Stupid or Evil

Stupid or Evil Score Sheet


DHS purchases 1.2 billion rounds of ammunition: Evil, not stupid.

DHS redacts purchase order, hiding the number of rounds of ammo purchased. Evil, not stupid.

The Social Security Administration buys 174,000 bullets. Evil, not stupid.

The National Weather Service purchases 46,000 rounds of ammo. Evil, not stupid.

The federal government paid unemployment benefits to 2,362 millionaires. Evil, not stupid.

Culture of animal cruelty in Wildlife Services agency. Evil, not stupid.

The August 4, 2013 terrorist chatter is beyond anything heard since before 9/11, but the police state knows nothing else. Either the police state is unable to figure out the threat, in which case it is stupid, or it's lying, in which case it's evil. I hope it's lying.

After decades of denying electricity flows in space, NASA admits it. Evil, not stupid.

FBI and DOJ can't find their drone privacy impact reports  Evil, not stupid.


Ryan's budget is evil. Obama's is worse: Evil, not stupid. urges more Americans to obtain more federal benefits: Evil, not stupid

Obama administration officials have met with Mexican officials 30 times to promote food stamps for Mexican immigrants. Evil, not stupid.


Kirsten Powers acts like Paul Ryan is something other than a bipartisan, establishment tool: Evil, not stupid.

Federal Reserve:

Alan Greenspan blames Keynesian animal spirits, not his printing of money, for the Great Recession. Evil, not stupid.

History of central banking in the US shows that collapse is part of design. Evil, not stupid. 

USA Today admits the market will crash when the Fed raises rates. Evil, not stupid.


Michelle Obama says the country is experiencing a huge economic recovery. Evil, not stupid.  

Global Warming:

In IPCC AR5 released 9/27/2013, the IPCC ramps up alarmism in the face of a 16+ year pause in global warming. Evil, not stupid. 

Obama claims "If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century ." Evil, not stupid.

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