Monday, March 31, 2008

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Matt Maupin's body has been discovered in Iraq.

Bush and Treasury Sec. Paulson are talking out both sides of their mouth on financial regulation. Both continually propose more regulations while claiming we have to be wary of more regulations. Now Bush and UK PM Brown are putting together a joint regulatory committee to oversee financial institutions. So now the British government is going to regulate us in addition to the US government? That's not even constitutional. Fed considering bank seizures. This is getting worse and worse. Analyst predicts $1 trillion write-down. Cato comments on the good, bad, and ugly aspects of Paulson's plan.

Bush plans to help bailout more homeowners. My first house went down in value after I bought it. How come the government didn't take taxpayer money and refinance it for me? I had to live with it for a couple years until the value started rising again. Maybe we can get the government to take money from taxpayers by force to give to everybody who's investment drops. If your stocks drop, the government can force taxpayers to make up the difference for you. If the value of your boat drops, the government can force taxpayers to make up the difference for you. Then the world will be full of sunshine and puppies.

Arizona considers a state-sanctioned guest worker program. Interesting idea, but I think the courts would rule it unconstitutional.

Police agencies using civilians to respond to non-emergency 911 calls.

Iranians helped broker Basra ceasefire. That's typical for the Iranians. Foment violence, then when their surrogates are on the verge of being wiped out, broker a cease-fire so they can keep their surrogates to fight another day. Allowing this to continue leads to a state of perpetual war that works for the Iranians and against the goal of peace. The good news is al Sadr and the Mahdi Army lost prestige, people and equipment. The bad news is Iran will resupply them with weapons and people. But for now, the Iraqi government has taken control of Basra.

Hamas claims that Israeli soldier it kidnapped in 2006 is still alive.

Zimbabwe is trickling out election results and issuing veiled threats against the opposition for claiming to win, warning it will treat such claims as a coup.

Unable to discover any data that backs up his claim of man-made global warming, and realizing the public is becoming aware of his global scam, Al Gore launches $300 propaganda campaign to fool the public into believing the most dangerous fraud since communism. The fact that charlatans Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton get together to promote this outrageous con should be enough to turn the light bulb on for every American. It's funny this article says that Gore is trying to force debate since he has cowardly avoided all debate since he started this crusade.

Record snow in northern Maine.

Government tapping Google expertise to search its own databases.

The problems with eye-witness IDs of suspects.

While other newspapers are cutting staff, WSJ hires reporters in an attempt to become the nation's preeminent newspaper. That shouldn't take much. Rupert Murdoch is doing it again.

McCain advisers lobbied for predatory lender. I still don't know what a predatory lender is. "I'll lend you money if you pay me back according to these terms..." Scary. If they committed fraud, just call them fraudulent. Otherwise, they were just dumb for making loans to people who couldn't pay them back.

Hillary Clinton's campaign head made $200,000 with a subprime lender.

Reason thinks North Carolina is pivotal for Hillary Clinton's chances.

The mother of all hypocrites, Hillary Clinton is not paying the health insurance premiums of her campaign staff! So much for Mrs. Health Care Mandate.

Christopher Hitchens remembers Hillary's position on Bosnia and explains it was much worse than the lies she's been caught in. Apparently she strongly resisted interfering to stop the ethnic cleansing out of fear it would turn into a Vietnam and derail her tyrannical socialized medicine plan. Now she claims she helped broker peace there by running under a hail of sniper bullets. Even Frank Rich can't believe how many times Clinton repeated the lie despite being corrected by reporters and fellow travelers. As for why she would do it, I dispute that she's smart. I've seen no evidence of exceptional intelligence in Hillary Clinton.

Politico exposes that in an attempt to fool voters about is radically liberal politics, Obama's camp lied about Obama's participation in a survey of his positions in 1996. For normal people, this would be damning, but Obama's running against the biggest liar of them all, and Democrats love to support and reward liars, so I doubt it will hurt him in the primary. It will probably help.

Inventor creates mercy-killing machine. Push a button and commit suicide.

Scientists to excavate Stonehenge in hopes of dating its creation.

Teacher refuses to allow student to reference the FairTax book, written by Boortz and Congressman Linder who wrote the FairTax bill, in an essay on the FairTax because she claims Boortz is not a reliable source of information. Instead she points the student to a NYTimes hatchet job on the FairTax and decrees that is a reliable source.

Man who filmed cheerleaders charged with possessing child porn.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Being aggressive in war leads to peace

Idiot calls for talking with Hamas. Hamas doesn't want a 2 state solution. Hamas is heavily armed and well funded. Hamas would just as soon see then entire Gaza strip bulldozed and every Palestinian killed than stop fighting. There is no talking with radicals like that. And it's a fallacy to say Israel can't destroy Hamas. Israel simply hasn't had the will to do what's necessary to destroy Hamas because the international community won't support them. The president must stop these doomed road to peace processes. They haven't worked for 40 years, and they will never work as long as Hamas and Hezbollah are armed. The focus needs to be on disarming or destroying those organizations, then some roadmap to peace can be followed.

He also makes a similar claim about Muqtada al Sadr, but the facts on the ground suggest his proposal is exactly wrong. What the battle of Basra proves is that crushing the enemy creates the conditions for peace. His idea that we fight too much and talk too little is exactly backwards. Our problem is we keep trying to fight politically correct wars instead of crushing the enemy. A fanatical enemy will only sue for peace when they are faced with destruction, and in some cases not even then. This is common sense, and its borne out every time. All these calls to talk with fanatics are counterproductive because they promote the fiction that negotiations can lead to peace. You can only negotiate successfully from a position of strength.

As Gen. Petraeus has proven, our troops should always aggressively fight and destroy our enemies. Aggressively destroying the enemy saves lives. Aggressively destroying the enemy wins allies. Aggressively destroying the enemy creates the conditions for peace. Negotiating with the enemy and leaving him powerful creates the conditions for perpetual war - which is what we've seen between Israel and the Palestinians and what we saw in Iraq until Bush put Gen. Petraeus in charge.

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Under fire from Iraq troops and US and British planes, Sadr orders his Mahdi Army fighters off the streets. It was either that or have his militia destroyed. This is a big victory for the government, and Sadr is permanently weakened, have been forced to back down once again, and in his home territory no less. The Sunni's had been threatening to pull out of the Sunni Awakening if the government failed to rein in Shiite militias. We should give Maliki credit for handling this situation, gaining support and respect, helping move Iraq forward. Some Iraqi units have defected to the Mahdi Army. Why would Sadr have called his people off the streets if they were winning as this article suggests? My guess is this article is a gross, anti-war exaggeration from the NYTimes. I'm not the only person who noticed the gross misreporting of the situation.

Al Qaeda is training western-looking terrorists in its safe haven in Pakistan.

German released from Guantanamo claims US tortured him in Kandahar and Guantanamo.

Opposition party in Zimbabwe claims to have won elections despite Mugabe having rigged them for himself and his cronies. Don't expect Mugabe to agree he lost. This will get more ugly before it gets better. Government refuses to release any official results though independent observers show the opposition won a resounding victory. The government may be rigging the vote counts after the fact. Zimbabwe announces it will release vote counts in couple hours. They have to have been rigging the post election counts. No matter who wins, this is going to get ugly.

Senior Democrats pushing to nominate Al Gore as their candidate. It's easy to say this will never happen, but you cannot underestimate the Democrat powers' contempt for their voters. While its unlikely, there's a real chance Democrat power brokers will just dismiss the will of the voters with a wave of their hand and nominate Gore. Just by considering it, they've proved their contempt, and they think with their greater aristocratic wisdom they can convince the unwashed masses to get behind such a decision, but nominating Gore would be an bigger disaster than nominating Clinton or Obama.

I used to say that Gore would never except this nomination because he couldn't stand debate on his global warming fraud. But since McCain is a Democrat in his own right, he drank Al Gore's global warming koolaid, Gore doesn't have to worry about that debate. That's why draft Gore movement has teeth now that it didn't earlier in the primary when the Republican nomination was up for grabs.

Clinton campaign failing to pay the bills. This is just what we can expect from a Clinton presidency too.

Muslims outnumber Catholics.

Governments' power play prying open Swiss bank accounts. We can't allow people to have privacy, now can we?

Newspapers have biggest ad revenue plunge in 50 years.

Cell phones may double the risk of brain cancer.

Karl Rove provides detailed advise for the Democrats to win at the convention. These machinations have to favor Clinton.

Author thinks Obama's continuing defense of his hate-mongering pasture shows that Obama is an appeaser - a peace at any price candidate. Obama digs himself deeper into a hole with Rev. Wright on the View. Poor Democrats. They've supported 2 terrible candidates - Hillary Clinton couldn't stop lying to save her life and Obama won't acknowledge his culpability in selecting and subjecting his children to a raving, hate-mongering pastor. I wouldn't be surprised if both Clinton and Obama are chased out of the Senate when they run for reelection. Probably Clinton more likely than Obama because Obama is supporting his local constituency despite the national harm it's doing him.

Michael Barone predicts that Hillary will win the popular vote while Obama wins the delegate count. The Democrat convention will be brutal.

Shiite and Sunni extremists regularly work together to attack the west.

This guy may think that doing nothing on entitlement reform is not an option, but you can bet Washington will do just that.

Mark Steyn explains that the Clintons can no longer get away with the thuggery and lies they pulled off when Bill was the front man because Hillary has no charm. He feels sorry for them because for 16 years they could lie with impunity and the press would work overtime to apologize and cover-up for them. But Obama has the charm now, and the press actually does the tiny bit of work necessary to expose Hillary's lies while working overtime to cover-up and apologize for Obama. I don't feel sorry for them at all. I feel sorry for all the people they destroyed and for all their partners in crimes who rotted in jail protecting them while the Clintons made a mockery of the presidency and our country.

Dick Armey proposes McCain go further with his commitment to tax reform and free market solutions to economic problems. I agree.

John Bolton says Taiwan needs to remain free, independent, economically sound, and with ties to China. I agree. Taiwan is a model for the Chinese people to aspire to.

European acknowledges that European approach to security has been warped by US security welfare. His ideas reflect the dysfunctionality of welfare recipients. He also hints at why the US is equally addicted to this dysfunctional relationship - the US gets to set the agenda. This is why welfare is destructive to both provider and recipient. Rumsfeld argues for expanding NATO. Because it's doing such a good job in Afghanistan? NATO is a Cold War relic that was necessary for destroyed Europe in the wake of WWII. But not anymore. Europe has a bigger GDP than the US. Europe should have an equivalent military to the US, and the EU and the US should be equal partners in protecting each other's territory and interests around the world.

McCain was a fool for making the flippant comment about staying in Iraq 100 years, then clarifying afterwards. He gave the Democrats a great soundbite to attack. But right now the US has 800 overseas bases. Of course we need a debate on how to reduce our security welfare to the world, not increase it. We need to find ways to bring US troops home and stop playing the world's policeman. We should invite the EU to join the US as a full partner in defense of western interests worldwide, and we should create regional partnerships for the Pacific and the Middle East, inviting the great regional nations to carry a fair share of the load, to provide security for our common interests.

Peggy Noonan supplies an awesome quote from the internet lampooning Hillary Clinton's Bosnia story, showing how Clinton is loosing touch and the election.

A new study shows that Walmart did more to help Katrina victims than government. The article also explains why this is expected and the norm. Central planning doesn't work. Businesses have to do business in areas hit by natural disasters, and it's in their best interests to help save and rebuild their communities. Bureaucrats in Washington D.C. cannot possible be as effective at solving local problems as locals, and in fact are generally impediments to recover efforts. This is why the FEMA mission is all wrong. Disaster response is an inherently local problem.

Make predictions about politics and win money.

Comcast video compression hurts HDTV channels.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Free kibbles

Self-censorship in the face of threats - ISP takes down anti-Koran film Fitna after receiving threats. There is no report of who is doing the threatening, but the article says Muslim groups in the Netherlands are ignoring it, implying that Muslim groups in the UK, where it was hosted, are not.

Bush Administration proposes expanded oversight and regulatory powers for the Fed. This means that banks and financial firms will begin spending tons of money lobbying the Fed for specific rules and regulations that benefit the individual companies. It'll be even harder to figure out where the government ends and the corporations begin. This plan will completely corrupt our financial markets. Articles are claiming this is minor change compared to what could happen. I don't see it as a minor change, and I see as a change in the wrong direction. I'm sure the laws need to be changed from 1930, but they should be changed to limit the power of government, not expand it. Government is the problem, not the solution. Democrats propose more intrusive measures.

1 in 6 West Virginians is on food stamps. Government won't be satisfied until every American is destitute and dependent on government.

I have a new representative to praise. That's pretty rare. Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann introduces bill named "Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act". This bill seems to be accurately named, which is reason to celebrate in itself, and it would repeal the government mandate to switch to compact florescent bulbs, leaving consumers the freedom to choose.

Sadr warns Mahdi Army against disarming. He's stuck between a rock and a hard place. If the Mahdi Army disarms, Sadr looses power. If they don't they're going to get killed.

Argentine farmers strike over export taxes of 45%. No wonder the farmers are mad. This lady is nuts, but at least she's honest. She came right out and said she wants to redistribute wealth by punishing her own country's farmers.

Government is outsourcing the printing of secure passports to questionable companies overseas.

Pentagon investigating 22 year old arms dealer who was selling substandard Chinese ammo to the US military.

History of links between China and Tibet.

Michelle Malkin in a cheerleading outfit.

Congressman pushes through $1.1 million earmark to protect his buddy's house from flooding.

UK government refuses to allow couple to move back into home after repairing flood damage because great crested newts may have moved in in the mean time. Where's Lady Macbeth when you need her?

Distracting Milwaukee billboard warns drivers about distractions.

Help a soldier bring his dog back with him from Iraq.

Check nuclear blast radii on google maps.

Dick Morris elaborates on Bill Clinton's pardon of FALN terrorists to help Hillary win her New York Senate seat. Why didn't Obama bring this up? Obama is foolishly ignoring Hillary's record of corruption. Why carry on as if she's some kind of reputable leader? He says he has good judgment, but he also says he respects Hillary. He can't have it both ways.

Obama continues to defend Rev. Wright and to promote the fiction that he had no idea Wright made such hate-filled rants. It looks like he'll get past this and still win the nomination, but you know in the general election, somebody is going to expose tons of Wrights sermons with similar rants and people are going to report that Obama was in the pews when they happened. No doubt, Obama also knew his church presented an award to Louis Farrakhan. Obama continues to fail to take responsibility for his own actions, blaming the press for publicizing Wright's rants instead of acknowledging that he knew about and chose to stay in the church and subject his children to that hatred anyway.

Ann Coulter finds entertainment in Hillary being dramatically busted by liberals in a Kerryesque lie while the same liberals defend Obama's relationship with Rev. Wright. Austin Bay also compares Clinton's lies about Bosnia to Kerry's lies about Cambodia.

George Will highlights the data that shows that conservatives are not just more compassionate than liberals, but they're a lot more compassionate, providing far more money to charity even though they don't make as much. This shouldn't surprise anybody. It also shouldn't surprise anybody that religious people are far more compassionate than secularists. Liberals substitute government force for actual compassion, then run around using bumper stickers to try and convince others how compassionate they are. There's nothing compassionate about welfare. There's nothing compassionate about big government. It assuages liberals' motives so they don't have to be personally compassionate - which they tend not to be - and the data proves it. You can read quite a bit of the report on Google books.

Walter Williams hopes the first black president is the caliber of Jackie Robinson, not Barack Obama who is nowhere near as great as Robinson. Williams also proclaims the civil rights struggle has been won, and that the problems of blacks are not caused by racism.

Jonah Goldberg points out that Democrats call for new New Deals every presidency and many times during Bush's presidency despite the failures of FDR's New Deal. Call for a new New Deal are really just calls for taking more power from the people for government aristocrats.

Friday, March 28, 2008

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It's about time somebody started examining the consequences of the Fed's expanded role as lender of last resort to Wall Street. More government. More problems. Worse problems.

The price of rice has jumped 30%. This government subsidized biofuels boondoggle is going to blow up on all of us.

US police forces want to deploy spy drones. Lovely.

Condoleezza Rice says Americans have a hard time discussing race because slavery existed at our founding. Of course slavery was horrible, it's a shame the founding fathers couldn't have created America without it, but to blame today's racial issues on slavery is just an excuse. Nobody alive today in America was ever a slave. The economic fortunes of blacks were advancing faster than those of whites up until LBJ and the Republicans created affirmative action, which set up a policy in which blacks did not have to work as hard or achieve as much everybody else in the country. Affirmative action has done more damage to blacks in the last 50 years than anything, fostering an entitlement mentality, and crippling their advancement in society. It's the legacy of affirmative action that taints race relations today and keeps us from celebrating the astounding improvements in race relations since the 50s.

Fingerprint scans replace clocking in.

TSA officials make woman remove nipple rings before getting on airplane. I guess explosive nipple rings are a serious threat to flights. Or maybe they were afraid she had a gun hidden in fake breasts. This is typical, stupid government force. This is the kind of health care we can expect if we adopt socialized medicine.

Iranians kill 120 militants in Basra, but Maliki extends deadline to surrender and offers money to turn in weapons. It's kind of hard to walk up to a checkpoint with heavy weapons to surrender when you're in the middle of a battle. Slate explains that the fighting in Basra is between 2 Shiite militias, the Mahdi Army and the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq. But Bush is also right in that that the ISCI members have joined the government, have been trained by US troops and integrated into the Iraqi military, and the Mahdi Army has not. So while this is a power struggle, it's a struggle between the legitimate government and a lawless militia.

After South Korea links progress on joint project to denuclearization, North Korea expels workers and test fires short range missiles.

Defense Sec. Gates orders review of all nuclear arms in the US.

More than a million Iraq exiles are still living in Syria.

Gore compares global warming skeptics to flat-earthers on 60 Minutes. He's got it exactly backwards. He's promoting a position based entirely on faith and contradicted by the facts - just like the flat-earthers. The skeptics are the ones with open minds, using reason to address the actual data instead of religious beliefs. I wish the Justice Department would sue, or maybe arrest, this guy for fraud.

Reason defends Dutch MP Geert Wilders and his anti-Koran film, pointing out that everybody should have the freedom to offend. Why does the UN chief slam Dutch lawmaker's anti-Koran movie? Doesn't he have his own job to do? I guess he doesn't respect free speech.

42 Democrat congressmen claim they will attempt to force a complete, unconditional draw down of US forces in Iraq. No forces to train Iraqis. No forces to fight al Qaeda. Consequences be damned. In a related story, the same 42 congressmen will call for 200,000 US peacekeepers to be sent to Iraq a year after they get their way, blaming president Bush for the genocide that followed the withdrawal of US troops.

Hillary Clinton finally has the courage to go on Foxnews. Took her a year to build up enough courage. I don't understand that kind of cowardice. I wonder how Democrats will stand up to Putin or Ahmadinejad.

The more the people hear from Hillary, the more her lies are exposed. Credibility gap is a nice euphemism for bald faced liar. We used to call her kind of lies, the Big Lie, but I think in the future we're going talk about the Clintonian Lie.

Desperate, Hillary changes her health care plan to cap health care costs at a percentage of income. Cato explains that this turns health care expenditures into a progressive tax, bringing her plan closer to socialized medicine. Cato also points out that this shows Hillary's health care plans are not well thought out - she forced mandates that raise prices then tries to compensate with price caps. Price caps inevitably lead to shortages because government cannot change the laws of economic, only pervert them to the detriment of everybody.

Now Obama says he would have quit his church if Rev. Wright had not retired. Give me a break. Obama listened to that fruitcake for 20 years. He exposed his children that insane hatred for all their young lives. But he would have quit if Wright hadn't retired. Bull. Obama's trying to rewrite history. Wright retired to officially join the Obama campaign. Obama wanted closer ties, not further ties. Obama was forced kick him off his campaign, and now he's trying to lie about it. He's learned the Clinton's lessons well. No matter what, just keep lying. Mickey Kaus shows that these standard Wright themes of hatred of whites appeared in the first sermon Obama listened to, and later celebrated in his first book.

Paper mistakenly accuses McCain of plagiarism.

Scalia criticizes mainstream media for their reporting on the Supreme Court. They never talk about that law. That's because they're liberals and the rule of law means nothing to them. It's all about feeling good about themselves and their motives, not the law nor the consequences.

Ohio Attorney General won't prosecute Limbaugh or Republicans for voting in the Democrat primary. It's about time somebody made some sense on this subject.

Google click-through rate is flat. Mine is increasing, so that's OK. And I'm bringing in a couple of new customers, so that will help.

Cato says Zimbabwe's elections are rigged in favor of Mugabe and his cronies, and free nations should reject the election and strengthen sanctions against Mugabe and his cronies.

Social networks are replacing formal news portals. The problem with this is that networks exclude news they don't care about, but should. Then again, so do major media outlets.

Prefab house is completely self-sustainable. I doubt this is true, but this is the wave of the future. In 10 to 20 years every new home in advanced will be self-sustaining. It won't be government that makes this happen; it will be the free market. The caveat to my prediction is government. The only thing that can stop this evolution is government's protection of corporations including power companies and city water and waste management facilities. What will government do without that revenue? (Remember, corporations are tax collectors for government.) And that might be the only reason such homes aren't commonplace today.

At least US citizens aren't as backward as Turkey. Many Americans don't believe that in natural selection. I'm sure these numbers are not accurate because of the nature of poll questions, but still...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

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4 Texas cities among top 10 in growth. That's what happens when you have no income tax and limited government.

Mortgage company benefited from fraudulent accounting. I wonder if this will turn out to be the norm for the housing crisis.

AT&T CEO having hard time finding skilled US workers. That's because government is systematically destroying our education system.

The battle escalates in Basra. This battle with the Mahdi army has been waiting for months. Sadr doesn't want to fight the US, so I bet he backs down, which will establish a strong precedent for the Iraqi government. Bush welcome crackdown because the militias are backed by Iran.

Civilian spokesman for Baghdad security plan was kidnapped from his home.

Pakistan's new government gives cold shoulder to US and the war on terror.

Iran has armed Hezbollah with rockets with a 185 mile range. Yikes.

Dutch MP posts his anti-Islamic film on the web.

Dallas cannot shut down cabaret that allowed 12 year old girl to dance nude for 2 weeks. That's crazy. I can understand a 17 year old sneaking in with a fake ID, but 12? No way.

3 anti-war Democrats traveled to Iraq on Saddam's dime in 2002 to attempt to stop the Iraq war. Claims of ignorance questioned.

NYTimes authors discuss why they decided to publish the warrantless wiretap program.

Reason explains that the First Amendment doesn't give journalists the right to keep evidence of lawbreaking from the courts.

Reason thinks John McCain's agenda is an attack on individual freedom. That makes him just like the Democrats - McCain the Democrat.

Elton John's concert to raise money for Hillary Clinton may be illegal.

Clinton backers pressure Pelosi to back off her comments that superdelegates should follow the will of the voters. Of course. When it's convenient for the Clintons, like in 2000, electors should follow the will of the people, but when it's inconvenient for the Clintons, they shouldn't. It's all about the Clintons, never about principle.

Dick Morris provides a list of just a few of the lies that Hillary Clinton has told. It would take him the rest of his life to document them all.

Every time Obama defends Wright, he hurts his chances. Obama is trying to convince Americans the hate-filled rants we've heard are the exceptions in Wright's sermons, but they're not. They may be the worst, but many if not most of Wright's sermons were filled with hate, and the new pastor of Obama's church is also preaching hate. Obama will be exposed as a liar on this issue. Hate is the nature of Obama's church, and every time Wright gets mentioned, more Americans learn that Obama chose that hate-filled church instead any of hundreds of non-hate-filled churches.

Obama calls for more government to regulate financial markets and bail out housing losers. That's just the opposite of what we need.

John Stossel continues his crusade against laws that brand teenagers as sex offenders for life just for having sex with other teenagers.

China to show off its weather controlling ability at the Olympics.

Adobe releases basic photoshop as a free web application. Sweet.

Hugo Chavez doesn't want John McCain to be president. Once again, Democrats need to ask themselves what they're doing wrong. They've won the support of terrorists and tyrants alike.

Why is Bush pardoning people who finished serving their sentences long ago? Have they since been proved innocent, and he's trying to clear their names?

Scientists say its cheaper to adapt to climate change than to cut CO2 emissions. Since CO2 emissions have at most a minuscule effect on climate, that's pretty obvious.

The free market responds to the housing crisis with foreclosure bus tours. You have to love it.

Indiana requires sellers of adult material to register with the state. That's crap.

Chicago officials are upset because citizens are avoiding buying bottled water since the city levied a nickel per bottle tax. Duh. Once again this highlights that was is good for government aristocrats is bad for citizens.

Apparently its illegal to give away beer with a haircut in Michigan. Why? Liquor licenses generally cover sale of alcohol, not free alcohol.

Courthouse displays Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Obama related to Pitt. Clinton related to Jolie.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Free kibbles

US Treasury Sec. Paulson says social security is unsustainable and needs an urgent overhaul. Gosh, yah think? It's about time somebody said it. How brave of the Bush administration to wait until its last year to make an issue out of the problem. To be fair, Bush attempted to reform social security at the beginning of his second term, but Democrats blocked him. But Bush didn't try very hard either. Cato wants to hear the candidates propose a solution. I bet Paulson made this announcement in concert with the McCain campaign to force Democrats to engage on the issue for the upcoming campaign. Medicare's financial problems are even worse.

Who is the world court to think it can order US courts around? The Constitution is the highest law of the land, period. Good for the Supreme Court to put an end to that baloney.

Wall Street financial firms may report 4 times the losses they have already reported.

Unmanned surveillance drone watches Miami citizens.

Government loves high gas prices because it means more tax revenue. Talk about conflict of interest. Government has no incentive to make the simple policy changes to make fuel cheaper. This just highlights how government aristocrats are divided from the rest of us. High fuel prices are good for them and bad for us just like high taxes, government regulations, subsidies, etc. are good for them and bad for us.

Big test for Maliki as Iraqi forces take on the Mahdi Army in Basra. If he holds firm and takes out those militias, Sadr will back down. He'll have no choice.

French President Sarkozy offers more French troops for Afghanistan, but only if NATO approves a French proposal for Afghanistan. Right now the French are only contributing 1,515 out of 43,000 NATO troops, and the French troops are almost completely non-combat.

Marriage rates in Britain lowest in recorded history. That's liberalism in action.

Why would a teacher's union in Britain want to allow imams, rabbis and priests to teach in schools? My guess is they want religious leaders in their union to make their union more untouchable.

3 female teachers in Tampa have been busted for having sex with minor male students in the last 2 weeks. Tampa men need to satisfy their women. I thought women went to the grocery to hook up with men.

Liberals complain that we don't respect other nations sovereignty or culture or customs, but then they complain that we don't overrule Iraq's courts and bring people tried there back to the US. You can never win with liberals.

Kofi Annan is upset that the new head of the UN isn't as anti-American as he was. Go crawl back under your rock, Kofi.

Reason weighs in on the rigged Russian elections and new President Medvedev.

Is there some agenda behind reporting what the rest of the world thinks of our presidential candidates? Am I supposed to care? Is this an attempt to subliminally convince Americans they should chose the candidate supported by the rest of the world? Or is it just reporting?

Reason illustrates that because he was a Republican often standing against conservative values, John McCain has received more favorable press than any politician in modern history. Until he because the presumptive Republican nominee. Reason tries to set the record straight.

Republican Congressman compares gays to cancer.

Nearly $1 billion raised for campaigns so far.

A second poll shows that large numbers of Democrat voters will defect to McCain if their candidate doesn't win the nomination. It's still a long way to November, but you can bet at least some of these voters will vote for McCain. The numbers will just grow the longer the Democrats keep going because Democrats have nothing to differentiate themselves on but race, gender, and lies - Obama lying about being a post racial candidate when in fact he's worked to insinuate himself into the far left angry black community for political benefit and Hillary lying about everything. Then there's the constant accusations that the other is playing dirty and for so-and-so to resign.

Unbelievable. After watching the Democrat party tear itself apart based on phony race/gender issues, some liberal is accusing Republicans of mounting a hate campaign against Obama based on race. Obama is the one who embraces racial hatred. Obama is the one who injected racial hatred into the campaign. And I have yet to hear of any Republican attack Obama based on race. Classic projection.

I doubt the military is really insulted by Hillary's lies about Bosnian snipers. Thin skin and phony outrage is for politicians, not the military.

Antarctic ice shelf breaking up do to changing currents.

Scientists induce suspended animation in mice without freezing.

Give me a break. Sorority put on probation for hosting a cowboy and indian themed party at which people dressed up as indians. I wonder if a cowboy organization sued for discrimination too.

Scientists discover oldest early human fossil in western Europe at 1.1 million years.

Motorola to split. This once great company was run into the ground by management. Now that same management runs AMD. It doesn't take a CPU design engineer (like me) to see how far AMD has fallen since, and where it will end up. AMD's sole savior is that it is the only viable second source for x86 processors. The same reason I hired in there 22 years ago when AMD was full of promise.

Austin Bay rips the Democrats a well deserved new asshole for their lies and claims of distress. Only liberals would support such unabashed frauds. This essay isn't funny, but if you don't bust a gut at the narcissistic hypocrisy that naturally assumes the press will never expose them, you need to get a new Democrat party or press ID card.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Free kibbles

Thanks to titanic US and exploding state government, 1 in 10 Ohio families receive food stamps.

US mistakenly ships nuclear fuses instead of helicopter batteries to Taiwan.

Supreme Court rebukes Bush for sticking his nose in a Texas death penalty case.

Iraqi government forces fight Mahdi Army in Basra. Gen. Petraeus and Amb. Crocker submit plan that holds troop numbers steady for most of 2008.

The Federal government creates another monopoly, allowing Sirius and XM satellite to merge.

Fewer than 1% of airline flights have air marshals.

Sarkozy threatens to boycott Olympics opening ceremony over Chinese response to Tibetan protests.

Reason reports that Russia continues to roll back freedom.

Reason wonders if suppressing research or performing research is sinful.

Reason wonders if subsidies are harming clean energy research. Absolutely!

Now the new New York governor admits prior cocaine use. This is better than any comedy on TV.

This is a crock. Cuyahoga county, home of Cleveland, Ohio, has opened a voter fraud investigation because 16,000 Republicans registered as Democrats to vote in the Democrat primary. The law in Ohio says that you declare your party at the polls. The law is designed to easily switch parties for primary elections. In fact, the only time you can switch parties is at a primary election. If Ohio doesn't like that, they need to change the law, not investigate people for following it.

Ohio to recount some votes.

Obama releases tax returns. Clinton continues to hide hers and everything else she can from the voters.

CBS video of Hillary Clinton in Bosnia. Needless to say, she's not running around, ducking sniper bullets like she tried to mislead us into believing. Chelsea is walking right along next to her. Hillary and Bill wouldn't tell the truth unless it favored them, which it never does. Obama recognizes Clinton is intentionally misleading. Clinton refuses to continue discussing this latest lie.

Why did Obama's aid apologize for his reference to the Monica Lewinski scandal? The Clintons have redefined corruption and scandal in politics, and that should be prominently debated.

McCain delivers serviceable speech about housing crisis, and he comes out against big-government intervention.

Showing how much liberals really support the troops, school cancels celebration of war veterans as too political.

Cato explains that the unintended consequences of biofuels will be worse for people and the environment than oil. UK to delay implementing biofuel mandates because of the damage biofuels do to the environment. Good for them. Too bad we can't get that kind of honesty over here.

Cato appreciates tax havens because they pressure government to lower taxes. I have a better idea. How about we adopt the FairTax and become transform the US into the world's preeminent tax haven.

Any honest person understands that the attacks on the war at home provide aid and comfort to the enemy, but now Harvard researchers have identified a direct link to negative press about Iraq in the US to increased terror attacks on Iraqi civilians and coalition forces.

How can a baggy pants bill be discriminatory? It may be stupid, but it's based on behavior, not skin color.

British family is proud to have 3 adults not working and an entire family living off of welfare.

Federal government seizes home of sex offender. Fortunately this wasn't our client. But considering how easy it is to convict men on these crimes even when all the evidence supports the defense, this is a dangerous precedent.

Man in lawsuit for stealing virtual sex toys from Second Life.

Thomas Sowell doesn't think the primaries, with their tiny turnouts dominated by entrenched special interests, are any more representative of the will of the people than the smoky backrooms of party insiders. Sowell points out that Barack Obama spent his formative years picking far-left anti-American friends like Rev. Wright, never mainstream, trying to make himself into the black American he never was, and that's consistent with his radical liberal voting record (which he blames on the Senate, not himself - how come the Senate didn't make another other senator so liberal?). Now he's trying to capitalize on his manufactured persona at the same time making new and phony claims to be the post-racial candidate who can unite the country.

George Bush doesn't understand free trade (just try reading a Bush free-trade agreement) or protectionism, but Pat Buchanan is wrong in calling for tariffs. Smoot-Hawley helped mire us deeper in the Depression.

Ralph Peters excoriates Bush and the Democrats for their callousness to our troops, who deserve far better leaders.

Lawrence Kudlow applauds Bernanke and his Fed moves, showing how they made a real difference to real people, and thinks the worst of the housing crisis is behind us.

Author claims that Denmark has implemented a carbon tax and suffered no penalty. But where's the proof? She provides no data to show that Denmark isn't paying an economic penalty. But obviously it is paying an economic penalty. Before the carbon tax, Denmark relied heavily on coal, and they only switched to alternative energy when the carbon tax was implemented. That means the alternative energy is more expensive than coal without the carbon tax. Denmark is paying more for energy than it would be without the carbon tax, and that is a drain on the economy - basically a hidden tax. She provides no numbers because the numbers would disprove her assertion. This is how the press misleads the public into bad policy.

I've often said that the war on terror will end when Muslim mothers love their children more than killing. It sounds like that is occurring on a grand scale right now. The understanding of the nature of al Qaeda, exported by the Sunni Awakening in Iraq, is intersecting with the love of parents for their children, and Islamic law to drive rejection of al Qaeda.

Monday, March 24, 2008

America's Looming Debt Crisis

America's Looming Debt Crisis
Out of Control Government Spending Will Bankrupt Us All
by Mark Luedtke

I hope you have a spare $400,000 laying around because that's your share of the US government debt. The US government is bankrupt to the tune of $58 trillion, and in order to pay off that debt, every household in America would have to pay $400,000 today. Because long-term debt compounds just like interest, the debt increases $2-3 trillion per year, so every year we wait to fix the problem, the more painful solving it becomes. The looming debt crisis is the greatest threat facing America, and few people know it because few people talk about it. This isn't the short term economic problem discussed on the news. It's been nearly a century in the making, and requires a long term commitment to fix.

David Walker recently resigned from his office as US Comptroller General in the Government Accountability Office. Mr. Walker was the government's top accountant, appointed to a 15 year term during the Clinton administration. While Mr. Walker was in office, he crusaded against rampant government spending, informing every official in Washington that the US government was already bankrupt. Our representatives tried to silence him, ignored the problem, and continued irresponsible spending.

Frustrated by government officials but protected by his 15 year term, Mr. Walker took his crusade to the people. He toured the country for the last several years, lecturing on the consequences of our rapidly increasing debt. He explained the country can never afford to pay for the entitlements promised to the baby-boomers, who started retiring this year, and future retirees.

Despite Mr. Walker's best efforts, you probably never heard of him or of the debt catastrophe. Because our government actively tried to suppress Mr. Walker's crucial message and because the press largely ignored him, Mr. Walker resigned his office to take a position at a new think tank to address the problem.

Here's few facts from an appearance by Mr. Walker on the Glenn Beck show, explaining the more painful costs to fix the problem in 2008 versus if we had fixed it in 2003:

  • Increase federal income taxes by 74% versus 69%

  • Increase payroll taxes by 103% versus 95%

  • Cut federal spending by 115% versus 106%

  • Cut Medicare and Social Security by 47% versus 45%

Raising taxes that high would drive us deeply into recession, accelerating economic collapse. The best option to avoid the looming debt crisis, which could make the Great Depression look like a bad week at work depending on how long we take to address it, is to dramatically cut current government spending and future entitlement benefits while simultaneously deregulating business and reforming the tax code to free Americans to make more money to increase revenue. Drastically cutting spending is inevitable. The only questions are when, how we manage it, and how much pain we suffer.

Ronald Reagan warned us of impending entitlement collapse decades ago. He explained, "government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem." 28 years later, government spending is more irresponsible than ever. Now, American uneasiness about the economy stems directly from the initial tremors of the predicament. On 2/27, Federal Reserve chairman Bernanke warned of increasing inflation while simultaneously signaling a rate reduction. A century of runaway government spending, punishing income taxes, restrictions on our economy, and an oversupply of dollars to hide the problems have put our economy in an untenable position. If Bernanke reduces rates to keep the economy growing, rapidly increasing inflation and the devaluation of our currency will accelerate. If he holds rates steady, we'll sink into recession.

The FDIC is bringing workers out of retirement in expectation of an increase in bank failures. Food prices are soaring. The Euro surpassed $1.50. Gold is nearing $1000 an ounce. Oil surpassed $103 per barrel. The Wall Street Journal just reported that US government expenditures on health care alone will grow by over $2 trillion dollars by 2017, and that doesn't include the new health care spending proposed by the presidential candidates.

This collapse of the dollar is the start of our economic collapse. The collapse of our credit rating would follow, and Moody's recently warned that our AAA credit rating is in jeopardy because of exploding debt. After that, the government will have no options but to drastically cut services and raise taxes, driving the US into depression. Large businesses, banks and pension funds will collapse, and the government will be unable to supply a safety net. We won't be able to fight terrorists. We won't be able to check Russian and Chinese aggression.

We overcame the fascists in WWII and the Soviets in the Cold War, but runaway government spending could destroy America if we don't stop it now.

But instead of proposing to dramatically cut the size and scope of government to prevent this oncoming disaster, presidential front-runner Barack Obama proposes $287 billion in new spending annually. Hillary Clinton proposes $218 billion. That's not hope but change for the worse. Both want to apply CO2 cap and trade policies that would plunge our economy into recession, further hastening the nation's collapse.

Mike Huckabee proposes increasing government spending by $54 billion for his nanny state programs, but to his credit, Huckabee supports the FairTax.. John McCain plans to increase spending by $6.9 billion, but that doesn't include the war candidate's war spending, and he wants to apply CO2 cap and trade policies as well. We can't count on miracles or wars to solve this problem.

Ron Paul is the only major presidential candidate who proposes reducing government spending. Ron Paul would reduce government spending by $150 billion, and he would abolish the income tax. As with the FairTax, American made goods and services would compete on a level playing field against the products of our trading partners. Americans would no longer be punished for success. Ron Paul understands the problem, and his plans are a good start, but he's polling at under 10% in the Republican primary.

We have to do better. Understanding the problem provides the simple solution, and the burden of government is the problem. To avoid this situation, we must dramatically reduce the size and scope of government. If we implement a plan to cut government spending in half, including entitlement spending, over the next 2 decades, we'll avoid the trouble. If we do it today, we won't have to cut existing benefits for seniors. If we also abolish all federal taxes in favor of the FairTax and cut the rate to match spending cuts, we'll return America to a trajectory of greatness, and we'll no longer have to worry about China surpassing us as the world's superpower.

If we address this problem today, Americans won't have to sacrifice to solve the problem. Just the opposite, all Americans benefit from reduced taxes, no income tax, and a booming economy. Future retirees will have greater savings and investments to more than offset benefit cuts. If we follow this plan, we'll experience an economic renaissance, job creation and wage growth, the likes of which we have never seen. We should also reduce the burden of state and local governments to further enrich and empower the people to make America even greater.

Americans make America great, not government. The burden of big government makes Americans weaker, and therefore makes America weaker. The solution for the looming debt crisis is to enrich and empower Americans by dramatically reducing the size and scope of government.

Free kibbles

Breakdown of US casualties in Iraq. General Patreaus identifies Iran as the culprit behind the recent rocket attack on the Green Zone.

Independent truckers plan strike for April 1st. Good for them. They are the forgotten people in our economy.

New York City suburb police are charged with crimes just like their big city counterparts. Only the tip of the iceberg is ever discovered because the rest is hidden by the blue wall.

Agent monitoring for nuclear material on I-5 detects cat who had recently received radiation treatment. The good news is that agents are using effective detectors to find nuclear material moving around the US. The bad news is that anybody who gets radiation treatment is a suspect, and the terrorists know all about it.

Home sales rise in Feb. There are enough bargains in the market that people are buying again. Free markets correct themselves just fine unless government continues to screw with them.

School candy ban spurs candy black market. Government cannot change the laws of economics, it can only pervert them, which it does gleefully and to our detriment on a daily basis.

Long time aid to Benazir Bhutto named Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Cheney says Hamas is wrecking Middle East peace. Why has it taken somebody 20 years to clearly state this? Until Hamas and Hezbollah are disarmed, there will be no peace in the Middle East.

Taliban destroyes 40 fuel tankers resupplying allied troops in Afghanistan.

As I predicted, the ex-Muslim who just converted to Christianity with the Pope is in danger.

Religious revolt over embryo research bill in UK.

Republican sent letter to FBI about Spitzer's prostitution around the time the investigation started. So what? Politicians can report the crimes of their competitors.

Mickey Kaus wonders, if after Obama's race speech calling for even more socialist programs for blacks, he'll ever move to the middle. I doubt he will. He's been mentored by Marxists and race mongers. That's who he is. Worse, his narcissism makes him think his personality is enough to move the entire country to join him. He's as much a freak in his own way as the Clinton's are in theirs. Our political system doesn't reward normal, humble, freedom-loving people. Obama doesn't want to be called a liberal. Maybe he should change his policies then. Or maybe he wants to be called a socialist.

Another Democrat, the Detroit mayer, caught red-handed committing a crime, refuses to resign. One of the few differences between Republicans and Democrats is the appearance of respect for the people - Democrats have no respect for the people, and they don't show any. Republicans don't have any respect for the people, but when busted, have enough class to resign and promote the appearance of respect. I'm still surprised Spitzer resigned. It must have been out of respect for his family.

Cato describes how government elites and oppressive laws have destroyed Zimbabwe.

Poll shows that US citizens want politicians to pay attention to polls. They don't like when Cheney says he doesn't care what the polls say. This is just another example of how our government aristocrats govern poorly. Every politician should care about the polls. That doesn't mean they should just decide based on polls, but consensus is the key to governing well, and the polls are a good indication of the consensus.

Make a Wish Foundation enables child with leukemia to become a US soldier.

Massachusetts schools consider changing the label for failing schools from "underperforming" to "commonwealth priority" to keep from hurting the feelings of the failures.

Florida government school board suddenly decides to consider if they can discover a way to stop hiring teachers who want to have sex with children. I really don't know what else to say.

California wants to give disabled passes to pregnant women. How many ways can this be corrupted? If government sets this precedent, what else will it declare pregnant women?

Radio and TV broadcasts should be among our most potent tools to promote freedom, but like everything government touches, they do just the opposite.

Robert Novak explains the Democrats' dilemma. Obama will continue to lead in delegates and popular vote, but his pastor has made him unelectable. Then again, if superdelegates reject Obama for Clinton, blacks will reject Democrats (like they should have long ago), and Clinton will be unelectable.

Dick Morris exposes Hillary Clinton on her fraudulent Irish peace process role claim.

Christopher Hitchens excoriates Obama's pastor Wright for wicked and stupid comments and Obama for the cold, calculating way he used Wright to his advantage knowing full well he would have to abandon him later.

It sounds like the facts may have produced another global warming skeptic - one with a good sense of humor. Author wonders if the climate models might be wrong. Since no climate model ever made works backward, we know they're wrong. We know all the data running backward, and they're still all wrong.

The treaty of Lisbon basically creates the country of Europe, subordinating all Europe's nations to regional states.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Free kibbles

US casualties in Iraq reach 4,000.

Even though government caused the current housing crisis by artificially holding interest rates too low, making it appear that risk on investments was much lower than it actually was, government wants to regulate Wall Street. Government can't even regulate itself, but it's adept at blaming others for the problems it causes.

Bomb in Mosul, drive by shooting in Baghdad, and mortar attack on the Green Zone. Happy Easter in Iraq.

Web host shuts down site for release of Fitna, a Dutch short film that claims the Koran and Islam are enemies of freedom. Pope blesses Muslim convert. Extremists will kill this guy soon.

Musharraf vows to back opposition government. US strikes on al Qaeda from predator drones increase with tacit approval from Musharraf.

China lashes out at critics. Whiny communists. Yuk.

Barney Frank introduces a bill to legalize marijuana.

Michigan has record snowy winter. Milwaukee has second most snow ever.

Reporter and co-traveler Sinbad blast Hillary Clinton for lying about the risks and circumstances in her Bosnian trip. This is the same Hillary that lied about her influence on the Irish peace deal, Chelsea running around the World Trade Center, and being named after Sir Edmund Hillary. This woman lies as easily as the rest of us breath. We should be laughing her to the loony bin, not considering her for president.

Obama still leads Clinton in money.

Marine pilot in San Diego reunites with Iraqi dog that adopted him.

George Will highlights Chief Justice Roberts' report that federal judges have not been getting reasonable raises for decades, and a result, bureaucrats are taking over judgeships instead of lawyers from the private sector.

Jonah Goldberg describes how critics of recently converted to conservatism playwrite Mamet now consider him locked in ideology, despite the process of conversion proving just the opposite - he's thinking for himself. Hopefully he continues the process and becomes a libertarian.

Pat Buchanan says Barack Obama's race speech was nothing more than a setup for the same, tired calls for white Americans to provide more welfare to black Americans, blaming whites for the problems of black culture.

Charles Krauthammer says the speech was a cover-up for Obama's scandalous decision to remain in an overtly racist church.

Mark Steyn explains that Obama's pastor is either insane or evil for promoting the damaging myth that white America created AIDS to kill black people. Anybody who embraces such a man as a spiritual adviser has his own problems, and shouldn't be president.

In a new tactic, Democrats are using the Iraq war as a scapegoat for the bad economy. Not other spending, just the war. These guys are like suicidal energizer bunnies - they just keep coming up with new ways to try and defeat their own country and hand victory to al Qaeda.

Insight into how cheap money corrupted the markets in the subprime crisis, but it fails to focus on that root problem of cheap money. As Hayek told us, central planning always leads to crisis, that must then be resolved by increased central planning. It's a death spiral.

Author performs a cost-benefit analysis of staying or leaving Iraq, but his analysis is heavily biased towards our failure. Similar analyses were done regarding Japan and Korea, and we see how they turned out.

Clarence Thomas understands that it's not the role of a justice to fix the Constitution, otherwise the justice is just projecting new problems based on personal opinion, not law.

Steve Forbes provides excellent advice on managing the subprime crisis, suggests we leave our troops in Iraq and expand our military, highlights the impressive reform in Albania, and calls the Justice Dept. pursuit of Bonds and Clemens a farce. Forbes understands we should defend the value of the dollar.

Leaders of Muslim nations get together to formulate plan to use western courts to stop anti-Muslim speech. Proving Muslims can be Orwellian too, one Muslim leader says there can be no freedom without limits. The blogger has a great point of view - if these leaders spent as much time stamping out extremism as they do trying to manipulate western laws, we wouldn't have this problem.

Maryland legislators consider providing free tuition for juvenile delinquents to get them back on track. Rewarding bad behavior is a proven way to promote more bad behavior. Punishing bad behavior reduces it.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Free kibbles

This Real ID battle is stupid because Congress passed a stupid law. This is another case where passing stupid laws undermines the rule of law because Homeland Security and states simply won't follow the law. Governing should not be a contest of wills. If large portions of the population, like entire states, reject a law, it shouldn't be passed.

Not only is risk taking likely to be reduced on Wall Street, it will most likely increase. Knowing that the Fed and the government will bail them out for bad investments, businesses have no incentive to use good judgment. This financial crisis has planted the seeds for the next one, which will be even worse. Government should stay out of the free market instead of providing incentives for irresponsible behavior.

Scientist states what everybody who knows, but many refuse to admit, the planet has been cooling for 10 years and that is inconsistent with the man-made global warming fraud. Ocean temperatures haven't risen either, which is also inconsistent with the global warming fraud. These frauds don't the let the facts get in the way of their global Marxist con.

Taiwan elects leader seeking closer ties to China. If China plays this right, and starts talking instead of threatening, it could lower tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

Antiwar protesters arrested outside NATO HG in Brussels when they attempted to force their way into the building. I don't understand the mentality of people who want to lose a war, empowering enemies to bring the war to their home country and kill them.

Peru accuses Chavez of funding subversives with Venezuela's oil wealth. Why not? Chavez is the Ahmadinejad of South America.

Tibet is suffering a series of sophisticated, coordinated cyber attacks that almost have to be coming from the Chinese government.

Slate wonders of the prosecution of Eliot Spitzer put our civil rights in jeopardy. While the Spitzer investigation seems overly aggressive, I don't have a problem with that when it comes to political figures. If you're going to wield that kind of power over the rest of us, any illegal activity you do should be aggressively investigated and prosecuted. Leave the rest of us alone.

I'm glad to learn the White House destroys its old hard drives. That might be one of the few things government does right. I wouldn't have been surprised to learn we ship them to Russia or China.

Reason attempts to declare some equivalence between Wright and Falwell, but they never actually explain the equivalence, because it doesn't exist. Falwell was preaching racism or hate, and no president was a member of Falwell's church anyway.

Michigan fails to enact plan for revote. It looks like Michigan and Florida really will be left out of the Democrat nomination process. Those states made their beds, now they have to lie in them.

Only 44% of Americans consider Hillary Clinton trustworthy. We know who is easily fooled. 67% find McCain trustworthy. I trust McCain to get us into more wars. 63% find Obama trustworthy. I trust Obama to be the most socialist president in history.

Showing why he's beloved by the Clintons, James Carville compares Bill Richardson to Judas for backing Obama. Carville is as slimy as the Clintons.

Google patents being able to detect and track kids on the web for ad targeting.

Chip could run on body heat. I don't see how that would work because you don't get power from heat, you get power from a heat differential. I don't think one part of the heart is hotter than another.

Legal issues with trying to resale ebooks.

The large hadron collider is expected to begin operation this year.

Interesting discussion of monetary policy, interest rates, trade, intellectual property, and the bankruptcy and destruction of the US. I don't know if this guy is legit, he claims we're not just bankrupt for future entitlement spending, but we're bankrupt from our current foreign debt. I'm going to have to do more research on this. I would like to hear Ron Paul speak about this in depth.

Friday, March 21, 2008

State Dept. fires employees for looking up Barack Obama's passport information. I wonder if they would have done the same if they had looked up John McCain's information.

FBI using fake child porn hyperlinks to get Americans to click then get warrants. I thought they had been doing this for a long time.

Wall Street investment firms tap the Fed for billions. There goes the dollar again. US negotiates an understanding with large sovereign wealth funds.

Man rapes woman in complex with 200 security cameras.

Spitzer caught by the Patriot Act. I'm all for laws that target corrupt politicians, but laws should be much more limited in scope than this, or government will just use them to abuse the people. I wonder how many regular Americans have been busted by similar unintended consequences of the Patriot Act. We'll probably never know.

Cheney and Saudi King discuss oil production and markets and broad agenda.

US warns that there is no expectation of privacy for Olympic visitors to China. Chinese troops continue search for Tibetan protesters.

Reason authors believe that libertarians dominate the swing vote, and that the party that supports liberty will win for decades to come. I believe this too, except I think Americans with libertarian principles outnumber both liberals and conservatives, though they often appear to be part of one group or the other depending on the issue. Unfortunately, the 2 parties have excluded the great mainstream of America from the nomination process and then from the general election so they can keep power for themselves. The American people have to overcome those institutionalized obstacles and empower libertarian candidates.

Democrats call for resignation of HUD secretary. The Democrats have cried wolf so many times, waisting American's tax dollars and newspaper money, I have no idea if there is merit to this call.

So now we find out that all 3 candidates' passport files had been breeched. But the State Dept. only publicized the Obama breech in an attempt to make it appear he was a victim and change the story about him from his embracing of his racist pastor and gross stereotyping of whites by saying his grandmother was a "typical white person" scared of blacks.

20% of Obama supporters and 19% of Clinton supporters say they will vote for McCain if their candidate loses the nomination. Have I mentioned the Democrats are self-destructing? That's what happens when you make the race about race and gender, not issues. But when the candidates have no notable differences on the issues, this is what you get. If those numbers held, McCain would win in a huge landslide.

Egyptian singer who supports bin Laden and hates Israel endorses Obama. You can't pick who endorses you, but when Louis Farrakhan and this guy endorse you, you have to reexamine your positions and your words. Obama is doing something very wrong to invite these endorsements. Democrats never did learn that lesson though. Democrats still agree with Osama bin Laden on pulling out of Iraq, giving lawyers to Guantanamo prisoners, waterboarding high level al Qaeda operatives, and aggressively fighting the war on terror.

The luck of Obama.

The math says it's virtually impossible for Clinton to win the Democrat nomination.

Ron Paul explains why he won't drop out of the race and gets a shot in on the media.

Cassini finds evidence of water ocean on Titan.

Cato reports that Barack Obama is actually to the left of Vermont's self-declared socialist senator.

Cato explains that government is the problem with our schools, and big government Republicans are just as bad for our schools as Democrats.

And we wonder why jobs are fleeing the US for other countries. (I don't wonder. I already knew. ;) The Tax Foundation has released a study that shows when you add up state and federal taxes, the US has far and away the biggest corporate tax burden of major nations. This doesn't even include local income taxes on businesses like we have in cities all over Ohio. The obvious solution to bring jobs back and create new jobs is to lower corporate tax rates. But if lowering corporate rates is good, and lowering them more is better, then abolishing them is best. And if abolishing them is best for corporations, it's best for individuals and small business owners too. Adopt the FairTax.

A related study shows that workers bear 70% of the brunt of corporate taxes. The obvious solution to reduce that tax burden on workers is to lower corporate tax rates. But if lowering ... [see above]. Adopt the FairTax.

Hillary Clinton wants government so suck another $30 billion out of the economy and give it to home owners who can't meet the mortgage contract they previously agreed to. She believes rewarding these people for their bad judgment and reducing investment in the economy will help the economy.

Democrats Barney Frank want to create a new government bureaucracy or empower the Fed to become a "Financial Services Risk Regulator." More government. I have a better idea. How about we stop the Fed from artificially keeping interest rates low so that investors mistake the risks of their investments? This is a government created problem, and more government will just make it worse.