Saturday, October 29, 2016


The truth about ISIS.
"As a former soldier and war correspondent who has covered 14 conflicts, I look at all the media hoopla over tightening siege of Mosul, Iraq and shake my head. This western-organized “liberation” of Mosul is one of the bigger pieces of political-military theater that I’ve seen.
Islamic State(IS), the defender of Mosul, is a paper tiger, blown out of all proportion by western media.  IS is, as this  writer has been saying for years, an armed mob made up of 20-something malcontents, religious fanatics, and modern-day anarchists.  At its top is a cadre of former Iraqi Army officers with military experience.
These former officers of Saddam Hussain are bent on revenge for the US destruction of their nation and the lynching of its late leader. But IS rank and file has no military training, little discipline, degraded communications, and ragged logistics."
But they are great at media.

As Iraqi forces finally get around to taking Mosul from ISIS, casualties soar over 500.

American fighter killed in Iraq.

NASA is a cover for the military.

War wiping out gorillas in Congo.

Five unethical US military experiments I hadn't heard of.

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