Sunday, November 13, 2016


Civil war in the deep state as one faction targets Clinton campaign.

Anatomy of the deep state.

Flyover states don't benefit from the Fed's money-printing like big cities on the coasts, and that's why some normally blue states went to Trump.

Trump employed the crony lobbyists he railed against on his transition team.

Calls to kill electoral college always follow when a candidate wins the popular vote but loses the electoral vote.

Comparing Trump to Napoleon.

I admit I love that a non-political businessman beat the political establishment. Steve Forbes couldn't do it. Trump's celebrity is not being mentioned as a factor, but it was a huge factor.

Trump not only beat Clinton, the establishment and the media, he beat voter fraud too.

Blacks, women and millennials voted for Trump, not to mention Hispanics.

Spoiled, violent, progressive losers protest Trump's victory. The vandalize churches.

Only a small minority of Americans chose the president, so the will of the people is a myth.

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