Saturday, March 11, 2017


Three Pakistani Muslim brothers, Democrat staffers all, suspended from accessing congressional computers after security breach.

Andrew Jackson may be a good comparison to Trump. Part 2.
"Both Trump and Jackson did not receive that courtesy. Jackson was confronted by a hostile Congress during his entire eight year presidency. His agenda of fighting against the powerful entrenched interests in Washington DC, while expanding presidential powers and the radical agenda of giving more power to the people, immediately provoked a hostile response from the vested interests."
Expanding presidential power is not good.
"Trump’s divisive illegal immigration stance and rhetoric to send them back to Mexico echoes the most controversial issue of Jackson’s presidency – the Indian Removal Act of 1830. The Indian “issue” had plagued the country even before sovereignty from Britain. Previous administrations had tried to ignore the issue as settlers moved westward and clashed with Indian tribes in the South and North. Jackson was not one to ignore problems. The Act authorized the President to negotiate treaties to buy tribal lands in the east in exchange for lands farther west, outside of existing U.S. state borders. Jackson did not have a high opinion of the Indian tribes he relocated."
It is a good parallel except Trump's issue isn't racial. He employees legal immigrants.

Suggested reading on Rome.

Two establishments factions are fighting for control.

Backing and siding with violent protestors is a losing proposition for Democrats.

The CIA routinely rigs foreign elections, so why not domestic elections too?

The CIA is at odds with all presidents because it doesn't want to be controlled.

US spy threatens intelligence community will go nuclear on Trump.

Pat Buchanan uses term "deep state" discussing its attacks on Trump to keep a new Cold War alive.

There is a vast left-wing conspiracy.

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