Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Indian security ministers resign after terrorist attack in Mumbai. That's how it should be. It turns out all the attackers were from Pakistan. I don't know if that means Pakistani descent, or Pakistani citizens.

Obama to nominate Hillary Clinton for Sec. of State on Monday after reaching agreement with Bill Clinton on disclosure of his foreign income and charitable receipts. That agreement won't be worth the paper it's written on once Hillary is confirmed.

George Will explains that Obama's new New Deal will be as bad for the country as FDR's original.

Mark Steyn explains that the attacks in Mumbai illustrate that the terrorists are at war with everybody, not just westerners. These aren't the acts of criminal gangs. These are acts of war. This was an invasion much as 9/11 was a missile attack. This essay lacks his usual humor but is dead on.

Switzerland allows prescription heroin to help addicts stay healthier, reduce crime, and to get them off the drug.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

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Tension between Pakistan and India increase because of suspected links of terrorists to Pakistan.

Bush pardoning people for minor offenses so they can own firearms again.

Charles Krauthammer explains that market factors no longer control our stock market - the market is now driven by the daily news out of Washington. The aristocrats who created this crisis have succeeded at another titanic power grab at our expense.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

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Iraqi parliament approves US security deal. The end of the Iraq war is in sight. It took 4 years to get on the right track, but the Bush administration finally got Iraq right.

This terrorist attack in India sounds more like an mini-invasion than a terrorist attack.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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US bailout likely to cost $7.5 trillion we don't have - the single largest expenditure in US history. This quote from Paulson gives away the farm, showing we don't really even have a credit crisis - this is made up.
"Millions of Americans cannot find affordable financing for their basic credit needs. And credit card rates are climbing, making it more expensive for families to finance everyday purchases," Paulson said. "This lack of affordable consumer credit undermines consumer spending; as a result, it weakens our economy."

The key word is "affordable". We're spending $7.5 trillion because government has decided what interest rates are affordable and what are not. This crushing boondoggle is intended to keep America in debt. The economy was correcting itself for our tremendous over-indebtedness, and government couldn't stand it, so its putting us $7.5 trillion further in debt to insure we remain in debt. I also like Paulson's assumption that Americans should be financing every day purchases with credit cards. Fire this guy now! I said we should fire Paulson and demand the resignations of Bernanke, Dodd, and Frank before we ever addressed this problem, and I stand by my demand.

Obama picks Paul Volcker, one of the major architects of '70s stagflation and the Fed chairman who almost derailed Reagan's economic recovery, to head a panel on getting the economy started again. Volcker didn't manage the crisis. He helped create it. Obama's choices keep getting worse and worse.

The ineffectiveness if not downright counter-productivity of the Fed's rate cuts can be seen in this graph. The article says that the Fed's rate cut prompted refinancing, but the graph tells a different story. The Fed has been aggressively cutting rates for a while, but banks haven't lowered their rates. It's pretty obvious banks haven't felt the need to lower rates until just now. What suddenly changed was banks suddenly lowered their rates. If banks haven't felt the need to rates until now, apparently they were making plenty of loans. So I ask again, what credit crisis? It seems to me that our problem is housing is overbuilt, period, so people aren't buying new homes, and that's being misinterpreted and misreported as a credit crisis.

Impressive video shows innovative Ford plant that can manufacture 5 different cars much more efficiently and cheaply than traditional plants by integrating supplier manufacturing lines inside the Ford plant so supplier parts can be manufactured in synchronization with the Ford cars and inserted into the Ford assembly line in place. This video explodes the false storyline being spread by Democrats and the media that the big 3 auto companies have poor management who are not forward looking. The problem is that this plant is in Brazil instead of the US because the auto unions won't accept this kind of innovative manufacturing plan. It's also because Brazil has a VAT tax compared to the US income and payroll taxes.

Now Obama and Democrats want to implement card check so that unions can use intimidation tactics force more businesses to unionize so they can damage those businesses the same way they've damaged the big 3 automakers.

The CEO will earn $1 in salary next year. So what? Hiss shares of AIG are worth millions but and would have been worthless if taxpayers hadn't saved him from the fate he deserves. Next year AIG will be worth much more, and his shares will be worth much more. He's laughing all the way to a hundred million dollar stock portfolio, just like he had last year, at our expense while the press and Democrats pretend they did something to make him pay. What a joke.

Obama's misguided plans to fight phony man-made global warming will lengthen and deepen the recession. So will the rest of his policies.

National Park Police threaten to arrest Vietnam vet for handing out memorial flowers at national mall. Those are the same people I want controlling the life and death decisions of my health care.

Dumb college bans Christmas.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus, free market economist and global warming skeptic, to become the head of the EU. Hell, yeah. Just in the nick of time too. It's sad to think Europe may lead America back to free markets, sanity, and prosperity, but as long as we get back there, I'm don't care who leads.

Russia to help Venezuela build civilian nuclear power plant.

Cyber-harassment mother convicted on 3 misdemeanor counts because she helped daughter set up Myspace account under a pseudonym to harass girl, but the girl ended up killing herself. This is ridiculous. I post under a pseudonym. Does that make me criminally libel if some online person I know kills themself?

Walter Williams illustrates how socialism is akin to slavery and is evil. No person should ever be forced to work another. Compassion is voluntary and cannot be forced.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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Here's the headline that greeted me first thing this morning: Fed commits $800 billion more to unfreeze lending. So the Fed just made Americans $800 billion poorer. I don't know about everybody else, but I see and hear ads for loans all day long. Lending in general is not frozen. Where is the disconnect? The failure of all the programs to fix the credit problem show that central planning is always counterproductive. Includes money for credit card loans and other consumer lending. Nobody has to to be responsible anymore. Where do I get my loan for booze and playing the ponies?

Russia has learned the hard lesson of being a one trick pony. It's entire economy is based on oil, and the collapse of oil prices as driven Russia into deep crisis. This highlights the greatest lever we have to win the new Cold War of Terror - domestic energy development. If the US got rid of its energy policy in favor of a free market in domestic energy, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and other nations waging this new Cold War against us would suddenly become impotent. If we adopted the FairTax, enabling the free flow of capital in America and drawing in trillions in capital from outside the country, alternative energy in the US would blossom, and China, left alone because those other countries wouldn't have the money to assist them, would be defanged and be forced to move toward freedom and peace.

It turns out that the ship sunk by the Indian Navy was a hijacked ship, not the pirate mother ship. They still killed pirates and denied them a prize.

Obama is trying to make his horrific spending plans more palatable with meaningless rhetoric about budget cuts. He's unlikely to cut $1 billion in existing spending while enacting his $800 billion in new spending. In an attempt to make Obama look good, Reuters headline talks about Obama's minuscule budget cuts instead of his massive spending increases. If he does manage to cut $1 billion, the press will act like he's a greater fiscal conservative than Reagan.

Isn't it ironic that despite all the damage unions have done to automakers, Democrats want to give them card check so they can harm more businesses. Maybe ironic isn't the right word.

Obama is choosing which reporters he will take questions from before his press conferences. He's either handing out favors, picking friendly reporters to make himself look good, or the questions and answers are prepared in advance. All of this is terribly dangerous and shows how poor Obama is at thinking on his feet. Controlling the press is change we can believe in. And that "office of the president-elect" sign is a joke - it literally looks like something SNL would put up to lampoon Obama's arrogance.

The Washington Post celebrated the end of the Fairness Doctrine in 1987. It'll be interesting to see what position they take now.

I guess Barack Obama is following the lead of the Michigan governor for his green economic stimulus because it's done so much good for Michigan's economy.

Michigan State University has installed footbaths for Muslims.

Thomas Sowell explains that this credit crisis is being blown all out of proportion in order to help government destroy the US economy for political gain.

Pat Buchanan explains that Russian President Medvedev has opened the door to negotiations with Barack Obama. I'm sure he has. But what's key here is that Obama has an opportunity to divide Russia from China to help us win this new Cold War of Terror. There's plenty of opportunity to calm tensions with Russia in Eastern Europe, but it begins with disbanding NATO and winning Russian concessions in the process. I doubt Obama will see it that way. I bet he'll just appease both and both will gain further advantages on us.

Study shows that in schools in poverty areas, math teachers don't know math. There's a shortage of math teachers who are willing to work in those schools. And that gets back to discipline. Because discipline has been abandoned by government schools, many are unsafe, and the best teachers refuse to work in an unsafe environment. This would not happen if there was school competition. Parents would demand discipline if they were responsible for their kids' educations, and schools would demand discipline if they had to compete for students.

Monday, November 24, 2008

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The WSJ is finally reporting on the 2001 letter from Democrats to Mexico in support of private elections for unionization and is exposing the hypocrisy of Democrats. But this is too late. Democrats just won an election. They don't give a damn what anybody says now.

Time writer calls the media bias in favor of Obama this election the greatest failure of the media since their failure to report honestly about Iraq. These 2 issues are related. The media made themselves nearly irrelevant with their dishonesty about Iraq, and if a Republican had won this year, the mainstream media would have died in the next 4 years.

Obama's daughters to attend the same private school as Chelsea Clinton while every non-elite American is forced to attend failing government schools.

If Bush has had the power to open up land to oil shale extraction all along, why did he just now do it? It does put a lot of pressure on Democrats to try and stop it, but this isn't a political game. He should have done this the day he was inaugurated in 2001.

Government arrests man for trying to rescue his pets from fire. New York City orders churches to stop providing beds to homeless people. Government at all levels has run amok.

I'm glad to see government taking advantage of the internet to auction off stuff to raise money. Teacher sells ads on tests to raise money for supplies. That's excellent.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

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Somali Muslim militants threaten Somali Muslim pirates over capture of Saudi Arabian tanker. A Somali Muslim civil war may be in the works.

Democrats mulling several hundred million stimulus and tax cut. Tax cut? This tells us that Democrats do in fact understand that cutting taxes makes the economy stronger, and their typical tax-raising policies weaken America. Obama showed the same knowledge when he said he would raise capital gains taxes out of some misguided idea of fairness even though it would cut revenues. Democrats understand the harmful consequences of their policies. The only logical conclusion is that Democrat policies are intended to harm America. Obama will request a stimulus package much bigger than the $175 billion he campaigned on. Isn't it funny how debt is bad when Republicans are building it but when Democrats build it, it's called investment? These boondoggle Keynesian plans just hurt the country more by adding to our debt.

Oh, no. Obama and Democrats fully intend to implement their new New Deal with $700 billion in new stimulus over the next 2 years. These guys are intent on dragging us into a second Great Depression. This is what moderates are calling moderate and sensible from Obama's "centrist" economic team.

And Democrats and their accomplices in the mainstream media are creating a new Big Lie to draw a parallel to support their call for this new New Deal - the US doesn't spend enough on infrastructure, and that's why it's crumbling and we need savior Obama to change that. That's baloney. The Federal Highway Administration has an annual budget of $35.5 billion. That's more than enough money to maintain our infrastructure (though I'm sure government is wasting most of it). And if that's really not enough, I'm sure we can find enough money by cutting boodoggle programs in our $700 billion non-military discretionary funding to fix our infrastructure.

Chuck Shumer calls it a new New Deal. Obama is going to be just as bad as I feared.

Now the government is going to bail out Citigroup. They're making us numb to it so they can steal all our money and power. Republicans opened the door to this new bailout mentality. Democrats are seizing the moment to give handouts to every constituency they have. And there's never an end to Democrat constituents who need money. The Democrats may drive us so deeply into depression that we never escape before the entitlement crisis hits, destroying the country.

Solar wind rips off chunks of Martian atmosphere. That's because Mars's core is no longer molten, so Mars doesn't have a strong magnetic field like Earth to deflect the magnetic field. Any future plans to terraform Mars will have to include the ability to replace atmosphere lost to the solar wind. And the atmosphere will have to somehow protect from radiation too.

Machine condenses water out of air. Sounds like a dehumidifier to me.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

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There's nothing complex about dealing with pirates. Sink their ships. End of problem. The international community has plenty of ships to swiftly destroy these pirates. But it shouldn't even be that complicated. It seems to me we could dedicate a few predators to this problem and charge the owners of each ship we save to fund the project. Ransoms just encourage the pirates. Appeasement never works.

By the time Obama is inaugerated, Iran will have enough enriched uranium to make a nuclear bomb. Allowing Iran to get this far illustrates the abject failure of both parties and the international community. The failure of both parties and all our allies to make it clear to Iran we will bomb their nuclear program into the stone age if they continue enriching uranium has led us closer to going to war with Iran than ever. Our world is being run by self-serving aristocrats who are totally unwilling to do the right thing for the people they govern.

What Obama wave? Democrats had a wave, not Obama. Obama dramatically underperformed the generic Democrat. The press is trying to rewrite the history of this election already.

There's no doubt that Obama's plans to further damage our economy by raising capital gains, passing card check, further socializing the health care industry, raising taxes on job creating small businesses, raising taxes on the wealthy people who create jobs, carbon cap and trade policies, etc. are driving down stock prices, leading to layoffs and deepening the recession. Nobody wants to put their money in the market because they think Obama's plans will drive the market down further and they're waiting for the bottom. For all of you who thought it couldn't get any worse, Obama's already damaging our economy, and he isn't even in office yet.

Picture of a ballot
challenged by Al Franken shows just how far Democrats will go to steal an election.

I'd like to see the link to Boortz's claim, but I believe it. Pew Reasearch reports that Europeans wanted to see the US weakened. Europeans also supported Obama for president. Obviously, they thought Obama would weaken the US. They got their wish, but I doubt they'll like the consequences.

Now the federal government is bailing out regional retail stores. It's an epidemic.

Canada has forced airlines to charge the same price for people who are obese or handicapped and take up more than one seat. That's absurd.

The press realizes that they and Obama has set expectations so high that he can never meet them, and now they're trying to bring those expectations back down to earth by saying it's likely Obama will make some bad nominations.

Cornell University identifies yet another error in the global warming computer models that makes them overestimate the effect of CO2 on the environment.

Commercials aren't responsible for making kids obese. Parents are.

Contrary to what Obama says, Bill Clinton supported the deregulation movement of the '90s led by Republicans that powered a strong economy ever since except for the government created and housing bubbles and 9/11. On the other hand, regulation skyrocketed during Bush the Democrat's presidency. This is a great read showing how Clinton officials, many of whom now advise Obama, and Clinton himself credit their bipartisan deregulation efforts with a strong economy - completely at odds with Obama's regulatory rhetoric.

Funny satire of the failing Republican party coming to Washington and asking for a $25 billion bailout.

Reason author says all Republicans have to do to win back the White House is wait. Forget all the hand wringing and finger pointing. Despite the terrible approval rating of Bush, the historical nature of Obama's candidacy, the financial crisis, McCain being older than dirt and running a crappy campaign, McCain still got over 46 percent of the vote. The economy will likely be worse in 4 years and voters will kick out Obama. While all this is true, I hate this advice. This is how we get business as usual politics, and that will lead to the collapse of America.

How spineless Republicans caved on the bailout.

Ann Coulter reminds of us of how much Bush bent over to work with and be friends with Democrats. And what did that get him?

Michelle Malkin points out that when the right loses elections, they behave civilly and debate what happened and how to go forward. When the left loses an election, they protest, riot and burn stuff. In a related essay, Thomas warns about a creeping new entitlement mentality on the left - the right to win. Leftist candidates never lose on their own. They lose because somebody cheated them so they're entitled to victory no matter what the vote count says. We saw that in 2000 in Florida, 2004 in Washington, and this year in Minnesota.

Great interview with Robert Novak.

Gay activist gets government to force E-Harmony to promote homosexual relationships. That's wrong. Government has no business interfering in businesses like that.

Pat Buchanan chronicles how government and unions crushed the auto industry. Buchanan likes to rail against free trade and globalization, but in this essay he strikes at the root problem - government. We can't have both globalization and such tremendous government interference in our economy. But the solution is not protectionism. The solution is to rein in government. Adopt the FairTax. Cut government spending in half. Cut government mandates and regulations in half.

Friday, November 21, 2008

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US economic, political, and military power to decline in the next 2 decades. It doesn't have to be that way. This is the result of expanding socialism in the US. If we adopt the FairTax, cut government spending at all levels in half over the next 20 years, and implement meaningful term limits, the US will return to a trajectory of greatness, the same trajectory of greatness we were on for the first 150 years of our country's existence before socialism become the norm here, that will keep us the most powerful country in the world for the entire 21st century.

The reason the Chinese are surpassing us is they have adopted freer markets in their special economic zones that surpass the economic freedom of any market in the US. This isn't rocket science. Free markets are the best economic system known to man, and if we adopted them in the US, we would not be surpassed by anybody in the 21st century.

China using cyberwarfare and its wealth obtained from the US to exert economic and diplomatic pressure around the world. Duh. This is just one facet of the new Cold War of Terror being waged against the west by China and Russia. And we're so self-absorbed, we're not even engaged in this new Cold War. We keep addressing the clients of the client states (and giving them access to our civilian courts which release them) instead of the real powers behind this new Cold War. Want to make any guesses as to which country launched this cyberattack against the Pentagon?

Bush signs law paying people not to work for longer. That will insure people work less. It's these kinds of socialist policies that are putting the US into decline.

Somali pirates capture 9th ship in 12 days. How stupid is the international community to just allow this to continue?

When will Democrats quit punishing the nation with Clinton psycho-drama? The Obama camp is blaming the Clinton camp for leaking info about her becoming Sec. of State. If Obama picks her, the Clintons will dominate the news with their lies, deceits, back stabs and power grabs every day.

E=MC^2 verified at the quantum level.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

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Good for India for sinking a pirate ship. Why isn't this the norm? Do this a few more times, and the pirate problem will go away. Is political correctness keeping us from sinking pirate ships?

Judge orders 5 Guantanamo prisoners released. We're faced with the surreal situation of judges micromanaging the fighting of a war. It'll be a wonder if we survive ourselves. This decision undermines the morale of every person fighting against the terrorists. The military will have to adjust tactics to meet the arbitrary requirements of judges all over the country. The end result is that more American troops and civilians will die. It may well be that these 5 men should never have been held, mistakes have been made in every war ever fought, but that's not a reason to undermine our warfighting ability by having men in robes second guess our troops. And the precident this sets is that every prisoner of war from now on will demand, and get, access to US civilian courts. We won't remain free if we lose wars to tyrants. This is an abomination.

Newt Gingrich proposes a real middle-class tax cut and exposes Obama's welfare masquerading as a tax cut.

Just considering Hillary Clinton for Sec. of State has created drama for Obama.

John Stossel says, although today's crisis is not nearly as great, government's bumbling actions are delaying our recovery just as FDR's did during the Great Depression.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Al Qaeda's number 2 leader, Zwahiri, calls Obama a house negro. Maybe liberals will finally get serious about fighting al Qaeda now.

The mortgage security problem is a $6.6 trillion problem, $4.6 trillion from Fannie and Freddie. The $700 billion bailout couldn't come close to solving it. Before this bailout bill passed, economists and business experts explained that nobody can find the bad mortgages in this mortgage security potpourri, but the geniuses (I mean the people who misled us into this mess) Paulson, Bernanke, Dodd, and Frank said they could. Paulson has finally admitted he can't, so he's using the money in different ways.

So far the overall bailout tab has topped $4.28 trillion. Thanks government.

Ford and GM say bankruptcy isn't an option. Then apparently they're not in as dire straits as they have tried to convince us they were. No bailout for you.

GM buying ads to convince people to support the bailout. Some people think they should use that money to improve their business instead, but that's not in their best interest. The reward from the potential bailout far exceeds the reward for selling a few more cars. Government has created a situation in which it behooves businesses to spend their money lobbying for federal funds instead of improving their business. That means we all lose. This is what moral hazard is all about.

The Dow hit another 5 year low below 8,000.

Here's the 9 minute documentary interview with 12 Obama supporters that I posted about yesterday. It's just amazing.

It turns out that Daschle, Obama's pick for the Health and Human Services Secretary, is a health care lobbyist. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. Same as the old boss before him.

More on Clinton's boondoggle offer to allow ethics reviews of his charitiable and business dealings. What a joke.

Republicans re-elect John Boehner House Minority Leader because they've been so successful with him as their leader that they don't want to change anything.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sarah Palin Is No Ronald Reagan

Sarah Palin Is No Ronald Reagan

by Mark Luedtke

So many conservative writers and pundits have compared Sarah Palin to Ronald Reagan lately, I wonder if they actually remember Reagan. More likely, conservatives, like the rest of the country, are so disgusted with the Bush/McCain/liberal wing of the Republican party, they're overwhelmed to see a true conservative in anticipation of 2012.

Who can blame them? For 8 years George Bush has pretended to support limited government while expanding the size of government so brazenly he made LBJ blush. Bush has pretended to support free markets while doing more damage to US markets than any president since FDR. In the tradition of Hoover and Nixon, Bush is a stealth liberal who grabbed unprecedented power over our economy and ran it into the ground, all the while pretending he didn't want to do so and finally blaming the markets themselves instead of government interference in them.

John McCain isn't a stealth liberal – he's outright liberal. He supports the same government intervention in our economy Bush and Obama do. When McCain used the word maverick during his campaign, he really meant liberal. Like Bush and Obama, McCain wants to reward illegal aliens with citizenship. McCain sponsored McCain-Feingold, the most egregious attack on the First Amendment on the books today. McCain drank Al Gore's man-made global warming kool-aid and wants to force the same cap and trade restrictions on our economy Obama supports. Like Obama, McCain never supported drilling in ANWR. McCain's so-called maverick positions are really mainstream liberal positions. McCain, like Democrats, most Republicans today, and Bush, doesn't respect the Constitution and has a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of the federal government.

By contrast, in Alaska, Sarah Palin cut spending. And by cut, I don't mean slowing down the rate of increase of spending like McCain and Washington Republicans mean. Twice Sarah Palin cut over 10 percent out of the Alaska state budget. She fought corruption in her own party and won, putting several corrupt Republicans in prison. The last president to govern with that kind of integrity and effectiveness was Reagan. She was the only limited government candidate on either major ticket this year. She sparked a tremendous grassroots movement. So, yeah, conservatives are understandably excited about Sarah Palin because she's a true maverick and a proven reformer in US politics, something that's been absent in Washington for far too long.

But the differences between Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan are striking. The starkest contrast is their visions of America. Reagan saw all of America as a shining city on the hill. He comfortably won reelection twice in California when Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 2 to 1. Reagan reached out to every American. In contrast, at Palin's campaign speeches, she called small town America real America, as if Americans in blue states and big cities didn't matter. Reagan was a uniter. Palin is a divider.

Reagan had a natural intelligence and education that was on display constantly. He read voraciously. He wrote nightly. He could intelligently engage anybody on any subject at any time. Gov. Palin has shown no such ability. In every interview I saw, friendly or not, she seemed unable to intelligently discuss subjects she should have understood. Sarah Palin must educate herself, and not just on issues, to be a force in 2012.

According to anybody who met him, Reagan was one of the most charming men they ever met. Even Reagan's fiercest political enemies loved him personally and wanted to be around him. While the media savaged Reagan in the press, calling him a cowboy, a useful idiot, and warning that Reagan would start a nuclear war, they had tremendous affection for him. Reagan was warm to everybody, and everybody responded in kind. While conservatives report that Sarah Palin is warm and charming, she clearly charmed few others, which isn't surprising for a self-described pit bull with lipstick.

In fact, Sarah Palin reminds me much more of Barack Obama than Ronald Reagan. Both President-elect Obama and Gov. Palin are inherently divisive. Obama divides the country into rich and not rich, and he plans to punish the rich to help the poor. Palin divides the country into real Americans, whom she identifies with, and everybody else.

Obama appeals to the extremist wing of his party. Despite the Democrat establishment and the press embracing him, Obama barely defeated Hillary Clinton because moderate Democrat voters rejected his extremism. In his Illinois state races, he was a member of, sought and received endorsements of socialist parties. He spent at least 3 years of his life partnering with an unrepentant terrorist and avowed Marxist. While not extreme like Obama (can you imagine if she had spent 3 years partnering with an unrepentant abortion clinic bomber?), Sarah Palin appeals primarily to the right wing of her party.

Ronald Reagan never talked about his
faith in God. He considered faith a private matter, but both Obama and
Palin openly discuss their religion. That turns off many Americans. It
wasn't a problem for Obama because the press attacked anybody who
criticized him about his church, protecting him, but the press will
continuously attack Palin over her church.

Obama overcame his weaknesses by
mastering the rhetoric of moderation, running a flawless campaign,
having the media cover up who he really is, and riding the wave of
anti-Bushism. To win in 2012, Gov. Palin
must learn those lessons plus overcome a hostile media and the hostile
liberal establishment of her own party.

She has tremendous potential, but Sarah Palin has a lot of weaknesses to overcome to win in 2012.

Free kibbles

Bill Clinton's finances under review. They should have been under review starting when Hillary ran for President. How screwed up in our system that Hillary could become president with no review of Bill's finances, but a review might preclude her from becoming Secretary of State? How screwed up is it that Obama's associations would preclude him from having any high office in government or even a security clearance, except elected office?

Paulson resists Democrat calls to use the $700 billion as an economic stimulus package for Democrat interests. This is like a selfish, blind aristocrat leading a more selfish, deaf aristocrats, but they want us to think this setup is for the good of the country.

Why have we and the rest of the world sat on our hands while Somali pirates have taken over a city? Pirates demand $10 million. They'll probably get it. Then we should wipe them out. It's an abomination that the international community, led by us, allows this to happen. Do we need to announce that pirates are terrorists? Of course they are.

Democrats allow Lieberman to keep his chairmanship. Smart move. If they had taken it away, he probably would have caucused with Republicans.

Britain's NHS can't afford to buy expensive drugs to help terminally ill people and to treat everybody else. The aristocrats must choose one or the other. And this is what liberals want to force on the American people, but it will be far worse, because Britain's system, like Canada's and the socialized medicine systems of every other country in the world are backed up by the US partially socialized medicine system. Once we go to socialized medicine, all the systems in the world will implode, including ours.

Oh my goodness, this video is hilarious in a very sad way. It shows just how scandalously misinformed Obama voters were about the election. The press must be ecstatic with how well they misinformed the people in order to get Obama elected. This has been verified with a Zogby poll. Zogby is being slimed for pointing out how uninformed Obama voters were. Zogby is about as far away from an agent of the right as it gets.

Rupert Murdoch says the media has lost the trust of the people. Gosh, ya think?

Since 2000, government spending has increased 55 percent. That's what happens when there is no opposition party in Washington. When the president and both parties in Congress share a liberal vision of the role of government, Americans lose big time. Things might get better now that Republicans are going to suddenly oppose big spending. That's my hope, anyway.

The SFChronicle asks a important question in today's environment. Are you an idiot to keep paying your mortgage? Government has forced people all over the country to ask themselves that question, and you know many have answered yes and stopped.

Bill Clinton claims he will submit future charity and business activities if it will help Hillary become Sec. of State. Who is he kidding? Once she's in, he'll ignore that promise. I wonder if Obama will fall for it.

Irish filmmaker takes on Al Gore and his phony church of man-made global warming. It would be a lot more impressive if he actually made the film instead of just soliciting donations.

Boortz explains that Democrats' proposed bailout of automakers is really a proposed bailout out auto workers unions.

George Will explains that bailing out the automakers would transfer Detroit's bad management to taxpayers. Let them fail and let them rise from the ashed like phoenixes, stronger than they are now.

Reason delivers a post-mortem on Bob Barr's disappointing campaign. Reason says libertarianism can save the Republicans, and they're right. As I've been saying, we need a charismatic libertarian communicator to hijack the Republican party in hopes of saving the country.

Unless Spock is drugged up or something, like he was in several ST:TOS episodes, I'm not looking forward to him losing control and fighting Kirk. It's not believable that Spock had such poor control over his emotions at that point.

Governments having a hard time supplying gold coins.

The AP was reporting that Sen. Stevens lost in Alaska. Serves the crook right, but the best scenario was a Stevens win, having him resign or be kicked out of the Senate, and having Gov. Palin appoint a Republican replacement.

Now Alan Keyes has filed suit to make Obama prove he's a US citizen. Why is that so hard for Obama? If a court told me to do so, any normal American would just give them a copy of birth certificate, and that's not even if the presidency hung in the balance. It would serve Obama right if he was disqualified because he didn't meet the natural born citizen requirement after he won his first election by kicking all the competition off the ballot on petition technicalities.

City threatens to put a lien on the home of a 74 year old blind woman because of a 1 penny utility bill. I bet they could handle this a better way.

Monday, November 17, 2008

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Ohio legislature considers legislation to stop political snooping like was done to Joe the Plumber. Why would we need new legislation for that? Why wouldn't that already be illegal?

Somali pirates capture Saudi supertanker containing $100 million worth of oil.

Federal government turns illegal aliens convicted of violent crimes loose in the US. Our government is America's worst enemy.

Dallas school district busted for providing false social security numbers to illegal aliens then hiring them as teachers. Government in action.

Now that Obama and Democrats are in power, they think deficit spending is a good thing. It's only bad when the other party does it.

The SEC files insider trading charges against Mark Cuban.

I agree with Gingrich, who throws cold water on the idea that Gov. Palin is the defacto leader of the Republican party going into 2012.

Obama supporters' chilling assault on critics of Obama continues with 2 police officers being investigated for derogatory remarks about Obama. Obama's goon squad is laying down the law - anybody who says anything derogatory about Obama will suffer consequences.

Where in the world do city officials think they get the power to tell a private art school to remove a picture of Stalin? No matter how distasteful that may be, our government has no power to tell them what they can and cannot display.

Firearms do not scare almost everybody. It's funny that an article describing anti-firearm bias in the press begins with such a biased statement.

Electoral map of 18 to 29 year olds is crazy scary. McCain would only have won 8 states. I wonder what the map would look like if the only people who voted were people who held jobs for the previous 4 years. I bet Obama would have only won 8 states.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Free kibbles

Iraqi cabinet backs US security deal.

Republicans oppose car industry bailout. It's about time they opposed some big government program. Now that Republicans have lost the election, they finally discovered some limited government principles.

NASA propagandist James Hanson reports that Oct. was the hottest month on record which is such a glaring error that he's forced to recant. This guy has been fudging the global temperature numbers for years, making NASA's global temperature numbers come out higher than the 2 other major surveys, which are remarkably close and cooler. Now he's supporting eco-terrorists. NASA should have fired this con man years ago. Hopefully they will now.

IMF calls for extra funding to combat the global recession. Who the hell is the IMF to combat the global recession. Why do we give a dime to this archaic, supranational organization? Every dime we give to it is a dime that keeps the US from recovering faster and therefore keeps the world from recovering faster.

Obama says aiding economy trumps budget deficit. No matter how many times Keynes is proven wrong, politicians still force his policies on us. Note to Obama - our budget deficit is one of the main reasons our economy is in trouble. High taxes are another. Government mandates, regulations, and subsidies are the 3rd. If you get rid of those things, our economy will be the strongest in history.

Obama staff combines DC minds with Chicago roots. How scary is that? He's combining the 2 most corrupt political systems in the US and throwing in a lot of cronyism in the process. That's what Obama calls change. Change for the worse.

Kissinger says Hillary Clinton would make an outstanding diplomat. That from the guy who helped keep us from winning Vietnam and who kept us trapped in the Cold War by supporting detente over victory. Clinton would be far better off without his recommendation. The NYTimes reports that Obama didn't offer Clinton a job.

These big rallies for same sex marriage aren't nearly as big as the vote turnouts against it.

Whatsupwiththat blog shows that IPCC head, who is not a climatologist and not even a scientist, outright lied about global temperatures. Author goes further and examines why science is dominated by alarmism and has become so erroneous, finding that government funding and colonization by environmental activists has undermined the honesty and accuracy of science. And the fraud continues: the head of the National Climatic Data Center never earned the PhD he claims.

Sunlight, not ice cover, is the major driver of ocean circulation during glacial periods. This shows once again that the sun is the major driver of climate on earth, which shouldn't surprise anybody. The sun is far more powerful on earth than any force on earth.

Significant solar cycle 24 sunspot appeared in early Oct., but a cycle 23 sunspot appeared at the same time. Cycle 24 still can't take off. NASA's so-called expert predictions for solar cycle 24 being a strong cycle are being proved as wrong as many predicted. NASA and NOAA are fudging data to promote the man-made global warming fraud because they are dominated by climate con-men.

It looks like inaccurate Russian data is making climate numbers higher than the temperature actually is.

Portugal has the first large scale, energy producing wave farm. Why don't we have these here? Cost?

I didn't realize that the Senate was majority Democrat from 2001 to 2003. No wonder Bush had such an easy time passing all his big-government policies. I'd like to say I had forgotten it, but I don't think I ever knew it.

Obviously alarmist rant about Obama and the big government of the last few decades, but I understand its sentiment. Our government is out of control, and we've just elected the most radical, Marxist president in history. We're on a path to self-destruction. All Americans recognize that, but too few recognize that big government is the cause. And we're near the tipping point. I don't think we're past the point of no return, but we're damn close if not. Rahm Emanuel explains his and Obama's vision of a civilian national security force in which all Americans aged 18 to 25 will be required to join this quasi-military force. If this doesn't send chills up your spine and make you want to move to Germany for safety from fascism, nothing will. My goodness! Emanuel is Jewish. How could he even think about this?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Free kibbles

How come nobody is crying "fear mongering" since Obama is being warned of terror attacks? Warning of potential attacks is only fear mongering during a Republican administration. It's prudent during a Democrat administration.

Medvedev's threat to put missiles by Poland is really an attempt to get Barack Obama to stop the implementation of a US missile shield base in Eastern Europe. The Russians are overreacting to the short term implications of the missile shield, but they think long-term, unlike our self-promoting aristocrats. In 20 years, the US could creat a big enough shield to make Russia's nuclear missiles ineffective at threatening Europe, and I wouldn't doubt that that's the plan at the Pentagon. It also gives us a strategic reason to defend Poland. And though it seems to use that Russia has no enemies, it was less than 70 years ago that Hitler invaded them. War is so common in Europe, Europeans have long memories and fears of it.

Now the mayors of Philedelphia, Atlanta, and Phoenix want federal bailout money. Our stupid representatives opened the floodgates, and every irresponsible entity in the country is lobbying for a piece of the corrupt federal pie. Thanks, government. Note to our representatives. We're broke. We don't have any money. We have to borrow money for these bailouts. Let the irresponsible actors get their own loans, and stop putting taxpayers further into debt.

OPEC to cut output to keep oil prices over $50. Who can blame them? We should learn the flip side and increase output to drive the price below $50.

Chinese president to visit Cuba as part of a larger strategy of infiltrating Latin America. And Bush just opened the door for China to do so, basically throwing the Monroe Doctrine in the trash. Another wonderful policy decision from Bush. The Chinese are running circles around us because of 16 years of bad government.

Congratulations to the first woman 4 star General. That's a fantastic achievement.

Ann Coulter lampoons Republicans for listening to liberals and running a liberal candidate and naturally losing. She points out an interesting fact - Democrats won over 50 percent of the vote for the first time since 1976, 32 years ago in the wake of the Watergate scandal, but they're pretending the country supports radical liberalism. That's crazy scary.

This highlights the greatest problem with the 2 party system. When Republicans govern like Democrats, as both Nixon and Bush (and Hoover) did, voters don't have an option to correct the situation. Instead, in order to end the big government of Republicans, they're forced to vote for the even bigger government of Carter and Obama (and FDR). The country is even more severely damaged for 4 more years by government's rapid lurch to the left before voters can elect a small government Republican. Because Republicans didn't learn from history, Bush->Obama is a repeat of that Nixon->Carter mistake. And if Obama is a good enough orator to convince people his policies aren't making the situation worse, we may repeat the Hoover->FDR mistake.

Now that Obama has been elected, Bill Ayers is doing interviews. Wonderful. Fact is, I would rather have this traitor in the public eye than operating in invisibility.

Google Earth recreates ancient Rome.

Because Joe the Plumber asked Barack Obama a question that the press had refused to ask him for 2 years, half a dozen state agencies investigated Joe the Plumber. This is the predictable result of America's dangerous shift to the left, and it will only get worse in the future. If you say something the press or liberals of either party don't like, they will turn your life inside out, smear you in the press, and prosecute if they can.

Now that Hamas's candidate has won the election, Hamas ends cease fire and fires longest range missiles ever into Israel. These guys were on their best behavior while rearming to insure that Obama won the election. Israel must go into Gaza and squash Hamas to stop these attacks.

Hurrah for Jim Demint being the first Republican to take on John McCain for his liberal positions that lost Republicans the election.

Power plant will turn refuse in landfills into energy.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Free kibbles

True to form, Obama is pushing Marxist policies even before he takes office. Now he wants to appoint a czar to oversea automobile companies. This is controlling the planning of production, not the means, but it's a step on the path. The 7th step in the Communist Manifesto is "Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan." Obama wants to implement that step with auto companies.

The Heritage Foundation explains the magnitude of the looming entitlement crisis. And Boortz is right that government won't fix it. We've known this entitlement crisis was coming for 40 years, and all government has done is make it worse by increasing entitlements and government spending. All the aristocrats care about is themselves and their own power. That's not going to change until the crisis brings the nation down around our ears, just like we're living now with the much tinier credit crisis.

Republicans file lawsuits to overturn McCain-Feingold. It's about time. Democrats never follow the rules anyway.

Barack Obama couldn't pass his own job application.

Union fights firing of bus driver who has hit 3 pedestians in 3 separate incidents, killing 1.

Schoolgirl discovers wonderful example of liberal intolerance by wearing pro-McCain T-shirt one day and pro-Obama T-shirt the next. Regular Americans are used to this kind of aggressive intolerance from liberals, but hopefully after reading this, liberals will wake up and recognize it themselves.

Marine veteran files freedom of speech lawsuit against military because of anti-Islamic decals on his car. Freedom of speech means you can put whatever decals on your car you want, whether the rest of us agree with them or not. This veteran's son was killed in the attack on the Cole. We all have freedom of speech because this man and his family have earned it for all of us.

The Onion reports that the Supreme Court upholds the Bill of Rights in a 5-4 decision. That's pretty funny, but I'm not sure 5 Supreme Court justices support the Bill of Rights. Constitutional lawyers have spent 2 centuries producing bogus logic and misinforming students to circumvent the plain language of the Constitution.

The Jamestown colony tried communism and almost died because of it, before switching to free markets.

George Bush ordered immigration enforcement officials to stop deportations 72 hours before the election to make sure Obama wasn't embarrassed by having his illegal immigrant aunt deported. The same illegal aunt who illegally contributed to Obama's campaign. This is another example of these aristocrats being above the law. Does anybody think for a minute that the president would order a stop to deportations because you or I were going for a job interview? Of course not. Americans mistakenly pride ourselves that we live in a country of laws. I say mistakenly because our aristocrats manipulate laws to their benefit every day. That's not the rule of law. That's the rule of aristocrats.

I agree that the liberals that control the Republican party want to destroy Sarah Palin before she becomes more powerful, but the comparisons between her and Reagan are overblown. While she certainly connects with the base, Palin hasn't shown the intelligence, charm or temperament that enabled Reagan to rise above his Democrat, Republican, and media enemies.

Obama's daughters were in private schools in Chicago and will be in private schools in Washington. Then Obama will try to shut down all private schools for the rest of us.

Michelle Malkin spanks Paulson for not having a clue about being king of the economy, which 70 percent of Americans knew all along. The economy takes care of itself best when government stays out of it.

Sarah Palin is fiscally conservative, corruption fighter, and reformer. Now that she's escaped McCain, she can go back to being that and run as that in 2012.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Marxism in America

According to Gallop, 84 percent of Americans think the country is going in the wrong direction. That's because the direction we're going in is Marxism, and we've been going there for 100 years.

In the Communist Manifesto, Marx identified 10 steps to Marxism:

1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. We're well on the way. All over the country, property rights are under siege. The Kelo decision is just one of many significant recent leaps in direction of Marxism.

2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. Check, and Obama plans to make it worse.

3. Abolition of all right of inheritance. We're well on the way, and Obama plans to make it worse.

4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels. We're not close to this one, thank goodness, but what happens to property owned by people we deport?

5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly. Check. This has been basically accomplisted, starting with the creation of the Federal Reserve and ending with the Bush/Paulson/Bernanke/Dodd/Frank so-called bailout.

6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State. Not close, but the Fairness Doctrine supported by Democrats will make it much closer, and control of the railroads is about to expand into control of the automakers. The government has a monopoly on roads. Maybe this is closer than I originally thought.

7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan. We've resisted this one, but see the new level of control government is taking of the auto industry and soil improvement is right around the corner.

8. Equal liability of all to labour. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture. We've gotten away from this one, fortunately, but Obama is going to make this worse by replacing secret ballot with card check is designed to advance this step.

9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equable distribution of the population over the country. Nope. I see no evidence of government pushing in this direction. In fact, agricultural subsidies are designed to shut down small farms and push those people into cities where they can be better controlled. I think Marx was just wrong when he thought spreading the people out helped Marxism. Getting them localized seems a better way to me.

10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, &c., &c. Check, and Obama is going to make it worse.

Socialized medicine is the 11th step, and arguably the most powerful of them all. Marx just hadn't thought of it in his day. We're 60 percent of the way there, which is why our system is breaking down, and Obama is going to make it worse.

We're definitely going in the wrong direction. We need freedom, not Marxism.

Free kibbles

Analysts calculate the US is really on the hook for $5 trillion so far for the financial crisis bailout. Obviously most of this will be paid back, but the percentage of $5 trillion that won't get paid back is going to be huge. Lobbyists swarm Treasure Dept. to get a piece of the bailout pie. That's how it always works. Apply online to get your piece of the bailout money. Our government is unbelievable.

Government has created so much uncertainty in the market that the Dow traded today over a 911 point swing, finally closing up 552.

Cato explains the folly of government regulation. Since regulations are designed to avoid the last crisis, they stifle growth and can never prevent the next crisis. I think corporate transparency would dramatically reduce these problem crises. In the modern world, FedEx and UPS can find your package anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. There's no reason corporations couldn't post their accounts and inventory online at the end of every day. Shareholders in every economic sector should demand that kind of transparency - a shareholder bill of rights - from the companies they own.

Gov. Palin calls on Republican governors to check the power of the federal government. Gets 2 standing ovations. That's great. The federal government was originally intended to be an agent for the states, and it would be great if the states started flexing their muscles and rejecting federal mandates and demanding lower taxes and less spending. Working together on principle of small government and state's rights, the governors could lead us back in the right direction. They could force a debate on the role of government that big-government defenders are bound to lose.

In wake of bin Laden tape, the CIA reports that bin Laden is cut off from the day to day operations of al Qaeda trying to save his own skin. Shouldn't he be a good terrorist and martyr himself? I forgot. That's for the regular terrorists, not elitists like bin Laden.

Hubble photo of extrasolar planet around nearby star. Keck and Gemini telescopes team up to photograph an entire solar system of planets.

Catholic priest won't give Obama supporters communion. He should be recalled.

Analysis of Obama's health care plan warns costs could be (might as well as said will be) unsustainably high. Tell us something we didn't know.

Like social security, pension plans are a bad idea for workers. The goal of government is take more money from people, and as soon as social security conflicted with that goal, government raided the trust fund. The goal of business is profit, and as soon as that goal conflicts with pensions, pensions get compromised. Because of the economy, businesses are trying to get out of meeting their pensions.

Nancy Pelosi is laughing about her promise to be more centrist as she empowers an even more extreme liberal staff.

Why in the world did Mark Foley crawl out of his hole?

I guess after government adopts the pretense that health care is a right, housing will be next. I'm telling you, pretty soon socialists will get government to adopt the pretense that food and water is a human right. No. Those things are why we work. We have a basic right to life, but that doesn't mean somebody else has the responsibility to keep us alive, fed, clothed, housed, and cared for. That's a personal responsibility.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Free kibbles

This is unbelievable. The FEC will not audit Obama's campaign despite the gross evidence of improper collection and use of funds, because it doesn't want to embarrass a sitting president, but it is auditing McCain's campaign. One of the founding principles of America is that nobody is above the law. There's another founding prinicple shattered by Obama.

Czar Paulson will spend the second half of the $700 billion bailing out consumer credit organizations. I smell a rat. At first we needed $700 billion to bail out the mortgage sector. But after we got that, we only needed $350 billion. Now we can spend the other $350 billion on something completely different. These aristocrats scammed us from the beginning, and we're letting them get away with it.

The US has far more oil in North Dakota and Montana than previously thought. I'm sure Obama and the Democrat Congress will move swiftly to insure Americans can't profit from it, so the Russians, Saudis, Iranians and Venezuelans can profit instead.

Raul Castro to visit Russia next year. And Obama wants to buddy up to Cuba. This is going to get ugly.

Australia accused of pandering to unions in $6.2 billion bailout of GM subsidiary. Sounds familiar.

Newspaper wants to publish the names of concealed carry permit holders. That's ridiculous.

More on how Democrats are trying to steal the Senatorial election for Al Franken in Minnesota.

Time Magazine on Obama: "Some princes are born in palaces. Some are born in mangers. But a few are born in the imagination, out of scraps of history and hope." It's good to know the press' messianic cult of personality hasn't waivered yet. This is what passes for journalism today.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kingmakers for Obama

Kingmakers for Obama

by Mark Luedtke

The staff of Slate magazine, owned by the Washington Post, supports Obama over McCain by 55 to 1. No wonder articles on Slate read like Obama campaign material. Rumors that Slate's staff hung Sarah Palin in effigy, beat her like a pinata, then burned her in a pagan ritual on Halloween have yet to be confirmed.

But that describes how deeply in the tank the mainstream media is for Barack Obama. MSNBC's Chis Matthews gets chills up his leg when Obama speaks. That's what passes for hard hitting journalism when covering Obama. Anchor Keith Olbermann tried to hand Obama a crown and scepter at the Democrat convention. These aren't isolated incidents. Even the mothers of the staff at the Politico think the Politico is biased.

The mainstream media has cast off all pretense of objectivity in this campaign, and they're paying the price. This Q3, during the most historic presidential campaign ever, the Washington Post's earnings dropped 86 percent from last Q3. Readers are fleeing the New York Times like rats fleeing bigger rats. In this age of cable and internet news, the American people embrace alternatives to these cartoonish  media outlets.

The mainstream media backed itself into this corner when it invented the phony meme that Bush lied to get us into war in Iraq. Then they hammered us for 4 years with the phony drumbeat that the Iraq war was unwinable. Then they covered up the success of the surge because it contradicted their agenda. They steadily lost audience because the American people could discover the facts from alternate news sources. This willful deception on the part of the media dangerously divided and weakened America.

Now the mainstream media is so heavily invested in their own fraud, they have to make Barack Obama king. Peter Robinson of Forbes explains, “If McCain wins, the mainstream media will remain what it really is, the 'more and more marginal media,' and I have a career to think about.”

That's why the mainstream media has feverishly covered up who Barack Obama is, his record, and his vision. The media attacks any attempt to analyze Obama's record as not an issue for the American people or racist. They cover up that he was a member of the socialist New Party in 1996 and received the endorsement of the Democrat Socialists of America. They trumpet Colin Powell's endorsement but cover up Louis Farrakhan's, the Communist Party's, and Palestinian terrorist group Hamas's endorsements.

In Obama's first book, Dreams from My Father, he explains he actively sought out and surrounded himself with Marxists. His mother and father were avowed Marxists. His mentor mentioned in that book was communist party member Frank Marshall Davis. Obama's education reform partner, Bill Ayers is an avowed Marxist. Rev. Wright's racial justice platform is a form of Marxism. ACORN is a Marxist organization. But the press considers this information off limits and attacks anybody who brings it up as racist. The only people who spend their entire life seeking out, surrounding themselves with, and working with Marxists are fellow Marxists, but according to the mainstream media, pointing this out is racist.

The press considers Obama's "association" with domestic terrorist and Marxist revolutionary Bill Ayers a non-issue, but the real story is Obama partnered with Ayers implementing their shared vision for education in America. Last I checked, education was a major issue, but the press is covering up this 3 year, $100 million partnership even though it was Obama's only executive experience - the only experience that has prepared him for the job of president - in his life. Stanley Kurtz reports that Obama and Ayers laughed about increasing test scores at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Their goal was to radicalize Chicago students, not help them learn. Ayers explained the vision best when he was the guest of Fidel Castro's ideological successor in the western hemisphere, Hugo Chavez, at an education conference in Venezuela in 2006, where he advocated Marxist revolution through government education.

The mainstream media claims this isn't a newsworthy issue.

But Sarah Palin's wardrobe is. The press was certain they captured the gotcha moment that would get their man crowned when they discovered the GOP spent $150,000 on Gov. Palin's wardrobe. They spared no ink lambasting her. They considered this a story of hypocrisy that would end McCain's challenge to their chosen one. But when Obama made “I am my brother's keeper" the theme of his campaign, the press covered up that Obama never once bothered to help out his actual brother who lives in destitution in Kenya on $12 a year.

Now the LA Times is withholding a videotape from 2003 of Obama, Ayers and domestic terrorist Bernadine Dohrn at a party for ex-PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi at which guests reportedly attacked Israel repeatedly. According to an anonymous LA Times insider, on the tape Obama says that Israel has no right to occupy Palestine and that Israelis committed genocide against Palestinians. But without the tape, this is just unsubstantiated rumor. LA Times reporter Peter Wallsten won't release the tape because it's too controversial, meaning too damaging to Obama. But the media happily and illegally dug into Joe the Plumber's government records so they could smear him for days.

Ironically, it was McCain's signature legislation, McCain-Feingold, that restricted freedom of political speech for Americans and gave the media this power to play kingmaker. Now I'll probably suffer the fate of all Obama critics in this race and be called a racist for writing this essay.

Free kibbles

Investigation reveals that the US lost a nuclear bomb 40 years ago in a B-52 crash in Greenland. Wow.

Fannie and Freddie to modify loan terms to prevent foreclosures. That makes sense to me. Lenders don't like to foreclose any more than borrowers. What doesn't make sense to me is why Fannie and Freddie are owned by the government instead of private companies.

American express is in trouble. If home owners don't have to pay off their debts, and Wall Street companies get bailed out, why not credit card holders? This quote from Amex shows what moral hazard has wrought:
“Given the continued volatility in the financial markets,” said Kenneth I. Chenault, chief executive of American Express, “we want to be best-positioned to take advantage of the various programs the federal government has introduced or may introduce to support U.S. financial institutions.”

GM stock at 65 year low.

Google tracking location, not identities, of flu searches and passing on to CDC. I'm sure this is of great use to government, and I want the CDC to be able to track outbreaks of disease too, but this is right on the edge of Big Brother. Scary.

Osama bin Laden promises attack that surpasses 9/11. What's he going to say? That the next attack will be less impressive than 9/11? This message shows us the failures of Democrat ideology. While Democrats are complaining that Bush is too aggressive in fighting the war on terror, attacking al Qaeda all over the world, bin Laden claims to be strengthing his facilities. It's probable bin Laden is lying, but he still highlights the need to stay on the offensive against terrorists. Note this message was carefully timed to come out after our election, not before it.

NASA planning balloon mission to Titan. That would be cool.

Britain's NHS to pay fat subjects to lose weight. The consequences of this aren't hard to predict. This incentivizes an unhealthy process of repeatedly losing and gaining weight. I have a better idea. Let Britons pay for their own health care. Suddenly being fat will be expensive, and Britons will lose weight and stay more healthy. Obama, Pelosi and Reid want to push this poisonous system on the US now.

Obama plans to start ruling America on Jan. 20th. Bow down before great Pharaoh. Liberals voted for a messianic Pharaoh-king, and that's what we've got.

Obama to design new court system for terrorists. The Constitution only allows for 1 judicial branch, sorry. Or maybe with Pharaoh Obama in charge, the joke is the Constitution, and it's on me. Naturally, the 2 party establishment loves the idea. Leave these prisoners of war where they are. Don't corrupt our legal system. Don't let them loose to kill Americans.

Congressman perceptively points out that Obama's calls for a civilian security force like Hitler's Gestapo and the Soviet's KGB go hand in hand with Obama's Marxist philosophy. Liberals love this idea. They want secret police to crush the real enemy - conservatives.

Obama pulls his first term agenda off his website so he can replace it. I wonder if he'll replace it with his real radical leftist agenda or if he just did it to hide his campaign promises.

Democrats are wasting no time taking out their revenge.

George Will explains how Obama's election is the final and complete repudiation of the system for picking the president created by the founding fathers.

Obama and Democrats' support for getting rid of the secret ballot, institutionalizing coerscion as the means of determining whether a company unionizes or not, is riminescient of the rise of fascism in the '30s.

Democrats are raising voter fraud to an artform. We all know about 2000 when Democrats nearly stole the presidency by changing the rules in Florida and keeping military votes from being counting. Fortunately this baloney was stopped by the Supreme Court. In 2004 they won the gubanitorial race in Washington after election officials in King County kept "finding" new ballots in wave after wave that miraculously put the Democrat over the top. And now election officials in a couple counties in Minnesota are finding mysterious typos that give votes to Al Franken, but nobody else.

Thomas Sowell points out how intellectuals are so easily fooled, they tend to be on the wrong side of history all the time.

After the WashPost admits its bias, Reuters still reports there was no media bias this election cycle. What a joke.

Obama got almost 90 percent of the Muslim vote. I'm sure he got a large majority of the Jewish vote too. By being a blank slate, Obama appeared to be all things to all people. Most will be sorely disappointed.

Obama to change relations with Cuba. I guess that means we're going to become more like Cuba.

Postal Service to cut jobs.

David Limbaugh provides a laundry list of examples of liberal censorship. Their stranglehold on government will seriously damage free speech in America.

Pat Buchanan tries to make the case that protectionism made America great. That's baloney. America was a huge trading power from the beginning. Obviously, we want trade surpluses, not deficits, but his attempt to expand that into protectionism is wrong. We run a trade deficit because of our oppressive tax system and the government prohibition on locally produced energy, nothing else. 400 fortune 500 countries have said they will open their next plant in the US if we adopt the FairTax. The other 100 said they would move their headquarters to the US. Adopting the FairTax and adopting a free market in energy will fix our trade deficit and turn America back into the manufacturing powerhouse we should be. Buchanan also fails to mention government restrictions on the auto industry making them uncompetitive. He's just using this situation to demagogue free trade.

Obama's leaking of his private meeting with Bush shows his nice guy appearance is phony.

Republican Senator DeMint plans to expel Alaskan Senator Stevens from the GOP caucus, taking away his conference positions. Good for DeMint.

Government school teacher tells student that her father will be in the military for 100 years because he voted for McCain. Another school reportedly won't allow students to talk about Barack Obama. I'm sure a few minor tweeks to our government school system will fix everything.

Democrats want to bail out automakers because their employees are union. But there will be new government restrictions and mandates... Government is why they aren't profitable in the first place.

Democrats are planning to grab 401Ks.

I didn't know that Rahm Emanuel was part of the Freddie Mac corruption. Democrats were so mired in that corruption, I guess I should have known. This makes that independent investigation of Fannie and Freddie even less likely. Can't have the president-elect, his chief of staff, the Senate banking chairman and the house finance chairmen all getting busted for corruption, now can we?

Within days of the election, Rev. Wright is back in the news. It didn't take a psychic to predict that one. And it won't be long until he's hanging around the White House. I bet he's there on inauguration day. Obama's repudiation of Wright was a lie. You don't sit in a lunatic's congregation for 20 years then suddenly repudiate him.

The media is laying the groundwork to compare Obama to Lincoln and FDR. I guess they expect Obama to lead us into a civil war or another Great Depression. That's change for the worse we can believe in. The narrative is already being written like it was for FDR. Then, Hoover's lassie fair policies destroyed the country, and FDR saved it. Now Bush's lassie fair policies destroyed the country, and Obama saved it (or will after the depression actually hits).

Plans to make a new national holiday for Barack Obama. I wonder if they'll wait to start carving his face on Mt. Rushmore before or after he's inaugurated.

Obama will change our relationship with the UN. For the worse.

When students are failing, government schools make school easier. Students can redo work they got a zero on and there is no deadline for turning in assignments. That'll work. Government has to cater to the lowest common denominator, and government schools do the same thing.

Streaking is a public nuisance, unless the streaker is a hot babe, and these Halloween streakers should not be treated as sex offenders. The sex offender label should be reserved for dangerous criminals, not pranksters.

Michael Barone really steps in it when he jokes that the media attacked Sarah Palin because they wanted her to abort her downs syndrome baby. What makes somebody think something like that will be taken as a joke? I like Barone and think he's a insightful analyst, but that comment is just stupid and indefensible.