Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Free kibbles

Russian warship may try to rescue Ukranian ship.

I've heard the right-wing press has finally, nearly a week late, pointed out that this titanic, socialist power grab is a conspiracy. I'm glad they finally acknowledged what many of us have recognized from the beginning.

Here's the latest email I sent to my representatives and pundits:
Paulson didn't write this bailout proposal overnight. Bernanke didn't jump on board without ever seeing it. Dodd and Frank didn't jump on board this bailout as babes from the woods. This titanic socialist bailout is a conspiracy.

Our esteemed leaders have known this crisis was coming for a decade. They didn't bother fixing it. Several times in the last 5 years they had opportunities, but they didn't fix it. Bush didn't use his bully pulpit to fix it. Republican Congressional leaders didn't fix it. Democrats didn't fix it. In July, Chris Dodd said Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were sound institutions. Barney Frank used every tool in his toolbox to protect this corruption. President Bush had claimed the "fundamentals of the economy are strong" every day he's been in office until last week. John McCain repeated those exact same words 2 weeks ago.

This crisis did not take any government aristocrat by surprise. Both parties already had their plans drawn up and prepared for it when it hit. They were just waiting for the starter's gun to use this well understood, predicted, imminent crisis to attack Americans and freedom with their bull**** about blaming and dividing the country so they could implement the biggest, socialist power grab in history.

It's a conspiracy. A scam. It's been a conspiracy for 10 years. Americans must force all these ****** to resign immediately. I've demanded the resignations of Paulson, Bernanke, Dodd, and Frank all week. Join me in demanding those resignations and resolve this crisis with freedom as our principle for the good of the American people.

Boortz provides a laundry list of Barack Obama's old employer's and the people he trained, ACORN, systemic, extensive voter fraud activities. That kind of fraud is what Obama champions about being a "community organizer".

Gingrich slams Bush for Paulson's socialist bailout plan, Bremer's failures in Iraq, and Brown's handling of FEMA after Katrina. Those are pretty easy targets for hitting Bush, but let's not forget NCLB, Medicare Part D, nearly doubling the size of goverment, and Bush basically being a dumb***. Looking at the bright side, we'll get to rip Bush for his socialist ways for decades to come. It should make for good dinner conversation as we eat rats on dirt floors without roofs over our heads.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Free kibbles

All but about 60 Republicans with the help of about 90 Democrats defeated the bailout plan. This is a great day for the American people and freedom. We may not get the bill we want out of this, but it's going to be better. What a screw up by Pelosi and the Democrat leadership. They thought they could force this through on a party line vote, but they didn't want to do that because they knew it would cost them in November. Their goal was to get 110 Republicans to support the plan. Not only did they fall woefully short of that goal, they also failed to get their own Democrats on board. This just shows incompetent Pelosi is.

This is another missed opportunity for McCain. McCain should have been railing against this socialist bailout from the beginning. He could have appeared to be the man who united the Republicans and 90 Democrats against Bush, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid's signal biggest socialist program in history. But took the wrong side. He's a maverick all right - a socialist loser just the rest of the Democrats.

Citigroup buys Wackovia. The market continues to correct for the credit crisis.

NYTimes article from 9/20/1999 explains how Fannie Mae is easing credit restrictions on mortgages so people who previously couldn't qualify for loans, people with bad credit, can now get a mortgage. How'd that work out for us?

Boortz has a transcript of the first debate.

Obama is attempting to get Missouri police to respond to what Obama thinks are inaccurate or misleading ads. This is an attempt to get the police to intimidate his opponents pure and simple. Missouri's governor had a thing or two to say about Obama's attempt to intimidate Missouri voters. Boortz is right when he points out that if Obama is this obvious about using government power to intimidate opponents when he's just a candidate, imagine how much he'll use government to intimidate opponents if he becomes president.

Obama shamelessly flip-flops on missile defense, counting on his buddies in the mainstream media to cover it up for him.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Free kibbles

The latest plan has the government buying shares in these failing companies. No mention of loans. Paulson doesn't want to do loans. Naturally he doesn't. This plan went from bad to worse. If the Treasury has 45 days to write guidelines on how it's going to implement the plan, what the rush on legislation? Why can't we spend 45 days debating it including those guidelines? This whole thing stinks to high heaven. It's a conspiracy to radically expand government power, and both parties are in on it.

Warren Buffet informs us that Paulson plans to pay the highest possible price for the problem securities, the mark-to-maturity price. It's interesting that Paulson wants to pay that price while the the administration still requires the financial institutions to price them at mark-to-market. The SEC could change that rule with the stroke of a pen, but it's pretty obvious Bush and Paulson don't want to change it. I agree with Newt that Paulson and his buddies are running roughshod right over Bush, and Bush is so dogmatically loyal, he's falling for it. I think there's a conspiracy going on here. Newt calls for Paulson's resignation. He shouldn't stop there. He should join me in calling for Paulson, Bernanke, Dodd, and Frank to all resign.

When a crisis like this happens, you should never trust the people who were in charge and who didn't stop it to come up with the solution. That makes it too easy to engineer a crisis for a future power grab. Bush's first move should have been to fire Paulson and Bernanke and to demand the resignation of Dodd and Frank. Once that happened, people who weren't responsible for the crisis, and therefore had no baggage regarding it, and who couldn't have engineered it, could have solved it.

UN security council passes another weak sanctions package against Iran because of its nuclear program.

Private company puts space ship into orbit.

Congressman Mike Pence from Indiana, who supported as House minority leader, still opposes this buyout/bailout. Good for him.

This guy has a good point. Anybody can better articulate plans and principles that are good for America better than the Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians or another other party, and we all have a format if we want to go for it - YouTube.

Walter Williams is half-right. Things really are gloomy. Unless we fix it, we really are facing the end of the US as we know it within a generation because of entitlement spending. And there's not a reason in hell to believe our politicians will fix it before we collapse. Any more than they fixed the long predicted credit crisis before it blew up. But nobody's talking about that issue. We keep falling for the crisis de jour. And we keep re-electing the foxes who raided the hen house to protect it after the fact.

I agree with Dick Morris that this credit crisis could win McCain the election, and big, if he opposes the buyout/bailout and can unite the House Republicans against it. The problem is McCain has already given tenative support, and it looks like plenty of House Republicans have caved. This is a gift horse for McCain. It allows him to be a leader of Republicans and differentiate himself from Obama and Bush while linking those 2 together. But McCain has run a terrible campaign, failing to point out any of Obama's radicalism, and I think he's screw this up too.

In an expose of the worst run organization in America, the Federal government, Reason explains that free markets and capitalism have nothing to do with the credit crisis. The accounting practices of the government would hysterical if they weren't so dangerous. They also provide an interesting, concise definition of corporatism.

Scientists discover world's oldest rocks at 4.28 billion years. I want to know if they have evidence of life at that time.

Interesting essay explains that people project their own archtypes on the candidates, which would explain the irrational bipartisanism surrounding out elections. This makes a lot of sense. No wonder I've never been a partisan. I just thought elections were about examining the candidates' positions, records and character then making a choice. No wonder it's so hard to communicate with partisans.

Obama's slum lord fund-raiser and recipient of millions of taxpayers dollars funneled to him by Obama is in negotiations to cooperate with the feds after his corruption convictions. The press will bury this story until after the election.

Well written analysis of how government created the subprime mortgage mess that has paralyzed our entire financial industry.

Another well written analysis debunks the blaming of greed and deregulation. I especially like Alan Greenspan's quote blaming low interest rates without noting he was the guy responsible for those low interest rates.

George Will discussed the downside of early, easy voting. How easy should voting be? Do we really want people too lazy to go to the polls to vote? Of course we want absentee voting for people who would vote in their home districts but are blocked by doing so by circumstances. Military personnel come immediately to mind, but this should apply to anybody. But I can walk to my polling station. It's no more than a quarter mile as the crow flies. But if I was too lazy to do that, should government make it so easy I could vote anyway?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Free kibbles

Senate passed $634 billion spending bill 78-12. When will the public force Republicans to quit pretending they support smaller government? Boortz has more on this continuing resolution. Apparently it was intentionally done in a back room deal and raced through Congress before anybody could read it. The Democrat who spearheaded this bill, House Appropriation Committee Chairman Obey, is proud of keeping it a secret from the people, the press and our representatives.

Having just lifted the ban on offshore drilling, a top priority of Democrats next year will be to put it back. Letting the ban lapse is just an election year ploy.

Venezuela is buying $1 billion in Russian weapons. Lovely.

Chinese astronauts perform first space walk.

Entertaining video show how much money Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac gave to key Democrats to cover up their corruption.

Democrats are trying to use this bailout to fund a permanent slush fund so they funnel money to ACORN and other radical community organizer groups. ACORN struck pay dirt when it hired Obama. I wonder why McCain hasn't made ACORN an issue. He should force Obama to defend that Marxist group every day. House Republican majority leader Boehner identifies the huge pork allocations in the bill for Democrat special interest groups including ACORN.

Paul Newman died.

Where in the world did Bill Clinton suddenly find this newfound honesty, including acknowledging his Fannie and Freddie policy was partly responsible for this financial meltdown? He doesn't go all the way and point out the widespread corruption between Fannie, Freddie, and Democrats, but he does criticize Democrats for their failure to allow oversight of the GSEs. Clinton wants Obama to lose so bad, he's willing to tell the truth for once.

CNN has a nice article showing how Iraq is moving forward with elections and political reconciliation enabled by the success of the surge, just as promised. Joe Biden lies about the reconciliation, just like Obama and most Democrats. I bet newly honest Bill Clinton would acknowledge the progress.

Illinois is investigating a grant given by Obama to a supporter in 2001. Do you think the media blanket this story like they have the trooper gate story in an attempt to smear Sarah Palin? They've ignored Obama's multiple millions in grants to Rezko and other corrupt Chicago slumlords, so I don't think they'll even blink an eye at this.

Stanley Kurtz provides an update on how Obama's buddies from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge attempted to cover up and deny access to their records to keep the public from discovering the extent of the relationship between Obama and Bill Ayers. Kurtz published private email between the parties.

Ron Paul votes against disaster recovery bill for his own district. Good for him. His words and his actions jive.

Article shows how the press blanketed coverage of Enron, but virtually ignored the much greater corruption and hazard of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That's media bias. Because the press hates capitalism, they were all over the Enron scandal like it was the end of the world, but because the press loves socialism, they buried the Fannie and Freddie story. It borders on criminal that Chris Dodd and Barney Frank still have their jobs.

Congressman tells Jews and blacks they should be scared of Sarah Palin because she owns guns and hunts moose. Can you imagine if a Republican had said that? Can you imagine if anybody had said that about a black person or a Jew or a Muslim? It's unbelievable the crap that Democrats get away with, and it's unbelievable the crap Christians have to put up with. This man should be forced to resign immediately.

John Stossel says the goverment should stay out of the market and let it deal with the financial crisis. He explains that the existence of Fannie and Freddie perverted the mortgage market.

Before the debate, I thought McCain's idea to suspend his campaign and work on the mortgage bailout, uniting Republicans behind a solution with free market principles, was a great idea just like Dick Morris. But to make it worthwhile, McCain had to deliver on it in the debate. But by Morris's own account, he didn't. His failure to powerfully differentiate his jumping into the debate while Obama campaigned, and his protection of the taxpayers money by urging loans instead of a buyout is hard to understand.

The BBC purposely biasing its programs for global warming propaganda? Say it isn't so.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Free kibbles

JPMorgan buys Washington Mutual Bank.

Somali pirates capture Ukranian ship carrying 33 tanks. I guess it never crossed the Ukranians' minds to protect that ship in pirate infested waters.

McCain agrees to debate. Now I think this is a smooth move. His position now is he made the gesture to suspend his campaign and cancel the debate for the good of the country. Obama didn't make that sacrifice. McCain went to Washington and stood up to the socialist forces of Bush and Democrats, showing real leadership in making an alternative proposal feasible. Obama didn't. Then McCain was still able to make the debate. I think McCain looked quite a bit like a leader in this situation while Obama looked like a typical politician. If McCain does well at the debate tonight, he's going to leave Obama looking second rate all the way around.

The Washington Post runs a great article describing how this huge bailout proposal has created market value for Cato scholars espousing libertarian ideals. This is nice portrait of Cato.

In 1997, Cato describes how Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, because they are government protected organizations, were putting the entire financial market and therefore taxpayers at risk. It also describes the role of the Community Reinvestment Act. This stuff isn't rocket science, and this collapse was anything but unexpected.

Author explains that Wall Street as we knew it no longer exists. He also explains that trying to blame this crisis on deregulation is absurd, his word and mine.

Cato scholar highlights how often politicians appear to be surprised by the obvious, and he lists numerous examples from the US and abroad. Very entertaining and humorous, but he ends seriously when he explains why this happens and calls for criminal prosecution for them. The cure for this problem is severely limited government.

Links to many Cato articles on the financial crisis. I could have used that last week.

Cato recommends privatizing NASA, pointing out that NASA is making space flight more expensive instead of cheaper.

Insight into the process of negotiating the biggest socialist program in history.

Reason asks a number of free market economists the same 3 questions about the current economic crisis. I wish they had asked for alternative solutions.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free kibbles

Both parties have agreed in principle to Paulson's buyout/bailout plan. That's because neither party has principles. Apparently the parties have compromised between a titanic, socialist power grab and an even more titanic, socialist power grab. Those are the only 2 choices the 2 parties ever give us. The big winners are the same government aristocrats who oversaw this disaster, all the socialists in government, and the big investors in the firms that were facing disaster. The CEO pay provisions are a ruse - the CEOs are generally the biggest shareholders, and they'll make out like the world's biggest bandits regardless of pay restrictions. This is the biggest reward for failure in history. The biggest losers are all of us.

Holy crap! Thank you John McCain for leading Republicans to break with Bush and his allies Democrats from the biggest socialist buyout/bailout in history. I keep saying that Barack Obama is the candidate who represents more of the Bush socialism, but even worse. Now McCain is finally driving that point home and doing the right thing for Americans. This certainly isn't the best plan, and I would prefer a better plan, but this is a tremendous repudiation of the Bush/Democrat/socialism agenda.

Religious groups invite Iranian President Ahmadinejad to honorary dinner. You've got to be kidding me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Free kibbles

Warren Buffet buys $5 billion stake in Goldman-Sachs. This is how to resolve the credit crisis.

Bernanke claims this credit crisis is the greatest threat to the economy since the Great Depression. We have 100 years of creeping socialism from both Republicans and Democrats to thank for that.

The law firm of one of McCain's aids, Rick Davis, receives $15,000 per month from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This aid has never lobbied on behalf of Fannie or Freddie. Compare this to Obama who has personally received around $100,000 and his aid Jim Johnson was CEO of Fannie and walked away with 10s of millions. Further, Obama solicited economic and housing advice from former Fannie CEO Franklin Raines, who also took 10s of millions from Fannie. Both those CEO has been implicated in the corruption. There's no comparison between the campaigns. Obama is up to his eyeballs in subprime corruption, and he has been his entire career, since he was a community organizer for ACORN, to when he was lawyer for ACORN to when he was state senator funneling taxpayer money to Tony Rezko and other slum lords, to when he joined the US senate and immediately became one of Fannie and Freddie's biggest recipients of money for favors. But the press will ignore Obama's lifelong subprime corruption and try to slime McCain because of this adviser's firm.

ABC poll shows Obama up 52 to 43 because of economic issues. Looks like the Fox poll shows Obama ahead too.

Palin attempts to block press from meeting with Afghanistan President Karzai. I think McCain is screwing up once again. The best thing he's got going for his campaign is Sarah Palin. She generated all the excitement. She brought McCain to even in the polls. I know the press is working overtime to try and discredit her, but the people love her. She doesn't have to take questions from the press, but she should be surrounded by press constantly. She's kind of disappeared, and that's not good for McCain. The other thing he's done is make her basically parrot his positions. She's no good as a parrot. The people like her much better than they like McCain. He should turn her loose and let her be herself.

Solar wind weakest in 50 years.

Michelle Malkin explains the role of illegal immigrants in the subprime crisis, but she fails to make the case that it was a significant factor.

Obama may delay his spending plans because of economic problems. That shows he recognizes that his programs will hurt the economy. Why would anybody vote for a guy who's programs will hurt the economy?

After 7 years and 9 months, House Republicans finally stand up to Cheney and the Bush administration. Talk about too little, too late. I'm really afraid Bush and his Democrat cohorts are going to ram through the single largest peace-time government power grab in US history. But you have to love Newt. He's exactly right that McCain should call this the Bush/Obama socialist bailout plan.

Apparently the SEC could change the mark-to-market accounting requirement and effectively fix this credit crisis with the stroke of a pen. I'm telling you, it's a conspiracy for the biggest peace-time power grab in US history. That rule was just implemented last November, when the credit crisis started.

Airport screening machine detects terrorist intent. Right. Haven't these people ever heard of false positives?

Barack Obama sought and received the support of a Marxist political party in his run for Illinois state senate in 1996. This guy has sought out, won the support from, and surrounded himself his entire adult life.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's CEOs got their money's worth from Chris Dodd and Democrats. Just 2 months ago, Senate Finance Chair Chris Dodd proclaimed that Fannie and Freddie were "fundamentally strong" even though Dodd was well aware of the subprime crisis, the corruption and accounting "irregularities" that were being used to pad CEO salaries. And in the same month, Barney Frank is only concerned about CEO compensation, not the corruption that created this crisis. Wow. I bet liberals reelect these guys anyway. Hopefully we can force both to resign.

Letter to my representatives: Given the gross incompetence of the politicians who created this credit crisis, for the good of the country those people must resign. At a minimum, Sec. Paulson, Fed Chairman Bernanke, Senate Finance Chair Dodd, and House Finance Chair Frank should all resign immediately. These men, by interfering in our economy and by their corruption in the subprime mortgage market with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac own the lion's share of responsibility for this crisis. There must be accountablility. It's an abomination to consider them retaining power, let alone gaining more power. I demand the immediate resignation of Paulson, Bernanke, Dodd, and Frank.

Blogger claims to have connected Sarah Palin smear videos directly to the Obama campaign.

SNL runs skit lampooning NYTimes, but conservatives are outraged because it implies incest between Palin's husband and their daughter.

More details on how Democrats killed the Fannie and Freddie reform bill intended to head off this crisis despite knowing full well about the corruption.

Stanley Kurtz, the reporter who finally opened up records from the Chicago Annenburg Challenge, reports on the details of the professional relationship between Obama and Bill Ayers. Ayers founded the organization, was in the group of 5 that recruited Obama as CEO, and had numerous meetings with Obama, contrary to Obama's claims about his relationshipt with Ayers. Ayers identifies himself as a communist, and the goal of the Challenge was to promote Marxist radicalism in schools, not to improve education. Obama is a dangerous Marxist. He has spent his entire career promoting Marxist ideals, and that's what we can expect from an Obama presidency. His claims to be a moderate and uniter are a fraud.

Text of Gov. Palin's speech that she wasn't able to give because she was disinvited for political reasons from the rally protesting Iranian President Ahmadinejad's appearance at the UN. Too bad. It's a good one.

According to Citizens Against Government Waste, Biden is the worst government official at fighting government waste with a zero score. Obama is terrible with a score of 18 percent. McCain is good, but not great with a score of 88 percent. There's a real difference between the candidates.

It turns out the person who hacked Palin's email is the son of a Democrat Tennessee state legislator. That's not good.

Analysis of the Big Labor agenda and why they're spending a billion dollars on electing their candidates, including Barack Obama. Needless to say, freedom is not anywhere to be found in this agenda.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finance Buyout/Bailout Madness

I'm beginning to think this whole credit crisis buyout/bailout is a scam. Bernanke says Congress must act quickly or the entire economy is at risk. Why didn't he say this a month ago? Why didn't he say this a year ago? This credit crisis isn't new. Why must it be passed with no analysis and no debate? The Bush administration knew it was coming in 2003 when it tried to fix Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. McCain introduced legislation in 2005 to fix it. Democrats blocked both attempts. The crisis hit a year ago. So why did government piddle around for a year, or 3 years or 5 years, allow this crisis to hit, then suddenly proclaim Congress must enact an unprecedented power grab into the financial markets to resolve it, especially when there are other, far less intrusive options on the table? Article calls this response blind panic. I guess that's another alternative explanation.

I'm tired of the double-speak about this crisis. I'm tired of talking heads and government aristocrats calling these mortgage securities illiquid and claiming there is no market for them. They're not telling us the whole story. There is no market for them at a given price. They are illiquid at a given price. They are liquid, and there is a market at a lower, fire sale, price. The primary reason the companies aren't selling them at that lower price and eating the losses is the companies know they are going to get bailed out. The secondary reason they don't want to sell them is the mark-to-market accounting mandate makes the fire sale price lower than it would be naturally.

I have an alternative plan to fix the markets:

1. Inform everybody there will be no more buyout/bailout/rescues ever. Investors who made bad investments will reap what they sowed and eat their losses, so they better find a way to minimize them.

2. Repeal the mandate for mark-to-market accounting that makes no sense on long term investments like mortgages. This will allow companies holding those mortgages to sell them at a natural discounted price.

3. Completely privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac so they can never corrupt our financial markets again.

4. Repeal the Community Reinvestment Act so lenders can never be forced to make bad loans again.

5. Force the Fed to enforce its mandate to keep inflation low instead of allowing socialists like Greenspan to use irresponsibly loose monetary policy to create economic bubbles like the dotcom and the housing bubble.

6. Abolish the income tax and adopt the FairTax.

Newt Gingrich provides a rational analysis of the Paulson plan, which he understands will become the Paulson, Obama, Pelosi, Reid plan, and finds it wanting. He alternatively proposes 4 market-based solutions that will fix our economy by extracting government from our markets.

If Finland implements gun control, crime will rise in Finland the same way it rises everywhere else in the world where gun control is implemented.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Free kibbles

Paulson's buyout/bailout includes foreign banks that do business in the US. From Paulson's socialist point of view, this makes sense. Those banks lend money to Americans and to head off credit contraction, they'll need help to. But none of these banks should be bailed out by taxpayers. Government should fix the rules so those banks aren't saddled with mark-to-market accounting, then those banks can sell off the mortgage securities to companies with deep pockets at discounted prices. If government would get out of the way, the market would resolve this crisis.

Oil is up $25 today. Any professional who said speculation doesn't play a major role in oil prices should be fired immediately.

Pakistani troops fire warning shots at US helicopters. The Pakistan government better figure out if it's on the side of the terrorists or us.

It's about time McCain got serious about this campaign. His new ad hits Obama for his ties to Chicago machine corruption. But it's still pretty weak. I hope they stronger soon.

Obama reaching back to Illinois to push for a watered down versus of an ethics bill that would help his Chicago benefactors stay in power. This is bad for Obama either way. Everybody involved is corrupt.

Barack Obama used his political clout as an Illinois state senator to aid corrupt developers, much like he used his clout in the US senate to power the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, subprime mortgage corruption. Rezko, Butler and others have been convicted or had their properties seized. Lots of people ask what Obama ever did in office. This ongoing corruption is what he did.

Bill Clinton reports that Hillary never wanted to be Obama's VP. The Clintons are distancing themselves from Obama as fast as they can. They know that Obama's phony facade is crashing down around his ears.

Obama tried to convince Iraqi leaders to delay negotiating the withdrawal of US troops until after the election. This man acknowledges no limits to his power, and he's willing to let more Americans die, not for the sake of success of the mission, but to make himself look good. He's a Marxist through and through. Maybe somebody should remind Obama the president carries out foreign policy, not the politburo. I mean Congress. And not junior senators.

Democrats are preparing to blame racism if Obama loses. They've been doing that for a while. Details on the racial issues poll show it in a much more objective light.

Obama's $50 billion annual increase in US welfare to the world.

This is a great essay describing the damage Democrats have done to themselves this election. A year ago, just by the grace of not being Republicans, Democrats were sailing smoothly toward gaining the presidency and big majorities in both houses. I was the only person I know of who kept saying Democrats would screw it up. And they did.

Democrats missed the point. The reason Republicans were so unpopular is they governed like corrupt, big-government Democrats. Insteading being responsible, calling for smaller government, reducing the power of the Patriot Act, holding hearings to determine how we could win the war in Iraq faster and with lower cost in blood and treasure, Democrats raced even further toward irresponsibility and the left and nominated a corrupt, dangerous Marxist who hangs out with people who declared war on and bombed the United States.

Democrats should hope for defeat this election. If they win, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid will do so much damage to this country, the Democrats won't see power again for 20 years at least. The RNC should run ads picturing and quoting those 3 clowns and acknowledging their irresponsible, big-government ways to reinvigorate the deservedly tarnished Republican brand.

Poll shows that Republicans are now viewed as favorably as Democrats. That's how bad Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have blown it.

Do you think Obama will put his money where is mouth is? Iranian President Ahmadinejad offers to debate both presidential candidates. Obama's campaign must be kicking themselves.

Are these people delusional or do they just not care about facts? How do you deal with people who are one or the other? 73 percent of Obama supporters think the economy is in recession, which its not. The economy may be bad. It's hit plenty of people hard. It may be artificially inflated by inflationary monetary policy. But the economy has not suffered any negative growth, let alone the 2 back to back quarters that define recession. This is crazy. Only 21 percent of Obama supporters think the Supreme Court should rule based on the Constitution. There you have it. Democrats don't the support the Constitution. They don't support the rule of law. That's just crazy.

Dinesh D'Sousa has raised more money in a week, $2,000, for Barack Obama's destitute brother than Obama has given him in his multi-millionaire life. I love D'Sousa's reasons for this campaign.

So after proposing $200 billion in new spending per year, Obama wants us to think he's a budget cutter, saying he'll cut spending by $40 billion. Obama is shameless. You know he says this stuff with a straight face. He knows the media is working for him, and he thinks he'll get away with this crap. Given what we learned about his supporters and delusion and facts, he'll get away with it with them. But not with the public at large.

Ebay is just hurting itself by restricting payments.

Bill Clinton likes Sarah Palin for different reasons than the rest of us, if you know what I mean.

Christopher Hitchens is cruel to Michael Dukakis to compare him to a corrupt, closet Marxist who hangs out with terrorists who declared war on and bombed America.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Free kibbles

Sec. of Treasury Paulson calls this a "humbling time" for America. I hope the American people don't fall for that bull****. The American people have no reason to be humbled. This is a humbling time for the socialists, the central planners, the government aristocrats who think they can run our financial markets, our economy and our lives better than the American people can themselves. Since Paulson is one of the people, he should be humbled, like the leaders of every socialist nation before ours. This financial crisis is the result of socialists and the corrupt inherent in socialism, not the result of the American people, the private sector, or free markets.

Contrary to what the government aristocrats want us to believe by making up their phony budgets then hiding the costs of government in other bills, our military budget is over $1 trillion.

We'll see if the weak, inept Pakistan government effectively targets terrorists. So far all they've wanted to do is negotiate with them, and all got them was more terrorism.

Israeli PM Olmert to resign.

Hacker who hacked Gov. Palin's personal email account busted.

Obama concedes North Dakota to McCain and pulls out staff.

William Buffet has invested $500 million in Sapphire Energy.

Stonehenge accurately dated to 2,300BC.

The Copernican principle suggests that evolution is best understood by examining what is old, not new. This principle should dominate science fiction. And I think romance novels will last the longest.

The audacity of comparing Barack Obama to Martin Luther King Jr.

I don't think Bush's ideology has shifted. He was a socialist when he first entered office, and he's a socialist now.

Celebration for the seriousness of also-rans and 3rd party candidates, gathered by Ron Paul, to agree on serious policy issues. It's nice to see a conservative with a forum pointing out that conservatives better court libertarians and work with liberals on important issues.

George Will complains that the Wall Street bailout is expanding into a Detroit bailout, and he has nice words for Cato.

Michael Barone reports that the longstanding trend that bad economic news is good for the party contending for the presidency isn't holding in this case because the financial crisis is too complicated for sound bites and voters fall back to what's immediately important to them.

Columnist explains the problems and offers alternatives to this gigantic, socialist buyout of bad loans and more. Bush and Paulson's plan sounds like the nuclear option to me, and Democrats want a couple more nukes added in. I'm happy to see some people offering some more limited ideas.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Free kibbles

Bush requests $700 billion to buy up questionable mortgage securities. I wonder what $700 billion in spending Congress will cut from the budget to make up for it. The WSJ explains the reasons for and the risks involved in the government intervention in the financial markets. This is way too much power for government. There had to be a solution that didn't involve this extreme government intervention, but I seriously doubt any of the socialists in Washington even considered a market-based solution.

Giant truck bomb kills 40 in Pakistan. The terrorists said the bomb is a warning for Pakistan's government to stop cooperating with the US. Some cooperation we've been getting.

Obama pays women, on average, 78 percent of what he pays men. NOW claims this is because men have higher positions in Obama's office. McCain pays women, on average, more than men. That's because women have higher positions in McCain's office. McCain clearly treats women better than Obama, giving them more responsibility and compensating them for it, but NOW prefers Obama.

John Stossel and Thomas Sowell talk about racial identity and racial privilege.

Article claims fired trooper-gate public safety commissioner was a wife beater. The scandal in this case is that Palin didn't outright fire either of these creeps.

Steve Forbes explains mark-to-market accounting and the major role its playing in the credit crisis. He has some suggestions to fix the problem, but those are mute since Bush and Paulson have unveiled the biggest socialist bailout in history. He also celebrates a great 20th century economist, Joseph Schumpeter, who explained the importance of entrepreneurs.

Pretty funny McCain/Palin slogans. If somebody did slogans like these for Obama/Biden, the press would howl about racism.

Astronomers photograph what appears to be the first extra-solar planet orbiting a star.

Anti-war attorney pleads guilty to keying Marine's car.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Free kibbles

Government takes the next step and guarantees liquidity to the entire financial market, not just individual companies. This is the only step that isn't a repeat of the mistakes of the Great Depression. Government caused this crisis, but it must make sure the economy doesn't repeat the credit contraction that was the single biggest cause of the Great Depression. Unfortunately, because government has a monopoly on controlling the money supply, our entire economy is at the mercy of government. Rescue plan could cost taxpayers $1 trillion. Naturally, the stock market is up on the news that Washington won't let any more companies fail. The flip-side of that is that companies will run more risk than ever and future socialism will damage us even further.

Given what we're seeing, it should come as no surprise that the United States has dropped from 2nd in the world in economic freedom in 2000 to 8th in 2008 according to Cato. The US score has dropped from 8.55 to 8.04. Only Zimbabwe, Argentina, Niger, Venezuela, and Guyana suffered bigger losses in economic freedom during this period. Bush the Democrat, a big-government Republican Congress, and even bigger-government Democrats are to blame.

I guess North Korea has strung us along, played us for fools, and received as much welfare from the US as they think they'll get because it is now officially pulling out of the nuclear deal it never intended to meet anyway.

Dept. of Justice refuses to give in to Obama campaign's demand for a political witch hunt against Obama's opposition. Good for them. But if Obama looses, you can bet we'll get new campaign finance laws to further restrict free speech.

Desperate Democrats try to blame the credit crisis on Phil Gramm for legislation deregulating part of the mortgage industry, legislation supported by leading Democrats. Deregulation is not the problem. The problem is regulation (control) by government that perverts the market and stifles competition.

The energy bill passed by the House and likely to be passed by the Senate is a huge socialist bill in which government determines where companies can drill for oil and where they can sell it. More socialism won't help us. It also contains $85 billion in handouts for the auto and energy industry. I guess Congress hasn't figured out we don't have any money. We're running a deficit. Hopefully we can kill this socialist bill and force Congress to recognize the constitutional limits on its powers and allow a free energy market to solve our energy problems. I'm not holding my breath.

Cato laments the government's bailout mania, putting taxpayers on the hook for some $1 trillion in debt. Much of it will get paid back, but we don't know how much.

Jonah Goldberg scoffs at Democrats for blaming Wall Street, pointing out Democrats blocked reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which are the focal point for the entire credit crisis.

Obama's thuggery - the politics of Chicago and ACORN (is that change?), the tactics of Marxists - is coming out in full force. Obama tells his supporters to go out and argue and get in the face of independent voters. This is how Obama rose to the top in Chicago, with Chicago's thug politics. I think it will backfire in the rest of the country. But at least Americans are finally seeing this dangerous, corrupt radical for what he really is. This could get ugly. And every time it does, the Democrats will cry racism.

Top 10 Obama dumb comments. I wouldn't call all of them gaffes because gaffes implies, at least to me, impromptu.

Boortz summarizes redlining, the Community Reinvestment Act, and the subsequence subprime crisis.

Lawrence Kudlow points out another government created problem aggravating the credit crisis called mark-to-market accounting. I'm going to have to look that up. He suggests a couple of policies that might help including recreating the RTC, which is sounds like a twist on a white knight. This article was written before Paulson's completely socialist bailout plan was announced.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free kibbles

In another escalation of the new Cold War of Terror, Russia sells Iran anti-aircraft missiles to defend their nuclear facilities. Russia wants to insure that rogue nations cost us as much of our wealth as possible.

Fed allocates $180 billion cash fund to keep credit flowing.

Article claims US capitalism has failed. What a joke. The US is a socialist country, and socialism created this credit crisis just like it created the Great Depression. Now both parties want more socialism, which will make our problems worse, just like it did in the Great Depression. At least the Fed isn't restricting the supply of money like it did in the Great Depression.

Warren Buffet is buying tons of companies. That's because he has a well run company which has lots of cash, and its a buyer's market.

Nancy Pelosi says Democrats bear no responsibility for the credit crisis. That's the Big Lie. She says that because she knows that Democrats are completely responsible for the subprime crisis that sparked it.

It's often been reported that those security questions for online accounts are actually the weakest link in online security, and a hacker exploited that weakness to convince Yahoo to send Sarah Palin's password to him so he could break into her private email account.

Another Barack Obama Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac connection.

McCain finally exposes Obama on his connections to Fannie and Freddie. When is he going to expose Obama's Marxist connections?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free kibbles

Democrats pretend proposal to drill offshore angers environmentalists-cum-Marxists. It's just pretend. They don't really mean it.

Al Qaeda attacks civilians during Ramadan outside US embassy in Yemen. Al Qaeda's tactics are alienating more Muslims every day, just like they alienated Muslims in Iraq. Hopefully Al Qaeda terrorists will soon expend all their energy attacking and killing each other and nobody else.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free kibbles

Our government has become the Soviet Union. The Feds agreed to an $85 billion bailout of AIG. I demand a bailout. Lehman Brothers demands a bailout. Government destroyed the market forces these companies play in, and they destroyed the market every American plays in. Now the aristocrats are playing favorites. Thumbs up for Bear Stearns. Thumbs up for the socialist institutions of Barack Obama's powerbrokers, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Thumbs down for Lehman Brothers. Thumbs up for AIG. Thumbs down for me and you. We MUST take these socialists from both parties out of power, ASAP, or we're all going to be starving and dying in the streets within a generation. We have enabled these government aristocrats of both parties to destroy our county, the greatest country the world has ever know, but surrendering our freedom and power to them. We have nobody to blame for their actions but ourselves.

Gen. Odierno takes over for Gen. Petraeus in Iraq. Odienro reports that security gains in Iraq are fragile and reversable. This is another warning that Obama could still lose the Iraq war if elected.

This article claims that a bill in the House would allow Americans to drill for oil off most of the continental shelf. That's the first I've heard of that, and I don't believe it. I think this is propaganda being pushed by the Democrats' press corp - the mainstream media. This is kind of sad, but the mainstream media's outrageous attacks on Sarah Palin have proved that they no longer even attempt to be only slightly liberal. Their credibility dropped from little to none. The mainstream media, Reuters in the forefront, are propaganda organs for Democrats. I'll believe this when I read it from multiple sources who aren't Democrat propaganda organs. Bush should veto any legislation that limits energy development in the US in favor of removing the government from our energy policy, allowing a free market in energy development.

Britain's Yorkshire Coast College renames Christmas and Easter breaks to end of term breaks so they don't offend students. Any students offended by Christmas and Easter should go somewhere else. I must be a rare person who's never been offended by Passover, Hanukka or any other religious holiday. How are the holidays of other religions offensive? Where did we get this stupid idea that everybody had to change the way they do things because some weirdos might get offended?

The Democrats' carbon offset plan at their convention only raised $18.34. Typical. Liberals don't want to put their money where their mouth is. They want to use government force to take money from everybody else for their pet, socialist causes.

There's nothing independent about the investigator or troopergate investigation of Sarah Palin in Alaska. I guess this person thinks he or she can fool liberals. The press should not be allowed to get away with this kind of gross inaccuracy. The facts on the bias of the investigator are readily available. The investigator is a politically motivated Democrat.

McCain lays out plans for much bigger and therefore more corrupt regulatory system for Wall Street. This is the exact wrong approach. Further injecting government into markets will create more and worse financial problems. I'm sure Obama will be proud of McCain's socialist approach. But Democrats will rip it anyway. Our choice this election is between big-socialist Republicans or bigger-socialist Democrats. We're hosed.

Contrary to what Obama would have us believe, that McCain is out of touch, the reason McCain can't use a computer is because of the injuries he received as a POW.

Obama knows how to rally his base. He blames Wall Street's troubles on Bush.

Joe Biden espouses on the benefits of electing a black president. I thought Obama wasn't about race.

Boston Globe columnists exposes the baloney about Obama's class warfare tax increase that Obama calls "neighborly".

We already knew that McCain has a more bipartisan record than Obama, but it's good to see it print. Unfortunately, McCain's bipartisanship is his worst attribute because he supports liberal, socialist policies like global warming cap and trade, restrictions on freedom of speech via campaign finance laws, and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Free kibbles

Lehman Brothers files bankruptcy and Bank of America bought floundering Merrill Lynch. Not only did the world not end, it just got a little better because the Feds didn't bail out Lehman Brothers. The market will correct. This is a reminder to everybody that there's a price to be paid for failure, which means everybody will do a better job of investing, increasing the stability of the market, at least until government screws the system up further. The Dow is down 400.

The UK has officially sanctioned sharia law with sharia courts for Muslim communities. Great Britain now has 2 different sets of laws for different religious/ethnic groups. Unbelievable. Our stalwart ally, the founding empire of our own country, is committing cultural and national suicide. This will lead to civil war in Britain.

Now Chinese produced baby formula is tainted. This will cause a big stink.

Is anybody surprised that ABC edited Palin's interview to make her look worse? Is anybody surprised the media questioned Palin harder in her first interview than anybody has yet to question Obama after nearly 2 years of campaigning? Is anybody surprise Gibson grilled Palin on her church but nobody has grilled Obama on his in 2 years? I'm not. Here's a contrast of the questions Gibson asked Obama versus the questions he asked Palin. There's the media bias in black and white.

Democrats have a new welfare plan that's really an old welfare plan, and we know the consequences of last time - gas stamps. Thanks FDR.

The Hubble telescope spotted an object scientists can't identify. It appeared out of nowhere, then 100 days later, it faded back to nowhere.

Why has this story about white powder envelopes being sent to 2 McCain offices disappeared from the news?

Video links Obama and Bill Ayers and shows Obama explaining that the position Ayers gave to Obama despite Obama having no qualifications is the reason he should be elected Senator. It also explains how Obama worked with Ayers at the Woods Foundation to provide money to Obama's political allies including Rev. Wright and Father Pfleger. The information is good. To bad the music is cheesy.

Big-government money and the control, bureaucracy, and NEA that comes with it would destroy charter schools just like it has destroyed all government schools.

Another comparison of state government policies contrasts the fiscal and economic disasters of New York and California, high tax and spend states, with the fiscal and economic dynamos of Texas and Arizona, low tax and spend states. This isn't rocket science.

Tina Fey does Sarah Palin (not like that, perverts).

Here's more info on the link between Obama, ACORN, the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), and the subprime crisis. Here's a more complete description of how Obama's entire career, pre and post law degree, was involved with ACORN, who's activism changed the CRA interpretation. Obama's role in the subprime crisis explains why he brought in another architect of the crisis as his campaign finance manager. Even longer article explaining the links between Obama, ACORN, CRA, Penny Pritzker, Jim Johnson, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the subprime crisis. This is pretty amazing. No wonder Obama is trying so hard to convince Americans that this was a failure of the market, not direct result of the actions of him and his cronies with the help of the Clintons. This explains how community organization groups could intimidate banks into making subprime loans by threatening to file a CRA suit. Here's link to an article showing Obama did just that in a class action suit against Bear Stearns. Unfortunately, the whole article is subscription only.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Free kibbles

Lehman Brothers is set to file bankruptcy. Man, I hope the US government doesn't bail them out too. But on what grounds can they fail to bail them out? On what principle? Government aristocrats have no principles.

This hurricane Ike story starts out with the pitiful plight of 2,000 people who have been rescued from Galviston. These poor people, who we're supposed to feel sorry for and blame our government for, chose to ignore a mandatory evacuation order and not only put themselves in danger, but put rescuers in danger as well. They abdicated their responsibility to take care of themselves, and we're supposed to feel sorry for them because they don't know where they're going. That's what happens when you surrender your personal responsibility for your own life to government. They have been seduced by poisonous, ubiquitous liberalism into thinking it's everybody else's responsibility to take care of them - not their own, not their family's, and they didn't even avail themselves of the taxpayer funded public evacuation provided - and we're supposed to be upset with government that it didn't do enough. They have consumed huge amounts of other people's tax dollars with their irresponsible self-indulgence, and we shouldn't pity them. We should make sure every one of these idiots is forced to repay to taxpayers for the high price of their rescue because of their selfishness and laziness.

Dust devils on Mars.

Obama has record fundraising month in August, but that's nearly all the money he has available. He's been spending like corrupt Washington politician, and he's still behind in the polls.

Federal judge rules that Federal harassment of medical marijuana patients and state officials violates the 10th amendment. If the federal law is constitutional, it supercedes state law. So that means that this judge basically declared the federal law against marijuana unconstitutional.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Free kibbles

Bob Woodward credits next generation technology in unmanned drones for squashing the terrorists and insurgents in Iraq. Contrary to what Barack Obama and Democrats are trying to tell us, political reconciliation is happening in Iraq. The government has now met 15 of the 18 benchmarks set before the surge. By all measures, the surge has been a resounding success.

Congratulations to the EU for brokering a deal for Russia to withdraw from Georgia except for South Ossetia and Abkhazia. This is a European problem, and the Europeans should take the lead with the US providing diplomatic and economic support. If we pull Georgia into NATO, that won't be the case because the US is the undisputed leader of NATO. The Georgian government's exaggerations of events, claiming ethnic cleansing, don't help the situation. They only hurt the Georgian government's credibility. Russian President Medvedev equates Georgia's attempt to put down the South Ossetian rebellion to 9/11. The leaders of both these countries are nuts.

Terrorists set off 5 bombs in New Delhi, killing at least 18.

In another exhibition of the extreme liberal media's bias, survey shows that Huffington Post is the blog favored by journalists. Daily Kos was 4. Townhall was 5.

Once again a British reporter cuts through the crap and provides the type of honest, effective analysis of this election that can't be found in the US press. This guy explains that the reason Obama is in trouble is because his rhetoric is completely at odds with his actions over his career. Just like his Marxist teachers taught him. Obama is not what he's trying to convince Americans he is, and we have copious amounts of evidence to prove it - all ignored by liberals.

Obama campaign stiffs girl scout troop.

YouTube to block al Qaeda videos because they incite violence. Why wasn't that always a restriction?

It's always seemed to me that a white roof made more sense than a black one in hot climates to keep energy bills low. How cares about fighting natural climate change?

Since $2 million in tax dollars doesn't stop truency, I have a different plan. How about taxpayers quit providing education welfare through failing government schools and parents send their schools to neighborhood private schools run by teacher-entrepreneurs. I bet those parents that pay for school make sure their children attend.

Charles Krauthammer explains there have been 4 distinct versions of the Bush Doctrine, contrary to Charlie Gibson's opinion, expressed in an attempt to make Sarah Palin look foolish, that there is only one version - preemptive war.

I've compared Democrats and the liberal press' attack on Sarah Palin to attacks by a cornered, wounded animal fighting for its life. Dick Morris provides support for the analogy by explaining that Sarah Palin represents an existential threat to Democrats because she can split their coalition by drawing women from the Democrats, and she'll be around for a while.

According to the Treasury department, the lowest 50 percent of earners pay only 3 percent of taxes and the next 25 percent pay only 11 percent of taxes. These numbers don't jive with the Tax Foundation numbers.

7 reasons non-liberals love Sarah Palin.

Tina Fey likely to play Gov. Palin on SNL. That's great news. Tina Fey will actually be funny parodying her.

Shocking information about Obama and Biden's tax returns. Despite making over $200,000 each, they give virtually nothing to charity, and they save virtually nothing. Talk about conspicuous consumption. How can these people not donate to charity or save any money? Where is their compassion? Where is their investment in America? This illustrates dangerous selfishness and shortsightedness.

Michael Barone uses a fighter pilot analogy to explain why McCain's choice of Palin has dramatically changed this election in his favor.

Lack of political will to compromise and unite in Iraq could undo all of our successes there.

Economic analysis of the three fastest growing states, Texas, Florida and Arizona compared to the 3 worst states, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois, show that liberal, Obamaesque, big-government is the culprit. Why would vote for a candidate who's policies would make the economy for the entire country like Michigan and Ohio?

Wonderful story of a Medal of Honor recipient.

The effect of McCain's selection of Sarah Palin and the closing excitement gap is that Republicans have suddenly closed the gap for congressional races.

Now this is a funny parody of Sarah Palin.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Free kibbles

I don't think Gov. Palin is at all embarrassed by her recognition that there is no scientific evidence linking climate change to human activity. I think she's in a bad position on this issue because McCain has fallen for Al Gore's hype and she hasn't.

This is a nice analysis of the Bush Doctrine and how it's different from historical preemption.

Recently discovered video of McCain being released in Hanoi.

Another ridiculous attack on Palin's family, this time her son for vandalizing school buses. Leave this woman's family alone. This kid is going to war for us and every American should be thanking him.

A nice reporter in Great Britain explains the Marxist roots of community organizers like Obama. This is just one of many examples of Obama's communist sympathies. His search for and embrace of Marxism is overwhelming. Notice how the US press has refused to explain that this is a Marxist inspired occupation?

California school district ordered teacher to take down slogans including "God Bless America" because they didn't agree with the teaching philosophy of the school. The teacher won a court case allowing him to keep up the signs. But why? Isn't the school district in charge of what's taught in schools? This sounds like 2 wrongs trying to make a right to me. This is why government should not have a monopoly on our schools (or run any schools for that matter).

Why would anybody be surprised that government intends to monitor and influence cloud computing to the advantage of government aristocrats.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

OPEC and free energy markets

Maybe we needed another reminder that OPEC is not our friend. OPEC agrees to cut production by $500,000 barrels a day. Because prices are falling. If Democrats won't allow us to drill everywhere we can after that, and to build nuclear, coal, natural gas, and every cost effective power plants we can, we should grab the torches and pitchforks and storm the castle.

Democrats threaten to shut down the government if Bush vetoes the bill extending the moratorium on offshore drilling. He better put his veto where his mouth is and stand up to these Democrats and veto that ban. Bush has the power to win this election for McCain, hands down. If he vetoes this bill, opens up the continental shelf to drilling, and Democrats shut down the government in opposition, McCain will win this election by 10 to 20 points. This is an easy decision, and why would the Democrats even consider committing political suicide like this? All that said, I bet Bush the Democrat, who's done everything possible to appease Democrats except lose the war in Iraq, will appease them once again and let the people continue to suffer.

Here's the email I sent to my representatives, McCain, and Obama:

Now OPEC has decided to cut oil production by 500,000 barrels per day.

We must end Democrats' irresponsible, centrally planned energy policy of Ban. Import. Subsidize.

The American people demand a free market for energy in which free people can develop whatever energy sources make sense economically whereever those sources exist. End the bans on energy production. End the subsidies that pervert our energy market, promoting waste and harming development of alternative energy. A free market in energy is the best plan possible for America's energy needs.

We don't want a Democrat central plan. We don't want a Republican central plan. We don't want T. Boone Pickens's central plan. All central plans - socialism - are inferior to free markets. Free the people to solve our energy problems.

Free kibbles

Americans still remember 9/11. I hope they remember on days besides 9/11.

General Petraeus reminds Americans that the situation in Iraq could still reverse. He doesn't mention Obama, but whether he intended it so or not, this is a clear signal that a President Obama could still defeat us in Iraq.

Due to the incompetency of the Pakistani government we helped empower, President Bush has authorized US military raids against the Taliban in Pakistan without permission from the Pakistanis. The political failure of both parties, forcing Musharraf into an impossible power-sharing deal that ended up forcing him out of power, has endangered American troops and civilians. It's about time we took this safe haven from the Taliban, and al Qaeda, but we should have done it side-by-side with Pakistani forces from a Pakistani government aligned with the US.

Russia rejects desire by South Ossetia to join Russia.

Mugabe and the opposition agree to power-sharing deal in Zimbabwe. I'm skeptical.

Here we go again. Another Democrat, Charlie Rangle, refuses to resign his chairmanship after being caught in a scandal, failing to pay taxes on overseas income. Democrats never do the honorable thing when they've been busted. There's definitely no honor among Democrat thieves. As scandals go, this is pretty minor, but can you imagine if a Republican had done this? There would be congressional investigations, and it would be front page news for 6 months.

Scientist explains why humans evolved superstitions.

Fact checks disprove smears of Gov. Palin. Gov. Palin's per diem for traveling to and from her own house instead of staying in the Governor's mansion is SOP in Alaska. It should be SOP everywhere. She didn't ban books or even try to ban books. Another liberal smear of Palin has her forcing rape victims to pay for their own rape kits.

History shows how Obama avoided confronting the corrupt power in Chicago on the issue of

ABC's medical editor disparages the intelligence and will of the American people to make good decisions about their own health care. We're too dumb to have any system other than socialized medicine. Government supplied health care has made us so much healthier over the decades.

John Stossel explodes Obama's plan to create 5 million green jobs, pointing out that by taking money from the market to invest in those green jobs, he's taking more than 5 million jobs out of the economy. Because of government waste, it's a net loss of jobs. He also points out that if investment in green energy makes sense, the market can do it much more effectively than government.

The Farmer's Almanac understands the link between sunspots and climate.

Boston spends $13 thousand on a wind turbine to light 19 light bulbs. Government wants to force taxpayers and consumers to foot the bill for this kind of expensive energy production everywhere.

Federal government requires employers to give Muslims prayer breaks and allows them to refuse to handle pork. This is outrageous. The federal government has no business interfering the labor agreements between employers and employees, period, and this agreement shows why. The government has no business favoring one group of people over another. If Muslims want prayer breaks and don't want to handle pork, they can negotiate that themselves or start their own businesses with their own policies. We have to take control of our government back from the people for the cause freedom.

The Onion reports that the press is running a front page story on McCain out of obligation, since they never do it even though he might be the next president.

Lincoln Chaffee, his picture is in the dictionary next to RINO, supports Obama and calls Palin a cocky wacko.

Apparently China threatening to dump Fred and Fan securities was one of the pressures that led the US government to take it over. More socialism is the price we pay for current socialism that keeps America's economy struggling while China's grows at 10 percent a year, year after year, because of their free market reforms. Cato explains that Fan and Fred have been socialists all along, and their failure is a failure of socialism. There was nothing free market about Fan and Fred.

George Will shows how liberal local government and unions are bankrupting cities and businesses and we're just seeing the beginning of this next huge financial crisis.

Obama filled out a questionnaire stating he wanted to ban all handguns, lied about it and blamed a staffer, then when a copy with his handwriting came out, he claimed he must not have read the question. Blackwell points out a string of other lies on issues that Obama has told. This guy does think we're stupid.

Cato explains that raising taxes to balance the budget, tried by Hoover and FDR, failed then and will fail today.

Obama models his education plan on the failed National Defense Education Act, which is partly responsible for the terrible schools we have today.

According to the tax foundation, over 43 million Americans pay no taxes, and many get tax refunds. Obama's tax plan would increase the tax burden of the top 5 percent, who already pay 42 percent of taxes, to 48 percent. That ought to erase millions of jobs.

Obama says he would delay rescinding Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy, that's code for raising taxes on rich people, if the economy is in a recession. Obama is admitting that rescinding those tax cuts will be bad for the economy. But if the economy isn't in recession, he's going to do it anyway. Obama knows he's harming the US economy by rescinding those tax cuts, and he's going to do it anyway. Why would anybody vote for a person who wants to harm the US economy? On the other hand, why would anybody vote for somebody who was so dumb he didn't know that raising taxes would hurt the economy? I guess what I'm really asking is why would anybody vote for a Democrat.

This might be the most insightful analysis of the liberal media and political meltdown regarding Sarah Palin precisely because it comes from the liberal media in Great Britain, which knows all about these kinds of meltdowns. This article is full of wisdom and insightful quotes from start to finish.

Ford makes 65 MPG diesel car, but because of the tax on diesel, Ford won't sell it in the US because the market will be too small. High taxes harm Americans again.

This summer was the 3rd coldest summer on record in Alaska.

78 percent of 8th graders in Maine fail writing test, so officials throw out the results of the test. Obama wants to strengthen government's monopoly on schools.

Tiny creatures can survive extreme cold and pressure and in outer space.

This liberty amendment is a similar idea to an amendment I long wanted, the 0th amendment, which would say "This Constitution means what it says."

In 2002, Ron Paul predicted that since Congress gave the president power for a preemptive strike in Iraq, Russia would use that same excuse to invade Georgia. Prescient. But there's no equivalence between freeing Iraqis from a horrible tyrant and Russia's invasion of a country with a freely elected government.

Gov. Palin's first interview with Charlie Gibson from ABC. I didn't think she did all that well. It sounds like she's doesn't want to say something that might blow up on her, she's not comfortable speaking for McCain at this point, so she's avoiding answering certain things. For example, if US security is threatened from the tribal areas of Pakistan and the Pakistani government won't act or allow us to act, it's the responsibly of the president to act anyway including sending in troops if that's the best option. She didn't answer that well, imo. It's funny that Hillary and Republicans reamed Obama for saying that a year ago, and now Bush is doing just that. I'm sure the Republicans won't notice the double standard.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Free kibbles

The Large Hadron Collider passed its first startup test, but it hasn't produced high energy collisions yet. I still think it should have been built on the moon.

Here we go with the racism charges again. New York Governor Paterson says that whenever the McCain campaign disparages Obama's experience as a community organizer, they're really calling Obama black. You can't make this stuff up. If you saw this in a TV show, you would turn that show off because if was so stupid and unbelievable, but this is what we get from Obama supporters. If you read the article I posted yesterday, you'll notice that community organizers were white, and they were hoping to recruit a black community organizer, and Obama came along at just the right time.

Obama uses neighborliness as excuse to raise taxes on the rich and give tax rebates to people who don't pay taxes. Neighborliness is reaching into your own pocket to help your neighbor, not government reaching into your pocket and taking money from you by force.

Since Obama is literally calling McCain and Palin liars for their records on earmarks and the bridge to nowhere specifically while making the case that Obama and Biden are agents for change, Boortz does a detailed comparison, with sources, showing the records of McCain, Obama, Biden, and Palin on earmarks. Guess who's telling the truth.

JK Rowling shuts down Harry Potter Lexicon and wins $6,750 settlement.

Ron Paul endorses every candidate for president except Obama and McCain, explaining that the differences between Obama and McCain and tiny compared to the real change America needs.

Obama says McCain swift boated him by misrepresenting his lipstick on a pig comment. Clinton taught all these Democrats the art of attacking and blaming your opponent for your own mistakes. Obama should have never made that comment. His lack of discipline hurt him again, and he's unhappy that McCain is capitalizing. Welcome to the grown-up world, Obama. He's also calling McCain's record of working across the aisle non-existant. The American people know better. Obama is melting down just like the press.

Democrats are driving this race into the gutter as fast as they possibly can. The wife of the man who said that if hurricane Gustav hits, it would show God is on Democrats side, said that Palin's only qualification for office is never having had an abortion, and said that white women were going to vote Republican anyway. These weirdos are losing it because a Republican woman is likely to become VP before a Democrat woman. This melt-down by the loony left is just amazing. It's interesting that most of media censored the white women comment when they reported on her statements.

This is the inevitable result of government power - sex, drugs, and corruption of government employees charged with regulating the oil industry. Free competition unfettered by government is far and away the best regulator of the economy possible.

Biden says electing Sarah Palin VP would be a backward step for women. I think this is what liberals really believe. I'm sure they consider Condaleezza Rice being Sec. of State as a backward step for women and blacks.

Obama short on cash. Typical Democrat. Spend, spend, spend, then demand more, more, more. This is the kind of fiscal mismanagement we can expect of an Obama presidency.