Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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US continues missile defense plans in Europe despite Russian objections. Good. We can't allow Russia to dictate protecting our allies. The whole plan should be rethought to meet our interests, not because of Russia's objections. If Poland and Czechoslovakia are the only good places, we should go ahead. If other locations deeper in Europe will work, we should consider them.

Majority of Americans favor bombing Iran if necessary to stop it from developing a nuclear bomb. Once the message gets out, this number will rise.

The Supreme Court reviews punitive damages for the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound.

US government may block plans for new British Airways flights from Europe to New York because Kennedy Airport is too busy. Visitors the US have dropped dramatically. We could use more European tourists, that's for sure.

Many convictions in Madrid bombings. That was on 3/11/04. Why did it take 2 and a half years?

OPEC blames speculation, global instability, and lack of refining capacity for high oil prices, not lack of supply.

China's fuel subsidies creating shortages and violence. They also inflate world demand, driving up prices.

China selling unregulated chemicals to pharmaceutical companies. As long as they are tested before they reach the consumer, I don't care if they're unregulated. The free market takes care of itself. Japanese company discovered mislabeling and using other illegal practices. Now this I care about. Shut them down.

Warren Buffet claims his 18% tax rate is too low. That's awful low for an absurdly rich man. The best solution is to adopt the FairTax so Buffet's rate will be 23% inclusive on every dollar he spends, after prebate, just like everybody else.

Moscow schools ban Halloween.

The new prohibition. Same as the old prohibition. Reason on the war on Americans right to have a drink of alcohol.

Synthesizing bioterror agents in your basement. This is scary.

Democrats go after Clinton, and in response, she continues to dodge answers to fundamental questions. Democrats will nominate her anyway. Article claims Clinton's performance was abysmal.

Sex ban on the Airbus 380? Why have beds?

IBM recycles chips into solar panels.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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FCC to remove regulations that limited cable competition in apartment complexes. The FCC should remove all regulations limiting competition. This isn't rocket science. Everybody wins when suppliers compete. Why is the government interfering in the free market, protecting companies from competition and hurting consumers?

US changes policy and will no longer release NIE intelligence estimates because they can hurt relations with other countries. This sounds more like a way to keep the public from learning how poorly our intelligence services perform, and to insure that the public doesn't get a different view other than political propaganda, which is often inconsistent with the intelligence estimates.

Report claims US gave immunity to Blackwater employees who killed 17 Iraqi civilians. Our government is ridiculously screwed up and getting worse every day. The radio reported that immunity was offered by the State Dept. I don't see how they have any authority to offer immunity. Only prosecutors can do that.

Somali pirates hijack a South Korean ship a day after hijacking a Japanese ship. Of course it falls to the US Navy to stop pirates anywhere in the world, and we haven't done a good job off Somalia. I wonder how much the world pays us to police the seas. Crew retakes ship from pirates. Excellent.

Honduras port detects radioactive material in shipping container. Security systems worked in that case.

Russian government stages pro-Putin rallies. But unlike the phony FEMA press conference, they aren't popularly condemned.

Children are more likely to die from anything than adults. These global warming fascists will stop at nothing. Case in point, Australia is blaming heart attacks, strokes and obesity on global warming.

Liberals don't seem to understand the difference between a nuclear power program in Egypt and a nuclear weapons program in Iran.

Reason discusses the war on Halloween.

Reason exposes real-life blood sucking vampire wannabes.

Author shows the Google Docs presentation tool is inferior to Powerpoint.

Pelosi's popularity is falling. What a shock. Pelosi edits transcript to condition support for Rangel's record tax hike.

I doubt Democrats will actually debate fixing Social Security and Medicare.

Why is the press suddenly up in arms about children's Halloween costumes? I don't believe for a minute that they're any different this year than last year.

Janitorial contractor sues governor for racial discrimination because he barred the company from work because they employed illegal aliens. I about sick and tired of the race-baiting being used by proponents of illegal immigration against opponents of illegal immigration. This has nothing to do with race. It has to do with law and with behavior. The proponents of illegal immigration understand this, but they use race-baiting to try and discredit opponents anyway.

Child raised money to buy cancer drugs for her dad not available to British citizens through NHS. Record number of Brits going overseas to get health care.

Boortz reports that the New York driver's licenses are different for illegal aliens than US citizens. That means it will easy to round them up and send them home. I doubt illegal aliens will get those licenses. But the rest of the New York residents will be stuck with national ID cards.

Of course everybody should have to uncover their face to vote. Muslims should have no exception. Otherwise people could vote multiple times or assume other identities to vote. Only an idiotic government would allow voters to wear masks while voting.

Boortz reports that the seniors most opposed to unionizing senior care staff is ex-union employees. Of course.

Boortz recommends A rated children's charities.

Boortz reports that Bush plans to cave on SCHIP. What's one more big, boondoggle spending program after orchestrating the greatest growth of government in history?

Boortz says he would vote for Huckabee if the election was held today. Why? Huckabee is basically a Bush clone who thinks government should push his religious values on the rest of us.

10% of schools graduate less than 60% of their students. I bet they're all government schools.

Imam who preached that in the end of days Muslims must kill the Jews is surprised that Cleveland citizens don't want him.

Anti-US radicals leading South American countries like Venezuela and others are driving their countries into poverty. Socialism always leads to poverty.

Monday, October 29, 2007

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US hands over 8th of 18 provinces to Iraqi security. Another al Qaeda suicide bomb went off, reminding us that we haven't defeated al Qaeda in Iraq yet. Chalabi has a new role trying get the Iraqi government to provide services to the people. It just goes to show how big a mistake we made empowering that idiot government before democratic institutions were in place. They're as bad as our government.

The US is pressuring Europe to follow our lead on sanctioning Iran. Duh.

Oil is likely to hit 1979 high in real dollars. Gold approaches $800. Dollar at new low against Euro. This is a daily report anymore.

Saudi King criticizes UK for not doing enough to fight terrorism. Wow. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Argentinian First Lady, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, elected to succeed her husband. This is obviously a new, world-wide phenomenon. It's a way around term limits and should be addressed as such.

Israel has the same problem with the court stupidly interfering in foreign policy that the US does. Israel's Supreme Court ordered the government to show reason why it will implement sanctions on Gaza. I guess the daily rocket attacks from Gaza aren't enough.

Somali Prime Minister resigns amid violence. Japanese ship hijacked by pirates off Somalia.

Reason discusses Democrats' desire to amend the Constitution for campaign finance reform. John McCain didn't bother amending the Constitution to pass his unconstitutional campaign finance law. Democrats can't pass the simplest legislation, let alone a constitutional amendment.

I don't care about Sarkozy's divorce. I want to know about his reform policies and how he's managing to implement them in ultra-liberal France. 60 minutes should have focused on the issues, not tabloid journalism. If they wanted an interview about celebrity divorce, they could have interviewed Brittany Spears.

Forecasts of another heavy hurricane season were wrong again. And these same people think CO2 is causing global warming. Pfft.

I've blistered liberals for decades because they push their agenda through manipulative emotionalism and inaccurate sound bites instead of reason because no reasonable person would support their socialist, anti-American policies, so I didn't need an internal memo to prove it, but here it is anyway. As if the Democrats' problem was they weren't emotional enough or focused on sound bites enough. It's funny that the examples in this article show accurate Republican sound bites but promote an inaccurate Democratic sound bite as if accuracy doesn't matter. Democrat leaders probably believe emotionally that accurately reflecting policies with sound bites doesn't matter. It's the socialist policies, stupid!

Hillary Clinton voted most scary of the presidential candidates with over twice as many votes as 2nd place Giuliani. No doubt.

Democrats haven't tried to buy votes by offering everybody a million dollars yet. Wait for it.

Children of mothers who smoked in the womb 3x more likely to be obese. This article guesses that it's because of malnutrition of the embryo or fetus from smoking, but I bet it's more likely because the mother is irresponsible, inattentive, and unconcerned about her child - otherwise, she would not have smoked while pregnant.

Christopher Hitchens says the US should be squeezing Turkey, not the other way around. He forgets the first law of diplomacy, you have to have a position of power. Bush put us in a position of weakness all around the world, and Pelosi has made it worse. Right now, we need Turkey more than they need us. We need to rethink our entire foreign policy based on repositioning ourselves into positions of power.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

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Rare car bomb explodes in Kirkuk, killing 6. It may sound ghoulish, but this is a far cry from the multiple car bombs killing hundreds at the same time that we heard about the first part of the year.

19 states have shoot first laws against home intrusions. The 31 should follow. The loony left will obviously be against these laws, because they think homeowners should die instead of using firearms against criminals.

It's OK when Obama attacks Clinton because he's only being forceful. When Republicans do it, they're campaigning negatively. Another great example of the media double-standard.

So here's how it works. If your state, like New York, decides to give illegal aliens driver's licenses, the Bush administration works out a deal where your state will adopt super-secure IDs (code for National ID card) and give them to illegal aliens. You get 2 anti-American policies rolled into 1. Maybe Osama bin Laden will get a super secure New York driver's license. They're available to anybody who wants one.

Edwards will raise taxes to fund a new New Deal. More socialism to help destroy the country faster. Sweet.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

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Nancy Pelosi's Turkey gambit failed to hurt our troops in Iraq, so Harry Reid is through playing political games. He plans to hurt the troops directly by reducing funding for their supplies. He figures this will force President Bush to withdrawal them. This is how Democrats support the troops, by reducing the supplies they need to survive in battle.

Harry Reid promises that Democrats will reduce funding for the Iraq war to force troops home because of lack of funds. If they get their way, Democrats will force defeat on all America, and Democrats and all America will pay a heavy price for decades to come. This is terrible for the nation, a repeat of Democrats snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in Vietnam, and terrible for Democrats politically. Americans finally see a path to victory in Iraq and have rallied around that cause. Democrats will spend another several decades in the wilderness of soft on national security if they pull this off, and the country will be subject to visions of genocide in Iraq and increased terrorist attacks at home. Democrats have finally realized that they were wrong on the war and the American perception of the war all along, and their previous efforts to defeat us are blowing up in their faces reflected by their incredible poor popularity ratings. Now they're desperate to defeat their own country at any cost to make themselves appear not wrong. This will blow up in their faces much worse, and we'll all pay a terrible price.

I don't think he'll be able to pull this off. The American people will rise up once again and stop Congress from hurting the nation. After the amnesty, Turkey, and this coming debacle, I bet the country at large begins to realize that our political class doesn't care about the welfare of the country, but only themselves and the phony power of Republican and Democrat battles.

The US is facing fresh water shortages all across the country. The solution is to allow free market ownership of water resources. Typical government mismanagement is driving this problem. Free people working together without government interference in a free market will solve it.

The do-nothing Congress to work fewer hours next year. The less they work, the less damage can do. Congress should work 5 days a week, but only half a year. They should work 5 days a week the rest of the year just like the rest of us at their real jobs in their home districts.

Military lawyer condemns tribunals at Guantanamo, and will do so in hearing before Supreme Court. Bush should never have allowed the courts to get involved with handling prisoners of war.

FEMA plants employees at press conference to ask softball questions. Bush is not happy.

Convicted USS Cole plotter freed by Yemeni officials.

The LA Times recognizes that our new unilateral sanctions against Iran will not be effective unless the EU follows our lead. Of course, their leader is in a summit with Putin, who won't support such sanctions against his proxy nation.

Turkey angry that the EU will not arrest and extradite PKK members. The PKK is Marxist, which means the leftists running Europe are sympathetic even if they use terrorism.

Pakistani terrorists behead security personnel and civilians. We need to kill all these terrorists wherever they are.

China has joined its ally in the new Cold War of Terror, saying European missile defense will harm the global balance. Missile defense will make Europe and the US stronger. That's a good shift in the global strategic balance.

Taxpayer funded Arabic school teaches kids radical Islam.

Scientists identify 35 errors in Al Gore's propaganda film An Inconvenient Truth. True believers continue to ignore the facts anyway. Study shows climate change models cannot accurately predict climate even if we knew all the factors. It's just too complex. Duh.

Students on campuses are wearing empty holsters to protest firearm bans on college campuses. Good for them.

Illegal aliens caught in San Diego Co. fires.

Bush challenges the rest of the world to support democracy in Cuba. Europe will just sit on its hands while China, Russia, and Venezuela work to keep Cuba totalitarian.

Liberals boo David Horowitz off stage, canceling his speech. This is how liberals respect free speech and open debate.

Even Reason recognizes we're on the verge of winning in Iraq and reaches for a hypothetical situation in 2020 to try and find some problem with victory. The anti-war crowd has nothing to hold onto but acceptance that they have been wrong all along.

The Democrats are overconfident for 2008, Despite stunning failings of Republicans, Democrats have worked hard to make sure the public knows that they're even worse.

Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn exposed what's important to the Senate: earmarks or children's health care. 68-26 for earmarks. Every Democrat but 2 and half of Republicans voted for earmarks.

Daniel Dae Kim is just sorry he got caught driving drunk.

Human evolution will split the race into a beautiful, intelligent ruling elite and small, dumb goblins. I've already started the former.

For decades, Amnesty International has ignored the human rights abuses of Palestinian terrorists, but now that Fatah appears to be working with Israel and the west (I don't have much confidence, but the appearance is there), Amnesty has condemned Fatah for human rights abuses. I guess they figured it would be too hypocritical even for them to ignore Hamas in that case, so they also condemned Hamas.

Kofi Annan to get honorary knighthood in London. This corrupt, anti-freedom jerk should be turned over to terrorists.

Colbert's run for president may violate election laws.

Friday, October 26, 2007

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Anybody who observes ;human behavior understands that decriminalization lowers illegal drug use because legalization demystifies drugs, removes the coolness aspect, and because it's always available to use another time.

Report claims that Putin and Khamenei agreed that Russia would treat an attack on Iran as an attack on Russia. That's ridiculous. Putin may be drunk on power, but he wouldn't risk war with the US over an attack on Iran. If this report is true, it's a bluff. Putin threatens crisis over missile defense.

China is selling Iran 20 fighter jets. China opposes sanctions on its Cold War of Terror proxy - Iran. Iran defiant. What a surprise. China and Russia appear to be recruiting India into the their new Cold War of Terror alliance. The Bush administration is going to lose all the emerging great nations along with South America while he squanders our resources applying ineffective policies targeted at their proxies.

Speaking of which, oil is at $92 per barrel. Thanks, George. Nothing like make our enemies rich and us poor while we're trying to fight them. Dollar sinks to new low. Gold at 28 year high, since the good ol' Carter days.

EU-Russian summit.

Syria has completely cleared site of Israeli attacks, probably to prevent more study by spy satellites or maybe to prevent nuclear contamination. Before and after photo. Questions about North Korea's involvement with the site.

Yet another doomsday environmental prediction from the UN. Brought to you by the same people who were certain that we were entering a new ice age 35 years ago and that DDT was bad for people.

This article shows it's bias in its title when it talks about the "U.S. occupation" of Iraq. The way to judge what Iraqis think of our support is by the intelligence they provide us, and by all accounts, Iraqis are finally providing us with lots of excellent intelligence that is allowing us to crush al Qaeda all over Iraq.

Georgia Supreme Court orders release of boy jailed for 2 of 10 years for having consensual sex with another teen.

Speculation that Gonzales may face criminal prosecution for perjury.

Father of fallen Marine sues Church that protested his son's funeral.

Mickey Kaus is correct that John McCain hasn't really changed positions on illegal immigration. He's just pretending because he was nearly destroyed by the people for real position - amnesty.

Interview with Mike Huckabee, who's popularity is surging. The great news is Huckabee supports the FairTax. The terrible news is that he supports a nationwide smoking ban. He's another big-government control conservative. Phylis Schlafly says Huckabee is no conservative and that he left Republicans in Arkansas a shambles.

Argentina's first lady on the verge of winning presidency.

Pat Buchanan documents what I've been saying for nearly 2 decades - conservatives are racing to the left and leaving the mainstream of America behind. Rudy Giuliani used to be a McGovernite. But as conservatives raced to the left, he became a Rockefeller Republican during the Reagan Revolution. Conservatives have continued their race to the left, and now Giuliani is a mainstream conservative. And all of this has been precipitated by liberals frantic race to the left starting in the 60s, vacating the field of ideas. Nature abhors a vacuum, so conservatives raced to the left to fill that vacuum to the great detriment of the country.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

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Charlie Rangel's new tax plan would add 4% surtax (that's a lot worse than increasing the taxable income rate by 4%) to incomes above $150,000 and raise the capital gains tax for all investors. That means the rich get soaked the most, but the middle class and pension plans all take hits too. If you couple this with the tax increase Democrats plan by letting the Bush tax cuts expire, this will raise taxes by $1 trillion over 10 years. This trial run for '09 would be the largest income tax hike in history. It will raise the top US tax rate from 35% to 44% while the median for developed nations is just over 35%. Where do you think money will flow to in that situation? What idiot would leave his money here to get taxed at 44% when he could move it to another developed nation with an income tax less than 35%?

The rest of the world figured out that low taxes promote strong economic growth, and have lowered taxes over the last decade. That's why money and jobs are flowing out of the US to the rest of the world and the dollar is falling like a rock. Democrats pretend they didn't get the memo so they can exacerbate the problem. But Democrats know damn good and well that raising taxes is bad for the country. They're just trying to use class warfare to buy votes because their power is more important to them than the country. And Republicans just keep playing the game because it's a wedge issue. Both parties use the income tax as a wedge issue, and we all lose.

Let's end this stupid class warfare and remove this wedge issue by adopting a tax policy that's good for the people, good for the country, brings jobs back to the country, transfers power from Washington to the people where it belongs, and gives people a 30% or so pay raise. Adopt the FairTax.

China passes Germany as world's leading exporter. Chinese economy grows at 11.5%. Meanwhile Democrats plan to flush our fragile economy into the crapper with their tax hikes and Republicans keep promoting the myth that our economy is strong. A soap bubble appears strong too. Right up until it pops. We need dramatic reduction in the size and scope of government coupled with adopting the FairTax to out-compete the Chinese.

Kansas citizens petition and successfully impanel a grand jury to investigate abortion doctor. The 5th amendment guarantees the right of the people to form grand juries. I wonder if this is what the founding fathers envisioned. I think it's a powerful tool that the people should have in their hands as a check against government malfeasance.

6 Mexican illegal aliens caught stealing food and water meant for evacuees at Qualcomm Stadium. It's easy to cherry-pick stories to make illegal aliens look bad, and this could well have been done by American gang members or other idiots, but it's still worth noting, imo.

US imposes unilateral sanctions on Iran's QUDs force and Revolutionary Guards. The effectiveness of unilateral sanctions are severely limited. We need Europe to be grown-ups and follow our lead.

Israel to cut power to Gaza every time terrorists fire a rocket into Israel. This won't work. Why are the Israelis risking the lives of their people by putting off the only solution - invading and rooting out, capturing, or killing the terrorists until they are no longer capable of firing rockets?

Because nobody owns resources such as fisheries, forests and fresh water supplies, we're destroying them. Ownership and private property rights is the best system humans have developed to sustain renewable resources. No organization, no government, no treaty, no law will be effective. Private ownership will.

Global warming idiots are tying to blame Bush for the fires in California. They'll stoop to anything.

Smog in Beijing may affect Olympics.

School bans Harry Potter series. That was even before Rowling reported that Dumbledore was gay.

DNA pioneer James Watson retires in wake of unwarranted racial comments.

Geography of the ocean floor affects claims to the arctic.

Loony left protester with blood red hands assails Sec. of State Rice. She needs better security.

Reason exposes the waste of farm subsidies.

Reason acknowledges Comcast's need to limit some web access in order to continue to provide reliable service. Competition would improve this situation, not government interference.

Obama promises Gore high level post. Note to self: don't vote for Obama.

Expose of the Clinton propaganda machine.

Both the ISS and the current space shuttle mission are commanded by women. Good for those women.

Microsoft Windows Update forcing desktop search feature even on computers that have it turned off.

Boortz on Democrats' tax plans.

States plan to sue the Bush administration over global warming. This is absurd. Any competent judge would throw this case out, but we have many incompetent judges.

Free kibbles

Democrats plan a 4% surtax on incomes over $150,000.

Send a hate note. Go to jail.

Citizens in Kansas successfully petition to convene a grand jury against an abortion doctor. Interesting. This power is enumerated in the 5th amendment of the Constitution too.

Loony left protester paints hands blood red and accosts Sec. of State Rice. She needs better security.

US announces unilateral sanctions on Iran's QUD's force and Revolutionary Guard. Unilateral sanctions won't make much difference. We need Europe to follow our lead.

Israel to cut off Gaza's power supply in an attempt to stop rocket attacks. It won't work. They have to send in the army and root out the terrorists wherever they hide.

War widows are using frozen sperm to make soldier's babies.

Indian casino refuses to pay slot machine winnings and may avoid US courts.

Police cleared for tazing student protester who asked for it.

Explaining who has claims to the arctic.

Reason exposes the disgrace of farm subsidies.

Expose on the Clinton's propaganda machine.

Conservatives lack an agenda, and the author thinks hating Hillary won't be enough. I think hating Hillary is enough.

Another reason not to vote for Obama - he claims Gore will be involved in his administration. This is a sharp stab at Hillary though.

Woman commanding space shuttle and ISS at the same time. Good for these 2 women.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Blackwater Tells Us About Government

What Blackwater Tells Us About Government

by Mark Luedtke

If you read the news reports or watched the Congressional show hearings about the private security firm Blackwater USA, you probably think its owner, Erik Prince, is either a demon or a saint, and Blackwater's employees are either courageous heroes or murdering thugs. The truth is complicated, and this polarization tells us more about US government than it does about Blackwater.

Blackwater USA is the major private security firm employed by the US State Department to provide security for diplomats, congressmen and VIPs that visit Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries. Nobody under Blackwater's protection has ever been killed or captured. 27 Blackwater employees have lost their lives in Iraq since the start of the war, including the 4 contractors who were killed and their bodies desecrated in 2004, prompting the Fallujah assault.

But in carrying out these missions, Blackwater sometimes, very rarely, kills civilians, and they've been criticized for firing indiscriminately when under attack. In the most recent incident, after a bomb exploded in Nisour Square in Baghdad, Blackwater responded, killing 17 Iranian civilians.

But first, the far bigger story than Blackwater is the story Blackwater replaced in the news: al Qaeda attacks in Iraq. In the absence of any spectacular attacks, the worst story about Iraq the media can push is Blackwater. This is a testament to Gen. Petraeus' counter-insurgency strategy and to our troops implementing it. They have been so successful pacifying Iraq since President Bush changed course that the media has to search for bad news to report. Democrats have abandoned the Iraq war as an issue because every time they bring it up, they are exposed as the party that once again tried to defeat their own nation in a war when they should have been working for victory.

But investigating Blackwater informs us about our dysfunctional government. The hearings should have publicized these issues, but did not.

Protecting American officials is one of few legitimate functions of government, so why did the State Dept. hire Blackwater for security instead of using our own experts? We have military personnel and secret servicemen who are trained for this job at taxpayer expense, but the job of protecting the officials visiting Iraq fell to the State Dept., not the Defense Dept. or the Treasury Dept. Because our government is dominated by unaccountable bureaucracies, more like feuding medieval fiefdoms than government agencies, these organizations refuse to work together. Titanic federal bureaucracies undermine every facet of American life, not just Blackwater.

Eisenhower warned us about the failures of federal bureaucracies during the implementation of the Marshall Plan, but Americans still haven't learned. Even after WWII our bureaucracies were incapable of working together. Bureaucracies have a life of their own and care only about their own survival, territory and growth. And fed by both parties, our bureaucracies exploded in size. Millions of entrenched bureaucrats are unaccountable to anybody. They're changing our culture instead of us changing theirs. To regain control of them, we have to abolish many and gut and rebuild the rest into small, accountable organizations with only the severely limited powers enumerated in the Constitution.

Congress continues to look the other way while Blackwater raids our most highly trained and elite troops in the war on terror: the special forces. Taxpayers pay to train those units then Blackwater offers exorbitant salaries to hire them away. Congress allows Blackwater to rob taxpayers of our investment, rob the military of its most critical troops, then charge taxpayers nearly $500,000 per contractor for private security. We pay Blackwater nearly $350 million for 2007. Our taxes made Prince a billionaire for raiding our special forces and weakening our military during war. Congress does not look out for the interests of the people on any issue, not just Blackwater.

Conservative leaders tell us this is the new security apparatus in war, but it doesn't have to be that way. In 2006 the American people rejected President Bush's failed Iraq strategy and demanded he change course to win the war. Bush did exactly that. The American people rejected the Bush/Senate amnesty bill and demanded Bush enforce our borders and hold employers of illegal aliens accountable. Bush did exactly that.

We could reform government and provide security for our officials, but conservative leaders don't want us to think about that because Prince and Blackwater are major campaign contributors to Republicans. In return for their contributions, nearly 90% of Blackwater's contracts are no-bid contracts, providing Blackwater a government protected monopoly. This shows us that Republicans are more interested in political favors than what's good for Americans.

Democrats are no different. A large Democratic campaign contributor, the trial lawyer who is suing Blackwater on behalf of the families of the 4 contractors killed in Fallujah, provoked Democrats to hold the Blackwater show hearings. The donor offered to stop the hearing if Blackwater settled the lawsuit for $20 million. Prince refused, so the hearing proceeded. At the hearing, both parties pandered to their contributors instead of asking hard questions about what is best for the country. Pandering and vying for power, as we see every day, is the primary function of the 2 parties.

Investigating Blackwater shows that our government is broken. The 2 parties care only about pandering and vote buying, not good government. This will remain true until we the people reject these 2 parties and demand Constitutional government.

Free kibbles

Senate kills the DREAM Act, a bill that would have rewarded children of illegal immigrants with benefits.

Nato head supports Afghanistan mission. US continues to press members for more troops. NATO is an outdated dinosaur. Because NATO is just a cover for the US to provide military welfare to Europe, member nations continue to cut their military forces and fail to meet their obligations. We should pull out of NATO and form equitable protection treaties based on modern threats. Obviously we can't do that until we draw down a significant number of troops from Iraq. We won't do it then anyway.

Turks recommend economic sanctions against supporters of the PPK. It sounds like the Bush administration is doing some good negotiating here. Turkey attacks PPK bases in Turkey along the border with Iraq. Why in the world were they talking invading Iraq if the PPK had bases in Turkey?

Reason claims forensic error rates are unreasonably high and suggests ways to fix them. I think the problem with forensics is it's mostly government controlled.

China launches first lunar orbiter.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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New York lawmakers plan law to ban nooses. It seems to me that hanging a noose in general would be free speech, horrendous as it is. Like burning a flag. But hanging a noose on somebody's door would be stalking, which is already a crime. I don't think we need any new laws here.

China moon satellite will test ground directed maneuvering capability that can be used as a weapon against other satellites.

China to acquire stake in financial giant Bear Stearns.

Iraq will work to stop PKK and keep Turkey from invading. About time. Violence in Iraq has dropped 70% since the new counterinsurgency policy and the surge took full effect in June. Notice this article is from Switzerland, not the US.

180 Iranian MPs
side with resigned nuclear negotiator against Ahmadinejad's nuclear policy, which states Iran won't negotiate over nuclear rights. Israel is ready for a preemptive attack.

US offers to wait to install missile defense shield in Europe to appease Russians.

Venezuelans shoot and destroy glass monument to Che Guevara. Glass? That's just asking for trouble.

Exporting American culture has been so successful that people all over the world are becoming obese.

Pete Stark, under pressure from Democrats, apologizes for his comments about President Bush. I'd like to think that is sign of things to come, but I doubt it.

7 things everybody knows about the Clintons. Corruption is at the heart of each one.

Monday, October 22, 2007

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Osama bin Laden recognizes that we're winning in Iraq, and he tries to rally his murderous thugs by exhorting them to unite to kill more civilians.

Turkey warns US that they will invade Iraq and stop Kurdish rebels if US and Iraq don't stop them first. This is perfectly legitimate. We wouldn't let an armed group repeatedly invade from Canada and Mexico and kill Americans. Why did Bush let this get this bad? We should have pressured the Kurds to stop the PKK long ago. Foxnews just reported that the PKK is calling for a ceasefire. Better late than never.

Iran continues the most severe moral crackdown in years. This has to make the government extremely unpopular. If we adopted policies that would lower the price of oil, the Iranians would topple their government.

New Zealand police roll up terrorists plotting to assassinate President Bush.

Australia plans to use global warming as an excuse for subsidizing electric bills. More destructive socialism brought to you by Al Gore and his false prophets of doom. Video clips of John Stossel exposing the global warming con.

Court opinion describing how FBI coerced a confession classified and redacted.

Louisiana elects Republican governor because of reform platform. Louisiana isn't the only place that will work. Every American wants reform, but national Republicans, besides Ron Paul, offer only statism.

GOP candidates take aim at Hillary Clinton at debate.

Over half of likely voters say they would never vote for Hillary. We've known this since before she started campaigning. She's worked hard since 1992 to earn the antipathy of most of the nation, and it isn't going to change. Worse for Hillary, seniors, who do vote in high numbers, dislike her even more, while young people, who don't vote that much, like her more. She's can't win. I just hope she doesn't do so badly that Republicans can claim a mandate for their own socialist agenda.

Christopher Hitchens defends the term Islamofascism.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

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Hu consolidates power in China, surrounding himself with probable successors. The communists don't bother with pretend elections like Russia.

US raid in Sadr City results in at least 49 dead.

Kurdish rebels kill 12 Turkish soldiers in raid, virtually guaranteeing that Turkish troops will cross into Iraq and kill them, possibly sparking a wider war. Do they want a wider war?

Poland votes in snap elections triggered by corruption. Opposition wins in a landslide. People don't like corruption in government. We should try rooting out the corruption in ours.

Louisiana voters elected the son of an Indian immigrant as governor. So much for the bologna that the nation hates immigrants.

Governor declares northern Georgia a disaster area because of drought and asks President Bush to suspend using water that could be used by humans for mussels.

Sex appeal helps Argentinian candidate. Opening this article with a reminder of Hillary's cleavage almost turned my stomach. Yuk.

Can you imagine the ethical issues that come with the ability to steer a hurricane? If officials move a hurricane so it misses a populated area, but it kills somebody else, that family deserves to be compensated. Effectively, this means that government is taking responsibility for any damage a steered hurricane does. And of course, it's in America's best interest to steer hurricanes into Mexico so they don't harm Americans. This opens a dangerous can of worms. We can reduce human suffering, but we have to take responsibility for the resulting suffering. Also, hurricanes are part of the climate's natural check against drought in the South. Georgia could use a good, slow moving, rain producing hurricane about now. Moving hurricanes really will affect climate, at least locally, unlike man-made CO2.

I didn't know the Clinton's dumped their cat after they left the White House. That cat was just another tool to make the Clinton's appear human, and they dumped it like a worn out pair of shoes when they didn't need it anymore.

It's a good thing Harry Reid isn't up for re-election until 2010. Nevada has had enough of him. And while Americans are fed up with Republicans (Democrats keep misreading the polls and deluding themselves into thinking Americans are for them - they're not), this great quote applies to all Democrats and describes why they will likely loose the presidency at least, and possibly the House as well, in 2008.
Let me spell out Harry's problem. No one can win a statewide race in Nevada on a platform that appears anti-military, anti-family, anti-marriage, anti-religion, anti-free speech, pro-illegal immigration, pro-abortion, and pro-taxation. While Harry isn't all of that personally, he clearly projects elements of them all when he's doing the bidding of his party on the national stage.

Fred Thompson gives only a 5 minute speech to Florida GOP voters. Sometimes less is more, but apparently not in this case.

The WSJ explains that by shifting strategy to counterinsurgency in Iraq and killing the terrorists, we won the hearts and minds of the populace. Political reconciliation is following from the grass roots level. Military leaders are now debating how best to capitalize on the military success. Man, that's great news.

George Will says a line-item veto would give the President too much power. I agree. The solution to these huge appropriation bills is to dramatically reduce the size and scope of government to conform with the power enumerated in the Constitution.

Mark Steyn points out that entitlements and the welfare state are the real war on children.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Free kibbles

Prosecutors want the computer info from anybody who has accessed the Phoenix New Times web site since 2004. Huh?

Chicago to add surveillance cameras to city vehicles.

Georgia has no backup plan for drought.

China's leader now has complete control over the military.

Iran's nuclear negotiator resigns over differences with hard-liner Ahmadinejad.

Officers punished for all allowing nukes to fly across the US.

Oceans soaking up less CO2. This sounds like more sloppy science, or at least sloppy reporting, to me.

Will nuclear power make a resurgence, or will the problem of nuclear waste continue to cripple it?

Court battle loom over New York Governor's order to provide drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

Talk about partisan press. How do you twist the story about greatly reduced casualties in Iraq into bad news? Write a story about the loss of wages of cemetery workers. Just amazing. Headline reads: As violence falls in Iraq, cemetery workers feel the pinch. Rotten Americans are putting Iraqi cemetery workers out of work.

Nancy Pelosi rebukes Pete Stark's comments about Bush getting troops killed for his amusement. Good for her. Every American should reject his comments.

Reason points out that Hillary Clinton is almost just like Bush on policy, and she's the Democrat Republicans are most likely to beat. It's all true.

Even liberals recognize that Democrats are trapped. Their hope for 2008 is slipping away because of their performance has been even worse than Republicans'. Bill Kristol says Democrats are doing it to themselves.

Larry Kudlow suggests ways that we can reverse the dollar's fall including cutting corporate taxes. The best solution is to cut them to zero by adopting the FairTax.

Because of low taxes and limited government spending, Brazil's economy is strong. Maybe we should try that.

Liberal exposes Gore as a hawk as well as a liar about climate change, mocking his peace prize. I wish I had ripped Gore this thoroughly.

Obviously liberal author tries to claim that Republicans use government to force their values on society more that Democrats. After 80 years of social engineering by liberals - forcing their views of secularism, diversity, welfare, and creating hundreds of social programs to propagate their views, this essay is a joke. This country has moving to the left at an every accelerating rate for nearly a century. Republicans do the same, but at least until Bush, not to the same extent. Dragging libertarianism into this joke of an essay makes it even more laughable. But I like the title.

The WSJ describes events at Haditha and the politics and investigations that followed.

Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity keep on trucking.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Free kibbles

China's growth will overtake US growth next year. This is because of the punishing US tax code and out of control spending. Adopt the FairTax and freeze spending. I'm telling you, this is the way to sell the FairTax.

Al Gore's false prophets of global warming managed to keep our energy grid weaker by blocking a coal power plant because of CO2 output. Nice job holding America and the world back.

Oil prices top $90 per barrel. Fall back. Gas stealing gangs in Florida.

Bombing in of Bhutto in Pakistan likely performed by Taliban supporters.

EU leaders agree to new treaty.

Lab suspends Dr. Watson for his comments about blacks being less intelligent. He apologizes. Dr. Watson isn't looking too intelligent right now.

Democrat letter condemning Rush Limbaugh brings over $2 million in charity auction.

Reason takes on the the Iraq war. Excellent quote:
Some optimists say that in Army Gen. David Petraeus, Bush has finally found his Gen. Grant. That may or may not be true, but it is beside the point. The problem is that Petraeus has not yet found his President Lincoln.
Michael Barone's lessons from a near Republican upset in a strong Democrat district in Massachusetts.

Smart move by Mitt Romney, calling the UN a failure. He's trying to capitalize on my plan for a World Organization of Democracies, which I haven't posted here. I should update and post that.

Even John Murtha knew that the Pelosi Turkish genocide resolution was dangerous to US security.

Peggy Noonan on Hillary and a woman running for president.

"Save 2nd base" T-shirts, even though intended to raise money to fight breast cancer, are inappropriate for high school. Cute though.

Article discussing the CIA's Pakistani expert who was kicked out of the CIA for whistle-blowing.

Saudi school teaching whabbism in Virgina.

More on the investigation of the Air Force nuclear missiles that flew across the country.

Putin plans to design a new nuclear weapon. I doubt this is smoke and mirrors. Years ago the Russians proclaimed they had developed a new missile to defeat our anti-missile missiles. They were just blowing smoke. Now they have the petrodollars to actually design such a nuclear missile. Maybe somebody in Washington, anybody, ought to wake up realize we should implement policies to lower the price of oil.

Robert Novak exposes yet another orgy of earmarks.

It's about time politicians stood up to the power-hungry anti-nicotine lobby. The Arkansas House voted that they don't have to give up their chewing tobacco, snuff, or spittoons. Nobody could make this stuff up.

Greenland's warmer climate is great for the people and their economy.

Finally, somebody has jumped on my new Cold War of Terror bandwagon. We did not start this new Cold War of Terror, but Pat Buchanan is right that our policies regarding Russia triggered Russia's involvement in it. Both Bush and Clinton lost Russia. We could have had Russia as an ally against China, but instead we pushed Russia to China, and now they're allied against us.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Free kibbles

Chicago passes outdoor smoking ban for parks, beaches and playgrounds. These power-hungry jerks won't stop when smoking is banned everywhere. We have to realize this is not about smoking. It's the power of activists to tyrannize a minority. They will find a new issue when they've worn the smoking issue out.

What else would anybody expect other than that the Communist Chinese would establish communism in space? They're communists, and they plan on making everybody communist. And we're helping them.

China says Bush's award to Dalai Lama gravely affected relations between the US and China. What are they doing to do, partner with Russia and start waging a new Cold War of Terror against us? Maybe they'll start bribing our politicians, develop intelligence capabilities greater than the Soviets during the Cold War and steal our technology, develop a comprehensive computer hacking system and hack our computers continuously for over a year, stealing whatever information they can, stalk our submarines, knock down our airplanes, gain strategic control of the Panama Canal, shoot down satellites, provide weapons and economic, technological, and diplomatic support to proxies like North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Venezuela so those nations can drain our resources, fix their currency and carry out predatory trade practices with us, and dump sub-par and poisonous goods on our consumers.

Oh, wait. They're already doing all of that.

Iraq awards power plant contracts to Iran and China. This is what we get for installing a government of warlords before establishing Democrat institutions. Even if we win in Iraq, the government will hate us because of all the bullying we did after installing them.

French strike tests Sarkozy's commitment to reform.

At current levels, Atlanta has 81 days until it runs out of water. Nice job, government.

Because we recognized this bill was really an attempt to undermine our troops in Iraq, the public forced Nancy Pelosi to back off her Turkey genocide bill. Another victory for the people over government. We can do it. We need to do it continuously for decades to undo the damage our government has done to freedom and to us in the last century.

Bush veto of SCHIP survives House vote. The challenge is for Republicans to overcome the sound bite politics Democrats are playing with this issue. Americans don't want taxpayers to subsidize middle class families health insurance, but that doesn't make for a very good sound bite, unlike "Republicans are taking insurance from poor children." Republicans chance to win this issue is to submit a compromise that just covers poor children but not middle class children. By doing that, they can can take charge of this issue, because otherwise it will honestly be Democrats who are taking insurance from poor children.

New FISA bill will include immunity for Telecoms who assisted the government as well it should, and it will also allow intelligence agents to listen in on overseas terrorists without a warrant. The Republicans are beating Pelosi like a drum because she's making stupid decisions exposing how terrible Democrat policies are.

The Air Force may file charges in case of mistakenly flown nukes. If it was a mistake, how could they fail to file charges? If it wasn't a mistake, how could they file charges? Interesting.

Screener miss 75% of fake bombs at LAX. Government in action. Only 20% were missed in San Francisco, protected by private security.

Analysis of al Qaeda's nuclear ambitions.

Slate's American Lawbreaking series wraps up with an article on illegal immigration.

Mexican with highly virulent form of TB has crossed the Mexican-US border 76 times.

Kansas City Planned Parenthood charged with 23 felony counts of providing illegal abortions. You would think, after all the publicity around that Planned Parenthood, they would have paid close attention to the law. This will get ugly.

Maine middle school offering contraceptives to students as young as 11.

California Democrat Pete Stark says Bush sends troops to Iraq to get their heads blown off for his amusement. And the left complains about Ann Coulter. The double-standard is as sickening as Stark's comment.

Reason on Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, and the line-item veto.

Hillary is trying to confuse the issue about polluter pays. The polluter already pays for cleanup of toxic sites through the courts. The government sues them. The tax has nothing to do with pollution or cleanup. It's just an additional tax in addition to the polluter pays. This woman is takes dishonesty to a new level, even for politicians.

Hillary Clinton's new entitlement of the day: subsidize stay at home mothers. The husbands of those stay at home mothers, and the income earners for all of the objects of all her entitlements, will lose income to pay for these entitlements. By the time she's done, nobody will bother working, and we'll all be broke in short order. It's easy to sell entitlements because every wants one, but entitlements have to be paid for. They're pseudo-rights because they're protected by government, but since they demand work from others, they're not rights at all. Hillary is the best vote buyer I've ever seen. That must be her strategy to overcome her negatives.

If Hillary buys just 1% additional votes in every group that currently hates her, she'll win. Hillary's daily new entitlement is her strategy to make tiny inroads into those negative voters. Even Hillary knows she can't deliver on these ridiculous promises, but that's immaterial. All that matters is that she get elected. She'll promise everybody an entitlement and promise to sell her mother to pay for it before it's over. She just needs 5% or so total to overcome her negatives. It's a proven strategy because it seduces people with lies.

Scientists find earlier evidence for modern humans than previously expected.

Study discovers short-guy syndrome. Duh.

I would love to see a huge empty holster protest on college campuses. My guess is this will fizzle.

Liberal writer condemns Iraqi translators for helping US and British forces and applauds the terrorists targeting innocents.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Free kibbles

Turkish parliament supports Turkish raid into Iraq. This situation is getting worse by the minute. Parliament approves mission. Bush urges Turkey not to strike Iraq. And Nancy Pelosi plans to purposefully aggravate this situation by angering Turkey with her genocide resolution. Fortunately, some grown-ups in the House are turning against the resolution despite Pelosi's support. It's all political fun and games until somebody loses an eye or our troops get killed in the cross fire. Why do we re-elect these irresponsible, anti-American representatives over and over?

Oil hits $89 a barrel. Iran and Russia are rolling the dough that we're paying them. I wonder what Putin's special nuclear message to his buddy Ahmadinejad was. As much as Putin promotes and supports Iran to drain our resources, he cannot want Iran to get a nuclear weapon. Iran could use a nuke against Russia as well as the west if Chechen rebels get their hands on it. Israeli PM Olmert to meet with Putin in Russia. This must be about the mysterious nuclear message.

Japan and China are unloading dollars which will cause it to drop further. The falling dollar will boost tourism and trade. That's not much of a consolation for all the jobs we're losing. Our economy is a house of cards, based the poor health and education of our workers instead of manufacturing innovative products, and it's going to fall down hard.

British to claim undersea land off of Antarctica.

Blackwater owner refuses to allow his employees to be arrested and tried in Iraq. This just highlights the failures of our government to provide security to our own people. We should never contract that out. Our broken bureaucracies are not accountable to our broken representatives, and the result is failure at everything the government does.

There is validity to the use of symbols and visuals in politics, so I applaud George Bush's meeting with the Dalai Lama and sticking it in the eye of China. But this won't move China towards reform, nor will it help us win China and Russia's new Cold War of Terror against us. We need real policy changes, not symbolism.

Spanish judge frees US salvage ship captain previously arrested by a Spanish warship in dispute over salvaged treasure.

Oakland restricts smoking outdoors.

I can't count how many times my mother left me in the car with it running. Maybe she was trying to have me kidnapped. This is not a crime. Pretty soon, they'll make it a crime if you allow your child out of the house without a government sanctioned bubble-wrap suit.

Reason supports ending employer paid health insurance. Me too. Adopt the FairTax.

Reason highlights a new Great Society plan. Bush and co. have taken us back to the days of LBJ style socialism. Sure, Democrats are worse, but both parties are socialists. There is no clean ideological line between the 2 parties.

Reason points out that SCHIP should not exist at all. Duh. We have Orrin Hatch to thank for this socialist program.

Slate shows that people believe gossip over facts. This dovetails well with the Big Lie theory which Democrats, and Republicans to a lesser extent, use so well.

Bush's approval at 24%. Congress at 11%. But we'll re-elect 90% or more of our representatives, and we'll re-elect both parties to power. In a sane society, we would punish our representatives and both parties for failure by kicking them out of office. We're not a sane society.

Ron Paul supporters take on CNBC. I think the rabid Ron Paul supporters are really loony left anti-war activists trying to influence the Republican primary. It's their militant form of activism that gives them away. And it's too bad. Ron Paul is the only candidate who endorses Constitutional government and the dramatic reform of government we so desperately need.

This is going to blow up: Scientist claims Africans are not as smart as westerners.

A new drug resistant staph infection is more deadly than AIDS. If we keep breeding super-bugs, they will eventually kill us. Hospitals are the breeding ground. I think we need a policy in which hospitals are demolished, buried, and treated like toxic waste every 20 years or so.

Obesity is more dangerous than smoking. I'm sure. I know plenty of smokers who lived very long lives.

Swearing at work boosts morale. I always told my bosses that, but they never believed me.

George Lucas is planning a Star Wars TV series? That could be cool, but not if it's like the prequels.

College student suspended and forced to undergo "mental health evaluations" for sending an email suggesting that students should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus to defend themselves.

Boortz reports that Al Gore came out in support of a socialized medicine plan the type of which is failing all over the world.

I have a better way than either Clinton or Bush's big government plans for retirement - adopt the FairTax so people can save their own money tax free for their retirement.

It's about time Israel decided to wipe out the terrorists in Gaza. It's unconscionable that Israel has allowed daily rocket attacks from Gaza for years without rooting out and killing those terrorists.

A good week for nerds.

Dick Morris wastes his time talking about Al Gore beating Hillary. Al Gore is not dumb. He knows his global scam would be exposed by honest debate, and he knows that if he enters the Presidential race, he can't avoid honest debate like he can now. If Al Gore runs for president, every lie he's told on his way to make $10s of millions and his bogus awards will be exposed, and both he and his socialist agenda would be ruined. I have no doubt Gore's ego is pushing him to run, but I think he'll chose to continue reaping millions from his con of the world.

Pat Buchanan worries that Democrats may be unfit to lead, based on Nancy Pelosi's attempt to push through the condemnation of Turkey, despite how badly Republicans have read. Sounds like he reads this blog.

Taxes may become a 2008 issue. I should hope so. Adopt the FairTax.

How Google is and is not transforming into Microsoft. One difference is Google doesn't have a monopoly and use monopoly power to destroy competition and new technology.

The global marketplace is being transformed by capital instead of goods.

This is a good question: would Republicans be as nasty to a Democrat President as Democrats have been to Bush? I doubt it. Republicans are never as nasty as Democrats. I think all Hillary's qualified judges and attorneys and everything else will get through the Senate just fine.

Essay points out that the press proved Gen. Sanchez correct in it's biased and incomplete reporting of his statement.

12 former Army Captains say Iraq is worse off now than when we invaded and we should pull out and allow Iraq to descend into civil war. No wonder they're former Captains. Fortunately the US military doesn't have a defeatist attitude, and neither does General Petraeus.

Editorial explains that retiring baby boomers will bankrupt America. We've known this for decades, but the 2 parties refuse to fix social security and Medicare. In fact, they refuse to fix anything in our broken government, and just break it further year after year like obnoxiously spoiled children. Yet Americans re-elect them 94% of the time. We deserve the government we voted for. We did this to ourselves. It's our fault. Stop the madness and vote third party.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Free kibbles

Earmarks forced the Navy to buy a boat nobody wanted.

Just to highlight the absurdity of the war on drugs, San Francisco considers allowing junkies to shoot up under supervision to limit overdoses and communicable diseases. How about just legalizing and controlling the drugs?

Woman charged with disorderly conduct for swearing while fighting an overflowing toilet in her own house. We live in the land of the not very free.

Putin in Iran speaks out against using force against Iran. Of course. He wants to continue selling weapons and nuclear technology to Iran so Iran can continue to drain US resources.

US award to Dalai Lama infuriates China. We're actually standing up to China in support of the oppressed. Wow.

Iraqi government calls for urgent talks with Turkey.

Piracy off Somalia increases.

Finish nurses threaten to quit because of low pay. Socialized medicine at work.

Reason reflects on Atlas Shrugged.

Reason does not think we should pass a new GI bill. Doesn't the military already give troops money for college?

Reason explains the economic research that won the Nobel Prize, mechanism design.

Mickey Kaus suggests an investment philosophy based on the misinformation hyped by the mainstream media.

Eastern European countries have trouble moving forward.

Democrats out-raise Republicans 3 to 1.

Republicans plan to capitalize on reports that Hillary eavesdropped on political opponents conversations in the past.

Hillary Clinton introduces yet another socialist plan to make states and businesses pay employees for family leave. This is another taxpayer subsidized attack on business. The businesses will be less competitive because people take more time off work, and the businesses will have to pay at least some of the paid leave. This woman wants to destroy America. She has a new socialist agenda item every day. She really thinks she can make better decisions for everybody in the country than they can make for themselves. She's the poster child for central planning in spades.

Americans might revolt if the SuperBowl was played in London.

Thomas Sowell calls Nancy Pelosi's Turk genocide resolution sabotage of our Iraq war effort. Boortz links more articles in support.

Boortz covers Gen. Sanchez' full statement.

Buy your winter gear. We're in for a decade or more of cold weather. Solar activity is at a minimum, and will be for years.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Free kibbles

Turkey takes steps to attack Kurdish terrorists in Iraq despite US and Iraqi warnings. Turkey could retaliate against Congressional resolution condemning Turks for genocide of Armenians by cutting of supply routes to US troops in Iraq. Turkish General warns relations with US will be irrevocably harmed if US passes genocide resolution. Nancy Pelosi doesn't care, but we already knew she didn't care about our troops.

I would not rush to declare victory over al Qaeda in Iraq. That will blow up in our faces. Gen. Petraeus understands that.

Jihadist websites in the US. We don't allow people to incite violence in the US, so we should arrest these people.

Putin first Russian leader to visit Iran since Stalin. This is part of Russia and China's new Cold War of Terror against the west.

China's communist leader threatens Taiwan at party meeting.

Because of the failure of socialized medicine in Britain, people are seeking private dentists or pulling their own teeth. The evidence that socialized medicine is a failure is overwhelming, yet socialists in the US keep pushing for it. It's nuts.

Boortz reports on the obesity epidemic. This epidemic, and it's associated diseases are driving up health care costs, and breaking the embattled socialized medicine systems around the world. Yet socialists want the US to follow that same, broken model.

When Bush took office oil was around $40 a barrel. Now it's over $85. The difference is Bush's policies. We need to adopt policies that will drive down the price of oil for the good of our economy and the war on terror. Those policies include increasing supply by drilling domestically, in Anwar, the Gulf, and anywhere else we can get oil. They also include reducing demand by building clean coal and nuclear power plants. If rich greenies like Gore and his Hollywood buddies want to build wind and solar farms as well and subsidize them with their own fortunes, more power to them.

The New York Times conspicuously failed to cover the story of the first medal of honor recipient, a native New Yorker, in operation enduring freedom. This essay blasts the Times.

Bloomberg is turning New York into a surveillance city.

Fred Thompson cancels New Hampshire event feeding speculation he isn't serious about running. If he ran, he could win, but he's burying himself.

Saturn's moons may contain water.

Study ranks most depressing occupations.

The litigious society makes Christmas decorations too expensive in Britain. If it wasn't the lawyers, it would be Al Gore's phony prophets of doom.

Boortz reports on an article claiming California schools banned the words, mom, dad and require an indeterminate third sex and require boys and girls to use the other restroom. This is got to be wrong.

Boortz on Atlanta's severe drought and the measures that might be taken. If water had been controlled by the free market instead of government, rising prices would have signalled this potential problem years ago, and slowed growth into the area. The effects of this drought would have been greatly reduced had the free market managed the water supply, not government.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Free kibbles

Scientist decries Gore's brainwashing of our children. On Saturday, Mike McConnell said that in 15-20 years we would look back on An Inconvenient Truth, as a cult classic that shows the ignorance in hysteria of our times, the same way we now look at Reefer Madness. That's a perfect analogy. And just like the drug warriors have never apologized for being so wrong and for the damage they have wrought on society with their hysteria, neither Gore and his false prophets of doom or their supporters will apologize for the damage they do with anti-growth policies that attack the poor more than anybody.

the way we lookA vivid reminder that China is still governed by communists. Chinese communists rule out empowering Chinese to govern themselves. These communists are dangerous tyrants, and we better remember that real fast.

There will be no peace for Israel until the Arabs want peace, despite Rice's or any other US efforts.

The site Israel struck in Syria was an unfinished nuclear reactor.

Israeli hostages possibly held in Iran. I can't remember if Hezbollah captured 2 Israelis, triggering the 2006 summer war, or just one, and the other hostage was captured by Hamas before then.

Giant banks set up $80 billion fund to buy out ailing lenders. This is a free market solution to the problem, and it seems like a great idea to me. It sure beats a government bailout.

Article discusses how society ignores dumb laws that are on the books because of political failure, and uses prescription drugs as an example, but this article fails to point out this situation, all caused by political failure, undermines he rule of law and creates huge social problems. This article implies this is a good thing. It's not. The right answer is to end the political failure and simplify our laws, not undermine the rule of law by ignoring them. The crime and institutional criminal justice problems we face every day are a result of this political failure.

Essay shows that Nobel Peace Prize is worse than a joke; it's a fraud.

More rumors about Google's gPhone.

Mark Steyn says culture and ideology trump economics.

Author wonders if China's next leader might be their Gorbachev. Talk about wishful thinking.

Ralph Peters explains that Democrats are attempting to stab our troops in Iraq in the back by passing the resolution declaring the Turks genocide of Armenians, genocide. This is arguably the most underhanded and disgusting betrayals of Americans by a political party since the Democrats founded the KKK.

New York is no longer the financial capital of the world.

George Will explains that social workers exclude conservatives.

Dick Morris looks at Hillary's statements and shows that she plans to raise taxes dramatically.