Friday, November 13, 2015


Contrary to Republican claims, military spending under Obama is near historically high levels. It won't last.

At least 60 dead and 100 hostages in coordinated terrorist attack at seven locations in Paris. This is another outrageous government failure. Despite ubiquitous spying, terrorists planned and carried out a highly coordinated attack. Despite France's oppressive gun control laws, the terrorists used guns and bombs. This happens in the Middle East all the time. US and western aggression there has brought those wars to Paris in blowback.

Shepard Smith on Fox News keeps linking the attack to ISIS with no evidence. Now he says one person arrested claims he's Syrian and with ISIS. We know Obama wants to send ground troops into Syria. Now he has his excuse. Convenient. A week ago Pat Buchanan described how the US was being sucked into war in Syria. That's a fait accompli now.

France declared martial law.

Apparently around 100 people were killed in the concert hall by two gunmen. That's what gun control does to law-abiding people.

Death toll reaches 153 and is expected to climb.

Paris attacks cut off Gore live broadcast from Eiffel Tower.

ISIS claims credit for coordinated suicide bombs in Lebanon.

Earlier today, Obama claimed to have contained ISIS.

The corrupt US wasting of money during war.


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