Friday, August 31, 2007

Free kibbles

Synagogue opens in Germany.

C-130 carrying 3 Senators and congressman dodges ground fire after leaving Baghdad.

Judge strikes down Iowa's gay marriage ban. Another abuse of the equal protection clause. This will help Republicans in '08.

Muqtada al Sadr calls for a temporary halt to attacks by the Mahdi Army. He's just trying to wait out US troops so he force doesn't get destroyed like we're destroying al Qaeda. This doesn't bode well for the future.

Tom Delay speaks out against the media double standard, attacking Republicans and never mentioning Democrat scandals. As an example, networks replay audio tape of Republican Senator Craig's arrest over and over, yet you almost never hear about William Jefferson, who had $90,000 in marked bills from an undercover operation stashed in his freezer.

General Petraeus reports on success of surge to Australians. Australian troops mission will shift from security to training Iraqis as a result of this success.

Iraqi chemical weapons (WMD) found in at the UN. No joke.

Duke prosecutor Nifong sentenced to 1 day in jail and fine for contempt of court for lying to a judge regarding the Duke rape case. Excellent.

City employee tracked using his city-issued cell phone.

Tony Snow resigns because, ailing with cancer (and looking bad, I hate to say), he needs to make more money for himself and his family.

Reason's second and third myths of Katrina.

Reason exposes the politically motivated prosecution of a doctor for writing prescriptions.

What failsafes exist to stop a nuclear war?

The return of Soviet propaganda. Russia launches Putin backed children's TV programming.

Fraudulent Clinton donor
Hsu turns himself in to police in California. I would shocked if this guy doesn't have a China connection that is being frantically erased right now. I bet investigators will find remnants. His wealth won't remain a mystery for long.

Obama's wife raises funds in Britain. This is a bad step.

Brian de Palma makes movie based on rape of an Iraqi girl and the murder of her and her family by US troops in Iraq. Those soldiers have been tried and convicted for their crime. This is a fine subject for a movie, but apparently de Palma attempts to smear the entire military and war effort with the actions of these criminals, and that's disgusting in itself. This incident illustrates the difference between us an our enemy: it's unique for Americans, and we've punished the guilty - these types of horrendous crimes and worse are the norm for al Qaeda, which celebrates them.

FBI details surveillance techniques. Fear of abuse by agents.

It is ridiculous that the Navy has to defend the use of sonar in court.

Michelle Malkin reported on mortgages for illegal aliens years ago. Now we understand the housing boom and bust.

New Jersey pays a heavy price for illegal immigration.

Teachers strike. It's for the good of the children. Not.

Miss Tennessee is bitten by a rattlesnake and treated by Miss Iowa.

Study shows that women are more often the initiators of domestic violence than men.

Artist portrays Osama bin Laden as Christ. You have got to be kidding me. Talk about cheap, offensive publicity stunts.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Free kibbles

The report on the Virginia Tech massacre misses the 2 key points: Cho is responsible, and gun control laws disarmed law abiding citizens while failing to stop a psychopath.

Colorado school bans tag on playground. If it saves just one child a booboo it's OK to screw up thousands and take away freedom.

President Bush can eavesdrop on suspected terrorists anywhere he wants as part of his Constitutional powers and responsibility to wage war just like Washington, Lincoln, FDR and others before him. If a terrorist attack were to happen tomorrow, these same liberals would attack Bush for not doing enough to protect Americans. All these political attacks are designed just to drive a wedge between the supporters of each party.

Iran agrees to more inspections of its nuclear program by IAEA. Negotiations only work from a position of strength, and Bush has put us into a position of strength. Let's hope Iran continues down this path and isn't just stalling and playing games. This doesn't sound very positive.

Iran continues to shell Iraq. That won't win it any friends.

The Pakistani Prime Minister ousted by Musharraf will end his exile and challenge Musharraf. Musharraf agrees to step down as army chief.

Congressional report states Iraqi government has failed to meet benchmarks. Duh. It doesn't matter because we're still killing al Qaeda in Iraq.

I don't see the problem with Mexican trucks coming into America. As long as they meet the same standards as American trucks, why should it be a problem? If they don't meet the same standards, we should fix that, not ban Mexican truckers. I don't like NAFTA, but this is just free trade.

Study shows that fewer than half of all scientists publishing climate research support the anthropological global warming theory. More are neutral. Skepticism is growing. So much for Al Gore's church of global warming bull about scientific consensus. This won't stop even slow down the church's propaganda.

Peta is happy to report that eating meat is worse for the environment than driving cars. Who would have known that since humans evolved, mankind was destroying the planet by eating meat? You can't help but laugh.

Environmentalists must be happy to learn that 140 million people are poisoning themselves with arsenic. Environmentalists always want lower populations, and they try to keep people poor and unhealthy so they'll die young. Something tells me this is another bogus environmental issue that will get blown greatly out of proportion.

China reports sighting of supposedly extinct dolphin. Maybe it's a ghost of his entire species sent back to haunt us. Or maybe environmentalists are just wrong again.

Why in the world would any prosecutor take this alleged rape case to trial? This is a he, he, and he said, she said case. If one of the guys backed her story, it would be something altogether different, but that didn't happen. In the absence of any other eye-witnesses or physical evidence like injuries or a tape recording, or a lie detector test, justice demands that this case never be brought to trial. Otherwise, men, any number of men, are perpetually at the mercy of one angry woman and her willingly accomplices - rape advocates, prosecutors, and the justice system. Men should be very afraid.

Texas to execute accomplice of murderer. Accomplice laws go too far. An accomplice should always get a lesser penalty than the actual criminal because that would provide an incentive for criminals to avoid doing the actual crime. "I'm not doing it. You do it." "No. You do it."

Seattle papers should not have run these pictures based on simple suspicions from FBI agents. Had their been a warrant for them, that would have been different.

If I have to take off my ball cap to get on an airplane, Sikhs have to take off their turbans. This cannot legitimately be construed as racial anything. That's a disingenuous statement.

Even I don't think sex in public bathrooms should be legal. Other people may want to use the bathroom for its intended purpose. Get a room or keep it in your pants.

Reason discusses the myths surrounding hurricane Katrina. More information.

Author terribly misunderstands the politics of withdrawing troops from Iraq. Bush will withdraw them sometime next spring, as noted, and will also declare victory. It's Democrats who have and are screwing up by trying to force defeat on America by bringing the troops home before then.

Republicans have stripped Craig of leadership posts and are pressuring him to resign. Compare how Republicans treat their publicly identified perverts, like Mark Foley, and how Democrats treat theirs, like Gary Studds. That's a real difference.

Clinton giving money from fraudulent donor to charity. Good idea. It's good to see the press checking her finances. I hope they use a magnifying glass and a fine toothed comb. RNC brings up China funding. I hope the press catches her red handed like they did Bill, but this time I hope they don't bury it.

The FairTax is gaining steam.

Dr. fired for fighting law-breaking Sacramento policy that forced hospitals to provide non-emergency services to illegal aliens for no charge.

Alexander Hamilton on consumption taxes.

The federal government subsidizes New York City millionaires for rooftop gardens. Here's a working map.

How can it be OK to impound the cars of Americans but not illegal aliens for the same offense?

Ann Coulter illustrates just how dangerous to civil rights Hillary Clinton's first Attorney General Janet Reno was. All this smoke about Gonzales is nothing compared to Reno's abuses.

Strict anti-illegal alien laws in Arizona are chasing out an estimated 100 illegal aliens per day. The evidence that illegal aliens will self-deport if we enforce existing law is overwhelming. We should have been doing it since the last amnesty (actually before). This so-called crisis is an invention of Bush, Democrats, and Republicans in Washington as a means to create a permanent underclass of workers, and we should hold every single person in Washington responsible for making this mess.

This is crazy. The Virginia general assembly has delegated tax raising abilities to an unelected body. King George must be laughing in his grave. Whatever happened to "No taxation without representation"?

Mark Moyar reports that Bush has it right when discussing the end of the Vietnam war, and the critics don't.

Lawrence Kudlow blasts the big-government, liberal, compassionate conservative, call it what you want, it's socialist, spending of $127 billion to rebuild New Orleans, and it's a complete failure. $127 billion is crazy. Larry's proposal is right, and if implemented, it would the model for America's future.

How Iran manipulated Iraq's election of PM Maliki's coalition.

George Will explains the socialist philosophy and infrastructure that France must tear down to reform.

A professional spy should not determine the limits of warrantless wiretapping. The president should. If the president abuses his powers, Congress should impeach him. That's representative government.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Free kibbles

Bush to request $50 billion more for Iraq war. You'd think the $460 billion already allocated for 2008 would cover everything in 2008.

Because the government won't fix the illegal immigration problem, 1 million skilled immigrants are in immigration limbo. We have to end the economic incentive for illegal immigration so we can secure the border and develop a sane immigration policy. This is a crisis manufactured and forced on us by our politicians in both parties.

This ICE raid in Fairfield, Oh, the twin city to my hometown, shows the dedication of Butler Co. to fighting illegal immigration. The sheriff's crackdown is leading illegal immigrants to self-deport. The evidence is everywhere that cracking down on illegals and their employers will cause illegal aliens to self-deport in high numbers.

US acknowledges mistakenly arresting Iranians in Iraq.

Reason says that Gonzales' loyalty to Bush was misplaced.

Slate takes a remarkably simplistic view to conclude that Russia and China aren't working together against the west.

Republicans call for ethics probe for Republican Senator. How come Democrats never do that? Nixon resigned, and if he hadn't Republicans would have helped oust him. Clinton refused, and Democrats stood solidly behind him despite his crimes. It's a terrible double standard.

The relative success of the surge in Iraq is different in different locations.

Excellent analysis of how Democrats defeated American in Vietnam, and how they're trying to repeat their betrayal of their own country and our allies in Iraq. The American people won't stand for it.

John Stossel exposes the biases of a new study about health care.

The WSJ praises Sarkozy's supportive foreign policy speech.

Pat Buchanan is afraid that democracy in the middle east will lead to more fundamentalism, not less.

Ralph Peters interviews Gen. Odierno, Gen. Petraeus' day-to-day operations commander.

Cal Thomas describes why England is disappearing.

How Putin uses propaganda to take more power for his tyranny. A KGB state indeed.

Ann Coulter raises the specter that the Bush administration is targeting sympathetic, high-profile illegal aliens to deport in order to embarrass the vast majority of Americans who want the government to secure our borders.

List of recent reports on the Iraq war prepared by the Bush administration.

Thomas Sowell discusses the trade-offs in life and selling organs.

Jonah Goldberg has nothing nice to say about Alberto Gonzales.

Academics have emerged as a political force, but nobody talks about them because they overwhelmingly support Democrats.

Blog links to impressive voter resource.

Cato supports school choice and calls for abolishing the Department of Education. Competition for students (school choice) will lead to the hiring of better teachers.

Cato says Gonzales' worst performance was his disregard for the Constitution. Him and every other politician.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's time for the Maliki government to go

Out of the many grave mistakes the Bush administration made in Iraq, probably the worst was the race to empower an elected Iraqi government before we had established security, basic services and built democratic institutions from the ground up. In a lawless environment and with no history of democracy to guide them, the Iraqi people naturally elected those who provided security and other services - the local warlords. As a result, the Iraqi parliament and the Maliki government are made up of the most divisive leaders in Iraq and defensive leaders in Iraq.

Prime Minister Maliki has not cut his ties to radical cleric Muqtada al Sadr. His execution of Saddam Hussein highlights his goal, the establishment of a Shiite state ruling, more or less vengefully, over the Sunnis. Maliki is critical of the US working with Sunnis to destroy al Qaeda, and he's critical of our raids on radical Shiites because these actions threaten that goal. Maliki's subtle threats to ally with Iran should spell the end of his government.

Maliki has proved he does not want to unite Iraq, he wants his sect to rule over it. But Gen. Petraeus' success in bringing Iraqis of all sects to the US side to fight the foreign terrorists shows that most Iraqis want peace, and peace requires reconciliation.

The contrast between the people's support of American forces and the isolation of their own government makes it likely the Maliki government will be toppled and replaced with a coalition that truly wants to unite Iraq. Thanks to Gen. Petraeus' long overdue counterinsurgency strategy, the Iraqi people are finally making progress at restoring their own basic services, working together, and working with national government agents. The Iraqi people won't allow the Maliki government to continue to stand in the way of peace.

US prepared to strike Iran

President Bush has stepped up the rhetoric in preparation for a strike on Iran. We have enough forces in the region, and they've prepared long enough, that we could take out Iran's nuclear facilities, the leadership, and the military while securing the Straits of Hormuz and Iran's off-shore oil production. No doubt our forces are prepared for an all-out, devastating attack, or a more limited attack, on short notice.

But Bush learned a terrible lesson about using too few troops and too little force in Iraq. If Bush decides to strike Iran, he has nothing to gain by limiting the strike. He will gain no goodwill with anti-war Americans, the international community, or the Iranian people by limiting the strike. If we are to attack at all, the best option is to do the most damage possible to the Iranian regime and military to degrade its ability to strike back and support terrorist proxies that will carry out retaliatory strikes.

French President Sarkozy's statement that the only way to avoid a strike on Iran was for Iran to give up its nuclear weapon program is a vote of confidence from an historically unlikely source. Sarkozy's statement was not an endorsement for an assault, but it clearly expresses France's position that Iran must stop trying to develop a nuclear weapon or get bombed. It had none of the typical European weakness, there was no implication of acceptance of a nuclear armed Iran as a fait accompli, and there was no hint of a policy of containment. This is a major policy shift for France in support of hawks.

Ahmadinejad's warning that Iran is poised to fill the power vacuum in Iraq after the US leaves plays right into the hawks' hands. I've long contended that Ahmadinejad is inviting an attack from the US, that Ahmadinejad wants nothing more than to be killed by the US in what he envisions as martyring his entire nation in the battle against the infidel. This announcement supports my contention. He couldn't have said anything more damaging to the anti-war movement in the US. Americans won't stand for a pullout of Iraq that surrenders the country to Iran.

Ahmadinejad also said its friend Saudi Arabia would help fill the vacuum. That's the same Saudi Arabia which is buying $20 billion in weapons from the US to resist Iranian aggression. Ahmadinejad's comment seems as much a taunt of the Saudis as it is the US. Ahmadinejad's description of the region, post US pullout from Iraq, describes a regional war that must be taken seriously by the most rabid anti-war politician.

But while support seems to be building for a strike, thanks to Ahmadinejad, it would be premature at this point. Britain hasn't joined the rhetoric, but in hindsight it seems that Bush's meeting with Brown then Sarkozy laid the groundwork for this action. We're unlikely to hear from Australian PM Howard on this issue because of his re-election campaign.

We have yet to apply our full economic might to sanctioning Iran. US investors are divesting Iran, but that's just begun, and we could do a lot more. The US should ban any company that does business with Iran's energy, military or government sector from doing business in the US. Even Iran's sponsors and protectors, China and Russia, couldn't stand to lose American business. But Bush has not implemented such a ban, and neither have the presidential candidates of either party called for such a ban, but all have stepped up rhetoric against Iran.

Unfortunately, it seems our government is more afraid of upsetting foreign companies and countries than it is of risking US lives and killing Iranians.

It looks like President Bush and the Mullahs are on a collision course that will dramatically change the face of the Middle East and grant Ahmadinejad his wish of national martyrdom. Critics say this strike will create more terrorists, and maybe it will. Some surviving Iranian military personal will likely turn to terrorism in response.

But those terrorists, and existing terrorists, will no longer have the Revolutionary Guards or the Quds force to train and support them. Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban, the Mahdi Army and others will no longer have Iranian money and equipment to supply them. Syria will no longer have Iranian money to support terror. The terrorists supported by the world's greatest state sponsor of terror will lose their major financier.

All those terror groups will retaliate. Hezbollah will attack Israel. Iran's terrorist proxies all over the world will try to execute attacks. The world will have to weather a terrorist storm. But those terrorists won't be resupplied by Iran. The networks will be disrupted indefinitely or fall apart. And most important of all, the terrorists will lose their future source of nuclear weapons.

Free kibbles

Man jailed for making home improvements without permit.

Bush warns Iran to stop assisting Iraqi insurgents as Ahmadinejad announces Iran will fill the power void in Iraq as soon as the US pulls out. Bush calls Iran world's leading sponsor of terrorism. Warns of holocaust. Ahmadinejad calls a US attack on Iran, impossible. There's nothing impossible about it. The US has enough forces in the middle east to destroy Iran, and if Iran doesn't stop developing nuclear weapons, Bush is likely to use overwhelming force to topple the Mullahs, destroy their military and their nuclear program. Sarkozy says only diplomacy wills stop bombing of Iran. The writing is on the wall.

US Lieutenant Colonel acquitted of abuse charges in Abu Ghraib scandal.

Violence breaks out among pilgrims in Karbala, Iraq.

Ex-Islamic leader of Turkey sworn in, vows support for secularism.

Al Qaeda has an active plan to hit the US. Can these people be any more vague and uninformative about terror threats? Everybody knows that.

US poverty rate declines.

US has most heavily armed citizens.

Nazis plan to protest in front of Omaha Mexican Consul.

SAT scores drop as more students take test.

Gun crimes in England double since gun ban.

MSNBC and CNBC refuse to run ads urging support for Iraq war.

Republican Senator arrested for lewd conduct in June, and it's just now being reported.

Odd source of campaign funds for Hillary Clinton. This article doesn't go so far as to mention China, but it sure looks like the Clintons are still enjoying copious funding from the Chinese government.

Ban alert: Hillary and Huckabee both call for national smoking bans in public places. 100 year old woman celebrates birthday with 170,000th cigarette.

SCHIP for the children is just the next step toward socialized medicine.

Reason does not completely understand the illegal immigration problem. Even if we had enough legal workers to satisfy the work force, employers would want to hire illegal immigrants because they can pay them a lower wage, off the books, and foreign workers would still come here illegally to get that wage. That's why we have to crack down on employers of illegal immigrants.

Reason presents an argument to return to the gold standard. You don't hear much about that anymore.

Christopher Hitchens identifies 3 conflicts in the Iraq war. He wears his personal investment in the Kurds on his sleeve.

All the money that disappeared in Iraq.

Boortz highlights the hypocritical self-censorship of newspapers regarding the cartoon Opus making fun of radical Islam.

Boortz wants to know why our government is co-sponsoring a convention of a private organization. Can you imagine of the government co-sponsored the Southern Baptists convention?

Al Qaeda is recruiting 11 year old boys in Iraq.

Teacher teaches kids how much veterans have provided for America.

Report wonders if we are teaching children to fear men. Given the prosecutorial abuse of men based on false accusations of abuse, men would be smart to fear children.

Author exposes the racial hypocrisy of San Francisco city government.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Free kibbles

Plans to implement a database for every child in UK next year.

Looming teacher shortage. This is another result of central planning. Let the free market take over education, and this won't happen.

After decrying the "well funded" skeptics, funded by $10 million, Gore plans to start $100 million per year global warming propaganda campaign. This guy is the worst kind of sleaze. BBC chief blast BBC plans to preach about global warming. Excellent! This is a political issue, and no news outlet should preach about one side of it. News networks should give equal time all viewpoints.

Attorney General Gonzales resigns. About time. This is a perfect example of the Peter Principle. His mishandling of firing 8 US Attorneys enabled Democrats to turn that non-issue into a constant battle with the White House.

Iraq whistle-blowers, American citizens, allege being punished with harsh interrogation techniques reserved for terrorists.

Afghanistan has more land devoted to producing drugs than Columbia, Bolivia and Peru combined. Thanks to the War on Drugs for that.

Home sales at 5 year low. Sounds like a correction to me. Fears of recession. Median price of homes is expected to drop for the first time since records began in 1950. Reason on the sub-prime lending issue.

Canadian conspiracy theorists think cops planted agents at protest to start riot.

Hillary's astounding negative rating.

Scientists want to use animal-human hybrid embryos for research. Isn't there plenty of other things we can research instead? It's like these people are trying to find the most unpopular, morally distasteful issues they can, and push them for research instead of finding equally valuable, popular, research projects. These projects sound more like they're based on politics than a need for science.

Scientists have finally detected their ghost particle, neutrinos.

Boortz responds to the ridiculously inaccurate discussion of the FairTax in the WSJ that I blogged yesterday.

Huckabee's getting closer to the real problem with our economy - it's based on the poor health of Americans. We have to get healthier.

Bishop blames Satan for beating his wife.

The case for surveillance. I can state it more simply - we have to gather intelligence to stop terrorist attacks.

The media exaggerates the importance of the presidential campaign this early. The media exaggerating? Say it ain't so.

The mindset of true warriors, including captives in Vietnam.

Throughout history, people have often talked about the imminent decline of America. But in those times, we weren't suffocating under titanic government and a welfare state, racing toward bankruptcy from entitlements, allowing illegal immigrants to invade the country without reprise, and more and more poorly educating our children. This decline is real. That doesn't mean that China won't stumble, but America's decline is real. Victor Davis Hansen understands the education problem, and offers simple solutions. It's the family, stupid.

Michael Barone supports divestment in Iran. Duh.

Democrats' opposition to free trade with Columbia forced ouster of Columbian military leaders corrupted by drug war. If the government knew they were corrupt, why hadn't they been purged before?

Crackdown on illegal aliens will teach us a lot about the problem. We should have been doing this and more for the last 2 decades.

Charles Krauthammer says the Maliki government must go. He must be reading my blog too. It's funny how all these commentators have finally come to the same conclusions I've been expressing for nearly a year. I must be getting popular.

NSA director Mike McConnell's testimony on the FISA debate.

The NYTimes attempts to blame Bush for the failures of the Iraqi government. Give me a break. Sure, invading Iraq was a bad idea. Sure, racing to install a national government without first establishing security and grass roots, democratic traditions was absurdly stupid. Sure, Bush, Bremer, Rumsfeld and the commanders in Iraq made mistake after mistake after mistake for 4 years. But the opportunity has always been there for the Maliki government to unite Iraq. That failure falls squarely on the shoulders of the Iraqis led by Maliki.

The Washington Times explains the aptness of Bush's (stolen from me, no doubt ;) ) Vietnam, Korea, Japan analogy.

Liberal has the temerity to claim that our pullout of Vietnam was a success. I think the millions of victims of the Kymer Rouge, the boat people, the reeducated people, the citizens of Afghanistan, the hostages in Iraq, and many, many more would disagree. This is a sickness of liberals. Like Stalin and Mao before them, liberals think it's OK to have allowed millions of people to die. That's why liberals loved Stalin and Mao while they were killing over 100 million people. Dangerous lunacy.

Excellent explanation from Britain about why Democrats hate that Bush brought up the Vietnam analogy. For 30 years, liberals have been misinforming the public about the Vietnam War. In spite of this, the nation has understood that Democrats can't be trusted on national defense because they betrayed our allies and our own troops who fought in Vietnam. Democrats were hoping to avoid confronting their actions, cutting off the funds for South Vietnam to defend itself when North Vietnam broke the treaty, despite repeating them regarding Iraq before 2008 and slip through the backdoor as the party that America trusts more for national security, and Bush just cut them off at the knees by reminding the entire nation of Democrats' betrayal in Vietnam and drawing a parallel, the only real parallel, between that and Democrats irresponsibility regarding Iraq.
By asserting the right of Congress to set war policy, they have promised their left wing more than they can perform, appeared reluctant to support US troops in combat and stirred old doubts about whether Democrats can be trusted with the nation’s defence.

Anne Applebaum explains that all of the presidential candidates suck.

Australian understatement: A nuclear-armed Iran would not be good.

John Stossel explodes the recently published bull from the World Health Organization that America's health care is substandard.

Ralph Peters describes the strategy Gen. Petraeus has used to change the war in Iraq for the better.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Free kibbles

Australia updates citizenship test with questions, in English, about Australia's values, history and culture. We should do something similar.

Georgia shoots down Russian plane. Russia denies. Another observer.

Arson blamed for Greek fires that threaten Olympia ruins.

Afghans protest soccer balls with Allah written on them dropped by US forces.

Internet web sites helping American troops accused of war crimes during combat.

Ralph Peters reports from Anbar province that US troops are on the verge of crushing al Qaeda in a devastating, strategic defeat that will also provide us a much needed victory in the information war against al Qaeda - Americans and Muslims united to defeat al Qaeda. Pulling out, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, is unacceptable.

Baath party spokesman rejects draft plan to ease ban restrictions on party members holding government job proposed by Shiite, Sunni, and Kurd leaders.

Liberals becoming more and more unhinged.

To fix our failing infrastructure, we should replace gas taxes with road use taxes.

The value of Bush's Vietnam analogy.

Newt discusses how Republicans can rebuild their majority. They can do it by truly becoming libertarian.

Description of mission that illustrates how American troops are destroying al Qaeda in Iraq.

How Britain became a fractured society.

Mark Steyn explains that if we prematurely pull out of Iraq, Vietnam will no longer be an anomaly, but part of a pattern of betrayal. Absolutely.

Christopher Hitchens seems to go out of his way to misunderstand Bush's Vietnam analogy.

George Will asks if Sarkozy is serious about reform. For France's sake, he better be.

Newt describes Medicare using Medi-cruise as an example.

FairTax critic fails to mention that there is, on average, a 22% federal tax already embedded in the price of every good and service made in America, and that the 23% inclusive FairTax rate will replace that embedded tax, leaving the average price of American made goods and services basically unchanged. (The price of imports will go up by 23%, inclusive.) FairTax supporters aren't playing any tricks, but this author certainly is by misinforming the audience. This is article is unworthy of the WSJ.

Newt discusses the failures of government.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Free kibbles

of 20,000 people detained for being on the terrorist list, very few were arrested. This list sounds more like an assault on civil liberties to me. I don't have a problem with a list, but it has to be reasonably accurate, and this one obviously isn't.

Pakistan tests nuclear capable cruise missile.

CIA steps up operations against Iran. I should hope so.

Iraqi man sacrifices himself to save US soldiers and other Iraqi civilians.

The additional US troops in Iraq are detaining more suspected terrorists. Good. That's why the violence is going down.

Sole surviving son leaves Iraq after 2 bothers die.

Joint Chiefs to recommend significant troop cuts in Iraq by middle of next year. Ever since Bush announced the surge, we knew that significant troop cuts would have to follow in 2008 because of a strained military and the upcoming election. Democrats would have been wise to be supportive until that natural draw down occurred.

New York City taxi drivers threaten to strike over GPS tracking. Good for them. They've taken the vanguard position against the surveillance society.

Record low unemployment leaves fast food window job unfilled.

93 year old charged with trafficking cocaine. Along with welfare, that's why unemployment is so low. Who would want to work in a fast food drive-through when the War on Drugs pays so much more to people who traffic in cocaine?

Should government regulate open source UAVs for national security reasons?

Why do Sikhs think their hats (turbans) are immune from airport searches when nobody else's are?

Reason exposes how a child advocate gamed the media. The trial we just lost shows how child advocates and false accusers game the judicial system. If you declare yourself a child advocate, it destroys all skepticism in observers, enabling the advocate to get away with things they never could normally.

Reason on Hugo Chavez and his socialist enablers. He's destroying his country.

Reason says Obama, Brownback, and Paul are the only presidential candidates who support transparency on government spending.

Reason on higher education and the copyright wars.

Slate is all wrong about the electoral college. The United States is not built on majority rule but on state's rights and protection of rights. We are not a democracy but a Constitutional Republic, thank goodness.

Florida votes to move primary before Democratic party specifications, and Democrats threaten to disenfranchise. They have to, or there will be no end to states moving their primaries forward. Florida whines like little girls.

Democrats criticize Hillary for talking about potential terror attacks. Democrats will not allow anybody, even Hillary to acknowledge the threat to America. How bizarre.

Fred Thompson continues to tease Republicans. You'd think he would have learned long ago that nobody likes a tease.

Newly discovered fossil teeth show that humans separated from the other apes much longer ago than originally thought. That probably explains why we're so much different than other apes are from each other.

Empty spot
in the universe.

Science shows there's nothing magical about out-of-body experiences.

Boortz has some amazing stats on warrantless wiretaps and terrorist surveillance.

England allows cops to ban people from drinking for 2 days. What?

Taxpayer funded Islamic schools in Columbus.

Illegal immigrants are self-deporting from Tulsa because officials have threatened to pass laws deporting them. Once the economic incentive is gone, illegal immigrants will leave.

UN attempts to restrict US proposals on global warming to UN guidelines. We don't answer to the UN.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Free kibbles

President Bush says if we leave Iraq prematurely, the result would likely be as devastating as our premature retreat from Vietnam, after we had the war won for all intents and purposes. Bush also pointed that victory in Iraq could be comparable to victory in Japan and South Korea. It's about time he learned some history, but I wonder where he got that argument from. Bush has finally started using my blog to his advantage. He should have started long ago, and we'd be a lot better off.

US bomb kills British soldiers in friendly fire incident in Afghanistan.

Families of militants
in Lebanese camp evacuate during truce.

Georgia fires at Russian plane.

Wheat hits record high price.

Russian archaeologists believe they have recovered the remains of 2 children of Russia's last czar.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Free kibbles

Russia determined to expand military and regain position as the world's leading producer of military aircraft. They'll direct most of the weapons against the US and Europe, and sell others to terrorist states. We'll sit idly by and pretend Russia and their ally in the new Cold War of Terror, China, are our friends.

China calls US soybeans unsafe. It's easier to attack us than to fix the safety problems rampant across Chinese product lines.

British citizens are abandoning Britain. This is because of socialism and multiculturalism.

Oil production shut down in advance of Dean.

Military progress in Iraq puts pressure on all Democrats and the several Republican defeatists.

Iraqi PM Maliki threatens to "find friends elsewhere" in response to US criticism. He's already cozying up to Iran and Syria, so it sounds like he already found them. Supporting an elected central government before democratic institutions developed from the grass roots level was the worst of the many terrible mistakes we made in Iraq.

Another deadly helicopter crash in Iraq.

Bush warns premature withdrawal from Iraq could lead to consequences similar to our shameful retreat from Vietnam. Liberals will blast Bush for fear-mongering, because they hate to consider the consequences of their actions. They just make decisions based on what makes them feel good.

Democratic Senator proposes taxpayers pay 100% of tuition for math, science, and engineering degrees. Tuition is not free. I can't even imagine how all this government money would corrupt and destroy our most important educational fields.

Study shows 2/3 of American adults are ill-informed about foreign politics, and only 1/3 are even well informed about domestic politics. This highlights the fallacy of "get out the vote" movements. We shouldn't encourage ignorant people to vote. Instead of "get out the vote", we should on educating more people about the issues.

Reason on Jose Padilla.

CBS show "Kid Nation" may have violated child employment laws. This is a dangerous idea for a show anyway.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Free kibbles

New report details CIA failures before 9/11. Why is this report so late?

Iran frees American-Iranian citizen previously held on suspicion of espionage.

Leaflets warn of Iranian attack into northern Iraq.

France offers to mediate disputes between Shia, Sunni, and Kurd in Iraq. Wow.

Cheney refuses to turn over warrantless wiretapping documents, claiming executive privilege.

Government shuts down controversial anti-terrorist database that tracks American citizens.

FCC puts $4.6 billion minimum bid on spectrum.

Drug testing entire communities.

Nuclear plants are not perfect, but the mistakes don't seem to do any damage.

Melting arctic ice exposes new islands. I thought the fear was that melting arctic ice would drown islands. Gosh, it's like the planet is undergoing constant, slow changes. Shocking.

Reason discusses the strength of hurricanes.

New York City sets record low high temperature in August.

Blame moose for Dean, third strongest hurricane to hit land ever recorded. If global warming is to blame for Dean, then how come 2 other storms that hit land (and presumably more that didn't) happened where there was less CO2 in the atmosphere?

The role of psychologists at suspected terrorist interrogations.

Decline of civilization. 1 in 4 people said they did not read a book in the last year.

Phylis Schlafly shows us that the National Education Association has nothing to do with education, but is in fact just an extension of the Democratic party. This is bizarre.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Free kibbles

Illegal immigrant deported to Mexico. It's a terrible indictment of society that this is news.

Democratic Congressman in airport shows that representatives think they are above the law.

New Zealand fears Chinese pajamas may contain too much formaldehyde.

Dean will cause oil prices to spike.

The new robber-barons are green.

Pop culture takes on the Khmer Rouge. I'm scared to read this.

TV aids women in India.

Of liberal candidates, liberal asks if a candidate has to know the name of the President of Pakistan to be a good candidate. This is an exact about-face, from liberals for liberals - such forgiveness will never apply to any Republican, from the attacks on George Bush in 2000, when he was tested and hammered if he ever forgot the name of the least important person in the least important foreign country you can imagine.

Another media double-standard. The New York Post won't print story about Australian leader at strip club with New York Post editor.

Hillary acknowledges the surge is working, then in the same paragraph calls to end the surge. Nice job of Hillary trying to be all things to all people and proving she's nothing to anybody.

Startup targets 1,000 microprocessors on a chip.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Free kibbles

So much for the myth about the success of socialism in Norway. Apparently their health care system and their schools are failing. This article is on elder care, but it's obviously only a symptom of a much larger problem.

Attorney General gets new powers to expedite death penalty cases. I'm all for reducing the time it takes for the appeals process in death penalty cases as long as it doesn't reduce the ability to ferret out wrong verdicts, but I don't think one man should have the power to expedite them.

General Petraeus plans to suggest troop reductions in Iraq beginning next year, as I've said since Bush announced the surge at the beginning of the year. This was always the goal, and Gen. Petraeus thinks he can meet it because of excellent execution of the strategy. If Democrats are smart, they will try to steal the thunder by claiming they've been right all along, and that Bush is finally giving in. Fighting to pull troops out sooner or faster will just further highlight their weakness on national defense. This goes to show what I've been saying for decades - the 2 parties are almost identical, their Iraq plans were almost identical, and all the inflamed rhetoric is just a smokescreen to make them appear very different.

Boortz reports that Chavez continues his dictatorial march in Venezuela by changing the constitution to allow him to be re-elected in rigged elections indefinitely, despite his unpopularity with the people. Chavez had taken control of the oil industry, the broadcast industry, the banks and most of the agriculture and food distribution in Venezuela. Liberals are jealous. Boortz also predicts a revolution in Venezuela. The sooner, the better. Liberals will blame Bush.

Bush labels the Iranian Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization. This is the result of the executive orders he signed empowering him to seize assets of groups which materially support violence in Iraq.

Apparently government thinks parents aren't smart enough to figure out when and how much cough medicine to give children, so the government has to step in and turn a non-issue into a problem.

Apparently there is a story out that the White House will be writing Gen. Petraeus' report. If that story is true, Democrats are right to blast the White House and call it a con job. I don't think for a second that Gen. Petraeus would sign his name any report that wasn't 100% what he wanted to say, but if the White House gets involved in the least, it will destroy Gen. Petraeus' credibility. Since the mainstream media, the Democrats, the Republicans, and the White House have zero credibility, I have no idea what to believe until I hear Gen. Petraeus.

Democrats promise to increase the size and power of unions. Lovely.

Michelle Malkin wonders why we don't have border security given all the crime committed by illegal aliens.

Interview with Steven McIntyre, the man who identified NASA's error when calculating yearly average surface temperatures.

Canadian hospitals could not handle birth of quadruplets, so the family came to the US for the birth. 4 new Americans will grow up (in Canada) with a personal understanding of the failures of socialism. This article makes the great point - imagine how much more expensive health care would be if America didn't provide all the services Canada doesn't.

Australia's public health care system is broken too, and in Sydney, they're merging public and private health care to help out the public system.

Global warming proponents threaten skeptics.

Mugabe cheered at African summit.

Online pharmacies selling fake drugs. This sounds like one of those greatly exaggerated stories that are used to sway public opinion in favor of more government. I predict we'll hear more about this in the future so that the masses can whipped up in favor of more government control of our lives.

The political battle for free trade.

The Nation on the NAFTA superhighway and the North American Union. We don't need no stinking NAFTA to have free trade with Mexico and Canada. These supra-national organizations impinge on our sovereignty and in fact inhibit free trade.

NYTimes profiles Gen. Petraeus.

Insightful essay that describes how Karl Rove capitalized on divisiveness instead of trying to overcome it.

Europe and Democrats are finally admitting the folly of a quick pullout from Iraq and closing Guantanamo. Democrats never believed their own rhetoric. They just used it to attack Bush and make political hay. But with a presidential election gaining speed and Gen. Petraeus' report coming nigh, they have to admit responsible positions or get crushed in 2008.

John Stossel advocates ending all farm subsidies. It would make our farming industry stronger.

Ralph Peters explains that al Qaeda's recent mass murder in Iraq was intended to influence Congress because our troops are crushing them, as they should have done years ago.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Free kibbles

China's ally in the new Cold War of Terror, Russia, decided to resume Cold War era long range bombing runs. This new Cold War is looking more and more like the old one, but the pussies in Washington are afraid to confront this terrible alliance. This is stupid, because the longer we wait, the more costly in blood and treasure it will be to confront them. We need to address their new Cold War aggression head on now, while we can overcome them without firing a shot.

Because the Iraqi government is failing disastrously to reconcile the nation, Bush praises local, grassroots, reconciliation. 4 and half years into the Iraq war, Bush has finally realized that reconciliation and political progress starts at the local, grassroots level. That's where we should have started building the foundation of a self-governing Iraq, instead of rushing to national elections that were guaranteed to empower warlords and feudal leaders instead of the statesmen that would have risen to the top in a grassroots-up rebuilding effort.

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are leading to an ammunition shortage. Sounds to me like an opportunity for some ammo manufacturer to make more money.

I don't see how decoupling the gasoline or diesel engine from the drive train helps fuel efficiency. Because of the laws of thermodynamics, transferring energy from the engine to a battery to a drive train is guaranteed to be more inefficient than transferring it directly from the engine to the drive train.

Las Vegas is running out of water. Like the Katrina levies, designed only for a category 3 hurricane, the government at all levels will screw around and wait until this becomes a crisis before it acts.

US military personnel subject to discharge and denial of benefits because of genetic conditions. This is socialized medicine in action.

Retail weakness might signal economic problems.

Reason on cyber-warfare.

Reason discusses the space race between NASA and private companies.

How physics can help us understand the economy. Last decade, it was predicted that this decade would be the decade of synthesis. While it certainly hasn't been that dramatic, this is a good example.

Edwards calls Ann Coulter "she-devil" in an attempt to drum up support for his failing campaign. I'm sure Ann Coulter appreciates the publicity, and she'll get a nice boost in her book sales.

American Airlines sues google over displayed ads when searching for trademarked keywords. This is interesting. I don't see why the trademarked keyword wouldn't be allowed to call up ads for other companies. I would say American Airlines would have more success suing the companies that are including it's trademarked keywords to trigger their google ads.
PC magazine editor dumps Vista, considers moving to Linux.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Free kibbles

Pentagon spend nearly $1,000,000 to ship two, 19 cent washers.

North Texas cities using stop light cameras use invisible stop lines to convict drivers, instead of the marked stop line. This is government fraud, not an instance of ignorance of the law.

Guards are responsible for more than 1/2 of sexual crimes in prisons.

Couple win $80,000 from government because they were arrested for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts.

This girl is 15?

Tuesday's bomb attacks in northern Iraq killed 344 people. Al Qaeda had to go a long way from Baghdad to kill so many people to discredit the surge. Of course the surge was never intended to secure the entire country, but to secure Baghdad and surrounding areas, but I have no doubt Gen Petraeus has forced hunting down these killers right now.

Time reports that our schools fail gifted students. Don't forget everybody else.

NASA will not repair shuttle heat shield before reentry.

New Orleans is still vulnerable to flooding. That's because they haven't augmented the levies to withstand a Cat. 5 hurricane like they should have in the decades between Camille and Katrina. Government at all levels is so bumbling, our representatives to selfish, they probably never will.

Hell must be freezing over. James Carville, Karl Rove, and now Jimmy Carter have all agreed with me this week. CARE (and Jimmy Carter) think that US food aid to Africa hurts the Africans. As I've always said, welfare of any form hurts both the provider and the recipient.

Rudy Giuliani has changed his position on illegal immigration to take a strong stance against it. I guess he forgot all about inviting illegal immigrants to New York when he was governor. Maybe he learned about sticking his finger in the wind from Romney and the mistress herself, Hillary.

Scientists discover major southern ocean current. We focus on the Gulf Stream, but that's a ego-centric point of view. To our view, North America and Europe are the center of the world, so we apply unusual importance to the gulf stream. No doubt, there are equally important ocean current drivers elsewhere.

4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons announced.

Rutger's basketball player sues Imus hoping for a big payday. This is bull. As Boortz says, this is a good example of why we need a "loser pays" legal system.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Free kibbles

Scientists claim to have induced particles to travel faster than the speed of light. As amazing as this sounds, there have been several experiments that seemed to violate the special law of relativity. Further, the age of expansion in the early universe seems to violate the special law of relativity. The special law of relativity, like Newton's laws, will eventually be found to be an incredibly accurate approximation given our current environment, but it will not apply universally in time or to quantum particles.

Authorities demand the removal of anti-war posters because of supposedly non-standard adhesive. This sounds like bull to me.

China and Russia playing joint war games.

Seniors moving to Mexico for nursing care. This makes perfect sense. The free market in action. Since liberal policies, mostly the welfare state, began destroying families, seniors have fewer ties to family, so they find the cheapest quality care they can, and everything is cheaper in Mexico.

Liberals invent story that White House was not going to let Gen. Petraeus and Amb. Cocker testify before Congress on Sept. 15 about the effectiveness of the new strategy in Iraq. This is complete horse****. The plan was always to have them testify. I like how they say "White House clarifies" and attempt to use that to mean they White House somehow gave in to something it had never planned to do.

Iran condemns US missile defense. Insane nations like Iran and Russia don't think other nations should be able to defend themselves from missile attacks. Once again, thanks to Ronald Reagan for making missile defense a reality despite the ignorance of nay-sayers.

Jose Padilla convicted on terrorism charges.

Finally, a hurricane. And it might get big.

This addresses one of my major pet peeves. Anti-bacterial soap is no better than regular soap at cleaning. Using these soaps is like failing to take all your antibiotics - all it does is create bacteria that is harder to kill. Yet you can hardly find regular soft-soap anymore. Enough with the anti-bacterial soaps.

It's long been known that Pakistan supported the Taliban before 9/11. This isn't news.

Army suicides, amazingly rare, highest in 26 years. Do we need some scientist to explain that wartime is more stressful than peacetime? The news in this number is how shockingly low the suicide is rate is.

Reason discussed the costs of combating carbon dioxide emissions.

How the government abuses the use of drug informants (snitches).

Reason discusses the limits of Congress' ethics reform.

Reason highlights Hitler's Nazi welfare state. There's a reason the word socialist is in the name of the party.

Slate explains how the Fed injects money into the economy.

Slate contends the choice between treating terrorists as soldiers or criminals is a false debate. The answer is we use whatever tools necessary, either the military or justice system to stop them.

Is anybody surprised that the MSNBC newsroom booed Bush's State of the Union address? It shouldn't be.

Karl Rove may have been the architect of the demise of post Reagan ostensibly small-government Republican party, but he's smart enough to realize that Hillary Clinton is unelectable.

Dramatically highlighting the vagueness of the definition of life, the chemical actions of interstellar dust may fit the current definition of life.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Free kibbles

Companies and government trying to censor Wikipedia.

US recognizes China threat to satellites. I would have thought they would have seen the threat when China destroyed that satellite with a missile.

It's one month until Gen. Petraeus reports on the surge. Al Qaeda's counter to the surge, spectacular attacks wherever they can pull them off, is starting.

Hezbollah threatens Israel. It must be Tuesday.

Trying to get a passport from the Homeland Security bureaucracy.

Saggy pants law goes into effect today.

How funny is this? A 1922 edition of the Washington Post reports that Arctic warming is making seals vanish and ice melt.

Are NASA's faces red because they inadvertently misrepresented historic global temperatures to make recent years look extra hot or because they were caught doing it intentionally to fan the global warming flames? More on skeptic Steve McIntyre and his discovery that forced a correction at NASA.

My theory about Huckabee's success in Iowa being due to the FairTax turns out to be right. The Americans for FairTaxation bussed in voters, and apparently they voted for Huckabee, since he boisterously supports the FairTax.

Hell may be freezing over. James Carville actually said something honest.

The NYTimes is acknowledging that the US will be in Iraq for years. The powerful left is trying to correct itself after it's flagrant assault on the war it used to inflame the anti-war movement.

Hillary's documents as First Lady are locked away so that nobody can analyze them. I don't blame that crook for hiding her crimes. I blame the American people for supporting her in her efforts to repeat them.

Gingrich attacks Bush and Congress for allowing illegal immigrants who are murderers to stay in the country, along with every other illegal immigrant. Giuliani vows to stop illegal immigrants with a little bit more enforcement. That's bull.

NASA satellites map Angkor Wat.

Reason discusses the development of the computer.

Scientists say it's more likely that life began in comets than on earth. Wow.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Free kibbles

Russia and China's new Cold War of Terror resembles the old Cold War more and more every day. Russia is not sending bombers close to US airspace in Cold War style provocations.

US sends Coast Guard ship to support claim to North Pole. This sounds like something from a 3 Stooges or Marx brothers' movie. Maybe we'll get a new Christmas special this season - how Santa defeated the most powerful nations on earth.

Chinese toy magnate commits suicide after being exposed for using poisonous lead paint.

Brazil slows the destruction of the Amazon rain forest. About time. Let's hope they can stop it.

The architect of Republican's titanic government, Republicans terrible 2006 defeat, and the policies that divided the nation, Karl Rove, is resigning. Good riddance. Republicans should have stuck to Reagan's vision. The country would be united and improving instead of fragmented and sinking. Rove would be the kiss of death for Thompson. America is demanding a change, not a candidate who embraces more Bushism.

Pentagon refutes idea that US may adopt a draft. Duh.

Arctic sea ice predicted to be at record low. The glaciers must not be calving as much ice into the sea.

Reason wonders if we should trust the same Congress who allowed our infrastructure to decay to fix it. That's a rhetorical question.

Reason follows Ron Paul at the Republican straw poll in Iowa.

Christopher Hitchens explodes the absurd myth that al Qaeda in Iraq is not al Qaeda.

Bendable battery invented.

Former BBC editor on liberal bias at the BBC and the media in general.

Nobody in the accomplice media mentions that Huckabee's success in Iowa may (probably is, imo) due to his support for the FairTax.

Michael Yon discusses the moral authority our military has earned in Iraq, and how it is promoting political progress that isn't necessarily the political change Washington demands.

Robert Novak writes about an incident that exposes the corruption and the contempt for taxpayers by both parties in the House of Representatives.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Free kibbles

Mark Steyn writes another gem, this time informing that NASA has recalculated the average temperatures for years. The 90s and the 00s were cooler than reported, and the 30s are the hottest years on record, as anybody with an understanding of history already knew. The question is: was NASA's bug, now fixed, in the calculations accidental? Here's the corrected table of temperatures.

Muslim rally urges recreation of the Caliphate. They're going to force a clash of civilizations.

Pakistan and Afghanistan agree to fight terrorism. It looks like Bush brokered a deal.

The number of Chinese patents in 2005 increased by 33%.

China tries damage control after threatening to dump dollars.

The US life expectancy is slipping relative to other countries. This shows that we do not promote good health and prevention well enough.

Discovery of communist border guards "shoot to kill" orders.

Despite all their poisonous rhetoric, the Democratic candidates understand we'll be in Iraq for years to come. Article.

I hope Huckabee's strong showing in the Iowa straw poll are because of his support for the FairTax.

George Will questions Obama's comments regarding a nominated judge.

Interesting comparison of waiting on Petraeus to Waiting for Godot. It's funny how liberals are always afraid of confidence. They think everybody should be as full of self-doubt as themselves.

Author exposes the blatant propaganda of the Newsweek hit piece on global warming skeptics.

Live-action Voltron movie in the works. How will they fit the princess into this scenario?

Cuba bans Michael Moore's Sicko because it is so obviously propaganda - the Cuban people know their leaders go overseas for medical care.

Cato says the press exaggerates the sub-prime lending problems.

Cato explains that our corporate taxes are driving businesses out of the country. The solution is to adopt the FairTax.

Whites are no longer the majority in 1/3 of US counties - the most populous 1/3. Cato on immigration. Don't confuse immigration with illegal immigration.

Cato on google earth, terrorism, and the surveillance society. Unfortunately, they don't acknowledge that google earth is part of the surveillance society.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Free kibbles

UN peacekeepers help smuggle gold. The UN is the problem, not the solution.

Suicide bombers in Iraq are mostly foreigners, waging war against democracy in Iraq. We already knew that.

Saudi Arabia bans any non-Muslim religious symbols.

Risky US home loans rocked world markets. When America sneezes, the world catches a cold. The companies which made the loans were stupid, and the people who couldn't pay them were stupid. Simple analysis.

War Czar suggests draft is a possibility. It's ridiculous that our gigantic standing army can't fight a 5 year insurgency. I think the problem is how the military works rotations - apparently soldiers in Korea, Germany, and elsewhere are never rotated into Iraq. That makes no sense to me.

Animal rights murderers attempt to blow up researcher. This is criminal, not terrorism. This is attempted murder directed at a specific person, not politically motivated violence that has no regard for the identity of the victims.

Americans reject higher taxes to fix infrastructure. Cut spending instead.

Texas parents suing over moment of silence. This is idiotic, and should be summarily dismissed.

Kids strip-searched at day camp. Somebody probably got his rocks off. I find it hard to believe that strip-searching kids is the only way to get results. But maybe it was.

Telluride, Co. looses ski business after passing a resolution to impeach Bush and Cheney.

It seems pretty clear that Democrats have already abandoned the middle. They're each trying to out socialist the other.

Ron Paul distances himself from supporters claiming voter fraud.

Hillary panders to the labor unions. Naturally.

Space hotel targeted for 2012 opening. That sounds too soon. I don't know of any hotel that was planned to open before the method of traveling to it, and getting building materials and supplies, was in place.

Space Shuttle has minor damage to heat shield.

"Starve the beast" doesn't work because borrowed money feeds it just as well as revenues.

The world bank is helping to finance Iran.

States are doing the illegal immigration work that Washington won't do.

Newt recommends we adopt free market health care. That Newt's a smart guy.

Ethanol subsidies make corn our most subsidized crop, and translate into a tax on food.

Lawrence Kudlow explains that middle America is doing just fine despite the sub-prime lending mistakes driving down the market.

5 myths about a jittery stock market.

Bernanke's first test.

Australian PM Howard warns Maliki of a pull-out if Iraq doesn't quickly make political progress.

Washington Time commentary paints a bleak picture of the future of Iraq. The Iraqi government we raced to help install has no interest in being an ally to the US or in unifying the country. Unless we're willing to topple that government and start over by building democratic institutions from the ground up, assisting democratically elected mayors and councils, then governors and legislatures, then finally a national government, Iraq will almost certainly be a failure. In that case, our last mission in Iraq should be to wipe out al Qaeda.

When left-wing bloggers started discussing forming a labor union, where they planning to bargain with the government for benefits? Since this would increase government power, the goal of both parties, this just might work. I prefer they just stay out on strike.

Commentator explains that global warming skeptics don't work for free. Neither do they roll in dough like true believers. The US spends $4 billion on man-made global warming research. Skeptics are cut out of that money.

Dick Morris says that Newt's time to jump in Presidential race may come in fall. Funny, that's just what Newt's been saying.

The military acknowledges the very real differences between men and women, but backwards. Women don't have to meet as rigorous of standards to join, which is ridiculous. Then they are treated the same even though they have never been made to perform the same.

Excellent essay discussing how anti-American Americans get away with helping the enemy.

Open borders advocates will get their way one step at a time. Not if we crack down on employers and gate-crashers go home.

Romney wins Iowa straw poll. Huckabee comes in second. I'm happy for FairTax supporter Huckabee.

This doesn't look like a dolphin tail for divers to me.