Saturday, March 04, 2017


Microsoft nearing $1 trillion valuation, mostly thanks to android patents.
"Microsoft is generating $2 billion per year in revenue from Android patent royalties, says Nomura analyst Rick Sherlund in a new note on the company.
He estimates that the Android revenue has a 95% margin, so it's pretty much all profit. 
This money, says Sherlund, helps Microsoft hide the fact that its mobile and Xbox groups are burning serious cash. "
Thank the government.

Apple hits record high.

Alan Greenspan suddenly remembers gold is money.

Economic globalization versus political globalization.

Testosterone blamed for bubbles.

Another woman's retailers goes bankrupt.
"BCBG is just one of many retailers to announce store closures in 2017. The Limited shut down all brick-and-mortar locations, including local stores, and also filed for bankruptcy. Macy’s, Sears, Kmart and Ann Taylor will also cut select locations."
Nine retailers closing stores nationwide, but the economy is fine.

The bubble will soon pop despite Trump's reforms.

Big data will not enable a centrally planned economy.

GDP and ZIRP prove the economy is still bad contrary to the hype.

Skepticism of AI concerns voiced by plutocrats.
We need robots to take jobs.

Home ownership rate in 2016 lowest since 1965.

Technology can't prevent recessions because they are caused by misallocation of resources due to low interest rates and artificial credit.

Fractional reserve banking would be limited in a free market.

Bonds containing risky mortgages receive AAA rating as they did in 2007-2008.

There are no Christmas presents in broken Venezuela.

Ten fundamental laws of economics.

Inflation is about the money supply, not prices. Price inflation is a product of monetary inflation.

The correct definition of money is important.

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