Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Foreign Policy

The deception in US coup attempts against foreign governments.

US rulers keep inventing grand enemies: al Qaeda, then ISIS, and now Russia.
"Which leads us to our third candidate, which is Russia itself, and specifically Vladimir Putin’s Russia – because prior to the Russian leader’s rise to power, the former Soviet Union was considered a spent force. However, under Putin – who is routinely demonized as the second coming of Stalin – a vastly shrunken Russia is now characterized as a “revisionist” power which seeks to reclaim its lost empire by any means necessary. A nation with a rapidly falling birth rate, an economy that is on the skids, and a level of public health that is far below what it was during the Soviet era, is now being held up as the main obstacle to American military and ideological primacy across the globe.
How credible is that?"
But the Russians are cozying up to the Chinese, the real enemy. Will the real US threat please stand up?

Comparing Obamatrade to Obamacare.

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