Saturday, July 08, 2017


Washington's aggression is the reason North Korea is seeking a nuclear deterrent.
"Indeed, the idea that North Korea is an expansionist threat to anybody, but most especially its kinsmen in South Korea, is a ridiculous joke.
After all, the GDP of North Korea is $17 billion and that of South Korea is $1.38 trillion. So the economy of the latter happens to be 81X bigger than the GDP of the former.
Likewise, South Korea’s population of 50 million is 2X larger than the North’s 25 million. And that’s to say nothing as to South Korea’s advanced technology, millions of skilled industrial and tech workers and absence of the abject poverty and even starvation which is rampant on the northern side of the DMZ.
So that gets to the heart of the matter. Namely, why is the US still occupying South Korea, thereby creating the pretext for Pyongyang’s fears that it is targeted for Regime Change and that it’s only hope of survival is to become a rogue nuclear state not to be tread upon?
As we will document further below, anyone not wearing the Imperial City’s self-serving blinders and false history can see that deterring Washington is the real treason for North Korea’s dangerous campaign to become a nuclear power."

Documents reveal US government control of Hollywood.

The Pentagon's legal fake news.

US forces attack Syrian forces to save ISIS terrorists.

The US officially supports terrorists in Syria.

Bill to stop funding terrorists goes nowhere. So much for the war on terror.

Pentagon admits 600 civilian deaths in bombing campaign in Syria and Iraq. The real number is over 4,000.

In the name of fighting terrorists, a bill would make it illegal to take your money out of the bank.

Obama and Clinton used fake news to build support for invading Libya.

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