Monday, November 09, 2015

Foreign Policy

Obamatrade monstrosity.
"The administration's Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty legislation is 5,554 pages long, twice that of Obamacare and nearly 3 feet high, a legislative nightmare highlighted in a tweet from Sen. Jeff Sessions Monday.

The Alabama Republican used his photo to alert critics that because the bill is fast-tracked, it cannot be filibustered or amended.
Not only is the legislation filled with 2 million words, it measures exactly 2 feet high and weighs an amazing 100 pounds."
Thanks, Obama and Republicans who voted to fast-track this.

China emulates US when it claims islands and seas.
"Continued U.S. overflights or naval intrusion into the territorial waters of Chinese-claimed islands are certain to result in a violent clash, as happened near Hainan Island in 2001.
Where would we go from there?
China today is in trouble. She is feared and distrusted by her neighbors; her economy has lost its dynamism; and the Communist Party is riven by purges and rampant corruption.
If we believe this will be the Second American Century, that time is on our side, that Chinese communism is a dead faith, we ought to avoid a clash and show our opposition to Beijing’s excesses, if need be, by imposing tariffs on all goods made in China.
Or leave it alone completely. Tyrannical governments thrive on being threatened.

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