the customers would waste food, the price of the buffet would increase almost as fast as the waistlines of Americans, the price of the subsidy would go up, anybody without subsidies couldn't afford to eat there, and Americans' health would deteriorate as fast as they emptied their plates. The owners would get rich, taxpayers would get more poor and more unhealthy, and 47 million Americans wouldn't be able to afford to eat there.

When a third party, whether government or an employer, pays for your health care, health care looks like that buffet. Got a hangnail? Go to the doctor. Did you sneeze? Go to the doctor. Feeling run down? Go to the doctor. And who needs to bother with a good diet and exercise when somebody else is paying for the Lipitor and Norvasc? Third party payer systems make us more unhealthy and wasteful, driving up demand and therefore the price of health care.

John McCain's health care plan addresses the root problems of third party payer systems by shifting incentives from employer provided health insurance to individually owned health insurance plans. McCain's plan would close the income tax loophole for employer provided health care plans, instead providing a $5,000 tax credit for every family or a $2,500 tax credit for individuals who purchase health insurance, with anything left over going into a Health Savings Account (HSA), a tax free savings account for health care expenses.

Right now, if a company provides a $12,000 per year policy to its employees, that $12,000 in income isn't taxed. Recipients of employer provided health care care plans get a tax break compared to Americans who buy their own health insurance. McCain's plan would fix that by taxing the income and giving a tax credit to every individual or family. For example, if the employee was in the 25 percent tax bracket, he or she would owe $3,000 in new taxes. But assuming the employee is filing for a family, McCain's plan would give a tax credit to the employee of $5,000, effectively cutting the family's taxes by $2,000. The credit goes straight to the health insurance provider to pay for the insurance policy. If the policy costs less than $5,000, the remainder goes into an HSA.

But suppose the employee didn't want $12,000 worth of coverage. He could opt out of his employer's plan, take that $12,000 as additional salary, and buy a $10,000 plan instead. He'd still get McCain's tax credit, and he would put $2,000 in his pocket. McCain's plan creates incentives to buy insurance and to move from wasteful third party payer systems to individually owned health insurance policies.

One criticism of McCain's plan is that it would raise taxes on some people. If the example employee above was single, his tax credit would be $2,500, and he would have to pay the difference of $500 in additional taxes. However, the same individual could find a cheaper policy on the private market and more than make up the difference.

And under McCain's plan cheaper policies will be easy to find. When Americans buy products with their own money, they demand quality products at low prices. The same will be true with health insurance. Americans will demand better policies and service at lower prices, and insurance companies will supply them or be replaced. Healthy Americans purchasing private policies won't have to pay higher prices to subsidize unhealthy people.

Allowing all health care plans to be sold in all states will dramatically lower prices. Michael D. Tanner from the Cato Institute explains that because New Jersey mandates more than 40 benefits including in-vitro fertilization and chiropodists, a typical plan for a healthy 25 year old man costs $5,580. Because of far fewer mandates, a similar plan in Kentucky costs $900. Needless to say, under McCain's plan, healthy 25 year old men in New Jersey will instantly switch coverage to a Kentucky based company.

Because of that, every insurance company in New Jersey will want to move to Kentucky, taking all their jobs with them. New Jersey will have to reduce mandates to keep those jobs in the state. McCain's plan creates incentives for states to remove expensive mandates and regulations to keep jobs in their states, and consumers will be the big winners.

A mistaken criticism of McCain's plan is that seriously ill people without coverage will be left out. McCain proposes working with state governors to create a guaranteed access plan for these Americans to insure they get coverage. He proposes tort reform to reduce the embedded cost of malpractice lawsuit abuse from health care costs. McCain would allow import of drugs from other countries so competition can drive down the price of prescriptions. He proposes much needed reform for Medicare and Medicaid.

McCain's revolutionary plan to reform our health care system releases the American people from the yoke of government regulations and subsidies so they can develop innovative solutions to their individual health care needs.