Sunday, March 05, 2017

Police State

Trump supports renewal of invasive spy law without modification.

We can only hope for an exodus of talent from the NSA. I'm skeptical.

NSA and GCHQ have intercepted in-flight mobile communications for years.

History of CIA incompetence.

Street lamps to be wired with cameras and microphones in San Diego. I won't visit there.

Spies have so much data on everybody they can selectively reveal whatever they want to benefit or destroy whomever they want. That's why I say NSA is the ultimate power in the country.

UK passes most invasive spy law in western world.

Hacked NSA tools for sale on market.

Prosecutors subpoena Alexa records in criminal case. Amazon claims Alexa is protected by the first amendment. That's a crazy argument. Regardless, Alexa and all other voice command assistants are spying all the time. The government gets that info whether it has a warrant or subpoena or not.

Amazon refuses to turn over Echo recording to Arkansas police.

Microsoft can call for a digital Geneva Convention, but all governments will break it. They always spy to the limits of technology. They limit themselves to legal spying.

Government allows Microsoft to sue it over email surveillance.

Twitter blocks government from accessing user data.

US-born NASA scientist detained at border and coerced into unlocking his phone.

State-sponsored hackers hack journalists.

DHS considers forcing US visitors to surrender social media passwords.

Man arrested for arson based on pacemaker data. Even medical devices are spying on you.

FBI reverts to using fax machines and snail mail to slow down responding to FOIA requests.

Secret rules make it easy for FBI to spy on journalists.

FBI hacked 8,000 computers in 120 countries based on one warrant. FBI uses malware like a grenade.

Fusion centers are a billion dollar boondoggle to promote paranoia.

Groupthink in the 17 member intelligence community which is focused on only expansion.

Obama signed new law against whistleblowers in December.

Why we need whistleblowers.

DHS and FEMA expose 10,000 trainees to ricin.

Anti-surveillance clothing hides people from surveillance cameras.

Local police building their own DNA databases.

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