Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The media doesn't report about ongoing terrorist attacks in Sweden, but the media calls Trump a liar when he mentions them.
"Trump’s comment is undeniably correct in substance. He used two words “last night” where he should perhaps have said “very recently” or “going on now” or “a few days ago” or or February 11 or “for the past several years”.
Trump’s comment is accurate, long-term and short-term. Anyone who doubts that Trump’s remark is accurate in substance need only do a little research on Malmö, Sweden. It has been the subject of continual hand grenade attacks, 150 alone in 2015 and a long list in 2016.
But his comment is also accurate as to a recent event.
Go read this account dated February 12, 2017: “SWEDEN’S ‘NO-GO ZONE’ CRISIS: Three police officers injured after being ATTACKED by thugs THREE Swedish police officers were taken to hospital after being attacked by a violent mob on a routine mission in a ‘no-go zone’ on Friday evening.” Read the views also of those who say that no such “no-go” zones exist, such as this article. But one cannot deny the report from Rinkeby a few days ago of the attack on police. An incident in Rinkeby dated March 1, 2016 is pertinent. We surely cannot deny that Rinkeby is largely immigrant and had riots in 2010. There is a Wikipedia entry on this."

Crime increasing, not decreasing, in Sweden.

Obama's sleazy, corrupt, last minute arms deal.

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