Saturday, July 08, 2017

Health Care

Vaccinations are more likely to give obese people the flu.

Vitamin C kills cancer.
"But now, in a groundbreaking animal experiment, cancer researchers in Italy and the United Kingdom report they have killed cancer stem cells, not with a gene-targeted drug or an engineered monoclonal antibody, but with a common antibiotic plus vitamin C.  The results are astounding — antibiotics + vitamin C could be up to 100 times more effective than drugs at killing cancer cells – without the side effects” says a news report. [Daily Mail June 9, 2017]"
We've never heard of this because nobody can make money off it.

Colossal medical myths.

One way the FDA subsidizes Big Pharma:
"Free-market economists for half a century have complained about the FDA. The FDA demands that a new drug go through extensive testing. Almost nobody can afford to conduct these tests. This is one of the great subsidies to big Pharma. Economists have known this for decades, but the general public is oblivious."
Who can be against testing?

Vitamin D helps heal sunburn.

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