Saturday, March 04, 2017


US rulers used to want to defeat enemies, but the Obama doctrine is to exterminate them. It's backfiring, but Trump has followed suit.

Trump increases drone strikes.
"In Syria: “A drone attack in northern Syria, part of a series of recent strikes by the United States in and around the province of Idlib, killed a top al-Qaida leader who had participated in the planning for the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington.”"
They still hadn't gotten all those guys?

Trump to expand war on terror which has backfired spectacularly. This doesn't bode well for the peace plan brokered by Russia and Turkey.

Pentagon plans escalation in Syria.

Report exposes US attack on Syrian troops was intentional.

Suspected chemical attack in Mosul.

Copying the US, ISIS drops bombs with drones in Iraq.

Ukraine's rulers violate peace agreement and attack separatists, hoping to draw Russia into war to force Trump's hand.

A reminder that Chelsea Manning is a hero.

SEAL team 6 is not above committing war crimes.

For training rounds, US seeks biodegradable bullets that sprout plants.

Chinese troops killed in battle upset Chinese people.

US called greatest threat to world peace.
The U.S. military. The author’s sobering conclusion:
  • Since WW2, Earth has had 248 armed conflicts. The US started 201 of them.
  • These US-started armed attacks have killed ~30 million and counting; 90% of these deaths are innocent children, the elderly and ordinary working civilian women and men.
  • The US has war-murdered more than Hitler’s Nazis.

The latest undeclared US war is in Yemen.

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